Humpty Dumpty in Oakland (2020)

Humpty Dumpty in Oakland Philip K. Dick Humpty Dumpty in Oakland Set in San Francisco in the late s Humpty Dumpty in Oakland is a tragicomedy of misunderstandings among used car dealers and real estate salesmen the small time struggling individuals for whom P
  • Title: Humpty Dumpty in Oakland
  • Author: Philip K. Dick
  • ISBN: 9780765316905
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
Humpty Dumpty in Oakland Philip K. Dick Set in San Francisco in the late 1950s, Humpty Dumpty in Oakland is a tragicomedy of misunderstandings among used car dealers and real estate salesmen the small time, struggling individuals for whom Philip K.Dick always reserved his greatest sympathy Jim Fergesson is an elderly garage owner with a heart condition, who is about to retire Al Miller is a somewhat fecklessSet in San Francisco in the late 1950s, Humpty Dumpty in Oakland is a tragicomedy of misunderstandings among used car dealers and real estate salesmen the small time, struggling individuals for whom Philip K.Dick always reserved his greatest sympathy Jim Fergesson is an elderly garage owner with a heart condition, who is about to retire Al Miller is a somewhat feckless mechanic who sublets part of Jim s lot and finds his livelihood threatened by the decision to sell Chris Harman is a record company owner who for years has relied on Fergesson to maintain his cars When Harman hears of Fergesson s impending retirement he tips him off to what he says is a cast iron business proposition a development in nearby Marin County with an opening for a garage Al Miller is convinced that Harman is a crook, out to fleece Fergesson of his life s savings As much as he resents Fergesson he can t bear to see it happen and denying to himself all the time what he is doing he sets out to thwart Harman.
Humpty Dumpty in Oakland Philip K. Dick

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One thought on “Humpty Dumpty in Oakland

  1. Lyn

    Writing in the 1950s, did Philip K Dick really anticipate the Gregorian chant music could be popular Yes he did.I ve said it before, unfortunately, I will likely say it again, why, why, why was he not popular in his own time You nothing but ditch water walking around on two feet Poetry.A reader, a PKD fan, cannot read Humpty Dumpty in Oakland without comparing this work to Confessions of a Crap Artist, his 1975 non science fiction publication, originally written in 1959 Like Confessions, Humpty [...]

  2. Ben Loory

    i tend to distrust these non sci fi pkd books, if only because everyone acts like they legitimize him as a writer as though he needed to be legitimized fuck you but this book really is wonderful and it draws attention to what have always been some of his strongest points the absolute emotional reality of his down and out characters, and the absolute insanity of all the worlds they live in.i cried pretty much non stop for the last third of this book it might be one of my favorite books yet and su [...]

  3. Rebecca McNutt

    I really loved this odd little book for the most part, it has a grounding in both history and fantasy, the 1950s nostalgia is incredible, and the characters are very well written.

  4. Brooke

    Although Humpty Dumpty in Oakland isn t one of PKD s science fiction novels, it has enough of the author s signature paranoia that I almost didn t notice However, I didn t enjoy it anywhere near as much as his other books Usually I like the craziness that the paranoia causes, but this time I was just annoyed with the two main characters and wanted to slap them around until they noticed reality.

  5. Josh

    I wrote a scathing review of this on my iPod when I was 94 pages in it turns out, you can t judge a PKD book by the first 94 pages.Here is that review view spoiler Here s my theory for what went wrong The replications of the people and settings are perfect The mindsets and inner monologues are spot on The California culture bleeds through the pages This book is 1950 s, middle class California but it doesn t have anything to say about 1950 s middle class California.The people are negative, selfis [...]

  6. Christopher Roberts

    I do not like giving one star reviews and I really do not like giving one star reviews to authors whose work I generally love but in this case I feel I must Humpty Dumpty in Oakland was one of Dick s realistic fiction novels, most of which went unpublished in his lifetime Posthumously published novels by famous authors should always be a warning to readers When Dick tried to publish this novel it was dubbed incoherent by the publisher and it really isn t hard to see why Like all of Dick s work i [...]

  7. Tony

    HUMPTY DUMPTY IN OAKLAND 1986 Philip K DickThis is a non science fiction novel by Dick that he wrote in 1960 His publisher refused to publish it, and it was not published until 1986 after his death in the UK It has recently been published in this country It tells the story of two men who both have reached a point in their lives where they want to be somebody else somebody than they are now Jim Fergesson, the owner of an auto garage, has encountered some health problems and his doctor recommends [...]

  8. Byron'Giggsy' Paul

    my first non science fiction PKD read and I m fairly impressed This is a tragicomedy that follows the pathetic business lives and personal relationships largely with their always critical wives who own some pathetic themselves I was at once reminded of Arthur Miller s Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman and enjoyed how the wishful thinking of the characters would bring their absurd fantasies into their own reality

  9. J. S. Allen

    I knew I should have put it down half way through when it got tedious and boring What a singular waste of time.

  10. Denis

    I don t always like what PKD writes about But I like how he tells it I ve been reading his non scifi books lately, this is the fifth of nine that were eventually published posthumously there are apparently others, but PKD seemed to have the odd habit of losing manuscripts Humpty Dumpty was the last of his effort at nonfiction Written in 1959, just before he got going with The Man in The High Castle , which won him a Hugo I guess after that one, he decided to stick with scifi.Of the few non genre [...]

