Lost Worlds (2020)

Lost Worlds Clark Ashton Smith Lost Worlds Clark Ashton Smith Lost Worlds Sauk City Arkham House First edition one of copies Octavo pages Publisher s binding dust jacket
  • Title: Lost Worlds
  • Author: Clark Ashton Smith
  • ISBN: 9780854351114
  • Page: 379
  • Format: None
Lost Worlds Clark Ashton Smith Clark Ashton Smith Lost Worlds Sauk City Arkham House, 1944 First edition, one of 2,000 copies Octavo 419 pages Publisher s binding, dust jacket.
Lost Worlds Clark Ashton Smith

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    379 Clark Ashton Smith
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One thought on “Lost Worlds

  1. Steve

    This particular collection of Clark s work contain some of the best pulp stories I have ever read In a majority of the stories the word pulp seems inappropriate, since such care went into creating mood and atmosphere These are crafted stories, filled with rich language, and a richer imagination that paints worlds filled with both strange beauty and disturbing, decadent horror as in Baulelaire s Flowers of Evil kind Maybe this is all too rich for some, but given the genre s fantasy and horror , S [...]

  2. D.D. Price

    A few months before I started reading this compilation of short stories I read a compilation of all of Clark Ashton Smith s stories that take place in the world Zothique, which is supposedly the world that gave birth to what is now known as the dying earth sub genre Anyways I absolutely loved that collection, not every story in it, but many of them were some of the best examples of well written stories I ve come across I liked that collection so much I couldn t wait to get my hands on another co [...]

  3. Simon

    CAS probably has the richest, most lush prose of any other author of modern fantasy Sometimes, you feel that his stories are lacking in plot and well rounded characters but that can generally be forgiven if you are willing to slow down your pace of reading and really savour the quality of the prose, much like fine wine To give you a flavour, here is the opening paragraph to The Demon of the Flower Not as the plants and flowers of Earth, growing peacefully beneath a simple sun, were the blossoms [...]

  4. Christopher

    NB I read both of the Bison Frontiers of Imagination U of Nebraska Press editions of Lost Worlds and Out of Space and Time at the same time, so this review will cover both While most or all of the Clark Ashton Smith opus is now available free online, this was my first reading of stories from this author considered one of the big three writers for the pulp magazine Weird Tales, and while not all of the writing is great, some of it is quite beautiful and haunting Smith is at his best when working [...]

  5. TrumanCoyote

    The sort of thing where a little goes a long way and then everything started seeming tenebrous and miasmal Or actually, tenebrific and miasmousI don t know if he really knows words than W C Fields, but he s got to know cognates than any man who ever breathed The only really excellent story I thought was The Chain Of Aforgomon the out of time bit got to be rather an overplayed hand for him, but there it was so big and worlds straddling that it got pretty cosmic Also liked the first paragraph of [...]

  6. Ben

    Smith personally collected what he considered to be his best tales for Out of Space and Time , his first collection for Arkham House Whilst that does contain some absolute classics, I consider Lost Worlds , his second Arkham collection, to contain his best stories Opener, The Tale of Satampra Zeiros is possibly Smith s best ever piece, a Hyperborean grotesque which HP Lovecraft described as bringing him well nigh delirious delight upon first reading The quality does not diminish throughout the s [...]

  7. Davide Truzzi

    Antologia dedicata a Clark Ashton Smith maestro del pulp weird, corrispondente di Lovecraft, collaboratore fisso di Weird Tales.In molti dei suoi racconti traspare, in tutto il suo splendore, lo spirito pionieristico della fantascienza degli anni trenta viaggi nel tempo e nello spazio per sfuggire a una realt terrestre monotona e alienante, verso altri mondi orbitanti, spesso, attorno a pi stelle I protagonisti di Clark esplorano e scoprono mondi popolati da fiori e piante pensanti, vero e propr [...]

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