Curse of the Spellmans (2020)

Curse of the Spellmans Lisa Lutz Curse of the Spellmans THEY RE BAAAAACK Their first caper The Spellman Files was a New York Times bestseller and earned comparisons to the books of Carl Hiaasen and Janet Evanovich Now the Spellmans a highly functioning
  • Title: Curse of the Spellmans
  • Author: Lisa Lutz
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  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Curse of the Spellmans Lisa Lutz THEY RE BAAAAACK Their first caper, The Spellman Files, was a New York Times bestseller and earned comparisons to the books of Carl Hiaasen and Janet Evanovich Now the Spellmans, a highly functioning yet supremely dysfunctional family of private investigators, return in a sidesplittingly funny story of suspicion, surveillance, and surprise When Izzy Spellman, PI, is aTHEY RE BAAAAACK Their first caper, The Spellman Files, was a New York Times bestseller and earned comparisons to the books of Carl Hiaasen and Janet Evanovich Now the Spellmans, a highly functioning yet supremely dysfunctional family of private investigators, return in a sidesplittingly funny story of suspicion, surveillance, and surprise When Izzy Spellman, PI, is arrested for the fourth time in three months, she writes it off as a job hazard She s been obsessively keeping surveillance on a suspicious next door neighbor suspect s name John Brown , convinced he s up to no good even if her parents the management at Spellman Investigations are not When the displeased management refuses to bail Izzy out, it is Morty, Izzy s octogenarian lawyer, who comes to her rescue But before he can build a defense, he has to know the facts Over weak coffee and diner sandwiches, Izzy unveils the whole truth and nothing but the truth as only she, a thirty year old licensed professional, can When not compiling Suspicious Behavior Reports on all her family members, staking out her neighbor, or trying to keep her sister, Rae, from stalking her best friend, Inspector Henry Stone, Izzy has been busy attempting to apprehend the copycat vandal whose attacks on Mrs Chandler s holiday lawn tableaux perfectly and eerily match a series of crimes from 1991 92, when Izzy and her best friend, Petra, happened to be at their most rebellious and delinquent As Curse of the Spellmans unfolds, it s clear that Morty may be on retainer, but Izzy is still very much on the case, cases her own and that of every other Spellman family member Re meet the Spellmans, a family in which eavesdropping is a mandatory skill, locks are meant to be picked, past missteps are never forgotten, and blackmail is the preferred form of negotiation all in the name of unconditional love.
Curse of the Spellmans Lisa Lutz

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One thought on “Curse of the Spellmans

  1. Dan Schwent

    Why has Izzy Spellman been arrested four times in one month Why is her mother leaving the house at all hours of the night to vandalize a stranger s motor bike What is her father up to Who is the mysterious neighbor John Brown And who is recreating the string of vandalism Izzy is alleged to have perpetrated during her youth All these questions and will be answered in Curse of the Spellmans When you enjoy the hell out of the first book in a series, the second book is a risky proposition, like bun [...]

  2. Barbara

    3.5 stars Thirty year old Isabel Izzy Spellman as well as her mom, dad, and teenage sister Rae all work for the family private detective business Spying seems to be ingrained in the Spellman DNA because, besides taking on cases, they constantly snoop on each other and anyone else who comes into their orbit.Izzy is always on the alert for a new boyfriend or as she puts it, a new future ex boyfriend , so an attractive fellow who moves in next door to the Spellmans quickly catches her eye Izzy imme [...]

  3. Carol.

    Lisa Lutz Isabel Spellman series is a little like Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum Not the recent ones but the early ones, the ones that made me laugh out loud before they got progressively absurd and recycled the same plots The Spellmans, however, are a family team and the nature of the family business means they can t really escape each other, although they may periodically try Book two, Curse of the Spellmans, was just as much fun as the first and perhaps even a smidge better I found it to b [...]

  4. Amanda

    3 1 2 stars for this one.Curse of the Spellmans is the sequel to The Spellman Files, a novel about an unconventional family that runs a private investigation firm I really enjoyed The Spellman Files it s light, amusing, and there is an inventive quality to the narrator, Izzy Spellman s, manner of conveying her story Because of her training as a P.I Izzy tells us everything in the form of case file reports and transcripts of secret recordings What worked for the first novel lost some of its quirk [...]

  5. Michelle

    So how can something be so good and coherent and yet be so random and rambling I don t mean random in a negative way at all In fact, I find the randomness quite charming, just as I find Isabel Spellman quite charming and funny Izzy and the entire Spellman clan are a bunch of nut cases, but the stories work for me In this, the second installment of the Spellman series, Izzy finds herself busy surveilling the neighbor who is surely up to no good her teenage sister Rae has run over her best friend [...]

  6. AdiTurbo

    So much fun The Spellman dysfunctional and quite crazy family always manage to make me laugh, and this time, Lutz had them also go through life changes that developed the characters in an interesting ways The plot is suspenseful, the dialogues superb here is a writer who can write a teenager who is really smart, but who is also still child like and speaks her age Intelligent and fully entertaining.

