Easy French Reader (2020)

Easy French Reader R. de Roussy de Sales Easy French Reader The fun and easy way to quickly enhance your French reading skills Easy French Reader is based on the premise that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it immediately Suitable for raw
  • Title: Easy French Reader
  • Author: R. de Roussy de Sales
  • ISBN: 9780071428484
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
Easy French Reader R. de Roussy de Sales The fun and easy way to quickly enhance your French reading skills Easy French Reader is based on the premise that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it, immediately Suitable for raw beginners to intermediate level language learners, this popular title features engaging readings of progressive difficulty that allow you to rapidly build your comprehensioThe fun and easy way to quickly enhance your French reading skills Easy French Reader is based on the premise that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it, immediately Suitable for raw beginners to intermediate level language learners, this popular title features engaging readings of progressive difficulty that allow you to rapidly build your comprehension Find out what unfamiliar words and phrases mean with the book s helpful glossary Discover the nuances of French language and culture as well as the country s history through engaging texts Get a feel for authentic French society with readings from contemporary literature
Easy French Reader R. de Roussy de Sales

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    204 R. de Roussy de Sales
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One thought on “Easy French Reader

  1. David Grimaud

    This book is best used as a supplement to a beginning French language instruction program or course It is in three sections, each section containing several chapters, and each section challenging than the prior section The first section is a running dialogue, a play, between two young friends, an American girl and French boy, as they tour their French locale and develop their relationship The second section is a history of French leaders from Vercing torix through Jacque Chirac The third sectio [...]

  2. Roy Lotz

    I bought this book years ago, right when I had decided to try to learn French Unfortunately, it sat on my shelves for a long while, as I then decided to use an online learning tool Duolingo, which is surprisingly good to begin with In fact, I almost forgot about this book completely I m very glad I didn t.I think this is actually a remarkably good pedagogical text It begins with simple dialogues, moves on to a short history of France, and ends with four short stories The difficulty increases slo [...]

  3. Jenny

    A very useful book for someone at the beginning to intermediate stages of learning French This book grows with the reader, so she can read advanced passages as she advances in the language I enjoyed all three sections, the first about an American girl and a French boy, the second about French history, and the third with well known short stories by famous French authors The stories that Sales selected for the third part are entertaining and offer a glimpse into specific aspects of French life du [...]

  4. Linda

    This starts out really easy and boring but moves quickly into interesting material on famous people, and then into simple literature excerpts I thought this book was an excellent review of French for people like me, who learned it years ago but are pretty rusty.

  5. Susan

    This book provided an enjoyable way to brush off my high school French The three sections present short readings that build in difficulty, starting with the first section about two young students in Paris, one French and one American Vocabulary words are highlighted for each short chapter, and comprehension questions are also included The second section features vignettes giving an overview of French history up to the present, and the third section includes four short stories La Derniere Classe [...]

  6. ♥ Ibrahim ♥

    I like the fact that there is progression in the book, from the most basic level to where one would aspire to be and keep pressing on I love the notes in the margin as well as in the footnotes It is an excellent book, and what really matters is applying ourselves with dedication and getting the most out of what we read There is no magical pill for being perfect in any language but you just have to keep at it.

  7. Alexis

    This book is so wonderful for folks that are interested in beginning to read short literature in French, but need to build confidence I would say it is perfect for an advanced beginner intermediate level Highly recommended so far

  8. Becket

    This book has been very effective toward improving my French reading skills It starts off with very simple stories assuming you already have a beginner vocabulary to work with , which gradually increase in length and complexity Throughout the book, in the margins of each page, you will have translations for new words and expressions that are introduced I highly recommend this book to students of the French language

  9. Ellen

    I started this book god knows how many years ago and just never finished it If you are starting to learn French this is a decent resource to use The stories start out very easy and build, culminating in short stories written by well known French authors.

