Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter (2020)

Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter Liz Wiseman Greg McKeown Multipliers How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter Are you a genius or a genius maker We ve all had experience with two dramatically different types of leaders The first type drain intelligence energy and capability from the ones around them and alw
  • Title: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter
  • Author: Liz Wiseman Greg McKeown
  • ISBN: 9780061964398
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter Liz Wiseman Greg McKeown Are you a genius or a genius maker We ve all had experience with two dramatically different types of leaders The first type drain intelligence, energy, and capability from the ones around them and always need to be the smartest ones in the room These are the idea killers, the energy sappers, the diminishers of talent and commitment On the other side of the spectrum Are you a genius or a genius maker We ve all had experience with two dramatically different types of leaders The first type drain intelligence, energy, and capability from the ones around them and always need to be the smartest ones in the room These are the idea killers, the energy sappers, the diminishers of talent and commitment On the other side of the spectrum are leaders who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them When these leaders walk into a room, lightbulbs go off over people s heads, ideas flow, and problems get solved These are the leaders who inspire employees to stretch themselves to deliver results that surpass expectations These are the Multipliers And the world needs of them, especially now, when leaders are expected to do with less In this engaging and highly practical book, leadership expert Liz Wiseman and management consultant Greg McKeown explore these two leadership styles, persuasively showing how Multipliers can have a resoundingly positive and profitable effect on organizations getting done with fewer resources, developing and attracting talent, and cultivating new ideas and energy to drive organizational change and innovation In analyzing data from than 150 leaders, Wiseman and McKeown have identified five disciplines that distinguish Multipliers from Diminishers These five disciplines are not based on innate talent indeed, they are skills and practices that everyone can learn to use, even lifelong and recalcitrant Diminishers Lively, real world case studies and practical tips and techniques bring to life each of these principles, showing you how to become a Multiplier too, whether you are a new or an experienced manager Just imagine what you could accomplish if you could harness all the energy and intelligence around you Multipliers will show you how.
Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter Liz Wiseman Greg McKeown

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    106 Liz Wiseman Greg McKeown
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One thought on “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

  1. Chad Warner

    This leadership book explores how to bring out the best work in others There are a few good points, but overall I found it severely dull It s much longer than it needs to be, being filled with examples ad nauseam There are many better leadership books.My favorite point was that people s best thinking must be given, not taken Much of the book is about creating an environment in which people willingly give their best thinking.I liked the distinction made between stress and pressure in Chapter 3, T [...]

  2. Jonathan Lee

    Good grief This should have been a ten page at best pamphlet or research paper Instead, it was turned into over 200 pages of making the same point ad nauseam In addition, the personal stories were the most interesting part of the book, but even they got extremely repetitive After the first five or so stories that illustrated the exact same points, they all tended to blur together Just read the first and last chapters and save yourself some time.

  3. Andrea

    I really enjoyed this book and I think that there is a lot to learn from it The idea is that the best leaders aren t the smartest people in the room, but strive to make their teams smarter They do this by asking a lot of questions, owning and talking about their mistakes, trusting that their team members want to do a great job, and requiring the best work possible The book also talks about different steps to take to work on your multiplying effect.

  4. Shaw

    I learned so much from Multipliers This book demands introspection which was painful at times but well worth it I would consider this book foundational and a companion book for Good to Great and Mindset.

  5. Natalie

    There were a log of great take aways in this book Love the concept of Genius Watching, as well as the focus on being aware of how a leader can influence others both for growth and for diminishing I have been playing with ideas from the book, and have seen a change in meetings I have with my teams.

  6. Daniel Silvert

    MultipliersIn Mulipliers, authors Liz Wiseman with Greg McKeown explore the roots and applications of effective, inspiring leadership For Wiseman, leaders can be broadly classified as either Multipliers or Diminishers A Multiplier creates an environment where each team member is challenged, stretched, passionately engaged, and emerges not only intelligent for having worked with a Multiplier, but exhilarated at having achieved great things A Diminisher, as one can imagine, stunts the intellectua [...]

  7. Matt

    meh.60 pages worth of book that took up 250 pages instead.This book is the quintessential example of researchers trying to find the X factor for success and just finding common sense.It s a worthwhile project to figure out how to make OTHERS better How to get the most out of people how to multiply your own work and effort exponentially.This book does make some great points 1 You know that genius or indispensable person that has the smarts, but drives everyone else nuts and makes everyone else fe [...]

  8. Amanda

    I really loved this book because it was very inspiring in the fact that it encourages people in the place of leadership to provide a positive atmosphere for their teams Leaders building up their teams to get better results for the individuals and for the company Promoting praise where it s due, so that the employees feel appreciated, and addressing some issues that can be worked on for improvement as opposed to the diminisher who makes the team members feel like they re not doing a good enough j [...]

  9. Amanda Paulin

    I loved this book and took many lessons from it One of the biggest is that I need to work on multiplying the skills and assets of my team, instead of diminishing them I cannot keep all of the knowledge I have in my mind or else we will not grow great and powerful leaders This is a must read for anyone embarking on any leadership role, be it at work or in their personal lives.

  10. Adam

    A better work book than a read through, Multipliers is full of great advice for managers and leaders I had the privilege of working under a manager who was using this book as his guide to management, and to this day I list him as the person who has most influenced me and developed me professionally I ve tried to apply what he taught me about leadership, and now I m happy to have read the original source and apply it asap.The concepts in this book are simple, but important I loved it s research b [...]

  11. Bob

    I read a lot of leadership books thanks to my work in consulting and teaching a college leadership course, and only a few rise to the top of an overcrowded field This is one of them Deceptively simple in concept, I think we all immediately recognize what Liz is saying as soon as we read the preface, it looks incisively into how the mind of a multiplier works and how to develop it ourselves Just as importantly, she introduces us to the concept of the polar opposite, the Diminisher, and warns how [...]

