The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (2020)

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami Jay Rubin The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Alternate cover edition here Toru Okada s cat has disappeared and this has unsettled his wife who is herself growing distant every day Then there are the increasingly explicit telephone calls he has
  • Title: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
  • Author: Haruki Murakami Jay Rubin
  • ISBN: 9780099448792
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami Jay Rubin Alternate cover edition here.Toru Okada s cat has disappeared and this has unsettled his wife, who is herself growing distant every day Then there are the increasingly explicit telephone calls he has started receiving As this compelling story unfolds, the tidy suburban realities of Okada s vague and blameless life, spent cooking, reading, listening to jazz and operaAlternate cover edition here.Toru Okada s cat has disappeared and this has unsettled his wife, who is herself growing distant every day Then there are the increasingly explicit telephone calls he has started receiving As this compelling story unfolds, the tidy suburban realities of Okada s vague and blameless life, spent cooking, reading, listening to jazz and opera and drinking beer at the kitchen table, are turned inside out, and he embarks on a bizarre journey, guided however obscurely by a succession of characters, each with a tale to tell.
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami Jay Rubin

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    Haruki Murakami Jay Rubin

One thought on “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

  1. Paul Bryant

    I had been wondering where my cat was when the phone rang It was a woman offering to have no strings sex with me I made some non committal remarks to her and put the receiver down I hate those cold callers I had nothing to do that day, or any other day, so I walked down the back alley and fell into a desultory conversation with a random 16 year old girl who had a wooden leg and a parrot on her shoulder She suggested I help her make some easy money by counting bald people That sounded about as go [...]

  2. Megha

    A part of me wishes that I hadn t read it yet so I could still read it for the first time and be mesmerized.It is quiet difficult for me to describe what this book was like It is surreal and psychedelic It is mysterious, something out of this world You just need to stop questioning things and let yourself get carried away It begins with a seemingly ordinary day in the life of a very ordinary man But things only gets strange and stranger from there dreams spill into reality, lines between natural [...]

  3. Ben

    WATER IS GOOD You, the politician with the psychopath eyes on the T.V I hate you Russian schemingWhere the fuck is my cat And why did I name him after you Mr Psychopath EYES WarBloodDeathZoo animals My dreams are wack, yo but WAIT Are they really dreams No way man, I totally did it with her for real.Skinning people aliveWacky woman with the Huge red hat, tell me Are you a psychic OR ARE YOU NOT What a cool walkway between the HOUSES telephonetelephoneRing, Ring, Ring Hellloooo Damnit Bitch, SHOW [...]

  4. Imogen

    Y know what I give up I m never going to finish this I don t think Murakami s a hack, and I know that everybody except me thinks he s a genius, and I also understand or, specifically, have had it angrily explained to me that my dislike for Murakami has to do with me being an American asshole who can t see through her own cultural imperialism enough to appreciate the way Japanese people like Murakami write novels I acknowledge all these things.But at the same time, nothing about this works for m [...]

  5. Fabian

    Only like 10 books or so in this world could be made of actual MAGIC They are entities so far out of this world they indeed resemble pariahs, belonging to their own orbit following their own sets of rules that it is your utmost privilege to read them, to find out for yourself why it is that they stick to the collective psyche of an entire literati This profound take on life reality is so complex, so incredibly well orchestrated, thought out a new one for the list of Tops The main character, perh [...]

  6. Kelly

    I absolutely adored the book upon starting out It is exquisitely crafted, with each seemingly casual word chosen to illustrate the world into which we have entered It is a lonely world full of half finished stories, abrupt departures, missed connections and deep silences Poor Mr Wind Up Bird, lives on an alley with no exits, in a borrowed life that he could never afford to live without the kindness of his uncle He s just quit his job, as he has no idea of where to go with his life, but is dissat [...]

  7. Zach

    This book has received praise from many circles, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times Wind Up Bird was also considered a New York Times Notable Book the year it was published, and it earned Murakami, the author, a serious literary award presented by the Japanese Nobel Prize winning author Kenzaburo Oe To top it off, most of the reviews on are filled to bursting with lavish praise for both Murakami and The Wind Up Bird Chronicle But, less than a third of th [...]

  8. Pouting Always

    Toru Okada recently quit his job at the law office and has been spending his time alone in the house all day while his wife, Kumiko, goes to work One day while cooking he receives a strange phone call from a women claiming to know him He can t recognize her voice though and becomes confused by this turn of events Kumiko is worried because recently their cat disappeared Usually their cat comes home after a while even though he wanders off and so Toru goes off in search of the cat On his search he [...]

