Night Season (2020)

Night Season Eileen Wilks Night Season Lupine sorcerer Cullen Seabourne and FBI Agent Cynna Weaver are just coming to terms with having a baby when they are lured to another realm where magic is commonplace and night never ends Their only
  • Title: Night Season
  • Author: Eileen Wilks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Night Season Eileen Wilks Lupine sorcerer Cullen Seabourne and FBI Agent Cynna Weaver are just coming to terms with having a baby, when they are lured to another realm where magic is commonplace and night never ends Their only way home lies in tracking down a missing medallion one also sought by powerful beings who will do anything to claim it.
Night Season Eileen Wilks

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    398 Eileen Wilks
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One thought on “Night Season

  1. Choko

    4 Call me shallow, but I am having a lot of fun with this series And in this volume we finally got our much needed dose of Cynna and Cullen, who are the main narrators here They have to go to another dimension called The Edge, and have to leave Lily and Rule behind However, my favorite character in the whole series so far, the soon to be ex demon Gan went with them and assisted in a search for a weather seasons earth controlling magic medallion, which unfortunately needs just the right person to [...]

  2. Jilly

    I think this is my favorite book of the series so far Yes, the world is extremely complicated so there s still a lot of explaining going on, but I like how complicated it is If something is too easy to figure out, it gets boring real quick You hear that hipsters We get you now, you can stop.This should helpSo in this book we have Cullen and Cynna traveling to a different dimension to retrieve a magical artifact for some elves Along with their not a demon friend who loves swimming, they also enco [...]

  3. edge of bubble

    While we get some time with Lily and Rule, this is Cynnia and Cullen s book At the end of the book, my dislike for Cynnia had turned into genuine like and my reaction to Cullen went from who s a good boy, my little sullen wolfie will be a good boyto I want him for myself Drool Sigh.At first they had looked incompatible to me, the author trying to fix them up just to get rid of the third wheel feely or for plot conveniences But they fit It is a different yet even engaging fit than Lily and Rule [...]

  4. Catherine

    3.5 Stars SPOILERS FOR THE PREVIOUS BOOKS Boy, was I relieved to see the pacing improve in this book The last one had me a little nervous about a new writing trend, but it was back to normal here We didn t suffer from constant pov shifts, although there were some that didn t overwhelm the story I m still not as interested in Cullen and Cynna as I was in Lily and Rule The actual overreaching story arc still hooked me, but I didn t really work up much enthusiasm for the actual relationship potenti [...]

  5. Laura (Kyahgirl)

    3.5 5 4 stars B Night Season takes this series on a bit of a detour to another realm I enjoyed the adventure and the different kinds of creatures but wasnt 100% sure of how the medallion and quest really fit in with Lily and Rule and the Lupi story arc It was fun to see Gan find a purpose though besides hunting fishies.

  6. Mei

    As I said for the perivous book each one adds to the world building Here we meet the Edge a strange world that I percieved as a world where all others intersect I am very curious to know when we will discover about Kai and Nathan s role in the whole story and when they will reappear I love Gan and her fishies too She s such a great character

  7. Fangs for the Fantasy

    Cynna is a Finder, and a damn good one, able to find almost everything over a vast range It s a power that is high in desire including by the Gnomish rulers of Edge, another realm that is now accessible after the magic flares.The Realm is in danger but the ambassadors from Edge are certainly not to be trusted and may have their own agenda.On top of this, Cynna has to deal with her feelings on another matter she s pregnant, and the father is a sorcerer who is essential to their plan for Edge.What [...]

  8. Katie Michaels

    It s interesting to me that so many people liked this book a little less than the first three, because it features Cynna and Cullen instead of Lily and Rule I think that s actually why I liked it It s not that I dislike the original lead characters it s just that their romance was a bit lacking at least for me They re mates They really have no choice but to be together It s different with Cynna and Cullen There is no physical imperative for them to be a couple Their relationship isn t a given, [...]

