Century (2020)

Century Sarah Singleton Century Mercy and her sister Charity have never questioned their daily routine each day unfolding exactly as the next rarely their house shrouded in perpetual winter everything she has ever known not least t
  • Title: Century
  • Author: Sarah Singleton
  • ISBN: 9781416901358
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
Century Sarah Singleton Mercy and her sister Charity have never questioned their daily routine, each day unfolding exactly as the next rarely their house shrouded in perpetual winter everything she has ever known not least the truth behind her mother s death to see herself as a young child, silent witness to the dramatic events Claudius himself plays an enormous part in only when she hasMercy and her sister Charity have never questioned their daily routine, each day unfolding exactly as the next rarely their house shrouded in perpetual winter everything she has ever known not least the truth behind her mother s death to see herself as a young child, silent witness to the dramatic events Claudius himself plays an enormous part in only when she has pieced together the truth can her world begin to move on.
Century Sarah Singleton

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    315 Sarah Singleton
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One thought on “Century

  1. Liz

    Mercy and Charity live with their father Trajan in their old dark mansion Century They live in an eternal winter and they hardly remember their past But while Charity doesn t really care, Mercy sees mysterious ghosts of their past She sees a woman under the ice in the lake and meets Claudius, one of the family members she does not remember.It is Claudius who reveals a dark secret to her that changes Mercy s whole life, shatters the illusion of life that she is living in The Verga family are spec [...]

  2. Eccentrika

    Trama accattivante, veste grafica curata nei minimi particolari come presentazione direi che pi di cos non si poteva proprio fare Peccato che la storia langue un po Intendiamoci, come inizio il libro non niente male, l atmosfera cupa e vittoriana favolosa e rende bene Per date le credenziali del primo capitolo, che fa salire la curiosit a mille, mi aspettavo i fuochi d artificio XD Invece la narrazione, dopo aver raggiunto il suo picco si affloscia un po e diventa mediocre Le risoluzioni un po t [...]

  3. Yasi

    Oh my goodness This is incredible I ve read this at two years before still love it Amazing It was a little hard to understood the book at my age I was younger But I loved it The way that magic is next to real, is very good playing with characters was Fantastic searching for history when your dad is standing in front of you is so hard watching things that you should ve known but you don t they don t let you a little bit afraid of don t winning I LOVE IT

  4. ☯ DαякєηRнαℓ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜

    Book Name Century Book Series None Book Series Number 1 Author Name Sarah Singleton Published By Simon and Schuster ISBN Number 1 416 90135 3 Time Taken To Read Altogether 2 Days 3rd to 4th November 2015 Time Spent Not Reading None Total Reading Time 2 Days Final Rating Three Half Stars Book Smell Classic Older Book Smell Disclaimer This is an honest review brought to you by Dani lle The following review is an honest perspective of my thoughts, feelings and experience reading the book specified [...]

  5. Vanessa

    ilibrisonounantidotoallatristeMacy e la sua famiglia da tempo imme vivono in totale solitudine, ogni giorno uguale all altro, senza domandarsi nemmeno perch Si svegliano al tramonto e fanno della notte il loro giorno, senza mai allontanarsi dalla casa Sulle loro abitudini si potrebbe regolare un orologio Macy ha anche un dono speciale riesce a vedere i fantasmi Ma anche questa bizzaria ormai la normalit , nessuno ci fa pi caso e la ragazzina saluta i fantasmi in modo automatico, come farebbe con [...]

  6. Stephanie Kaye

    Century written by Sarah Singleton is a fantastic, eerie and ghostly gothic novel that captures the essence of what gothic literature is about The story focuses on two sisters who live in a mansion around the 1890s One day, strange occurrences begin to happen and the story takes off from there Every captivating gothic novel explores an atmosphere of mystery and suspense and has aspects to do with the supernatural or unexplainable events Century explains this by bringing readers into a world of g [...]

  7. Totoro

    ooooh, it took me a long timed i think 3 stars are enough thinking face e story was a little unclear for my taste, i don t know whether it was the original writing or the translation of course i ve read worse.uumm, the story was good, a family who s not affected by time had this vampire like feel that i liked the protagonist and antagonist was a little unclear to me too, but i guess that was a main point dark, not captivating dark, but dusty old house dark no comedy, that s kind of a negative po [...]

