A Day for Damnation (2020)

A Day for Damnation David Gerrold A Day for Damnation McCarthy was drafted from his college biology studies and became a member of the Special Forces Then he is given the opportunity to contact the Chtorr but when a helicopter crash leaves him and his c
  • Title: A Day for Damnation
  • Author: David Gerrold
  • ISBN: 9780553277654
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
A Day for Damnation David Gerrold McCarthy was drafted from his college biology studies and became a member of the Special Forces Then he is given the opportunity to contact the Chtorr, but when a helicopter crash leaves him and his companions stranded in enemy territory, he must decide whether to communicate with the Chtorr or kill them
A Day for Damnation David Gerrold

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    David Gerrold

One thought on “A Day for Damnation

  1. Ubiquitousbastard

    It s pretty rare for me to read a series where the first and second books are both amazing This is a perfect follow up to the first book in the series Everything I loved about the first book is still present, and in addition there is a significant advancement in world building and setting up for future books Many authors seems to have trouble balancing setting up long term plot threads while making a book interesting and well paced.Then there is Gerrold s ability to throw in psychology and philo [...]

  2. Tim

    Better than A Matter for Men Gerrold remembers that the function of an entertainment is to entertain, and even when things slow to allow a character to tell without showing some concept Gerrold s trying to get across, it s almost excusable two books into a series and you re allowed some pauses for expository breathing room The homosexual struggles are here mostly replaced with madness of crowds themes, in keeping with the title s reference to religion This time around the book s characters try t [...]

  3. Christopher Schneider

    The best albeit, unfinished alien invasion series I know Trying to be patient in waiting for him to close the loop on this one I balk at recommending it to others only because I don t want them to experience the same 21 year wait that the rest of us have had to deal with since he published the latest book in the series, A Season for Slaughter However, to be fair, I have no idea how the hell he is going to tie this all together, and I admire the man s ambition for taking on such a project that wa [...]

  4. Peanuckle

    More interpersonal and sexual than the first but it s easy and engaging Will continue reading the series.

  5. J.

    3.5 starsThe Chtorr jokes got old in a hurry.The mom says something about Jim being in a dress and makeup at their dinner I can t tell if the mom is talking about his dress uniform and metals or if he is actually wearing a dress Aside from some things in book 1 there hasn t been anything to indicate that the character is messed up in the head.Okay, so much queer stuff Bleh It s really too bad because the writing and story are great.

  6. Dale Rosso

    Interesting addition to the series, sometimes parts of this series can be a bit drawn out but overall it is a good story.

  7. Fred D

    Very fascinating book with a unique spin on the alien invasion story Prior to invasion, the aliens attempt to reverse terraform the Earth by introducing plant and animal life from their home planet that wipe out Earth s native flora fauna to make the envirnment suitable to them Earthlife easily gets out competed First, alien microbes are introduced that wipe out 90% of the human population Civilization collapses, and the survivors are left to try and desperately hang on as wave after wave of de [...]

  8. Mark

    The story of the Chtorrian invasion continues The Chtorrian ecology is developed in detail, which is good The main character matures a little, which is good There is some semi mystic crap, like, human beings being so overwhelmed by angst than they turn into simple herd animals Not so good Or like the naked dancing with the alien creatures to attempt communication Also not so good.I think there is a conflict in this book between the science writing of describing the aliens and the philosophy wri [...]

  9. Matt

    Really glad I stuck with this after the first book Whereas A Matter for Men got a little tedious with its Socratic monologuing, A Day For Damnation gives payoff in the way of heightening the sense of dread the gross Chtorran jokes ala dead baby jokes at the end of each chapter are surprisingly effective at kicking it up a notch, regardless of what s happening in the plot , and claustrophobia trapped in a helicopter with not only one, but several types of aliens surrounding the main character Yo [...]

  10. Victoria

    Rereading The War Against the Chtorr so I can finally read book 4 Of the three I ve read previously, this one strikes me as the weakest somehow it just doesn t hold together as well as the others in the series Nevertheless a fascinating, one of a kind, terrific book with a terrifically human main character.

  11. Adrian Hunter

    I read this many years after reading the abridged version of A Matter For Men, and was nearly bored to tears by it all the action, scientific discovery, and world building of the Chtorran ecology was lost and i had to try twice to get though it.

  12. Robyn

    A former boyfriend introduced me to the series, which at the time we thought would be rounded out by a fifth book within a couple of years How naive we were Don t know how the War Against the Chtorr books were never added to my GoodReads account.

  13. June

    I am actually re reading this series I had read it about 10 years ago From a psychological perspective, the bits Gerrold worked in regarding telepathy, a collective mourning response, and the herd are thought provoking.

  14. I.F. Adams

    The second chapter of the Chtorr saga Continues with amazing style, and a mix of horror and sci fi second to none.

  15. NumberLord

    The story of the Chtorr invasion continues We find out about the alien biology although there s much to be figured out.

  16. Mitchell

    A great continuation in the alien invasion saga, it goes far deeper than most books about invasions.

  17. Leif

    Jim, now an experienced operative, keeps on fighting those worms and getting into all sorts of interesting situations.

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