Vathek (2020)

Vathek William Beckford Vathek Beckford s Gothic novel Vathek an Arabian tale was originally written in French when the author was It is the story of Caliph Vathek whose eye can kill at a glance who makes a pact with the De
  • Title: Vathek
  • Author: William Beckford
  • ISBN: 9780192836564
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
Vathek William Beckford Beckford s Gothic novel, Vathek, an Arabian tale, was originally written in French when the author was 21 It is the story of Caliph Vathek, whose eye can kill at a glance, who makes a pact with the Devil, Eblis.
Vathek William Beckford

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    William Beckford

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  1. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum

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  2. BillKerwin

    An odd book, and not a completely successful one I cannot deny it a wealth of ironic observation and an elegant style, but I believe the author indulges his hobbies and obsessions his Orientalism, his ephebophilia, his loathing of his mother and other termagants to an extent that distorts this tale of sensuality, pride and and destruction instead of informing and enriching it The last twenty pages or so, however, that relate Prince Vathek s damnation in the underground realm of the angel Eblis, [...]

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani

    Vathek, William Beckford, Edited with an introduction by Roger Lonsdale, London Oxford university press, 1970 1349, 187 Pages 1978 1782 50

  4. Paul

    There is a story behind my purchasing this book I occasionally bid on book lots at the local auction house Recently I bid on a box of books which looked rather interesting I managed to transpose the numbers and ended up with a different box of books, most of which I didn t want However there were seven folio society book from the late 1950s and early 1960s, which I have kept sending the others back to auction This was one of the folio society books.I knew little about Vathek or William Beckford [...]

  5. Henry Avila

    Caliph Vathek is the ruler in Baghdad and its large Empire, in the Middle East and AfricaGrandson of the illustrious Harun al Rashid.Of the Arabian Nights fame this is fiction, folks , with only a very vague resemblance to a real man, so don t bother to look him up on Being the 9th century,the Caliph has absolute power.Also an evil eye, deadly when angered.As a lot of his poor victims discovered too late Nobody looks at Vathek s fearsome eye, when the Caliph is in a very bad mood,for long Five p [...]

  6. Duane

    This is an 18th century Gothic novel written by an English author, but written in the French language It s about an Arabian sultan who makes a deal with the devil, which almost never ends well That s an odd mix of tags, but this is an odd story It reminds me a bit of Castle Otranto, but violent Just not my cup of tea.

  7. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    I seem to have embarked on a re exploration of the gothic genre After finishing a re read of The Castle Of Otranto by Horace Walpole a couple of days back, Last night I finished Vathek by William Beckford, a novel which also stems from the trend for Orientalist fiction which played upon the exoticism of an imagined Arabic setting, largely inspired by translations of The Thousand And One Nights.It s the story of the Caliph Vathek, a sensualist and seeker of knowledge whose quest for novelty leads [...]

  8. Jack

    Postmodernism has nothing on Vathek An absolutely bizarre Gothic tale, rich in Orientalism and deviltry You may think that the modern era has corned the market in strange, difficult texts, but there is truly nothing new under the sun Vathek is stranger than strange.

  9. Kayıp Rıhtım

    Vay haline, bilmemesi gerekeni bilmek isteyenin ve g c n a an bir i e giri en g z pek ki inin William Beckford, yarat c s n n koydu u s n rlar karanl k g lerin pe ine tak larak ihlal eden ve Yeralt Ate i Saray na ula abilmek i in halk na deh et sa an Abbasi soyunun dokuzuncu halifesi Vathek in y k ma s r kleni ini kaleme ald nda daha yirmi bir ya ndayd stelik g n iki gece i erisinde Frans zca olarak yazd Vathek, bar nd rd estetikler aras lenle nice yazarlara k tutan bir kaynak g revi g rd Borges [...]

  10. Berfin Kanat

    William Beckford Allah seni n apmas n, ok mu d nd n bunlar yazmak i in Kabus g rmeme sebep olan nadir kitaplardan birisi herhalde Her anlamda doyumsuz birisi olan Vathek adl halifenin t rl sa mal klar korkun t rden yap p cehenneme bilet kazanmas n n hikayesi Binbir Gece Masallar n okumad m ama benzedi i s yleniyor, o zaman masallar okumayay m te ekk rler aka bir yana cehennem tasvirleri, cinler, gulyabaniler, M sl man c celer derken baya etkileyici bir kitap olu mu Borges a g re edebiyattaki ilk [...]

  11. Paul

    Vathek was Caliph in the area of approximately present day Iraq, at some unknown time in the past He was generally a fair person, but woe unto him who got Vathek angry He lived in an immense castle, with the absolute finest of everything One day, a very strange, and very ugly, man stood before his throne He had a hideous laugh, but didn t speak He showed Vathek all manner of rare and exotic items, including sabers inscribed in an unknown language, inscriptions which kept changing from day to day [...]

  12. Stela

    I used to recall, with appalled amusement, the words of a former colleague of mine, who was slyly intrigued and very proud of his cleverness that anyone could read dead writers What can I say You don t usually argue with fools, whose minds are relaxed Moreover, ignorance has many faces, and some of them are really funny even if in an involuntary way.On the other hand though, maybe because there are strange points where ineptitude and intelligence seem to cross not always clear whether for the be [...]

