Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee (2020)

Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee Megan Boyle Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee Poetry Megan Boyle s debut poetry collection is at once confessional sociological emotional detached funny sad delightful reckless and meditative Written in the naturally meticulous defaulted
  • Title: Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee
  • Author: Megan Boyle
  • ISBN: 9780982206720
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee Megan Boyle Poetry Megan Boyle s debut poetry collection is at once confessional, sociological, emotional, detached, funny, sad, delightful, reckless, and meditative Written in the naturally meticulous, defaultedly complex, always affecting voice of a person too imaginative and self aware and intelligent to be fully consumed by depression and loneliness but too aware of the meaninglPoetry Megan Boyle s debut poetry collection is at once confessional, sociological, emotional, detached, funny, sad, delightful, reckless, and meditative Written in the naturally meticulous, defaultedly complex, always affecting voice of a person too imaginative and self aware and intelligent to be fully consumed by depression and loneliness but too aware of the meaninglessness and ephemeral nature of existence and too depressed and lonely to write on any level but an existential, emotionally driven, unsimplified one, Megan Boyle s debut poetry collection is the rare work of art that conveys troubling and scary information, undiluted, about humans and the universe but in a way, ultimately, that makes you excited to be alive, eager to be troubled and scared, grateful to simply be here.unbelievably engaging and mesmerizing Boyle writes with such openness about living in a world that constantly mystifies you, the strange act of watching yourself do things you can t quite understand, making a mess of things and figuring out how to keep living I can t think of another book quite like it, can t think of a voice as distinctive and strange as Boyle s Kevin Wilson, author of The Family Fang Just reading this collection, Megan Boyle immediately became one of my favorite modern poets Benn Ray, WYPR s The Signal O ne of the funniest, most satisfying, most original, most satisfying books of poetry I ve come across in years Rachel Whang, Atomic Books A blunt work that challenges the reader, dares the reader to find out what this woman has on her mind Boyle exhibits a generous exhibitionist quality that leaves one wondering if she might be the next Laurie Anderson Nicolle Elizabeth, The Brooklyn Rail
Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee Megan Boyle

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One thought on “Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee

  1. Harris

    i am not sure what to think about this i am bemused my sister has told me to stop using that word she calls it a hipster word i don t know, i still like it it fits me.i checked selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee out at the library because i saw it on and i wanted to read something from muumuu house after i read shoplifting from american apparel.i think that i will write a review in the style of megan boyle s writing as the best way to respond i don t know if this [...]

  2. Natalie

    most of this book felt like thoughts that have crossed my mind but never put down into wordsi feel like i enjoyed this because for example, the chapters with every thought i had while walking to school , or lies i have told or everyone i had sex with are inherently interesting that denial of preference for one thought over another, a subjective choice that refutes value judgement that comes with the selection of what is included in these lists or non selection since every thought is recorded thu [...]

  3. Emily

    I ve been carrying this book around with me for the past 1.5 weeks It s a talisman, for me I read it out of order first, and now I am rereading it in order So much could be said for the argument for the significance of the banal, but what I ve found is that Megan s honesty makes me feel both safe and unhinged I think we would be friends This book has shown me in some small way that you can know the gross, intimate, boring details of someone and still love them.

  4. Ryan Smith

    Selected is a rich addition to the catalog of Muumuu House, a sort of literary, cultural bastion for young writers that resonate thematically with the work of founder and internet famous symbol , Tao Lin This enjoyably ambiguous collective centers often around anxious yet stoic, stream of consciousness, I m okay really but what am I doing with my life work of a complex flavor that many describe as the signature zeitgeist milieu something of my generation, a claim I have knee jerk reaction toward [...]

  5. David Schaafsma

    This book was not written for me, a 62 year old male academic Yet I teach graphic novels and YA and read confessional poetry and memoirs like The Liar s Club, which is a story about an east Texas train wreck of a family, so I m not a typical academic And I like experimental lit, absurdist stuff, and I WAS her age and was then writing about myself, journaling and teaching journaling And maybe this advocates memoirs and maybe it is ironic, and I like that tension.Is Megan Boyle Mexican Did she eve [...]

  6. Helena

    Una perdida de tiempo que refleja la fragilidad de la vida de los llamados millenials que creen, vaya a saber dios por qu , que lo peor que les puede pasar es no ser reconocidos como sujetos absolutamente geniales y para eso, esto es terrible, lo nico que ofrecen es una vida totalmente vac a pero destripada en vivo en donde el sufrimiento, de esto estoy segura, es saber que en el fondo son irremotablemente idiotas.