  9. Justin

    Good Lord, it s been over a month since I ve finished s book What have I been doing with my life And why haven t I read this book until now First off, let me put my four star rating of this book into context It s only four stars because I feel like I need to read it again, and maybe again and again, to truly appreciate all that is contained within these 600 beautiful pages I get the story There s a plot and all that, but there is also so much going on, there are so many layers, such complexity [...]

  10. Ian "Marvin" Graye

    Original Review February 22, 2011Songs of FascinationMurakami sings to me of fascination I still haven t worked out why.I could analyse the sensation until it died on the operating table.Or I could focus on just keeping the sensation alive.Or, somewhere in between, I could speculate that it s because Murakami sits over the top of modern culture like a thin gossamer web, intersecting with and touching everything ever so lightly, subtly expropriating what he needs, bringing it back to his writer s [...]

  11. J.L. Sutton

    I m a big fan of Haruki Murakami When you pick up one of his novels, you re never completely sure where you ll end up This is definitely true of the Wind Up Bird Chronicle It starts as sort of a detective story in which Toru Okada searches for his wife s missing cat in their Tokyo suburb After that, it s really difficult to say what the book is about Did the search for the cat trigger all the craziness that swirls around Toru or had everything already been set in motion And if Toru s descent int [...]

  12. William1

    I adore this book and wish I could carry my enthusiasm for it to Murakami s other works But in contrast to Wind Up Bird Chroncle, those I ve read disappoint Kafka On the Shore devolved into some wretchedly bad writing after the first half Or was it wretchedly bad translation I wish I knew Anyway, I have read Wind Up Bird twice and will read it again My favorite part is the sequence set during World War II near the Khalkha River in Outer Mongolia This is Lieutenant Mamiya s tale of a daring speci [...]

  13. Luca Ambrosino

    English The Wind Up Bird Chronicle ItalianoA great experience.More than reading a novel, I feel like I ve lived the life of another, like when you wake up from a dream in which you played the part of a fearless hero, doing actions you never could have done.Toru Okada is thirty years old and leads an ordinary life with his wife Kumiko However, a strange phone call marks the beginning of a series of unusual events that entirely change the existence of the young protagonist Everyday life and the or [...]

  14. Dan Schwent

    Jobless, Toru Okada spends most of his days searching for his missing cat Until his wife goes missing as well Why did she leave Did she ever love him And can Toru navigate an ocean of strangeness to get her back Back when I first joined , one of the first things I noticed was how a novel I d never heard of, The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, got so much praise from Goodreaders Was it hype Or worse, was it just hipster bullshit You know what I m talking about I only read novels that have been translated [...]

  15. Samadrita

    If I were to use only one word to describe this book, I would type the word brilliant a million times with each letter in CAPITALS and fill up the entire word length of this particular space.In all its sensitivity, emotional depth and keen understanding of the complications of the human mind The Wind Up Bird Chronicle is a stellar work of literature and a tour de force I cannot go ahead and say it is Murakami s magnum opus it is not his longest novel , since I haven t finished with all his trans [...]

  16. Madeline

    I wanted to like this book than I actually did The storytelling is great, and even if I had issues with some of the characters okay, all of the female characters , they all managed to be consistently compelling But I just couldn t get into this one The story, while interesting, sort of meandered around and by the end, it seems to have forgotten where it was trying to go in the first place Murakami starts plot points, presents us with new mysteries and characters, and then he gets distracted by [...]

  17. Seth T.

    Murakami s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle is actually probably the best novel I ve read in a long time Granted, many of the novels I ve read over the last two years have not been spectacular There was The Lovely Bones And then The Ass and the Angel And then His Dark Materials And others, none of which I would recommend spending any time with.Wind Up Bird on the other hand was worth every moment spent burning through its 610 pages It was mysterious, absorbing, and informative Murakami writes in a for [...]

  18. Andrew Smith

    I ve read quite a few of Murakami s books in the past few years and it s caused me to reflect on my feelings about this one, which I worked my way through in late summer 2013 Beware it is a weighty and sometimes complex piece The story follows Toru Okada, a young man whose life is in the doldrums he has no job, very little ambition, his wife has left him and now his cat has gone missing In searching for his cat he wonders up and down a closed lane bordering his house and at one point finds himse [...]

