Hidden Hands (2020)

Hidden Hands Shayla Kersten Hidden Hands Detective Jeremy Lawson doesn t expect anything from his one night stand except sex What he gets is a shooting a mystery plus some of the best sex he s had in a long time Somewhere along the way he
  • Title: Hidden Hands
  • Author: Shayla Kersten
  • ISBN: 9781419921131
  • Page: 472
  • Format: ebook
Hidden Hands Shayla Kersten Detective Jeremy Lawson doesn t expect anything from his one night stand except sex What he gets is a shooting, a mystery, plus some of the best sex he s had in a long time Somewhere along the way, he also finds some tenderness for a lost soul in need of rescuing David March has let his troubled past blind him to any kind of happy future But when a one night stand turnDetective Jeremy Lawson doesn t expect anything from his one night stand except sex What he gets is a shooting, a mystery, plus some of the best sex he s had in a long time Somewhere along the way, he also finds some tenderness for a lost soul in need of rescuing David March has let his troubled past blind him to any kind of happy future But when a one night stand turns out to be a cop in shining armor, David begins to think differently about his life As in, he wants one But to have one, he has to stay alive Note For maximum reader enjoyment, we suggest reading Hidden Force David and A Helping Hand Jeremy , where our two heroes were secondary characters.
Hidden Hands Shayla Kersten

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One thought on “Hidden Hands

  1. ElaineY

    I commented halfway through that I hoped David loses some baggage Well, he did Too quickly actually It s just taken care of with a statement that he s seeing a shrink That s about it and then the HEA Nevertheless, I liked Jeremy and found myself looking forward to Tony popping up here and there as they figure out who is trying to kill David.I mostly felt sorry for Jeremy in Helping Hands and his character does better here in Hidden but if you haven t read any, I d recommend you read all three ba [...]

  2. Lenore

    Wow I didn t think this book could possibly be worse than the previous one in the series but, sadly, it was Here, Jeremy Rich s doormat from the previous book meets David Ryan s ex lover from the first book Jeremy is still trying to get over how Rich dropped him like yesterday s underpants for that asshole best friend of his, Dan David is that other guy from the first story in the series the one who blew Ryan off when they were teenagers, denying he was gay and then proceeding to marry that psyc [...]

  3. Ami

    3.5 starsJeremy meets David in a bar the thirty seven years old cop isn t really looking for one night stand, it s not his type But he is nursing a broken heart and he is tired of doing it alone Then he meets David, and after a brief session in a truck, Jeremy breaks his rule and brings David home He realizes that the much younger man seems to have baggage He is filled with guilt about being gay, added with an abusive relationship with both his father and ex wife both deceased David seems to thi [...]

  4. JenMcJ

    The third in a series that unites the two thwarted love interests from the first two books together after a coincidental bar hook up gets complicated Jeremy is a cop with a sore heart and David is a business owner with sore psyche David is in a lot of self destructive pain based in the actions of his ex wife, his father and his own self loathing all centered around his admission that he is gay Jeremy is a cop with a big heart that doesn t recognize how deep he is going to get sucked into David s [...]

  5. Nic

    This is a really good story that gives two of the characters from earlier books in the series their happy endings Jeremy a policeman and David owner of a construction company have a one night stand, although both develop instant feelings for each other When David is shot at, Jeremy needs to step up and help find out what is going on Nice blend of mystery, romance, sex and drama I liked that we knew something about both Jeremy and David from the earlier books I had especially loved Jeremy in A He [...]

  6. Mandy*reads obsessively*

    Poor David, he has like the worst luck in life ever But he meets and picks up Jeremy at a bar one night, thinking it will only be for one night, but those unlucky circumstances change that.I felt for David in book 1 so I was glad to read about him, the shortness of the story sort of made his recovery seem rushed, but I finished the book happy for both of them and very glad I read it view spoiler I did have to have another talk with myself about certain details, like how did Edgar know to be at t [...]

  7. Stacey Jo

    Shayla Kersten always produces great books and this one is no exception This is the third in her Tennessee Cops series and the two heros are the jaded lovers, Jeremy and David, from the first two books That s nice because they finally get their HEA David is really messed up here and has a lot of baggage but Jeremy is the perfect partner for him and helps him through it all I think David could almost be too whiny but considering what he went through in the second book, I don t blame him I do agre [...]

  8. DaisyGirl

    3.5 StarsI liked this one better than book 2 That s not saying much but still No big gripes here I liked both Jeremy yum and David aka, unluckiest bastard ever Seriously, he needs some feng shui or something to fix his ju ju The mystery was meh but the sex was steamy, so it all comes out in the wash.Bottom line better than the last book.

