Just Go to Bed (2020)

Just Go to Bed Mercer Mayer Just Go to Bed One of the classic Little Critter picture book titles by Mercer Mayer this simple story shows our preschool hero resisting his father s efforts to get him ready for bed By the end of the book Little
  • Title: Just Go to Bed
  • Author: Mercer Mayer
  • ISBN: 9780307119407
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
Just Go to Bed Mercer Mayer One of the classic Little Critter picture book titles by Mercer Mayer, this simple story shows our preschool hero resisting his father s efforts to get him ready for bed By the end of the book Little Critter s understanding father has finally succeeded in moving his energetic, imaginative son through bath time and pajama time into sleep time.
Just Go to Bed Mercer Mayer

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    Mercer Mayer

One thought on “Just Go to Bed

  1. Miranda Potratz

    I read the book Just Go to Bed to my cousin Overall, she liked the book I had a good reason to read this book to her My cousin always finds excuses at night to stall her bedtime She wondered why I chose such a childish book My mom read this book to me when I was younger The child in the book is a little critter and he pretends to be different people, to delay going to sleep My cousin thought it was funny, because the father played along, until the point where the dad got upset.The book is about [...]

  2. Brittney

    Mercer Mayer takes us on an imaginative journey as Little Critter prepares for a good night s rest Bed time is one of the hardest times for kids, and this book offers an opportunity for young readers to relate From make believe of being a cowboy lassoing up cows to becoming a sea monster attacking a ship during bath time , this little guy uses imaginative optimism all throughout Dad is ever so patient and guides Little Critter through each step of preparing for bed By the last page of the book, [...]

  3. Quanita

    Just Go to Bed little critter by Mercer Mayer is in the genre of fantasy It is recommended for kids aged 4 8 years old The book is about a little who doesn t want to go to bed when his father tells him to He wants to round up cows and stop the enemy tank in war The books shows him outside his house playing and in his room The whole time, his dad keeps saying come take a bath And time for bed The little critter eventually is tired and gives in to going to bed I love this book and it is excellent [...]

  4. Becca S

    another Little Critters favorite I have pondered a small tattoo of the critter on the cover just the way he is in those pajamas I m pretty sure I had similar pj s once when I was little LOVE these books.

  5. Maria

    I love Mercer Mayer s books they really focus on the child s feelings about certain things that they like dislike, such as, in this case, going to bed I love the illustrations, and the colours just popped out at me as I was turning the pages It seemed as though the little ones enjoyed it as well, with them looking at the pages quickly, even though they may not have understood the true meaning I liked how these books tend to have a meaning, with the secondary characters making important appearanc [...]

  6. Casey

    Who didn t love the little critters book series growing up I had tons of these books and Just go to Bed is a stand out for sure Because of course like Max I always wanted to stay up I remember getting these from book fares at school and loved getting each new book As a side note I always loved the way the book fliers magazines smelled too, is that just me This title was a close favorite of mine and I wish I still had a copy of it now sad to say.Well I m glad Max is still getting the love he dese [...]

  7. Clarice Bolen

    This story was very repetitive and did not really have a meaning behind it I feel like anywhere in the story could have been the beginning At the end, there was no way for me to predict how it was going to end I would probably have this in my classroom library, but would not chose it as a read aloud book.

  8. Doniell

    I love Little Critter, and it appears my son does too The quick language, busy pages, and great concepts keep him entertained and give me back up on manners, language, chores, etc We like this one specifically because bedtime is hard some nights On those nights, we read this book so he knows that everyone does the same things he does, and that he must listen and go to sleep.

  9. Stephanie Davis

    Just Go to Bed, of the popular Little Critter series, is about a little critter boy who wants to play all throughout his bedtime He delays his bedtime with different activities like having a snack or taking a bath with his toys This is a unique story as its characters are actually animals, adding a fun element for children The story relates to I Hate to go to Bed, in that it addresses the difficulties children have with bedtime Mayer does a great job of displaying the second wind, per say, that [...]

  10. Sarah

    LC keeps playing different things during the course of preparing for bed Finally his father loses patience and says just go to bed a situation we all grin at because we ve all been there in one form or the other.

  11. Gabrielle Moore

    Very Good, a stubborn child at bedtime might want to read this book Although a baby, will tell you just Give Me Milk book show 9 author show

  12. Katie Easter

    Genre Modern FantasyGrade Level preKThis children s fantasy is a cute little book I wouldn t use this in my classroom because I think it is of a bedtime story for 3 year olds but it was a cute easy read that I think kids would love I do wish the book would have been a little longer or had a different ending because I think it was a little sudden.

