Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits (2020)

Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits DavidOrtiz Tony Massarotti Big Papi My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits Raised in the Dominican Republic signed by the Seattle Mariners and released by the Minnesota Twins David Ortiz landed in baseball crazy Boston of all places Generally regarded as an underachiever
  • Title: Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits
  • Author: DavidOrtiz Tony Massarotti
  • ISBN: 9780312366339
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits DavidOrtiz Tony Massarotti Raised in the Dominican Republic, signed by the Seattle Mariners, and released by the Minnesota Twins, David Ortiz landed in baseball crazy Boston, of all places Generally regarded as an underachiever to that point in his career, Ortiz blossomed into one of the most feared and adored sluggers in baseball while altering the course of the game s history, helping Boston winRaised in the Dominican Republic, signed by the Seattle Mariners, and released by the Minnesota Twins, David Ortiz landed in baseball crazy Boston, of all places Generally regarded as an underachiever to that point in his career, Ortiz blossomed into one of the most feared and adored sluggers in baseball while altering the course of the game s history, helping Boston win its first World Series in eighty six years and thereby breaking the infamous Curse of the Bambino Along the way, Ortiz established his place as a truly Ruthian figure in the annals of our national pastime an imposing figure in the batter s box, yet an endearing man to the young, particularly in his native Dominican Republic, where he has focused his charitable efforts on improving the health of children The son of two caring parents, and a loving father of three, Ortiz is a hero to many.Now, in his memoir, the man affectionately known as Big Papi recounts his life from growing up in an impoverished area of the Dominican Republic where baseball is king to his ascension in Boston where he became one Ortiz discusses, in detail, his historic and record setting performances as a member of the Red Sox, his exploding popularity, the challenges of playing in Boston, and life in the Red Sox clubhouseG PAPI is a unique memoir by a charismatic man who appeals to young and old, on the baseball field or off.
Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits DavidOrtiz Tony Massarotti

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    DavidOrtiz Tony Massarotti

One thought on “Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits

  1. Ryan Smith

    I personally thought the book was really good Coming from a big sports fan and a baseball family is the reason as to why I decided to read this book Also his story that he explains throughout the book amazes me Going from the twins and being cut to being on the Red Sox and the struggles he had to go through Another reason I like the book is because it s just like he s talking and not sounding like it was a book Overall I think the book is really motivating for not only baseball players but for e [...]

  2. Dawn

    I spent most of this book having an internal battle in the back of my mind as I read You see, there is the sentimental component of this book reading it immediately following the retirement of a Red Sox, heck, a sports icon which factored in heavily toward my final decision of awarding the book four stars The book is an easy read Given the English as a second language thing, there were a few places where the wording felt a little.ard, but to be honest, I felt like that gave the book the feel of [...]

  3. Greg S.

    Ortiz s story was quite the inspirational story and I find him ever cool after reading this book From his upraising in the Dominican to the big leagues and getting drafted by the Twins was something that you don t hear about every day He didn t let his not so stellar upbringing drop his hopes of playing baseball in the big leagues I loved reading this book because it was relatively easy to get into to being a big fan of Ortiz s plate presence Looking at Big Papi s life story, it s not hard to b [...]

  4. Deviin

    In his memoir David Ortiz describes his journey from the Dominican to the Red Sox, how he went to Florida got sent back to the dominican then got drafted by the Twins He explains how he stayed with them but they basically asked him to limit how he hits By only doing certain things with the ball in the game He talks about how his dad and his mother as very close people to him After the twins let him go he goes and signs a contract with the red sox He gives his spin of how much fun it in the dugou [...]

  5. JOEY D21

    David Ortiz Big Papi is a Dominican Republican born baseball player born in Santo Domingo where his dream is to make it to the MLB Ortiz was just a little kid when his dream was to become an MLB player, and it happened He grew up poor in the Dominican, irrelevant to everyone besides family and friends, then once he hit stardom, Ortiz is now one of the most well known people in all of Dominican Republic Ortiz brings us into his life from poverty to stardom and the feeling of being in the MLB whil [...]