  9. Regina

    3.5 3.75 stars Night Season centers on Cynna and Cullen Rule and Lily appear briefly, but it is not their story Cynna and Cullen are two of my favorite characters in Wilks World of the Lupi world The world in Night Season is lushly developed, the details are just enough but not overwhelming There is a decent amount of humor and some decent sexy time But despite my enjoying these aspects of the book, the story seemed rush, wrapped up too quickly and was decent but not the best I read in the serie [...]

  10. Steph

    While I enjoyed this installment, it wasn t my favorite I did enjoy the focus shift to Cynna and Cullen, the introduction of some very interesting characters, and Gan She stole a lot of the scenes in this one Her love of chocolate seems almost as strong as mine I look forward to reading Wilks free short about the event CYNCERELY YOURS and seeing what one of the side effects of the magical shift will have on the Lupi going forward 3.5 stars

  11. ~Leslie~

    Such an intelligent series Every time I read a book in this series, I am amazed and intrigued all over again This book continues with Cullen and Cynna as they travel to a magical realm called Edge She is trying to find a medallion that is messing with the magical realms and he follows her The Edge is a really interesting place and they encounter all sorts of mayhem and magic while there Loved it

  12. Trix

    Got pretty tired and bored with Cynna view spoiler Plus, I didn t buy into the whole Cullen is now faithful and wants to marry Cynna in spite of his upbringing and pack morals Especially since there was no bond to help smooth the transition And especially since Cullen was so desperate to be back in a pack hide spoiler This is a peculiar situation I don t hate Cynna but I don t like her either I was curious what would happen to Cullen, how he would evolve but didn t really care about Cynna Sadly, [...]

  13. Tracy

    4.5 Stars Finder and FBI Agent Cynna Weaver is just starting to accept that she s pregnant, that she and the lupus Cullen Seaborne are going to have a child, when a delegation from the alternate realm of Edge show up in a fountain in a Washington D.C mall Offering trade with Earth for assistance in locating a medallion that controls the balance in Edge, the members of the delegation are cagey and secretive, and refuse to speak openly without a magical shield in place A shield that only Cullen, a [...]

  14. Daisa

    Rating 4.75 I still don t want to jinx it, so I m going to continue to refrain from saying that this series is greatThere are 12 books in this series so far and that is than enough room for things to go left So I m just taking each book one at a time and enjoying them as they come.Night Season is book four in the World of Lupi series and is a little bit different than the previous three books in that, the majority of the book is focused on the adventures of Cynna and Cullen Cynna is an FBI agen [...]

  15. Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru

    Synopsis A magic medallionA diplomatic envoy from another realmA dragon who doesn t like to shared a tester that turns the wrong color when she pees on it FBI Agent Cynna Weaver s life is a little too full right now She s pregnant and lupus sorcerer Cullen Seabourne is the father Cullen is thrilled Cynna can barely utter the p word What does she know about kids Her mother was a drunk Her father abandoned them Or so she s always believedBut things could be worse She might be snatched into another [...]

  16. Amy A

    So far, this has been the best book in the series This book primarily features Cynna and Cullen Rule and Lily make bookend appearances in the story, though don t worry This book picks up about a month after the end events of Blood Lines as well as the events in the anthology On the Prowl Kai and Nathan s story continues in this book and Inhuman is a nice lead in.Cynna is still coming to terms with being pregnant After denying the possibility for so long she finally accepts that she is indeed pre [...]

  17. Katyana

    3.75 Well, it turns out that I liked this one a lot than I was expecting to The only real negative was Cullen Now granted, that s a big negative, given that he s the hero He just doesn t interest me at all I find him to be an unjustifiably arrogant, selfish, bossy know it all jerk.Alright, so now that that s out of the way, let s talk about the good stuff.Cynna She s pretty great I liked watching her come to find her self confidence as a leader She cares about her people, and takes care of them [...]