  13. Jessica

    This is just such an enjoyable story showing two points of views, a child s creativity and a parents work at trying to get an ordinary night time routine done But it s presented in such a fun way I think sometimes you just want to scream go to bed, but the dad does a good job using what the child is doing to redirect him to the activity he wants him to do.

  14. Maudie

    Genre Modern Fantasy Grade prek kThis book might be my favorite of the Little Critter series it has a huge imagination and funny little comebacks from the dad This book made me laugh extremely loud and I read it a lot and no matter how many times i reread it i was still dying of laughter.

  15. Katharine

    Just go to Bed is a book about exactly what the title says A little critter wants to continue playing and using his imagination to create different personas all while the dad is continuing to try to get him ready for bed The critter starts off as a cowboy, then it s time for a bath and he turns into a general, then a space cadet, and a few others after that But, each time he changes his persona, his dad is giving him the next step that s needed for him to get ready to go to bed Finally, he becom [...]

  16. C.M. Truxler

    One of Mercer Mayer s many wonderful Critter books, this book is not just entertaining for the children It is a book that the children will love having read to them, and one to which both child and parent alike can relate Like any child his age, Critter does not want to go to bed As any parent can attest, this is not a situation for the faint hearted Any child can find numerous and fascinating ways to entertain themselves at bedtime to distract their parents from the task at hand, and buy some t [...]

  17. Grace Bradley

    Litter Critter wants to play and do all sorts of thing just to prevent having to go to bed He pretends he is a cowboy, a space cadet, and many other fun imaginary characters, until his dad tells him its time for bed All through out the book, little critter is not paying very close attention to what his dad is saying and keeps on playing Little Critter does not want to go to bed After he puts on his bunny rabbit footie pajamas, he claims bunnies do not sleep in beds, trying to make up as many exc [...]

  18. Tiffany

    Genre PB4I have to say that I LOVED this book It is such a cute story on a little critter trying to delay bedtime that I know every parent and child can relate to this story I found the writing to be very cute and perfectly paced for the audience to enjoy The phrases and words in the story are perfect for a read aloud book and I have to say it is easy to get into the dad s character while reading when telling little critter to go to bed The pictures are fantastic in this story and can be used al [...]

  19. Emily Teeter

    This picture book begins with a young boy who is asked to come inside after pretending to be a cowboy Throughout the book, he also pretends to be characters such as a general, space cadet, sea monster and other creatures As the child is pretending to do all of these things, his father is gradually taking him through the process of getting ready for bed The young boy takes a bath, gets a snack and puts on his pajamas all while pretending to be a different character The theme of this book is activ [...]

  20. Jordan Gissing

    One of the classic Little Critter picture books tells a simple story of something that we all struggle to do when we are younger, getting ready for bed Our preschool hero resisting his fathers efforts to get him ready for bed By the end of the book Little Critter s understanding father finally successes in moving his energetic, imaginative son into pajama time, bath time and softly to sleep After reading this book with ones students, you could ask them to make a chart of a week s routine and the [...]

  21. Annalee

    while our fourth child was recovering from a car accident traumatic brain injury, a sweet friend gave this along with some other Mercer Mayer books We fell instantly in love with these books They kept his attention and he loved to be read to in the same book over and over At times I wondered if I was reading about my own little monster He would giggle with delight and this book was always the last of the five he chose to have read to him for quiet time or bedtime stories ch fond memories during [...]

  22. Robert Beveridge

    Mercer Mayer, Just Go to Bed Golden Press, 1983 Is there anything tougher than getting toddlers to go to bed Mayer addresses the topic in one of his innumerable Little Critter books, and of the ones we ve read it s my favorite Pretty good mojo with the Bean, too Dad is trying to get Critter through the various steps involved in the process, which involves a lot of cleverness and than a little negotiation Everything turns out all right in the end, of course, though anyone who actually has one of [...]

  23. Jessica Sommers

    This book is about a bunny named Little Critter that wants to do anything but go to bed He tries to do as many things as he can to make it harder for his father to put him to bed Finally, the father is able to get him to get ready to go to sleep, and goes through the process of how to get ready for bed Little Critter eventually lets his imagination help him convince himself he is tired, and he eventually goes to sleep.I really liked this book I liked the illustrations My favorite aspect of the b [...]

  24. Brianna Jones

    Genre Fictional Picture book Reading Level Emergent to Early ages 4 6 Topics and Themes In this story, the little boy tries to get out of going to bed It is a cute bedtime book.Curricular Use Independent readingSocial This book deals with a child trying to avoid going to bed It shows many ways that a child will try to disobey thier parents and try to get what they want.Literary Element This book uses personification The critters in this book are given human characteristics to make them relatable [...]

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