Naissance d'un pont (2020)

Naissance d'un pont Maylis de Kerangal Naissance d un pont l aube du second jour quand soudain les buildings de Coca montent perpendiculaires la surface du fleuve c est un autre homme qui sort des bois c est un homme hors de lui c est un meurtrier en pui
  • Title: Naissance d'un pont
  • Author: Maylis de Kerangal
  • ISBN: 9782070130504
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
Naissance d'un pont Maylis de Kerangal l aube du second jour, quand soudain les buildings de Coca montent, perpendiculaires la surface du fleuve, c est un autre homme qui sort des bois, c est un homme hors de lui, c est un meurtrier en puissance Le soleil se l ve, il ricoche contre les fa ades de verre et d acier, irise les nappes d hydrocarbures moir es arc en ciel qui aur olent les eaux, et les plaques l aube du second jour, quand soudain les buildings de Coca montent, perpendiculaires la surface du fleuve, c est un autre homme qui sort des bois, c est un homme hors de lui, c est un meurtrier en puissance Le soleil se l ve, il ricoche contre les fa ades de verre et d acier, irise les nappes d hydrocarbures moir es arc en ciel qui aur olent les eaux, et les plaques de m tal taill es en triangle qui festonnent le bord de la pirogue, rutilant dans la lumi re, dessinent une m choire ouverte Ce livre part d une ambition la fois simple et folle raconter la construction d un pont suspendu quelque part dans une Californie imaginaire partir des destins crois s d une dizaine d hommes et femmes, tous employ s du gigantesque chantier Un roman fleuve, l am ricaine , qui brasse des sensations et des r ves, des paysages et des machines, des plans de carri re et des classes sociales, des corps de m tiers et des corps tout court.
Naissance d'un pont Maylis de Kerangal

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    Maylis de Kerangal

One thought on “Naissance d'un pont

  1. Orsodimondo

    DARE FORMA A GRANDEZZA NATURALE A MIGLIAIA DI ORE DI CALCOLI Titolo che pi esplicito non si potrebbe Nascita di un ponte proprio il racconto della costruzione di un ponte nei primi anni del terzo millennio, dalla fase di progettazione a quella di realizzazione e completamento Si ferma la sera prima dell inaugurazione.La madre di tutti i ponti.Il ponte viene edificato per congiungere due rive di un fiume in una citt che si chiama Coca.Siamo in California, siamo a San Francisco, il nuovo ponte dev [...]

  2. Mason

    Blew me away Had no idea a story could be told quite like this An array of narrative threads bound together like a suspension cable, and at the core of it all, an account of the building of a bridge, which brings all of these disparate stories into connection with one another Kerangal manages to make construction work compelling on a linguistic level owing in English also to the translation efforts of Jessica Moore Thematically, her characters all having a unique impetus that animates them, and [...]

  3. Roger Brunyate

    A Poet of EverythingI am just about to start reading Maylis de Kerangal s latest novel, The Heart, in the translation by Sam Taylor After hearing about it from the review of a friend, I wanted to try her first in French, and this was what my university library had It was not easy, and I certainly did not understand every glowing word But at the same time, I was glad to experience the author s verbal prodigality in her native language For Kerangal is a poet of everything No matter what her subjec [...]

  4. Robert Wechsler

    The first half of this novel is one of the most singular and spectacular works I ve ever read The concept is bold the story of building a huge bridge over a river in a mythical California city the creation of a world that is part real, part fantasy, without magical realism There are chapters that focus on different individuals involved in the project This is a novel without plot, without protagonist, without limits It is a novel about an effort, not a person or series of events And the endless s [...]

  5. Krumpet

    J ai pas trouv le roman chantier Mais jamais j aurais pens qu un roman sur la construction d un pont puisse tre aussi beau puis 4eme autrice d affil e, a se c l bre

  6. Zeb Kantrowitz

    This is the diary of the birth of a megaproject that will transform the mythical city of Coca into an international port The city is located somewhere between San Francisco Bay and Sacramento It was one of the pueblos established along the coast of California, but remained a provincial town Now the new Mayor wants to turn it into a thriving twenty first century port To do so he must build a bridge to the other side of the Coca River that the City is built on The new port will also be on the othe [...]