  12. Suzanne Tanner

    I want to read the version of this book written for parents and teachers It was fairly good as is, but definitely for people in corporate leadership positions, and while the ideas were very interesting, all of the suggestions were very specific to corporate workplace kind of leadership I know the principles can be applied to parenting and teaching where I think they could have an even bigger impact , and I wish Wiseman had spent some time talking about how to be a multiplier in these other area [...]

  13. Sergii Khomenko

    A few quotes from the book Policies established to create order often unintentionally keep people from thinking.Hold a very high bar for what you must do before you voice your opinion You need to have data He has a problem with opinions without data.All good ideas start as bad ideas, that s why it takes so long Steven SpielbergThe power of liberators emanates from duality It isn t enough to just free people s thinking They created an intense environment that requires people s best thinking and t [...]

  14. Maria

    Fantastic and invaluable Not a fluff easy read but, than worth your time and discipline Really enjoyed and appreciate the stories, examples and insights.

  15. Joseph Santora

    I read this after having read Mindset by Carol Dweck, and it was the perfect prelude Mutipliers offers a leadership approach that maximizes the efforts of those around you The book was an easy read, however, was quite redundant on several points While I recommend this book, the author could have easily shaved 50 100 pages and still made the same impact.

  16. George P.

    NOTE Multipliers is a secular business book I am reviewing it from the perspective of a Christian minister who thinks its insights have application in church and nonprofit ministry contexts If those are not your contexts, this review may not be the one you want to readOne of the reasons why leading a church is hard work is the problem of what David Allen calls new demands, insufficient resources For example, youth ministry is vital to the health and future of the church, but we all know how hard [...]

  17. Melanie

    I can t stop raving about this book In a nutshell it s about leadership and the idea that the best leaders are the ones that empower their people Wiseman outlines five areas in which leaders can act as either multipliers or diminishers Many of the business leadership books I ve read even the good ones contain some good ideas with a lot of extraneous explanation and examples This book, though, is just packed with actionable ideas there really isn t anything repetitive or superfluous,which means i [...]

  18. William Edmondson

    Like many business concepts there is nothing revolutionary in the leadership attributes identified in this book They could be classified as common sense However, personal experience has shown that common sense does not necessarily mean common practice I have seen the negative behaviors described in this book in leaders I have worked with as well as in my own leadership actions.I found the authors grouping and summary of behaviors concise and informative and find myself regularly referring back t [...]

  19. Ray Kelly

    If you re in a leadership role read this book If you are interested in some different ideas on leadership fundamentals I am sure that you will find it interesting The authors juxtapose two quite different types of leaders whom they characterize as the Diminisher, and the Multiplier We have all had experience with these two dramatically different types of leaders The first type drains intelligence, energy, and capability from the people around them and always needs to be the smartest person in th [...]

  20. Heather

    This is really a good book that motivates and teaches us how to be better and help others be better and accomplish while we each learn and grow Organizations and individuals have been challenged recently to do with less This book points out that we should all be doing that anyway Instead of just throwing resources at a problem we should be leveraging them better The best leaders are Multipliers They help everyone around them grow, learn, work harder, accomplish , and come to better decisions T [...]

  21. Berlinsd

    Absolute best organizational leadership book I ve read It is thoughtful, empirically based, and engaging I adopted the dry erase marker into my toolkit Must read for leaders.

  22. Melanie Archer

    This book basically teaches you, as a leader, how to identify the strengths, motives, talents and drive of your team members and to encourage their best work so they can reach their full professional potential how to be a genius maker Multipliers are leaders who look beyond their own genius and focus their energy on extracting and extending the genius of others These are not feel good leaders They are tough and exacting managers who see a lot of capacity in others and want to utilize that potent [...]

  23. Kristian Norling

    This a great book on two opposite types of managers, diminishers and multipliers If you never have experienced a diminisher manager in your career, you are a very lucky person The book has practical hands on advice on how to become a multiplier, with many good examples Often noone is either or, but have traits that are good and bad This book made me reflect on how I behave and how I want to be treated This book is not recommended reading, it is a must read

  24. Alissa Thorne

    Some good information could be dug out of this book, but I found the format quite unpleasant It s filled with self important charts and Unnecessarily Capitalized Lingo Using personal experience to demonstrate a point is a good trick, but it would be nice if there was than a sentence or two of the point itself between all the stories And frankly, many of the Diminishers seemed like flat out assholes not sure why you need a whole book to say, Don t be an asshole.

  25. Jesseb

    Fantastic book on leadership styles The authors share their extensive research into how some leaders bring out the best in everyone around them while others stifle initiative, creativity, and productivity A must read for everyone even if you aren t part of the business world from which the authors draw most of their examples and where they conducted their research The concepts they have developed apply to all areas of life.

  26. Victoria Chen

    I benefitted from the delineation between the two leadership styles However, like many other books of this genre, the concepts in this book could ve been shortened to a few pages and a table It got very repetitive and felt like an anecdotal extension of the book Mindset.

  27. Seth

    This book is truly one of the better leadership books written Understanding what it takes to become a Multiplier maybe one of the most important things in your career I highly recommend this book.

  28. Dave

    About par for the leadership book course Important idea dragged out about 200 pages longer than necessary But still an important idea.

  29. Krishna

    I can t disagree with the premise that you should treat people like they re smart, especially if they are smart, but I wasn t impressed with the research.

  30. Diane

    This is a good book about leadership It is about bringing out the best in others rather than diminishing others by your domineering management style.

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