  7. Stacey Teague

    i borrowed jackson s copy of thisprobably the best book i have read in a whilei like megan boyle, she seems funny and cheekyplaces i read this book alice s front porchalice s beda planemy bedi laughed so much i was crying re thought about a world where pokemon accompany you in the shower and wash your body hair as you stand with your eyes closed like i think i kept turning back to that page afterwards and laughing and idk why i found it so funny

  8. J.W. Dionysius Nicolello

    Experience has shown, however, that the severity which a child s super ego develops in no way corresponds to the severity of the treatment it has itself experienced Civilization Its Discontents I spent the night at a stranger s house who reads a lot of this kind of stuff From the publisher s title, Muumuu House, to the content of its texts therein, one is again reminded of the severe mental retardation involved in the trust fund, Brooklyn The Adjective movement currently ongoing I say this as a [...]

  9. Justin Carter

    My review from banangolit selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee is Megan Boyle s first book and it is a very interesting debut.The first thing the reader notices about the book is the form it takes the poems pieces seem to be arranged chronologically, so the reader feels like, in a way, they are reading a diary of Megan Boyle s life And this diary seems interesting Included in it is Boyle s piece everyone I ve had sex with , which was originally published at Thought [...]

  10. Kelly Waks

    Honestly, when I started to read the first few pages, I thought this book was just random ideas that some people have everyday but that one person decided to write down As I continued to read, I found an honestly through the comments that interest you as the reader, making you feel almost that you shouldn t know these certain things written down, but fascinated at the same time that you do.

  11. Nikki

    Kind of like chatting with your best friend in the middle of the night when you re both punchy as hell and being way too candid One of the best parts is a list with detailed descriptions of everyone she s had sex with.Her writing is honest and weird and hilarious You will want to be her friend If you are me Favorite bit I m looking for a two to five year relationship with a man similar enough to me so we feel like we have a special, secret kind of bond, but different enough so we have things to [...]

  12. Jamie Neith

    This book is funny, weirdly psychedelic, and good It s the type of book that when you re reading it, the things written almost feel like memorieske familiar or something I have always loved Megan as a writer, have been following her blogs all the way from diaryland days She writes in a voice that I can relate to because it s one of a disconnected but very self aware human like many other humans in our generation, myself included She makes it seem okay to feel lonely or depressed or shitty It s o [...]

  13. Vicky

    Hey Megan Boyle, I really enjoyed this Totally honest, totally true I hardly underlined anything because I knew I would underline everything.

  14. Brisa

    Selected, Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee reveals a young woman s perspective on her life regarding work, college, relationships, and just plain living through a series of blog entries There are many random anecdotes about life which we all think about, but very few choose to write about in this particular form I m glad that I received it as part of the First Reads program What I especially loved about this work is that it is presented as a roller coaster of raw, unapo [...]

  15. Curtis

    This book sparked my creativity and provided a lot of writing prompts Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee is funny, relatable, and a little sad Imagine the pretty girl you ve admired from afar, then imagine an intimate peek inside her world.Lately, I ve been listening to Juliana Hatfield s new album and I ve decided that Megan Boyle might be the literary equivalent Hatfield s first solo album, 1992 s Hey Babe, was an impressive, confessional debut full of hooks an [...]

  16. Hannah Swanwick

    i liked it only i wish where it said i want to see a periodic table of emotions, i want to see flow charts it said emoticons instead of emotions because that is what i read it as and then when reread the line i was mildly put outand also i really liked this bit during the movie i kept thinking dave eggers dave eggers dave eggers white person quirky white people white people liberal meaningful liberal dave eggers white meaningful quirky near the end of the movie there was an image of a piece of f [...]

  17. Dirk

    I wrote a couple of longer reviews of this book because I ordered a galley copy and felt guilty if I didn t write a real review I read some reviews other people wrote and figured that was about as much as could be said All I can say otherwise is that I like this book a lot and hope a lot of people read it because it has pretty much everything I ever wanted from a poetry book and would hope other people feel the same way as I.

  18. Nandikesha

    sweet, you mean i can just express things with straight forward honesty i read it and smiled a lot and read it again and this book put a pen back in my hand it is nectar to me i appreciate that as fully as i can.