  6. Gavin Rock

    Very disappointing Severely lacking detail and insight Can t wait to find out how Ortiz turned it all around in Boston Be prepared for it to be summed up in four words I got hot, bro or I was killin it That s it And this isn t a spoiler because the book itself doesn t contain spoilers If you know anything at all about Ortiz career, you probably won t gain much from this It s a shame as I love Big Papi Maybe i was expecting too much You need to understand, bro, writing a book is not that easy.

  7. Chris Popp

    This is a phenomenal book, one of the greatest baseball players of all time and this book just does such a fantastic job of giving us perspective of David Ortiz s life It goes through the personal life aspects of his career, giving us great insight of his feelings and thoughts throughout all endevours Really a fantastic read if you are into learning about your favorite player and how they got to that point that they are your favorite player.

  8. Adil

    Big Papi My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits is a funny and entertaining autobiography biography written by no other than Big Papi David Ortiz and Tony Massaroti I picked up this book because I m a Mets fan and David Ortiz has a reputation for being a clown and a funny guy This book is all about bragging rights and how sucessful Big Papi was from 2004 07 If you re a Yankee fan this book will bring back bad moments like when the Red Sox came back from 3 0 to beat the Yankees and eventually win th [...]

  9. Ryland Davidson

    I just completed the book Big Papi My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits by David Ortiz This book is about the journey of baseball superstar David Ortiz from the ghettos of the Dominican Republic to global stardom as a designated hitter for the major league baseball team the Boston Red Sox The major characters in this book are David Ortiz, David s father, and many of David s teammates present and former The book depicts the importance of baseball to the people of the Dominican Republic and how it [...]

  10. Meg

    Ok so firstly, Tony Massarotti the co author only had a few chapters, which was good The problem is that he seemed to have a tendency to run on His paragraphs would often consist of two sentences It made reading his sections a little irritating Other than that, his contributions were an interesting outsiders view to whatever Ortiz was talking about at the time.Secondly Ortiz I like that they deliberately kept his voice , and didn t edit so much that it read as professional It wasn t written by a [...]

  11. Joseph Lavoie

    The book written by David Ortiz was a very inspirational story anout how hard work and persovierance can pay off in the long run In the book, Oetiz discusses his lofe in the Domenican Republic, and how life revolved around baseball In the Domenican, he and his friends would often skip school amd play baseball all day However they often did not even have the proper equiptment Ortiz said that ofetn they would use oranges or dried out socks as baseballs and broom sticks as bats However, this gave h [...]

  12. Mattymac12

    The book Big Papi My story of Big Dreams and Big Hits is a pretty good book It goes very in depth with Big Papi life and how he grew up in the DR When he came to America it was very different for him It also talks about how he played in the minor leagues with Minnesota and then it goes to the part of when he came to Boston He talks about how the city has been great to him, so great that he decided to raise a family here His kids now go to school here and also love to just be in the city But he a [...]

  13. Jackstern007

    Big Papi My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits, covers the story of David Ortiz, a native of the Dominican Republic who grew up in the slums, and beat all odds to become a successful MLB baseball player The story goes through his journey to becoming a everyday player and how he had to deal with rejection, and let downs throughout his career It talks about how Ortiz was recruited, signed, and then told he simply wasn t good enough by teams such as the Seattle Mariners and Florida Marlins It also ta [...]

  14. Kay

    There were many things I liked about this book and some I didn t However, the good out weighted the bad It felt like Ortiz was talking to you and I appreciated they didn t clean up his words and make him sound like a professor Yes, the excessive use of bro and dude bothered me, but after the first few chapters I could overlook them I didn t know much about his pre Red Sox career and I enjoyed that He came across as a very nice person and respectful of his competition The negatives I found I wish [...]

  15. Kim Marques

    A I have NEVER gotten as many looks on the subway as I have when I ve read this book on the way to and from work They ranged from amusement to confusion to disgust to mutual affection B Massarotti alternates between writing in his own voice and ghost writing in Papi s Massarotti s chapters are fantastic And I like hearing Papi s stories, but I think they went a little far in capturing Ortiz s voice Because the word bro can appear upwards of 8 times on a page It s completely over the top and is i [...]

