Death Troopers (2020)

Death Troopers Joe Schreiber Death Troopers When the Imperial prison barge Purge temporary home to five hundred of the galaxy s most ruthless killers rebels scoundrels and thieves breaks down in a distant uninhabited part of space its only
  • Title: Death Troopers
  • Author: Joe Schreiber
  • ISBN: 9780345520814
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
Death Troopers Joe Schreiber When the Imperial prison barge Purge temporary home to five hundred of the galaxy s most ruthless killers, rebels, scoundrels and thieves breaks down in a distant, uninhabited part of space, its only hope seems to lie with a Star Destroyer found drifting, derelict, and seemingly abandoned But when a boarding party is sent to scavenge for parts, only half of them come backWhen the Imperial prison barge Purge temporary home to five hundred of the galaxy s most ruthless killers, rebels, scoundrels and thieves breaks down in a distant, uninhabited part of space, its only hope seems to lie with a Star Destroyer found drifting, derelict, and seemingly abandoned But when a boarding party is sent to scavenge for parts, only half of them come back bringing with them a horrific disease so lethal that within hours, nearly all aboard the Purge will die in ways too hideous to imagine.And death is only the beginning.
Death Troopers Joe Schreiber

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One thought on “Death Troopers

  1. mark monday

    this marks my second and possibly last foray into the surprisingly expansive world of Star Wars tie in novels my first was Han Solo s Revenge back when I was 10 or soe plot involves the Empire prison ship Purge and its ill fated encounter with a not quite abandoned Empire Destroyer things are lurking aboard this gigantic ship, both viral and on two legs I had a good deal of fun racing around this immense zombie labyrinth with the suddenly very small cast of characters Death Troopers employs the [...]

  2. Steve Lowe

    My almost 13 year old son read this in one day, had a nightmare that night, and then insisted that I read it as well I admit, I was intrigued by the concept and the cover art since it came out After reading it over the course of about 3 days, I realize the cover art and the concept remain the best things about this book.Death Troopers came out in 2009, so I m not going to be revealing anything major here to the hardcore Star Wars fans, but still, here s a SPOILER ALERT If you have any intention [...]

  3. Jason Brown (Toastx2)

    like an unconcerned lover, meeting you for a nooner , Death Troopers is quick and dirty it doesnt ask you how you are doing or if you are getting close when it is finished, it rolls out of bed and leaves you staring, asking what exactly just happened you feel a little dirty, then you shower and get back to work in the end, it is still a nooner, so who can scoff at that not i.a little background info to explain the above a kid, i was an avid book reader you put it in front of me, and it would be [...]

  4. Alejandro

    The zombie force is strong in this one ZOMBIES LONG TIME AGO, FAR FAR AWAYMaybe some hardcore fans of Star Wars can feel uncertain to try this book since its basic premise involves zombies yes, you read right ZOMBIES Without thinking that nowadays isn t canonical any However, before you decide to go away from the book, I can let you know that this particular book is in the toplists of several Star Wars reviewers around the internet.Something good must have Moreover, technically you will have zom [...]

  5. Gianfranco Mancini

    A very funny Star Wars tale with zombies The appearance of a famous characters duo was a nice add view spoiler and Chewbecca infection induced nightmares are one of the best parts of the story hide spoiler , but it spoiled the suspence for good because you already know they are going to survive.Not bad at all, and the awesome cover raised one star my final vote br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

  6. Paul Nash

    4 VERY fun Stars This was a great, Legends Star Wars book I ll admit, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole concept of Star Wars and Zombies , but it was such an exciting ride And the zombie concept within the story is completely different than anything I ve ever read or seen about zombies And, not going to tell you who, but you get a surprise appearance by a couple of familiar faces.Overall, this was a good, quick and fun book I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read Star Wars.

  7. Crystal Starr Light

    Well, we re on a Star Destroyer being chased by the living dead The Purge is an Imperial prison barge When it makes an unexpected stop near a ghost Star Destroyer, Captain of the Guard, Jareth Sartoris, is sent aboard to find spare parts Instead, their party is split up, and only half returns But once back on the ship, a virus spreads quickly, much quickly than Zahara Cody, medical officer can treat Can the survivors Sartoris, Cody, two orphaned boys, Kale and Trig Longo, and two mysterious hig [...]

