الرجال من المريخ النساء من الزهرة (2020)

الرجال من المريخ النساء من الزهرة John Gray
  • Title: الرجال من المريخ النساء من الزهرة
  • Author: John Gray
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
الرجال من المريخ النساء من الزهرة John Gray .
الرجال من المريخ النساء من الزهرة John Gray

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    461 John Gray
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    Published :2020-04-17T12:18:13+00:00

One thought on “الرجال من المريخ النساء من الزهرة

  1. Rachel

    My biggest problem with the book is that it is extremely sexist The book continually explains that this is just how men are, and then goes on to explain how women can learn to deal with that Biggest load of crap ever While some people will certainly fall into these stereotypes, I believe this book may cause harm than good Some of the sexist highlights a woman should go shopping when her man decides that he needs alone time this is how she can show him her love and trust apparently women were ab [...]

  2. Mephistia

    There are some books that you hear about and you hear about and you hear about, and eventually you think, Hmmm, maybe I ought to read that It s had a huge cultural impact on our society, it might be a good idea to be in on that Kind of like seeing Stars Wars, E.T and the Godfather Trilogy I still haven t seen E.T or the Godfather Trilogy, but I hear they re both great It s just a big cultural thing, you know With books, there are a few that everyone needs to know There are the obvious ones class [...]

  3. Benjamin Crawford

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and John Gray is from far, far further out in the solar systemMy broad stroke perspective on this book is that I am inherently skeptical when someone purports to reduce human behavior to simplistic, read about it on the subway categories, gender specific behavior in particular Resorting to simple explanations for that which is scary and I think it s safe to say that romantic partnerships can be scary, because vulnerability is involved, after all is tempti [...]

  4. Spider the Doof Warrior

    I always thought human beings were individual people with individual likes and dislikes that do not relate to their genitals.Apparently I am wrong Men and women are actually from different planets We re alien species Sure we can have babies together, but we are totally different Women like to shop because they come from a planet full of shopping centers.Men like to fix things and play sports because that s all they did on their planet.Now if we would just remember that we are two different alien [...]

  5. Amrita

    UTTER ROT The book shows men as creatures with very fragile egos and women as over sensitive.Men women communicate differently, maybe, but some of the theories are really wrong.Like women talk problems for your empathy or sympathy, for the sake of talking it out and that they are not looking for a solution Then, talking wouldn t make sense would it Like men hate being told how to fix the fuacet, or how to find the wayThis book has OUT Dated views I regreted reading it

  6. Eddie Black

    This is not psychology This is not even close to be science I had to read this horrible book in the past my partner liked it and I kept thinking to myself that a lot of the stuff in the book was just too convenient, too stereotypical, to easy Doing a little research found that the school that gave th author his Ph.D was done away with and that several states California, Oregon will not recognize the titles that the school gave out I don t like bashing people on ideas, but I hate to see people wr [...]

  7. Miyo

    what a load of crap my friend gave me this book after trying to salvage his marriage, told me it was really insightful He got a divorce within a year.

  8. Jennifer

    I decided to read this book because I m a Dave Ramsey fan and it was one of the books on his recommended reading I ve been married for 10 years, but I figured it couldn t hurt to learn to communicate a little better I m not sure this book helped any It s written with the assumption that all men are alike and all women are alike and that most of them have a traditional marriage or relationship There is something sexist in the author s tone He paints the women as the homemakers with a love of shop [...]

  9. Aj the Ravenous Reader

    This is a very helpful and informative book about the million differences between men and women It s also entertaining and it brought my perception of the opposite sex in an entirely different but positive way This is a very helpful book to everyone especially those who find it hard to keep relationships because of misunderstanding their partners.

  10. Katie

    This book was insulting and biased Written from an unapologetically male perspective, it attempts to lump men and women into desired roles The man can leave anytime he wants, and the woman, to show her love and trust read naivety , should go shopping Yes, that s what his argument boils down to I am all for acceptance, but when there are real issues that need to be dealt with, they are not fixed by saying, Oh, that s just what men do The wave section was particularly enraging as an attempt to exp [...]

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