Alison (2020)

Alison M.B. Forester-Smythe Alison Alison s family has been gone for four years The ache of their loss still exists Her boss Cole is close to his own family and they welcome her with open arms As Cole pursues her as their feelings f
  • Title: Alison
  • Author: M.B. Forester-Smythe
  • ISBN: 2940011130809
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Nook
Alison M.B. Forester-Smythe Alison s family has been gone for four years The ache of their loss still exists Her boss, Cole, is close to his own family and they welcome her with open arms As Cole pursues her, as their feelings for each grow, Alison knows she ll have to tell him She just doesn t want to relive that loss when she does.
Alison M.B. Forester-Smythe

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    441 M.B. Forester-Smythe
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One thought on “Alison

  1. Krystal

    I liked it but I just felt like it lacked details I felt for Alison but there was a lack of that something in the story Cole is some sort of a business man who needs an assistant Alison js that new assistant Their chemistry is pretty much nonexistent for me There was no explanation on his past she just did want she was told to do and that was it I couldn t connect with him and the feeling of not enough detail to make you feel for the characters was annoying 1.5 stars

  2. LAWonder10

    This was a novella about a woman who started working for a wealthy man.At first he was hesitant in hiring her but soon found she was than capable of running his house and doing his errands.She had a secret Would she ever need to share it He was skeptical when it came to women There were few genuine women who weren t just after wealth This is a Chick lit tale but mostly clean, well written and good, light reading There were a few grammatical errors but easily corrected I was disappointed in the [...]

  3. VLynch

    I have to say I was very impressed with the first book I read by Mirriam Smyth and instantly went on to read two books right in a row Which is not always the best thing to do, reading several books in a row by the same the author There is a risk the books will start to sound the same I have to say I did enjoy Alison, not as much as I did Edith but I still went on to read another book by Mirriam Smyth I like the way Mirriam Smyth writes, the storyline and characters flow freely and make for a ve [...]

  4. Judy

    Alison takes a job with Cole Montgomery She cleans his house, prepares his meals and does whatever he needs at his home or office After two months he takes her with to his brothers wedding and everyone loves her Cole is trying to show her his feelings without scaring her She is trying to hold back her feelings as she don t know what he thinks of her.Alison spoke of her parents and two older brothers but has only told Cole s mom what happened For some reason she hasn t shared with him.You may wan [...]

  5. Camille

    I don t want to be offensive but this was just kind of dumb It was way short, just 100 Nook clicks Everything was rushed and there really wasn t even a problem to overcome So her family died and she didn t want to tell Cole Why That was just dumb view spoiler And Alison being a virgin at 26 And they waited until they were married to have sex That is VERY unrealistic, esp considering she had been previously engaged Why does a girl have to be a virgin in all romance novels It s just stupid hide sp [...]

  6. HRHPrincessMia

    At the beginning of the book, I was a bit confused about what was going on Everything was very rushed and I didn t find much detail But I did like the plot I also love how the author says that stories were formed in her head, given life in her heart, and penned to relieve the need to make it real And I really like how she did that with this book It shows me that I can write stories and they don t have to be simply a fantasy but I can just write about a character.

  7. Nicole

    I really enjoyed this short story My only true complaint is that it needed to be longer to include a bit details Amazing storyline that is both sweet and sad It needed a bit development, but overall was a nice story I enjoyed the switching of narratives at key points, in order to understand both sides of the story I would recommend this story to anyone who wants a sweet, romantic read.

  8. Alaura Robinson

    I could make it through the book, but not easily It lacked detail and anything of substance What was supposed to be a mysterious past was nothing than a predictable ending There isn t enough story to make you care about the characters Further, the parts that are told of them are boring and, again, predictable.

  9. Trina

    Loved this one too it really nice to get away from authors who lay too much on adult content but they really are sweet books This one was sad to but at the same time it was sooo nice Some things you can expect from Mirriam Smyth is 1 older men 2 A wedding 3 Loss of family 4 No sex scenes not a bad thing.

  10. Samira

    The story is about a girl who lost her family In a car accident including her fiance On her birthday her new fiance, the guy that is her boss They end up falling in love but he wants to met her family She didn t tell him what happen in the beginning but it took time and finally told him.

  11. Fernanda

    It isn t a bad plot, and ,considering it has less than 100 pages, it is decently developed The beginning had me slightly confused but then everything started to fit together and I found myself liking the story Not bad, really.

  12. Cristina

    Alison is pretty short just under 100 pages and though I had hoped for development, the story was good, quick and easy to read If you re short on time, this author has a series of these books that can fill in some quick reading gaps.

  13. Kami

    This was a cute short story Very sweet.There are some editorial mistakes and sometime I was a little confused trying to figure out who was speaking but otherwise this was an easy read and a lovely story for a rainy afternoon.

  14. Hope Flynn

    I started this at 8 45pm ish and was done in and hour Nice short QUICK story Def not a book just a short story.

  15. Avid

    Very short read Romantic couple Cole and Alison, and heartfelt story of Alisons helps make the reader wanting because its the essence of the mystery Good read Sweet and charming.

  16. Janysa

    This was a good book and the best part its free So you don t have any excuse to not get ur lazy butts up and read this book, no excuse at all Lol

  17. Jujubee

    Pretty good free read for what it is when I first read it several years ago Maybe it s not fair to even give it any rating, but I remember that it wasn t so bad.

  18. Jacquelyn Smith

    A clean fresh romance that have no sex, but give you that feel of two people in love.This story feels like sunshine

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