  7. Elalma

    Una bella sfida per l autrice parlare della storia intorno alla nascita di un ponte, tra calcestruzzo, gare d appalto, problemi ambientali e nello stesso raccontare la vita di uomini e donne che girano intorno ad esso La sfida riesce grazie alla sua scrittura vivace e di grande impatto, ma l argomento non comunque riuscito a catturarmi del tutto C poi da dire che nonostante l abilit nel narrare eventi ti carattere scientifico dimostrata anche nel libro Riparare i viventi che ha vinto il premio M [...]

  8. Aurélie

    Je suis mitig e, j ai aim le style nerveux mais l histoire est trop d cousue et ne permet pas d tre captiv e.

  9. Paolo Gianoglio

    Mi aspettavo che il protagonista fosse il Ponte, o almeno che la costruzione del Ponte fosse l elemento centrale intorno a cui ruotare le vicende delle persone In realt il ponte solo un pretesto, attorno al quale ruotano vicende anonime, poco probabili e poco credibili L indubbia tecnica stilistica dell autrice finisce per lasciare freddi e sterili i suoi personaggi, salvo qualche eccezione Di quasi tutti non capiamo veramente cosa pensino, li vediamo agire ma non ne comprendiamo le azioni E il [...]

  10. Mandy

    It took me a while to get into this unusual and original novel from French writer Maylis de Kerangal She makes no concessions to her readers, and writes in a sometimes confusing and opaque way, with long sentences, short vignettes rather than sustained narrative, and character sketches that only slowly build up into rounded depictions But once I got used to the style I sank into it and found myself almost mesmerised by it What seemed at first to verge on the pretentious, a bit too intellectual, [...]

  11. Tuck

    zeb s review really lays it all out plot and character wise review show if james michner and larry mcmurtry and roth were really world class writers, they d write like kerangale uses and non uses of pronouns, vast vocabulary of engineering, class, anthropology, love is yummy and stunning the translator jessica moore should get a prize too an epic saga of bridge building, class warfare, and human conditions in our present worlds.

  12. Anne

    I enjoyed this book particularly for the unique use of vocabulary and syntax as translated It kept me going just to swim through the lovely sentences The technicalities involved in bridge building were engaging, something I don t usually find to be true As diverse and interesting as the characters are, I did not really bond with them but instead bonded with the bridge itself I felt satisfaction when it was completed as if I had had a hand in its birth and delivery This is a unique book that rath [...]

  13. Laurent

    Un roman ing nieux au style laborieux Tout s articule autour du Pont, et la construction de l ouvrage suit la construction de l ouvrage Au final, on se laisse embarquer dans cette aventure humaine et technique, entre deux rives et deux rivets.

  14. Alice au Pays des Livres

    Un livre tr s int ressant, mais on a beaucoup de mal suivre tous les personnages criture originale et passionnante

  15. Phil

    Birth of a Bridge is a multi faceted novel about various characters revolving around at their base being the building of a bridge in a fictional place to cross a river They come from across the world though mainly France to build the bridge The engineer on the project being Diderot, a guy who mainly lives for his work and somewhat for cycling his main possession he takes with him is a carbon fibre bicycle and he watches the tour de france every year When mentioning his previous work, a mention i [...]

  16. Mary Soderstrom

    I read this in the French original shortly after reading Kerangal s excellent R parer les vivants, to be published as The Heart next year What a disappointment She uses some of the same techniques, particularly that of telling the story from the points of view from several quite interesting characters But whereas that book was full of credible, strongly felt detail, this one is confused about where it wants to be a fantasy or a drama based in fact.I suppose if the book clearly signaled at the be [...]

  17. Laurent Szklarz

    prix de medicis mmmm, j adore ces prix le livre loin d un chef d oeuvre part d une bonne idee pour ce qui est de la realisation, non enfin a vous de juger reste ma grande question pourquoi un auteur francais, qui publie en francais,en france, situe son histoire au USA et utilise tous les cliches americains qui vont avec je trouve que le livre aurait ete beaucoup plus credible et reussit si l auteur avait situe le cadre en france mais bon, les cliches aurait du etre cree et peut etre l auteur che [...]

  18. Tessa

    Toujours le mythe de l Am rique qui obnubile les Fran ais Mais cette fois ci, le r ve am ricain donne de bons r sultats L criture de Maylis de Kerangal est foisonnante et son sujet, la construction d un pont gigantesque pour revitaliser une petite ville de la Californie, est pr texte un discours mondialiste, cologique, ultra technique et j en passe Venus de tous les horizons, les travailleurs du pont d barquent avec leur v cu et y vivent des histoires incroyables de tout genre Un beau plaisir de [...]