  19. FrancoSantos

    No voy a hacer una rese a larga Cuesta hacerla cuando un libro te deja en una especie de deriva mental Mi primer libro de Murakami fue Tokio Blues, y lo aborrec No me gust Sin embargo, me dec an que no era el mejor de l y que deber a leer Cr nica del p jaro que da cuerda al mundo Bueno, aqu estoy, escribiendo esto, a punto de decir lo mucho que me gust y lo bien que reivindic la imagen que ten a yo de este autor.Esta obra, aunque extensa, no se me hizo eterna en ning n momento Quer a seguir leye [...]

  20. Darwin8u

    Spend your money on the things money can buy Spend your time on the things money can t buy Haruki Murakami, The Wind Up Bird ChronicleA weird metaphysical I KNOW it is a bit redundant to start off ANY review of Murakami by dressing it up in adjectives like weird metaphysical novel I remember wanting to buy this book back in 2007, but I was poor and just about to get married and it seemed like my limited money would be better spent on bread and cheese Now I own three, but I still wish I bought it [...]

  21. Dave

    So before long, you find yourself 340 pages into this book, and you have no idea what s happening Rather, you understand all you have read to this point, but still can t determine the direction Murakami is taking you in Still, the book is compelling You can t seem to put it down Meanwhile it begins to invade your dreams in much the same manner that Toru s the main character dreams are invaded You start having dreams about strange women and empty wells So cracking into Book Three , I m still unce [...]

  22. Fernando

    Concedo, por lo menos, que hay dos estados distintos en mi existencia mental el estado de raz n l cida, que no puede discutirse y pertenece a la memoria de los sucesos de la primera poca de mi vida, y un estado de sombra y duda, que pertenece al presente y a los recuerdos que constituyen la segunda era de mi existencia Por eso, creed lo que contar del primer per odo, y, a lo que pueda relatar del ltimo, conceded tan s lo el cr dito que merezca o dudad resueltamente, y, si no pod is dudar, haced [...]

  23. s.p

    This is LOST done by the Japanese This book will blow your face off, or skin it off if you are as unlucky as certain characters, and you will love it for it Murakami delivers a page turner of a novel that starts innocently with a man looking for his cat after getting sex ed up on the phone while boiling some spaghetti and quickly drops you down a crazy well of crazed politicians, dream women, dream worlds, WWII horror stories and rich secret corporations I can t believe this isn t an anime by no [...]

  24. Steve

    I think the phrase is drunk reviewing Goodreaders I ve seen tipple and type often have great success connecting to an audience I can t seem to scare up relevant examples, but I figure some of my friends up on quaff and comment mode can help me with that Imbibing reviewers are liable to say anything It s less formulaic Plus, some previously guarded opinion may slip out In vino veritas, right The relevance of this to me is to ask a related question Can it be said, in the same vein, In Nyquil, nak [...]

  25. Garima

    Know what s weird Day by day, nothing seems to change But pretty soon, everything s different Few pages into The Wind up Bird Chronicle, and this is the very first thought that struck me If you haven t read Murakami before, then this book presents itself as a perfect example of what constitutes this great story teller style His world would be completely different from that of yours or what you can imagine It doesn t know any boundaries between real and surreal, and it might propel you to follow [...]

  26. Luís C.

    Haruki Murakami writes novels whose length can put off at first glance With nearly seven hundred pages, The Wind Up Bird Chronicle is no exception to the rule Yet, one understands from the first lines that one will have no difficulty in swallowing it, as one is aspired by the semi existential and half existentialist atmosphere that surrounds it.Once again it is a question of following a narrator whose banal life slowly but surely slips into the Symbolist surreal At first it s only a matter of lo [...]

  27. Erwin

    What can I say This was one weird, yet incredible ride This was my first introduction to Magical Realism and to Murakami And one that I can and will recommend to anyone who asks and to those who don t I won t give a summary here, because I cannot All I can say is this This won t be the last time I will read this novel and I am sure work by Murakami will follow already ordered 1Q84 This novel really had, to use a phrase by some TV personality, the WOW factor for me

  28. Ahmad Sharabiani

    Nejimaki dori kuronikuru The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami 2016 1389 800 9789642433063 .

  29. Mariel

    The Wind up Bird Chronicle gave my brother nightmares I think it gave me everlasting daymares, and an incurable restless feeling Something I love about Murakami is the you can tell them anything voice of the narrator I wish I had that Well, my twin and brother are both Murakami fans and my friends too It s not like I ll get the total blank lamp post look if I ever find the right words to say hopefully Um, maybe I mean it s that something missing in me I miss I feel restless cause I can t ever ge [...]

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