  8. Alana

    A MUST READ GOTHIC NOVEL Century by Sarah Singleton, is an excellent tale that is intriguing and disconcerting by turns and with some interesting twists Every good gothic novel explores the power of secrets and deception, which Century does so, by drawing the audience into a multi layered world constructed by supernatural powers, in order to hide dark secrets All young people, sometimes feel the desire to hide their mistakes from the world But what if you lived in a world designed to keep the tr [...]

  9. Jasmine Faker

    Century by Sarah Singleton is a book set in the genre, gothic fantasy Sarah was awarded the Booktrust Teenage Prize for her novel Century in 2005 It tells us the tale of two sisters, Mercy and Charity, who are trapped in a house called Century A house surrounded in winter darkness where there was no spring Mercy and Charity lived everyday as the past day Mercy and Charity were looked after by a housekeeper called Aurelia and were educated by a very strict governess named Galatea They can hardly [...]

  10. Todos Mis Libros

    Mercy y su hemana Charity viven en un inmenso caser n sumido en un invierno perpetuo, de d as y noches id nticas Una y otra vez.Ella no se ha cuestionado jam s su extra o modo de vida hasta el d a en que una misteriosa aparici n deposita una flor sobre su almohada Es el primer indicio de la primavera y sobre todo, una se al de que algo o alguien est cambiando Intrigada por los oscuros secretos que esconde su familia, las pesquisas de Mercy la precipitan a situaciones de m s y m s peligro a medid [...]

  11. Laura Morrigan

    Century is an imaginative story with a beautifully evocative and moody setting I can t say too much about the plot, because you discover the story as you go It was beautifully written, with a wonderful gothic feel to the narrative, with the dark old house and their world of night.Mercy lives in the house known as Century with her sister, governess, servant and rarely seen father It is always winter, and they rise after sunset, and go to sleep before dawn, their days seem to bleed into each other [...]

  12. rachel

    Endlich FERTIG Ich fand dieses Buch wirklich wundervoll Bin nur nie zum lesen gekommen, lag aber nicht am Buch Das Haus der kalten Herzen liegt schon so lang auf meinen Sub Ich habs ungef hr vor 2 Jahren zusammen mit meiner besten Freundin gelesen Und wir waren sofort begeistert Leider ist das Buch langsam in Vergessenheit geraten und ich habe es mir lange nicht gekauft Als ich es jetzt endlich hatte, konnte ich mich zuerst nicht bewegen es wieder zu lesen Letzten Endes gab ich mir dann doch den [...]

  13. Crystal Azzi

    Century is a perfect example of a blood curling, spine chilling gothic story, that keeps the reader captivated throughout the entire novel Every good gothic story has gothic elements, varying from ghosts, supernatural aspects, villains, haunted houses, gloomy settings, curses and prophecies or damsels in distress In the majority of gothic novels there is always a twist a big secret , and if the secret was spilled there would be consequences The novel Century explores the life of a young girl nam [...]

  14. Jacquy

    Dadurch, dass das Buch aus Sicht eines M dchens geschrieben ist, das feststellt, dass sie sich nicht wirklich an ihre Vergangenheit erinnern kann und pl tzlich anf ngt, alles zu hinterfragen, ist man als Leser auch sehr verwirrt Das hat mir nicht immer gefallen und der Schreibstil war nicht ganz mein Ding, aber insgesamt mochte ich das Buch doch Es war interessant, teilweise spannend und ich habe mich schon gefragt, was nun dahinter steckt Es sind zwar einige Fragen offen geblieben, aber damit k [...]

  15. ☠tsukino☠

    Originale, scorrevole e un po gotico All inizio mi aspettavo quasi una svolta alla The Others Carino.

  16. C.N.L.

    Un bon livre jeunesse lu il y a plus de dix ans et retrouv aujourd hui gr ce la magie d internet Avec des yeux d adultes et sans doute de vagues souvenirs de ma premi re lecture, cette relecture m a sembl plus pr visible et moins fantastique.