  8. Samuel

    I have always been terrified of scary stuff ever since my childhood nightmares I don t think they were nightmares any just an overactive imagination or a haunted house I tried to keep away from the scary, bloody, suspenseful things either because they were too dark and scary for me or too dark and scary for my mom And I practically followed what my mom said So when I heard such good stuff about this book, I was like Well, let s find and see what we can about it There were some fan made videos th [...]

  9. Scott Rhee

    I wrote this review in 2012 For some reason, Star Wars fans and zombie film fans don t often mix, so this book is very definitely for a niche audience If you ve kind of gotten tired of the sentimentality and seriousness of The Walking Dead I knowit s the zombie apocalypse but could someone please just tell a fucking joke or crack a smile once in a while , this book harkens back to a time when even zombie movies had a bit of fun Throw in the sappy silliness of a space opera, and you ve got a winn [...]

  10. Eric

    I really wanted this book to be filled with win Star Wars plus Zombies How could that be bad Well, it s not bad That s not exactly the ringing endorsement anybody really wants though, is it First problem is that I m genuinely not a fan of the horror genre I like the occasional horror movie but I skip all the torture porn, green filter wannabe ghost scary, splatter fest 30 year old reboot give me your money for something you ve seen before crap IF it s good I m very into it, but the kind of thing [...]

  11. Jeremy Stephens

    This was like the movie I Am Legend if it were in space The only thing I didnt like about this book was that it seemed like this book wasn t originally written as a star wars novel but then later various references and characters were added in so that it could be labeled as a Star Wars novel The plot was lacking in detaials especially character development and information on why the situation on the star destroyer occurred a back story or two would have been nice i was tempted to give this book [...]

  12. Tim

    I should probably start this review by stating that I am not the biggest Star Wars fan Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movies well, all save the prequel trilogy, of which I dislike all three and I ve played some of the games Knights of the Old Republic stands as one of my favorite RPGs ever made , but the expanded universe is not something that I m particularly interested in.That said, I am a huge horror fan and upon hearing that there was a Star Wars novel with zombies in it my inner child sq [...]

  13. Kevin Fitzsimmons

    I had read numerous reviews pillorying this novel for not being close enough to the Star Wars universe, or for not having a convincing villain, or for just being sort of sick I have to confess, I picked up this novel a year ago Read a couple pages, put it away and just picked it up again to read in a waiting room This probably wasn t fair to this novel, since waiting rooms make me cranky and hyper critical.For me, the biggest complaint about the novel would be the gore Not that I have anything a [...]

  14. Leeanna

    Star Wars Death Troopers, by Joe SchreiberI believe I saw Death Troopers advertised as the first Star Wars horror novel Although I am not a horror fan, I am an avid Star Wars fan so I had to read it My first impression came about 100 pages into the novel it s just a horror story with some Star Wars dressing That aside, it s an okay horror story, but it seems very typical Abandoned ship, check Mysterious virus, check Zombies, check Add some Star Wars elements, check I really only kept reading to [...]

  15. Aaron

    I had put off reading this book for a long time because I did not want to be disappointed When I first heard about Death Troopers, I was a bit excited The concept seemed to be pretty exciting horror set in the Star Wars Universe As much as I wanted to rush out and buy this book to read, I waited My fear was that the book would fall far short of my expectations of the initial concept and leaving me feeling annoyed I finally gave in and picked up this book from the local library After devouring wi [...]

  16. Brian

    While being a fun twist to the Star Wars Universe A sci horror it lacked the sticking power that the other novels have The characters were all pre molded and while i could put that aside, Schreiber decided to use two of the most iconic characters from all of Star Wars Chewbacca and Han Solo were both in this book It might seem like a big spoiler but there really is no back story to it other than they caught us and here we are The book takes place before New Hope and so there isn t even any quest [...]

  17. Carla

    This book takes a fun concept zombies Star Wars and fails to deliver on its promise The plot itself is a fairly standard horror zombie story that could have taken place anywhere, and the Star Wars details are simply layered over the top The structure of the plot is well done, but there are some serious problems with the book as a whole.The inclusion of two characters famous from the movies I won t mention their names, as to not spoil it was rather pointless, especially since Death Troopers takes [...]

  18. Michael

    The old adage says you should never judge a book by its cover.Maybe we should update it to say that we should never judge a book by its cover or its Internet marketing campaign.Images of the cover for this Star Wars book began to slip out months ago along with the tease of stormtroopers plus zombies Based on that alone, the novel had to be worth reading, right Yes and no.As a standalone novel in the Star Wars universe, the books is an enjoyable enough story as author Joe Schreiber introduces us [...]