  11. amiantos

    Honestly, if the cars in this novel were flying or hovering cars and the year was 2060 instead of 1960 this novel would be indistinguishable from a lot of PKD s science fiction It is the same sort of thing, which is why I don t understand some of the negative reviews on GoodReads by PKD fans but I am also baffled by the guy who said he was crying for the last third of the book that makes so little sense I am concerned for him.The nothing happens complaint is also very peculiar I assume these rev [...]

  12. William

    Humpty Dumpty in Oakland Hardcover by Philip K Dick This reads like a Jim Thompson Black Lizard novel crossed with something by Charlie Bukowski The main characters are so hapless one is a young hopeless schmuck going nowhere fast while the other is an elderly hopeless schmuck who thinks he s doing very well , On the other hand, it lacks the straightforward criminal plot line of a book like The Grifters or The Killer Inside Me The young guy takes a stab at committing a crime, but hasn t the moxi [...]

  13. g026r

    It s no secret that Dick longed to escape the genre fiction straight jacket and bask in the respect and success of being a literary writer Humpty Dumpty in Oakland is part of a series of non science fiction novels he wrote during the late 50s through to 1960, and while reading it it s easy to see why mainstream success alluded him.First, the good the book isn t bad, per se It s written to the same prose standard as any other Dick work, and passes easily enough Which brings us to the bad in there [...]

  14. Cymru Roberts

    It s a testament to Dick s writing powers that a story about a crotchety old man and a total bullshitter was never boring It is also interesting to read a non science fiction book by one of the genre s masters You can see the types of everyday things that inspired him to stretch his imagination The characters are real despicable people, but the book is short enough and contains enough introspection to make it readable and even enjoyable.The California setting evoked Raymond Chandler, the neurose [...]

  15. Zack

    Is this an amazing book or if I am just a huge Oakland history nerd Probably the latter Still I think this book is fascinating It seems to map out this shift from a industrial based economy of the 50s to a service based economy in the 60s through these strange dark allegorical characters There s also a lot about race relations This isn t Philip K Dick s best book but if you like Dick and like Oakland YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK

  16. George Kouros

    Nice tragicomic, not SF novel, from the SF guru Once you get used to the racial characterizations from the era, you take a peek at the existential drama of ditch water walking around on two feet who are hiding from life or looking at life through a tiny hole in a hostile environment trying to make ends meet with the help of chemical stimulants.

  17. Themistocles

    A great read for PKD fans It does look and read like an early novel, but most ingredients for his later works are here the no good hero, the wife, the hunting world conspiring against him, the bitter sweet ending It s actually very interesting to see how Dick was experimenting with his ideas even the same characters during his early works.

  18. DNF with Jack Mack

    A slog I can see why it went unpublished You ve read bits of this one sprinkled in all the rest.My guess is Phil tried really hard to succeed as a straight writer early on and was probably disappointed with this or its lack of publication.

  19. J de Salvo

    Dick s best, so far Who gnows what else his wife will put out More controlled than Voices From the Street A one man proletariat.

  20. Mike

    I can t say that I enjoyed this novel But there is a lot going on the fine grained structure of the white working class, the anxiety and paranoia surrounding their relations with the upper class it s P.K Dick could there not be paranoia , and carefully portrayed friendships and tensions with blacks It s about people who aren t quite down and out, but who next month are probably going to be downer and outer Even though this book was written over 50 years ago, you could do worse than to put it in [...]

  21. Mark Jensen

    In many ways a typical PKD book The characters are perhaps a bit on the incompetent side but are trying their best to get through life The story concerns Al and Jim Jim owns a garage where he has built a good reputation in the community, but he s old described as the old man, but he s only maybe 60 and tired and wants to sell Al rents part of the property to sell junker used cars and uses Jim to fix some of them up Al is upset that Jim is selling, and when Jim has an opportunity to invest in a n [...]

  22. Shane

    Very underrated book For a writer known for his Sci fi, this early novel shows the depth and talent of a well rounded author Set in Oakland, CA circa 1960, we follow the struggles of two men, an aging auto mechanic and a young used car salesman, both wanting to be respected The young car salesman really surprised me in this story, he shows that doing the right thing, though never easy, must win out in the end and he puts himself in danger to protect his elderly friend who hasn t been that good o [...]

  23. Jessica

    This is Philip K Dick minus the science fiction Something new for me An exploration in the psyche of small business owners Perception vs Reality Paranoia Also, some race, class, and gender issues This is probably the first time I ve seen Dick approach female characters in this way 3 D, involved The ending was weird no idea what that meant.

  24. Alex Drozd

    It amazes me that Dick wasn t able to get any of his realist novels published before he made it in sci fi Maybe I just don t read enough literary fiction to recognize quality, but this book was phenomenal in my eyes.

  25. Richard

    Philip K Dick fiction that makes your head hurt and makes you think Not to everyone s taste but I love his work.

  26. Ola Mamcarz

    I love his books, but I just couldn t give than 2 stars for this one Definitely not his best work.

  27. Jack Stovold

    My Philip K Dick ProjectEntry 20 Humpty Dumpty in Oakland Written Oct 1960, published posthumously Oct, 1986 Well, here it is, the last of Dick s mainstream novels, and another never published in Dick s lifetime This is an odd one, especially coming after the one two punch of Confessions of a Crap Artist and The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike This book is widely thought to be a reworking of the Dick s first draft of A Time For George Stavros, which Dick could never get his literary agenc [...]

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