  17. Fefi

    Una storia dark per ragazzi che ricorda a tutti che non dobbiamo rimanere aggrappati al passato, ma bisogna vivere il presente.Molto scorrevole e ci sono indizi misteriosi ben seminati fino alla fine che incuriosiscono nella lettura Piacevole.

  18. Orma

    Che peccato L idea decisamente bella, ma la scrittura viene strattonata qui e l , soprattutto nella seconda parte Ci mancava solo uno spettacolare noi non muoriamo per indispettirmi del tutto

  19. Julie

    BEST OF THE CENTURYCentury by Sarah Singleton is a gothic fantasy, set around the 1890 s Mercy, the protagonist, lives in the house known as Century with her sister, governess, servant and her father It is always winter, they rise after sunset, and go to sleep before dawn Their days seem to bleed into each other, repetitive and tiring One day, Mercy begins to question their strange lifestyle, although everyone seems to want to stop her from discovering the truth Upon seeing a woman under the ice [...]

  20. CriCra CriCra

    Bisogna avere il coraggio di accettare il passare del tempo, altrimenti come essere gi morti La mia recensione sul Blog, SognandoLeggendo sognandoleggendo blog p 1La casa prigioniera del tempo la storia di una famiglia composta da Macy e sua sorella Caroline, loro padre Augustus, la governante Aurelia e l stitutrice Galatea La loro casa Century House molto diversa dalle altre abitazioni Essa infatti una casa resa invisibile agli occhi di chi le passa vicino, da un incantesimo che la ricopre come [...]

  21. Elena

    Mercy lebt in dem v llig abgeschiedenen Haus Century, umgeben von ewigen Winter Bei Sonnenuntergang steht die Familie auf, der Tag verl uft in immer gleichen Bahnen und bei Sonnenuntergang bettet sich die Familie zur Ruhe Bis zu jenen Morgen, als Mercy neben ihren Kopfkissen ein Schneegl ckchen findet Kurz darauf trifft sie einen Fremden in der Kapelle, der ihr verwirrende Fragen stellt Von da an nehmen die Ver nderungen ihren Lauf, denn Mercy beginnt die Dinge zu hinterfragen Wieso leben sie so [...]

  22. Michelle

    I m quite shocked at the amount of positive and glowing reviews this book is getting I ve been looking forward to reading this book for quite a while now, although it s been sitting on my shelf for quite a while before I got around to it.I know it sounds quite bad but I bought this based on the cover It s really spooky and the blurb really intrigued me I was trying to figure out what it could possibly be about and mentally exploring the house.The characters are quite well written and the main ch [...]

  23. Ella Dowd

    Century by Sarah Singleton is a gothic fantasy, set in the 1800s It tells a story of two sisters, Mercy and Charity, who are trapped in a house called Century A house in winter darkness, where spring never comes and every day is the same The girls are cared for by a housekeeper named Aurelia, and taught by a strict lady named Galatea The girls only sometimes catch a glimpse of their widowed father.Mercy s days are suddenly filled with questions and curiosity how old is she When was the last time [...]

  24. [☆] мєℓαиιє [★]

    Das Buch hat mich vor allem durch das Cover angesprochen, denn ich finde es total sch n Der Klappentext hat sein brigens getan und prompt lag es bei mir auf dem SuB.Mercy und ihre Schwester Charity leben mit ihrem Vater und einigen Hausangestellten auf ihrem Landsitz Century Das Haus ist in ewigen Winter geh llt, die Kinder kennen das Tageslicht gar nicht mehr und doch ist es f r sie normal Nie haben sich die beiden jungen M dchen gefragt, warum das so ist, warum sie nachts durch das Haus und di [...]

  25. Angela

    Been alive for than a thousand years, the mansion, Century , somewhere in England, holds many dark, forbidden secrets in a parallel universe Mercy and Charity, the two sisters search for the truth of their identity that their father, Trajan, tries to keep hidden from them They go on with their daily routine, waking up at night and sleeping just before it strikes dawn It is always Winter, the area covered with piles and piles of snow seemed mysterious and strange to Mercy One day, she took a wal [...]

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