Justice, Gender, and the Family (2020)

Justice, Gender, and the Family Susan Moller Okin Justice Gender and the Family In the first feminist critique of modern political theory Okin shows how the failure to apply theories of justice to the family not only undermines our most cherished democratic values but has led to
  • Title: Justice, Gender, and the Family
  • Author: Susan Moller Okin
  • ISBN: 9780465037032
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
Justice, Gender, and the Family Susan Moller Okin In the first feminist critique of modern political theory, Okin shows how the failure to apply theories of justice to the family not only undermines our most cherished democratic values but has led to a major crisis over gender related issues.
Justice, Gender, and the Family Susan Moller Okin

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    Susan Moller Okin

One thought on “Justice, Gender, and the Family

  1. Paul Crider

    In my review of Okin s Women in Western Political Thought I suggested that the book would be improved if it had scope, if it discussed philosophers Justice, Gender, and the Family fulfills this wish, leaving me feeling a little silly Okin here offers a similar feminist critique to a host of major recent philosophers from different ideologies from conservatives through liberals as she presented in WWPT She asks What would this theory of justice look like if it took women seriously as moral agen [...]

  2. Mikie

    A course book that s 30 yo and written from an american POV Yeah, that doesn t work Liberalism does NOT equal feminism Liberal feminism is white feminism Feminism needs to be red, it needs to be left wing, intersectional, pro labourers, at the very least it needs to be socialist This book isn t Also, it s tedious to read.

  3. Claire Haeg

    A deep discursive critique as well as an analytical framework for a critique of liberal to communitarian theories of justice from a feminist standpoint I don t think this is suitable for undergrads, however they just don t have the background.

  4. Bookshark

    I part ways from Okin on a number of points both with respect to assumptions and conclusions , but I nonetheless have to appreciate the strength of her argument and the importance of this book for bringing gender and family issues to the attention of theorists of justice especially men, especially liberals and communitarians who neglected or are neglecting these issues She also has a biting wit that I deeply enjoyed throughout the book, perhaps the greatest height of which was her uproariously f [...]

  5. Vaso

    In her book Susan Okin wishes to eliminate gender and promote gender neutrality, in an attempt to end gender based discrimination She proposes that the most effective discourse would be through education According to her, sexist education and social norms perpetuate sexism Okin s concerns lie mostly in the private sphere she takes issue with the lack of government consideration for the role of women in the family She criticizes most political philosophies on the concept of justice for neglecting [...]

  6. Lee

    Persuasively argues that the major Anglo American philosophical theories of justice Nozick, McIntyre, Walzer, Rawls, etc have failed to take gender and the family into account in any meaningful way Her criticisms of Nozick and McIntyre in particular seemed fairly devastating According to Okin, principles of justice have to be applied to the family because it is a major source of inequality between the sexes and because it s the place where children first learn what it means to be just I was con [...]

  7. Ariane

    All I can say about this book is that I absoutely loved it Okin provides a broad, clear and insightful overlook of the role of gender in traditional political philosophy which helps understanding much better the role of women in politics and society Her focus on the family is a relly helpful tool for understanding the private public divide, and the way in which traditional gender roles within the private affect women in the public sphere Finally, the conclusion hapter provides her own account of [...]

  8. Kurt

    Great book Rethinks classic theories of justice through the lens of the reality of gender unequal societies and, most importantly, family structures I can t really say it better than Matt Yglesias does in his brief recommendation of the book thinkprogress yglesias 201Also, it provides a philosophic basis for equally shared parenting But it doesn t stop there, it also provides larger policy prescriptions for remedying some of the lingering problems of inequality.

  9. Michael

    As an undergrad I read this in conjunction with other texts in a class meant to inform the grounding of human rights This was one of the easier texts to read we read Okin writes clearly and the book is concise It would seem necessary for those interested to first read Kymlicka as some of her most salient points are critiquing his views on multiculturalism.

  10. Jennifer

    A must read for any political philosopher I should have read this a long time ago don t make the same mistake.

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