  16. Chriscoins

    I absolutely fell in love with this book It was an inspirational story about David Ortiz growing up in the Dominican Republic, and how he, his dad, and his mom get out of the DR and start a new life to succeed in America, where his talent is baseball I have always idolized Big Papi from a baseball standpoint, and from an emotional standpoint, and this book makes me give him the uttermost respect in those regards I recommend this book to mostly Boston fans as I bet opposing fans probably would di [...]

  17. Shawn

    Very light reading, typical of many sports entertainment biographies Nonetheless, if you are a big fan of the Boston Red Sox or simply of Big Papi himself, you will glean some very informative insights into his progression and evolution from an under valued disappointment, into one of the biggest stars the game has ever seen What really puts this bio over, are the reminisces from the likes of Pedro Martinez, Torii Hunter, Terry Ryan Minnesota GM and Theo Epstein Boston GM that come in chapter fo [...]

  18. Lily

    This book was incredibly funny I enjoyed Papi s stories about his time and friendship with the now LA Angel Torii Hunter and the rest of the Minnesota Twins It had me clutching my stomach while reading about the hilarity And, of course, as a huge Red Sox fan I loved reliving the highlights of this decade with Papi narrating It was an interesting idea to leave Papi s chapters seemingly unedited, but the overall effect made it a little personal with one of the best hitters of the decade.

  19. Eric

    Most of the book is Ortiz s stories, in his own words Unfortunately, his own words do not translate well on paper Nearly every sentence ends in bro, as in, I was hitting like crazy, bro or We don t fear the Yankees, bro It makes it pretty tough reading Additionally, Ortiz s life is not that exciting Some of the stories of 2004 season are pretty good, but its just not enough to make this a must read.

  20. Bean

    This book only increased my huge David Ortiz crush I so want to give this book four stars because I just love David Ortiz Unfortunately, though, I found myself tiring of all of the baseball stats and wishing the book talked about the price of fame, life on the road, etc It s entirely possible that this is just how sports books are I think that this is the first I ve ever read The best parts for me were about growing up in the DR Funny with a good voice.

  21. Michael Scorzelli

    I liked reading Big Papi and enjoyed learning not only about Ortiz s journey to the MLB, but also about his family and his younger years Although there were some slow parts, I like this book for many reasons including its topic of baseball, and also the Red Sox I would recommend this book to anyone who likes David Ortiz, the Red Sox, or even just baseball.

  22. Dave

    Good biography on David Ortiz The chapters are alternatively written by Ortiz and Tony Massarotti Reading the ones written by Ortiz can be a bit annoying because every other sentence ends with bro Like Winning the 2004 World Series was the best thing in my life, bro Overall, it wasn t too bad.

  23. Eric Holmlund

    It was great to find a better understanding of why things didn t work out for Ortiz in Minnnesota I enjoy most baseball books that give the reader a behind the scenes look, but it was disappointing that the book was written shortly before the Sox won the 2007 World Series That being said, I still enjoyed reading it Reader bewear, many typos and the constant use of bro.

  24. Chris

    Highly disappointed in fellow Sudburyite Tony Mazz for not guiding David to be a better storyteller The words killin and bro must have in the book 200 times For all Tony s bluster on the radio, he can t hold a candle to Michael Holly in the book department for boston superstars Plus at this point VERY dated

  25. Ryan Reed

    Great background on a modern day Red Sox hero Writing in Papi s style of Yo dawg and You know, man is great at first, but gets old very fast Would be interesting to see his thoughts on the steroids scandal and Manny Ramirez deal in a few years

  26. Rachel

    i had to read this last year in english and i really liked it i usually hate nonfiction or bio but this was really good i learned a lot about my favorite baseball player he is such a great guy and that would be so cool to meet him

  27. Devon Goodwin

    I can t say I fully read this book I started it, but found it absolutely unreadable Like reading a transcript from a courtroom file.

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