Love Wild and Fair (2020)

Love Wild and Fair Bertrice Small Love Wild and Fair She is Catriona Countess of Glenkirk the dazzling green eyed beauty whose silken sensuality fires the passion of men s very souls making her a pawn in a dangerous game of royal intrigue wife to a co
  • Title: Love Wild and Fair
  • Author: Bertrice Small
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Love Wild and Fair Bertrice Small She is Catriona, Countess of Glenkirk, the dazzling green eyed beauty whose silken sensuality fires the passion of men s very souls making her a pawn in a dangerous game of royal intrigue wife to a count, unwilling mistress to the king, she has the undying live of the most courageous lord in all of ScotlandHe is Francis, Earl of Bothwell, who defies his king to possShe is Catriona, Countess of Glenkirk, the dazzling green eyed beauty whose silken sensuality fires the passion of men s very souls making her a pawn in a dangerous game of royal intrigue wife to a count, unwilling mistress to the king, she has the undying live of the most courageous lord in all of ScotlandHe is Francis, Earl of Bothwell, who defies his king to possess the woman he loves Theirs is a romance in the grand tradition of bestselling author Beatrice Small and epic tale of love and betrayal that sweeps from the snowy Scottish highlands through the glittering palaces of Europe and exotic pleasures domes of Constantinople to find its magnificent conclusion inthe exquisite fulfillment of love s most passionate desires.
Love Wild and Fair Bertrice Small

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One thought on “Love Wild and Fair

  1. Kathleen

    Story Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 Stars Heat Level 4.5 StarsOverall Rating 5 StarsMan I sure did love rereading this book There were things that I totally forgot and despite having read it twice before I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first time.This book once again was an epic adventure that grabbed me and just would not let go It amazed me where Bertrice took these characters and the way she weaved this story This book had me so emotionally engrossed with it that I balled my eye s out [...]

  2. SavageGrace

    I found the character of Patrick to be the definition of a deplorable, womanizing hypocrite While cheating on Cat every chance he got, he rails against Cat even so much as innocently looking at, or speaking to, another man What frustrated me the most, though, is at the end when he calls Cat a whore for marrying Bothwell and then, shortly thereafter, gloats to his own son about his 18 year old whore mistress waiting for him in another country and whom he has been seeing during his 5 year absence [...]

  3. Cherry

    This novel made me cry but not in the good way.I found this book utterly disgusting Was the author trying to live out her rape fantasies through this novel I am sure she must be a very sheltered women to find this appealing I read this entire book through because I was overcome with a burning questions Why did the author write this What was she trying to accomplish Let us ignore the fact that this book was entirely devoid of an overall plot and first focus on the catastrophe that is the message [...]

  4. Faith Freewoman

    BEWARE Graphic abuseif you re sensitive, stay away.Let me start by saying that Bertrice Small is a fabulous writer Her scenes are vivid, fascinating and, I suspect, very accurate depictions of life for Scots during that period of time Her characters also really get to youwhich is probably one of the main reasons I finally had to stop reading this one and give up reading Bertrice Small s books entirely.My first book by Ms Small was Border Vixen, which I absolutely loved I loved the hero, the hero [...]

  5. Naksed

    At 662 pages, Love, Wild and Fair, is one of Bertrice Small s longer novels but quantity does not equal quality This was a DNF for me about three quarters in, as the plot became and outlandish, and I found that I simply did not care to continue on the heroine Catriona s journey to reunite with her, to borrow a favorite phrase of the author, very milk and sop lover Francis The other main male characters in the book, Cat s first husband Patrick and an absurd rendering of the Scottish King James [...]

  6. KC 2.0

    3.5 starsBooks by Bertrice Small are a guilty pleasure They re entertaining fantasy, but are not politically correct In Love Wild and Fair, heroine Catriona is treated as sexual property She is raped, subjugated and seduced by a few different men, even finding pleasure in some of the forced couplings And of course, Cat is irresistible to almost all the men she meets, so much that they are compelled to rape It doesn t help that Cat has the most glorious breasts and vagina like that of a 19 year o [...]