  7. Vered

    Funny, smart, sad and ever so enduring This one was just as funny as the first one, yet complex, reviled lairs, run deeper and left me feeling my heart in my throat Loved it.

  8. Alli

    Not worth re reading and or suggesting to anyone else Although at times it was funny, overall I felt bad for the characters and myself I felt like the author was talking down to me, the fact that the protagonist is a 30 year old woman who narrates in a juvenile way than her 16 year old sister makes her INCREDIBLY hard to empathize with or to root for at allBasic Summary Isabel Spellman works as a PI for her parents and has a 15 year old sister who is a bit crazy but idolizes Isabel The driving [...]

  9. Jeanne

    Izzy s back I was so excited to see a sequel to The Spellman Files.So, we revisit Isabel and the rest of the Spellman family, but they re not as colorful as I remember them The Spellman parents aren t as nosey, and her younger sister, Rae, is not the little spy she was in the first book And her perfect brother, David, isn t so perfect any Only Izzy remains in that crazy Spellman zone ever suspicious of everyone and everything.And this is where our story begins A new neighbor for the Spellman s s [...]

  10. Indigo Editing/Ink-Filled Page

    Without a doubt the restraining order put a cramp in my investigation of Subject That s not how the second in Lisa Lutz s series on the Spellman family of private investigators starts No, a lot happens before thirty year old Izzy Spellman is legally restrained from being near her parents neighbor subject of her own personal investigation boyfriend.The Spellman parents run a PI firm, and daughters Izzy and Rae help them Izzy s been spying since she was twelve and Rae since she was six Oldest chi [...]

  11. Mark

    The second book in The Spellman Files is just as funny as the first Isabel Izzy Spellman, having grown up in a highly dysfunctional family of private investigators in San Francisco, is distrustful of everyone, is not deterred by locked doors, social boundaries really, she s not deterred by boundaries of any kind , and always has to get to the bottom of mysteries, even when it would be better for her if she just let it go Now thirty and working in the family business, she gets in over her head wh [...]

  12. Jennifer Rayment

    The Good Stuff Another wild and wacky tale of the delightfully dysfunctional, yet totally loveable, Spellman family Would love to take mamma Spellman to some of Jake s parent teachers meeting she totally rocks Love how Izzy refers to potential dates as Ex Boyfriend Don t really have to read the first book in order to understand the plot, it will help and you will love it, but you won t be totally lost if you don t Gives you a synopsis of the first book without too much repetition for those who h [...]

  13. Tom Carrico

    Curse of the SpellmansBy Lisa Lutz The brief testimonials which are included on the book jackets or paperback covers can tell a reader a lot about the book If the blurb is from a well respected author such as Scott Turow or Tom Wolfe or even from an established book critic like Jonathan Yardley or Michael Dirda from the Washington Post there is bound to be some credibility to the book When the quotes in the case of this book come from People magazine, Entertainment Weekly and from an author you [...]

  14. David

    While I thoroughly enjoyed the humor of this novel, I found it to be so disjointed and oddly organized as to be annoying The book was chocked full of interesting characters with dysfunctional relationships that offered a good deal of humor but the plot took a backseat to the humor and sadly the humor was the central part of the book It was funny, but it was far too cutesy In fact it was so cutesy it came across like an episode of the naked gun What little mystery there was got resolved in such a [...]

  15. Annalisa

    With my second book club reading The Spellman Files, I thought I d be an overachiever and read the next installment in the series I m so glad I did I forgot how amusing those wacky Spellmans are While I enjoyed the humor and characters in this one , the mystery in the first was definitely better It kind of reminds me of my obsession with the TV Veronica Mars The mystery in the first season was unmatched in the second, but I was so into the characters that it didn t matter And like VM, I often fo [...]

  16. Mlle Pointill├ęs

    Izzy est toujours autant d jant e et terriblement dr le dans ce deuxi me tome J aime beaucoup le personnage de Rae, et celui de Henry galement.Je me suis bidonn e pendant toute ma lecture, j ai ador Cette s rie est dr le, les r pliques d Izzy sont tordantes, tous les personnages sont terribles.Et j aime San Francisco Ce deuxi me tome est une r ussite Je ne vois pas du tout de quoi vous parlez excuse favorite d Izzy

  17. Daniel Sevitt

    I can t believe I fell for the exact same Spellman schtick all over again Funny banter, dislocated narrative, faux detective daftness and some sweet emotions and soapy family soppiness Am I really that easily pleased I guess I ll have to read the next one to find out.

  18. Anne Hershewe

    Another zany Spellman adventure A little over the top and bit predictable than the first book I had some of the mysteries figured out quite a while before Lutz had Izzy solve them I also quite missed the presence of Uncle Ray And, the fact that David didn t feature as much in this book was really too bad his banter and negotiations with Izzy and Rae in The Spellman Files were just so fun However, Henry was a great addition to balance out the Spellman craziness I also love Lutz s commitment to [...]