  13. Ezgi Tülü

    Ya bilmiyorum bana bu tarz kitaplar yorumlatmay n, diyecek bir ey bulam yorum pek O y zden bence bir hikaye anlatabilirim Elimde Vathek, babam n yan na gittim Kitap zevklerimiz son zamanlarda benzemeye ba lad i in ve genel olarak onun ne tarz eyler okudu unu bildi im i in, Baba, bak senin ho una gidebilecek bir kitap ald m, dedim.Sonra babam kitaba bakt , bakt , bakt ve dedi ki Bu bizim Vathek mi Yoksa yeni mi Kitab biraz kar t rd ve Bekle geliyorum, deyip salona gitti Geri geldi inde elinde Vat [...]

  14. K.D. Absolutely

    Surprisingly quite an interesting read The plot is thick, interesting characters and definitely written by somebody with a very rich imagination Wiki says that Mr Beckford, at the young age of 21, wrote this straight 3 days and 2 nights in French in 1782 Now, after 228 years and the story is still interesting and can put to shame the contemporary fantasy gothic novels we have.The character of Caliph Vathek, still from Wiki, is inspired by the life of Al Wathiq ibn Mutasim Arabic , an Abbasid cal [...]

  15. M.

    Bug n n yeralt edebiyat okurunun ilgi alan na girebilecek tarzda bir kitap olan Vathek kendi tarz nda ilk olmas na ra men yaz ld d nemden bu yana klasik kabul edilmeyi ba arabilmi bir eser.Eserin yaz ld d nemde son derece normal olan hastal kl bir do u alg s ile yaz ld ortada Bunun slam n y kseli i ile ba lad g z n nde bulundurulursa yorulmaks z n yaz lan cinler, halifeler, harem k zlar ve b y l olaylarla dolu bu edebiyat n bir s re sonra kabak tad vermesi de beklenebilirdi.Dolay s yla okurken b [...]

  16. Jenny Macdonald

    A cross between a gothic Pilgrim s Progress in reverse and The Thousand and one Nights it tells the tale of a Caliph, Vathek, and his mother, Carathis, who are cruel and ruthless in their search for knowledge and supernatural powers A visiting merchant, a Giaour, attends Vathek and promises him all knowledge and power if he works for the Devil, Eblis Of course to do this involves abandoning their faith Islam, living a debauched life and murdering a large quantity of innocent people Vathek doesn [...]

  17. Sesana

    What a bizarre book I m not entirely sure how I feel about it, but I didn t hate it The title character is a generically Arabian sultan who enters into a deal with a djinn that ends as well as one might expect Which is to say, not at all Vathek s descent is told in loosely connected episodes, with some very surreal scenes included Incredibly odd plot aside, it s actually written fairly well Miles better than The Castle of Otranto, at least It s delightfully over the top, of course, but not to th [...]

  18. Karl

    This is copy number 40 of 250 signed numbered copies.The Book is signed by Donald Sidney Fryer who wrote the introduction and David Whitlam who profusely illustrated the book.

  19. John

    This is a weird book which I rather expected to loathe but didn t Vathek and his evilly motivated mother are loathsome I guess but their moral degeneracy is all part of the fable.Beckford s tale is fantasy writ large It could almost be an early ancestor of all those Harry Potter volumes Certainly some of the characters would not be out of place at Hogwarts Whilst described as a Gothic tale, it is hard to believe that it was written in 1786.I first encountered Beckford, as it were, in Men in Love [...]

  20. John David

    William Beckford, the author of Vathek, led a rather remarkable life so remarkable, in fact, that reviewers and critics are left baffled at how to interpret it other than reading it as a sort of fantastic confabulation of his life He was born in 1760, son of the two time Lord Mayor of London at the tender age of ten years, his father died and left him one of the richest men in the entire country This allowed him to pursue his interests in art, architecture, and travel, all of which he did on gra [...]

  21. Ebster Davis

    This book reminded me a lot of a thousand arabian nights hard to follow at times, with lots of really vivid psychedelic descriptionsbut it s a lot shorter and less explicit The main character is pretty worldly king, and he can kill people by looking at them but only if he s extremely angry His mom is a necromancer of sorts and they do horrible thing after horrible thing so that he can divine his future grand destiny or something like that I liked how the book represented Djinn My favorite part w [...]

  22. Kam

    So plodding, this book It was painful to read Even in Starbucks with wonderful smells of cinnamon and chocolate wafting around Page by page, I trudged on.Some great imagery, but at great expense

  23. Tim Pendry

    The 1970 revised 1983 Oxford World Classics Editions of Beckford s Vathek of 1782 is almost exhaustingly as well as exhaustively scholarly with not only the final 1816 text as the basis of the book but a full range of notes from the original.The work is quite slight in many ways but it has to be granted its originality as a quasi Gothic piece of orientalism and as a major influence on subsequent fantastic literature.Beckford himself had the potential to be great but he was not only born far too [...]

  24. Joseph

    William Beckford wrote The History of Caliph Vathek in French in 1784, but it was first published in an English translation by Samuel Henley in 1786 Widely regarded as one of the seminal works of Gothic literature, this strange, unclassifiable novel recounts its eponymous protagonist s quest for esoteric knowledge and carnal pleasure, a quest which ultimately leads to his damnation Vathek combines exotic descriptions of the Orient with passages of grotesque comedy and a dollop of supernatural de [...]

  25. Laura

    Free download available at Project GutenbergMOIR WILLIAM NORTH.William Beckford, the author of the following celebrated Eastern tale, was born in 1760, and died in the spring of 1844, at the advanced age of eighty four years It is to be regretted, that a man of so remarkable a character, did not leave the world some record of a life offering points of interest different from that of any of his contemporaries, from the peculiarly studious retirement and eccentric avocations in which it was chiefl [...]

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