  7. Mena

    I first read this as a fourteen year old girl, plucking it out of my mother s purse while she was in the kitchen and flipping through until I landed on an interesting looking paragraph I ve been a huge fan of Bertrice Small ever since.Cat is the perfect fiery spirited Highland lass Patrick, although a bit too much of a man s man , still manages to be likeable Francis, of course, is the bodice ripping, kilt wearing, dark haired man of any historical romance fan s dreams.However amazing of a read, [...]

  8. Kathi

    Centuries ago, when I was much younger, I devoured Bertrice Small books like they were candy, esp the Skye O Malley series Maybe I ve become a prude in my old age, but I quit reading this at page 44 Nothing but sex scene after sex scene.I remember the O Malley family as being large, and each member of the clan had a story of their own Other family members were involved as part of the story line so it was like visiting old friends It seems that the same is going on in this book it s part of a ser [...]

  9. Angelyn Schmid

    Francis Stewart Hepburn was a tall, handsome man with dark auburn hair, an elegantly barbered short beard, and piercing blue eyesHe himself had loved many women, married and unmarried, but he had never forced one as the king was forcing Glenkirk s wife That she was being forced he knew instinctively, for he was sensitive to people The hero is the nephew of the notorious Bothwell who d carried off the Queen of Scots a generation before, and an alleged warlock I read Bertrice Small when I m in the [...]

  10. Kristiluchi

    This was a really good book I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked it It was the story of Catronia, decendant of Janet from the first book, The Kadin I find that, by reading some of Bertrice Small s older books I m opening myself up to reading of her newer books It was at the end of this book that I fond that I missed the characters when it was over It s full of all the tropes of the period, everything built to make a woman in the 70 s and 80 s embrace her sexuality and become empowered [...]

  11. Mona

    My first every Small Novel This book is what got me hooked to her writing and her ability to weave stories together in such an intracate way She made me appreciate the heroine and fall in love with her many lovers Small is a master story teller and this book proves that without a shadow of a doubt.

  12. Christine

    This was a great readI enjoyed the romance, I enjoyed the history that was included in the storyere was violence, this is the type of violence that occured in historial romances years ago , but it made Cat a very strong woman, and you seen her fight for the man she loved But Beatrice Small had me hooked from the first chaper, I wanted to know what happened to these people

  13. Tara

    This is a rather long book, however, it is quite a story It tells of a woman forced to live by the standards of her society, marrying as her family instructs However, she falls in love with someone else Through her life, she is known as being so beautiful that she is the envy of every woman, and the necessity of every man Who does she end up with, and does she end up happy You decide.

  14. Kim Alderson

    Love like you wish forMs Small s stories are so all encompassing, she really draws her readers in I found myself crying at times, which made reading difficult I can t wait to re read a other of her books.

  15. Carolyn E. Lynch

    Very good read.Very good read.I loved turning each page Catalonia is a heroine you will like Rich in history Danger and adventure Beatrice Small is a wonderful writer.

  16. Jennie

    This is the only trashy romance novel I ve ever read Not bad The plot is a little far fetched, but if you re in need of something entertaining that doesn t require much thought, this is a good pick.

  17. Kashii

    I liked this book but i felt a lot of catroina s hardships were due to her strong headed stubbornness not to mention the fact that she was a teenager i often found myself throwing the book down in disgust because she did another stupid thing

  18. Dawn Wallace

    Love itLove itI love Beatrice Small s books the are exotic, unexpected and a joy to read I laugh, I cry, these stories are like long lost friends.I read them again and again the kardin,love wild a.d fair and all the Skye omally books.

  19. Alecia Williams

    A tumultous story of love, betrayal, hardship, lust, family, friendship and loyalties, the eccentricities of royalty An adventure Not one I d take though.

  20. Wanda

    WHOA I didn t consider myself a prude but way too much sex in this one for me Story was entertaining but I won t be reading this author again any time soon.

  21. Roxie j. Dunn

    Great enduring story.A tale of love that lasts through all time could throw at it and grow into a love for all time.

  22. Diana

    this is a typical book for Bertrice Small but I do enjoy reading her stuff Kind of far fetched but it takes me away

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