  19. Corey

    it feels too easy or unoriginal or something to write this review in the style of megan boyle but then again it s too tempting not toi don t like that i liked this book so much it feels like something that s targeted at my demographic, which for some reason makes me resent it but i did like itmegan boyle used to work at a used bookshop across the street from where i now go to school i wish i got to meet her and ask her for book recommendations maybe i still can someday i kind of want megan boyle [...]

  20. Philip Gordon

    Just finished reading this book and I m pretty sure I liked it a lot It didn t give me the sort of angry disefranchisement over trying too hard that I get when I read a lot of alt lit stuff It s the only book in Muumuhouse s store labeled as prose, but it felt like poetry to me.I think the most important quality of Megan Boyle s writing is that she s observant Anyone can be in a room and transcribe their thoughts, then call that poetry, then call that alt lit , then call that something worth rea [...]

  21. Bobby Dixon

    I had previously some sections of this book online and enjoyed re reading those parts in real life I had previously read, everyone i ve had sex w and enjoyed it I wonder if people read that part and thought, does that make her a slut, in much the same way people have read other literary things and thought, is this a detective story, a romance, etc not feeling comfortable until the genre is grossly pinned down.I feel a little self conscious of the adverb I used in the last sentence I like that sh [...]

  22. Downward

    Okay I mean, yes, there is value to the hyper sincerity that Megan Boyle achieves here There is both heartbreak and humor in her laying these thoughts and emotions bare to the world, both confessions about tragedy and quirky thoughts she has had in the shower evoked by the same affectless tone But the occasional spikes of emotion and laughter are surrounded by the flatline of nonevent, prose so style less that it has itself become a style The aesthetic decisions here were made with a collander a [...]

  23. ltl fox

    when i started this i wasn t sure how to interpret the pieces with only dates for any kind of title, as poems or blog posts, so i picked blog posts because i figured it would make the writing easier to comprehend and digest this collection is good and pretty easy going most of the things in it are blog posts on one that i d subscribe to, too, and the actual titled poems were all mostly very good boyle s earnest honesty is what stood out to me most i don t know how to review this but it s worth a [...]

  24. Mellow Pages Library

    jacob wrote a paired review for Mellow Pages Reviews with Jack Kerouac s DHARMA BUMS I picture quite easily a scene in a low budget movie whereinwhich Megan Boyle is half clothed lying on a bed there are Christmas lights strung over an open window and on the wind Jack Kerouac is summoning himself through a fit of Buddhist Shangri La, into another, not very distant room, where he opens the tab labeled Skype and rings up little Megan with one very important question on his mind find the rest here [...]

  25. Kate

    i really liked this book a loti heard my mum say when i was reading this book where is that jamaican music coming from oh sorry i thought it was you i came upstairs and read this book and it was light and then it was darklots of things which megan boyle said in this book made me think yes definitely and also yes maybe and also uh huh okay yes it seemed lonely and goodi don t knowi just had the worst sushi of ever todayorange sushi is the bad sushiit seemed badit was a nice book and also i liked [...]

  26. Aleida

    reading this collection of poetry it is indubitably poetry i found myself surprised at the almost crude similarity in the speaker s everyday thoughts and my own i thought a lot about how older people seem to think all twenty somethings are the same and how maybe they were right and i got very sad boyle s skill for articulating emotions and thoughts in such a raw way is quite astounding.i felt like i knew her as i was reading it and wished i knew her when i was finished with it s a really excelle [...]

  27. Rachna

    I ve always liked the idea of knowing what people are thinking, and she has some pretty funny thoughts Many of her thoughts are very relatable but ones that I think most people leave to the confines of their brains and don t ever put down on paper I think this is diary style stream of consciousness writing not poetry, though But then again what is or isn t poetry I guess if she wants it to be poetry then it s poetry.There are some pretty great lines Malkoviches bitches being one.

  28. Martyn

    I went on a bit of a journey with this title at first I was resistant, quite self consciously so, and thought it wasn t worth finishing Then I started to laugh and to find themes and ideas that I could process Finally I was thinking I do think those exact same things It ended up being a great read, full of humor and humanity.

  29. Christoph White

    As with anything published from Muumuu house I sit back after reading the book and stare at it with a puzzled look on my face I don t know if I liked this book or not I know I like Megan Boyle s writing but the book made my head swim I feel like I need to be on some narcotic or psychedelic drug to true understand what is happening or to get it.

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