  19. Rage

    when I was reading this, I had to remind myself that this is a work of fiction and none of these people s lives are real Izzy Spellman comes across as actually mentally ill, even though her antics are obviously meant to be entertaining and kooky not upsetting but the writing is great, it s a real page turner there are so many little subplots and weird characters Bernie, Morty, David, the poor woman whose yard keeps getting vandalized , but somehow everything gets addressed and makes sense.

  20. Lisa B.

    I listened to the audiobook.I love the sarcastic wit of the Spellman s and how they interact with each other My favorite family member is Rae and I will continue the series to see how her character develops.

  21. RJ McGill

    Warning Spending time with the Spellman Family is highly addictive and produces uncontrollable bouts of laughter.Two years have passed since Lisa Lutz s debut novel introduced the lovably, dysfunctional Spellman Family and mesmerized readers from coast to coast with the kind of snooping, scheming and blackmailing that could only exist between parties who truly care for one another.We rejoin Isabel Spellman a.k.a Izzy , in San Francisco, now thirty years old and once again working for her parents [...]

  22. Jacqueline

    I m not sure what to say about this book I really love Izzy and Henry and Rae But I didn t at all enjoy where the author went with the story Her family treated her like crap and I felt really bad for her I really felt like the reader was owed a villain and we didn t really get one The suspect that Izzy is sure is up to no good is of course a good guy I really wanted her to be vindicated instead of being made to feel like a fool whose parents didn t really love her You know they are the ones who [...]

  23. Alice

    Mlle Alice, pouvez vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec Les Spellman se D cha nent Il y a quelques ann es de cela, j avais lu le premier volet de cette s rie En toute honn tet , je n en garde pas un souvenir imp rissable Mais que voulez vous, j ai quelques tocs et quand je commence une saga, j ai du mal la laisser inachev e Dites nous en un peu plus sur son histoire Izzy Spellman, d tective, semble s tre mise dans un sacr p trin et vient de se faire arr ter pour la quatri me fois du mois Un p [...]

  24. Christy

    Izzy Spellman works for her parents private investigative service, where family members are acting strangely Izzy s brother David, a lawyer, has resorted to staying home, watching TV in his pajamas and eating junk food Her father Albert is sneaking out of the house at all hours, returning with wet hair, while her mom Olivia is sneaking out of the house in early morning hours and wreaking havoc on a motorbike Her sister Rae runs over SFPD Inspector Henry Stone, her one and only friend When a good [...]

  25. Jkerber1

    The Curse of the Spellmans was very similar to The Spellman Files so highly recommended for those who enjoyed the first book, but do not read if you disliked the first book.Again, this was a quick read which had some really funny parts that made me laugh out loud, although it also had its flaws Unfortunately, I must say that the conclusion to the mystery was once again disappointing, because the case seemed initially fascinating and exciting, but it turned out that the truth was neither of those [...]

  26. Matt Mazenauer

    Just as in the first book, I come away from this book with an immense desire to be a part of the amazingly dysfunctional distrusting and too wrapped up in their own drama Spellman family The closest comparison I can draw is still Arrested Development s family issues There is no way that characters like this could exist in the real world, yet they are provided with such realistic dialogue and motivations that you don t for a second question it mid story The joy and excitement of turning each page [...]

  27. Townsend the Wonder Hamster

    The second excellent read in the Spellman Investigations series The PI firm is run by the Spellman family narrator Isabel, who s 30 years old in this book her parents Albert Olivia and her 15 16 y.o sister sometime unpaid PI employee Rae, the precocious one Isabel is the problem child sibling who hasn t grown up yet but still, the most realistic and reasonable Then there s older brother David, handsome intelligent, but acting very out of character in this instalment of the saga Which revolves ar [...]

  28. Quillracer

    The cover blurbs on the copy I read say, delightful, whip smart sass, and fast paced, irreverent, and very funny I agree with the delightful one but not the others The whip smart sass and irreverent were merely typical of remarks families trade, not really breaking any new ground The closest I came to very funny was a small smile Okay, I ll give you the fast paced I read it in less than a day and the mostly short chapters made reading it in short bursts without losing the thread of the story eas [...]

  29. Oswego Public Library District

    Zany Isabelle Spellman comically tries to hold onto her private investigator s license, but keeps getting arrested for hilarious reasons The Spellman series is loaded with a cast of oddball characters Snappy, witty and honest, in very short chapters, Isabelle solves a mystery amid her father s midlife crisis, her teen sister s angst, dating, her mother s mysterious midnight vandalism, and the cute neighbor with the room he refuses to unlock A relaxing, humorous read GDClick here to place a hold [...]

  30. Drew

    This one gets a 4.5 star rating from me I m usually not a fan of series, primarily because of the issues that are in the beginning of this book the numerous references back to the previous book in case the reader hasn t started at the beginningOnce I got past that however, and simply let myself enjoy the author s unique and addicting style, I simply loved reading through it It s too bad that the characters are not based on real people though because Izzy reminds me of an ex girlfriend or two the [...]

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