  19. Leif

    A glorious book that chronicles an initially object oriented construction of a bridge In its early to middle reaches, Birth is absolutely, breathtakingly ambitious in its incisive social vision of the relationships between people and the labour processes of global capital I can t emphasize enough how exciting this initial reading was However, the human the novel became, replete with odd fights, affairs, and so on, the less those ambitions became part of the fabric of the book, to its detriment [...]

  20. Marta Abbà

    l idea bella come la sensazione di sentirsi crescere una imponente opera tra le mani La concretezza e la potenza delle sensazioni, per , si perdono nella esagerata minuzia con cui l autrice si adopera nel tracciare le scene scrive indubbiamente bene, forse troppo e ne troppo consapevole, cos da dimenticarsi del lettore Un libro di autocompiacimento che, come il ponte esagerato per le due terre che unisce, stona con la platea di lettori Per lo meno con quelli come me che da un libro si aspettano [...]

  21. Sophie

    Naissance d un pont m a moins marqu e que R parer les vivants, mais j y ai retrouv ce que j aime des personnages forts, extraordinaires proprement parler, d crits merveilleusement bien par l auteur un vrai sujet en l occurrence ici qui me fascinait d j , explor de fond en comble et un style toujours puissant et vraiment modul au fil de l histoire pour y coller au plus pr s Je garde surtout en t te le personnage fascinant de Diderot.

  22. Sylvain

    Vendu comme un roman fleuve l am ricaine malgr un nombre plut t r duit de pages C tait peut tre l ambition de l auteur des personnages nombreux et d horizons divers, des enjeux vari s mais le compte n y est pas C tait plut t un projet pour Tom Wolfe J ai d ailleurs trouv e l criture de Kerangal inutilement difficile je lui reproche surtout des phrases trop longues par d faut de ponctuation.

  23. Didier Vanoverbeke

    I rate this book highly for its unique tone and playful language When I look at the books I have read recently, this one gets on the shortlist of novels I wanted to keep reading for its wonderful sentences Now, I was left wanting by what ended up being a fairly conventional plot, which the literary pyrotechnics couldn t hide forever, but perhaps one of the merits of Birth of a Bridge is that it can be a page turner to many different readers Bravo to the translator, Jessica Moore.

  24. Estelle

    Une belle criture forte et originale qui vous saisit d s la premi re page, j aime.Des personnages qui se croisent, ou pas, autour d un grand oeuvre BTP le pont , j aime toujours.Quelques notes de violence ou de sordide, comme si les vies normales, banales, n avaient aucun int r t, j aime moins.

  25. Marvin

    quoi a sert, d crire un roman sur la construction d un pont Pourquoi pas une non fiction sur la construction d un vrai pont Tous les personnages de ce livre m ont sembl faux Des personnages qui repr sentent ce que les Fran ais s imaginent tre des Am ricains types.La d mesure Les grands espaces Les Indiens Le capitalisme La religion Ah, l Am rique Ben oui, ben oui.

  26. Lou

    L histoire vaut vraiment le coup, les personnages donnent une impression de vie, on retrouve beaucoup de sujets abord s au cours de ce roman La puissance du livre tient ce qu il nous emm ne des profondeurs boueuses jusqu aux sommets d une ambition folle Seul b mol, l arri re plan a parfois un c t un peu trop carton p te Un excellent cru n anmoins.

  27. Béatrice

    Une vraie surprise apr s la mauvaise critique d un lecteur J ai tout aim la langue riche et m lodieuse on dirait parfois des alexandrins , les personnages taill s coup de serpe et cet norme chantier.

  28. Hélène

    La langue de Maylis de K rangal est belle et sensuelle, m me pour parler de la construction d un pont Enfin, c est vrai, plut t de ceux qui le construisent Quelques personnages auxquels on s attache bien vite Des jolis mots, a riens, pour parler du pont Un plaisir

  29. David

    Le style est un peu surprenant premiere fois que je lis des phrases de deux pages mais au final le livre est tr s original, tant par le sujet que la forme, et ca n est pas desagreable a lire du tout Je me suis meme surpris a le devorer.

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