  10. Ramsey

    This book was excellent for practicing reading and listening comprehension in French The progression of difficulty over the three sections was challenging but not overwhelming and the definitions in the margin and glossary at the back made it fairly easy to comprehend the texts while learning new words and grammatical constructions However, this book is definitely not for absolute beginners I had about 5 semesters of college French before starting this book and found it appropriate for my level [...]

  11. Katie

    A good beginner intermediate French reader to go along with a French course or independent work on French grammar It s not quite easy enough for someone who hasn t done any work on the language before, but it s great for someone who knows the grammar basics or who is a little rusty and wants to work on their reading skills.The selections are kinda patchy in terms of interest the first section, about an American girl and French boy living in Paris, is rough going for a while, but sections two and [...]

  12. Keeko

    If you would like to teach yourself French, this is a great place to start There s a French English dictionary at the end of the book, and English words are included in the margins throughout the book to help you along The dialogues were cute and sometimes humorous, and I enjpyed learning the story of the country The book gave me a great feeling of achievement to start with simple dialogues and by the end to read great French authors Now I have the confidence to think I could do , which may be t [...]

  13. Taylor Boudreaux

    La premi re partie tait un peu ennuyeux mais utile pour comprendre les parties suivantes La seconde, l histoire de la France, tait assez int ressante et facile de comprendre La troisi me et derni re partie tait la meilleure, particuli rement l histoire de Maupassant, La Parure Ce livre n utilise pas le pass simple, donc on peut imm diatement commencer le lire avec sa connaissance actuelle.

  14. Leah

    this periodically goes on and off my currently reading list because I pick it up and put it back down when I ve got time to do my french this is a great book for those who are already familiar with french and are in the beginning intermediate level It s kept me inspired and reminds me that I have fun with french

  15. Jessica Moyer

    This is a great book for brushing up on your French if you are an intermediate French student I would not recommend it for a beginner I would also not recommend it for someone who is currently in French class as it is a bit redundant, but it is perfect for brushing up between French I II, which is what I used it for.

  16. Imad Ahmed

    Very clear recounts of French history one should know, and excellent progression of easy to difficult French V good for building one s confidence to read Also, v good final short story by Maupassant Recommend, but in hard copy format, because the side margin notes which aren t easily captured by Kindle are necessary.

  17. Rebecca

    Readings that steadily increase in difficulty, ended up surprising myself with how well I could follow the stories at the end, although I skipped the Guy de Maupassant one because I ve read the English version and thus reading the French one would be cheating ish.

  18. Riobhcah

    This is a great review of basic French It begins to be much interesting on page 66 and following where the readings are about the history of France So you learn culture and history while you are reviewing your French C est formidable

  19. Pollopicu

    Finally finished this, my second French workbook The only drawback about this practice textbook is that there were no English side by side translations You pretty much fend for yourself I had to use a French dictionary and google translate the entire way through from beginning to end.

  20. Elyssa

    Although I read this slowly over time, it was a helpful book for reading comprehension in a second language The content was interesting enough to keep me engaged, especially the third section of classic French literature I will definitely return to this book to continue building my vocabulary.

  21. Jeff

    J ai achete c est livre car je veux apprendre de Francais Premier, c est simple mais plus et plus, les histoires sont beaucoup difficile et ils m aide comprendre le langue.Encore, j ai longtemps avant je peux parler Francais parfait, mais c est livre est bon pour commencer.

  22. Ci

    At first, the contents are very boring and tedious, then it gets increasingly useful with historical facts and figures In the second part, there are a few classic short stories which are the best reading materials.

  23. Josh Ashworth

    Great beginning French book that increases in difficulty as you go I definitely plan on reading it again later to check my progress.

  24. Nava

    Finally finished it Only started in March P Not something I would recommend for a beginner, but great for reviving school French Now a question of what I m going to read next

  25. Andrew Price

    A great place to start learning to read French I highly recommend the book Le fran ais est facile lire Pratiquer tous les jours.

  26. Isla Alpaca

    I don t feel qualified to give this book a rating because I m definitely advanced than its target audience, but I gotta say why s there always gotta be a love story

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