  19. Amanda

    Well, well, well Zombies Star Wars Some may say it spells disaster, but it was pretty legit This is definitely no epic tale of doom, but Joe Schreiber gets the job done.Schreiber uses a simplistic zombie formula the virus As zombie lovers know, zombies are usually created by spells people waking the undead who suddenly develop a thirst for brains or voodoo , or virus contagious through bite etc The rage virus is kind of a cheater zombie, but Schreiber uses the classic It s a virus that kills the [...]

  20. Liz

    Turn off your brain and go with it I suspect this is one of those books which people will either love or hate If you re a zombie fan, then you ll probably love this if you hate zombies, you won t like this book I m not a die hard reader of Star Wars books, but I m a huge zombie fan so I had to give this a try.There s nothing new here, I ll say that right now, but in this case the old works just fine People trapped on a small ship, the crew dying around them, corpses disappearing, and then they f [...]

  21. Sam Ang

    Full review in the following link bookunderthesun 2Imagine zombies roaming around in the Star Wars galaxy, and this is the outcome The plot itself is nothing new a ship met some malfunction, stalled in the middle of nowhere, met a ghost ship, entered and bring back unspeakable horrors you know what it is , everyone become zombies, a few protagonists died, a few finally survived and left, blah blah blah Well, at least that is the gist of it Sounds familiar If it does, that is because it is If you [...]

  22. Ryan

    The thing this book most reminded me of was Snakes on a Plane When I first heard about both SoaP and Death Troopers, my first reaction was That s an amazing idea and should be tons of fun Why did no one think of this sooner Both situations ended up being similarly disappointing, though, although of the two Death Troopers was an order of magnitude disappointing.DT was disappointing because the only time it felt like a Star Wars novel was when Han Solo showed up, and even that felt kind of contri [...]

  23. Patrick

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far awayI read this and it was a well done Star Wars novel done in a horror form In it, a virus of course turned many of the characters into walking dead, resemblances of Twenty Eight Days Later, and Dawn of the Dead remake I did like reading it and was engrossed into the action packed horror, but admit to rolling my eyes up as soon as I realized this was another zombie novel except set in a Star Wars universe I really like the horror of some of the subplots but d [...]

  24. Jonathan Bergeron

    I bought a Star Wars t shirt from Target the other week, first Star Wars t shirt ever I finally decided to embrace the geek I am and wear the title with pride It s an awesome shirt It s blue with an AT AT on it, showing what look like the schematics of it Fantastic shirt and it fits great Good on ya Target When I got home, after buying it, I decided to go on and ask the group I m most active in about some recs on Star Wars books.I ve always stayed away from movie tie in books The books are using [...]

  25. Michael

    Star Wars meets zombies Rather gory and a bit scarier than i was anticipating for a Star Wars novel The cover itself is comprised of a bloody Stormtrooper head hanging from a chain with a hook jammed through its eye giving the book of a horror aspect The basic plot of Death Troopers is fairly straightforward The Imperial prison barge Purge is packed with 500 prisoners being transported to an isolated penal colony In the first stages of the book we have the normal kind of prison story with pris [...]

  26. Holden Phelps

    Kinda slow and boring it changed characters a lot but would be appealing to a star wars nerd but not to me It lasted longer than some other books I started reading that I had found in my basement so i ll give it 2 stars.

  27. Wolf (Alpha)

    This was shockingly scary I really enjoyed the book and I love how Joe Schreiber twisted the plot up and made it interesting I felt really sick when I found out that Chewie was sick and could possibly go crazy and die I like how Han got the injection and made Chewie get it also I really like how in the end everything turned out okay and that most all of the people inside were okay I chose this book based on the cover and because I read some of his other books I definitely rate this 5 stars.

  28. Joshua Marx

    I am probably being too generous with the 5 stars, but I really enjoyed it I got this as an audio book, and it had sound effects, music and really creepy noises for the zombies , which is actually what made it so enjoyable to me and why I rated it 5 stars rather than 4 it was like listening to a horror movie I think it would be a good read, but I definitely recommend getting the audio version of it and I normally prefer reading to audio books.

  29. Steve Davala

    Star Wars slash Zombies There you go That says it all Man, this guy is good at describing things in such a way that I want to vomit I guess I shouldn t have been listening to this while making dinner Amidst the elements that make an effective horror title fear, claustrophobia, who s gonna live but also some great elements of character development, and then a couple of cameo appearances that make this title pretty entertaining Just know you re going to be sick.

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