  18. Dianne

    Out of all of Eileen s Lupi books, this one is my least favorite and not just because it wasn t about Lily and Rule In Night Season, Cullen, Cynna, Gan and several others have been thrown into what is called the Edge by a sort of unscrupulous Gremlin Magic runs rampant in this new realm as well as many things that go bump in the night.It was difficult for me since I m re reading these back to back to go from reading a series about werewolves and cops to an entire book based on magic and politics [...]

  19. Anna (Bobs Her Hair)

    This is my favorite story of the series so far I really enjoyed the story, the romance, and suspenseful moments Cullen and Cynna are an interesting couple He s a sorcerer lupi stripper The occupation does not play a role in the book She an FBI agent and gifted Finder Gan, the demon introduced in Mortal Danger, is growing a soul and the feeling attached to it Whereas I found this little demon annoying in previous books her moments in this installment were touching In this story, Cynna finally acc [...]

  20. Sandra

    Fourth book in the World of the Lupi series and most of it happens in an offshoot of Faerie called the Edge Sound familiar Well this one was written first LOL.The first 3 books center around Rule, wolf heir of the Nicolai Pack and FBI Agent Lily Yu, but this one moves to FBI Agent Cynna Weaver, a Finder and Cullen Seaborne, a wolf sorcerer of the Nicolai Pack.All 4 of them are recovering from the events of the previous book when a trio of beings, led by a Gnome appear in a shopping center, looki [...]

  21. Cathy (cathepsut)

    I was hoping for a continuation of the plot line that developed in Blood Lines But this went in a completely different direction Lily and Rule only show up in the first few chapters The story is mostly told by Cynna and Cullen and there is an odd bit every now and then from the perspective of Gan, which is always amusing.They travel to Edge, another realm that is high on magic, elves and gnomes They travel around a lot on barges and horses and have battles Made me wonder if Wilks had just finish [...]

  22. Jess

    I picked up the anthology On the Prowl and absolutely loved Ms Wilks contribution But when I tried to continue reading about those interesting characters in the next book they were supposedly featured in according to the author, via the aforementioned anthology , which was Night Season I read the few pages of the story that I got the book for, then I got to be bored out of my mind reading about some pregnant CIA agent When it seemed that my characters were a long time coming back, and began flip [...]

  23. Deb B

    have read about half of this series previously and now is the time to catch up so back to the start decided on the audio versions which are really interesting graphic audio is very different to a straight narration background noises and conversations, multiple people speaking, sounds to indication important actions eg pain of the change, plenty of panting and sighing, gunfire, growls et al love Lily and Rule, Cynna and Cullen and all the gang well written, highly imaginative and a pleasure to re [...]

  24. Sho

    An adventure in a whole different world I enjoyed reading it.Things that I liked the whole story arch of Gan becoming a being with a soul interesting races A new dragon Cullan CYnna relationship Timm Elf Things that were so so Cynna s dad did we really need him The bad guys kind of cookie cut I would love to read but I want to read FBI storiesHopefully there is mysteries in the future and Dragons

  25. Titou

    Une s rie que j appr cie toujours autant Je prends toujours plaisir retrouver cet univers et surtout les personnages Romance, intrigue, suspens, magie, action, lupins une lecture riche et agr ableMon avis les lectures de titou.over blo

  26. Louisa

    Yes, awesome book I enjoyed it so much, and so glad that I waited to read On the Prowl before reading this, because Kai and Nathan are pretty important in this book Really enjoyable, and I can t wait to read of this series

  27. Kathy

    Setting Washington DC hotel room, Fashion Center 3 story temple to consumerism , bowels of FBI Headquarters, the J Edgar Hoover FBI Building, Carter Barron Amphitheatre where the dragon lives , Edge aka Dsighliai of very high magic forest, river, palace, mountains, Leerahan Court, sidhe palace Theme finding the Medallion to keep the worlds in balance trusting love carrying a little rider fetus growing a soul, learning about love, sacrifice, friendship Characters Cynna Weaver pregnant pattern spe [...]

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