  9. Alina

    This was the first book from these series I ve read, so I didn t know neither Jeremy s history, nor and important David s history, but I really loved it Interesting plot turns and very tridimensional characters But I just reread it after reading two previous books and now I like it even .

  10. Elisa Rolle

    Hidden Hands gathers a supporting character from Hidden Force David and one from A Helping Hand Jeremy and gives them their own story For this reason, it s not necessary to read the previous books to enjoy this story, but for sure I wouldn t recommend to read them after this one since most of the mysteries on both stories are spoilered in this one and used as basis for the plot.Jeremy is a police detective he is a nice man and this is confirmed from his role in the previous book he was the buddy [...]

  11. Tonileg

    Contemporary Police M M romance with an assassin that is trying to kill a civilian who just started to date a cop bad timing for the mysterious killer Jeremy Lawson we met in the previous book A Helping Hand as the rejected lover from Memphis and the short few scenes in that story, he seemed to deserve a love story as he has been alone for so long Jeremy is 37 and back on at the bar looking for some sexual relief when he randomly finds David March who we met in the first book Hidden Force as a p [...]

  12. Kelly H. (Maybedog)

    I m not fond of books starting out with sex scenes Sorry, two sex scenes before the plot starts Wait, three But the sex was fairly hot I love how when David starts to say no, Jeremy immediately stops and makes it clear he needs to know whether David wants him to keep going because he will stop if David doesn t say anything I have no idea what they have in common other than sex That was so lame The climactic scene was almost nonexistent It took like a page Almost the whole novella took place in 2 [...]

  13. Trix

    I could only give this a 2 star rating.Somehow, I had trouble finding the characters very believable As story goes, the author did a good job in mixing the right amount of sex, tenderness and mystery to make it an enjoyable read The problem came when Jeremy and David were portrayed spoiler ahead They both appeared as side characters in the earlier novellas, thus establishing a base line for their background and personalities And some things kept on bothering me even when they starred in the stor [...]

  14. Tasha

    David and Jeremy meet out at a bar one night when they are both feeling pretty lonely After spending an enjoyable one night together, they are thrown back together when Jeremy witnesses someone trying to kill David.Within the first chapter, Jeremy and David meet and go home together Neither one of them can be with the men they truly want to be with, so they take solace in each other.David has been through some emotional trauma and views himself as unworthy of pleasure or love Jeremy tries to pro [...]

  15. L-D

    We met Detective Jeremy Lawson in A Helping Hand as Deputy Rich s friends with benes He was actually too good to be true in that book No one loves his friend for 5 years and is just cool with encouraging him to find his own true love So I m happy that he s getting his own book We also met David in Hidden Forcewhere he was Ryan s closeted ex I didn t love David as much as I loved Jeremy, but it was interesting to watch these two meet up I thought the mystery in this book was not as exciting as th [...]

  16. Amyiw

    Took a character from book one and one from book 2 and put them together, David March and Jeremy Lawson.I liked this one better than the last two though I ve enjoyed them all David is very screwed up in the head by his bigoted father, his psychotic ex wife, and his own self hatred Jeremy is just the guy to see him through it If only he doesn t get killed by another nut screwing with his head.

  17. CB

    This story was very enjoyable It is part of a series, even though you don t need to read the other stories first, the books are just as entertaining and well worth the time and money.This story was interesting and the characters were very intriguing I found it a very pleasurable way to spend some leisure time

  18. Nile Princess

    Jeremy and David s one night stand to hot, sexy, romance 5 stars There s a sprinkling of D s too The murder angle eh I really don t like murder mysteries with my romance How many couples out there really have someone trying to kill them Ugh Still, I LOVE the way this author writes On to book 4

  19. Gigi

    Another goodie in the Tennessee Cops series, this one didn t start off very strong for me, but really finished with a bang and I ended up giving it 4 stars You do need to read the first two books in the series to understand these MCs, but they are all worth it.Recommended for M M romance angst fans

  20. Natalija

    The third book in the series did not disappoint It had enough suspense, emotion and steamy moments to keep my attention throughout Both characters were lonely, had flaws and insecurities, yet it made them so much relatable and just perfect for each other.

  21. Eve

    This one was probably my favorite of the series I liked the two lost souls coming together and thought they did well together As with the rest, I always want at the end

  22. Brandy

    Another great addition to the Tennessee Cop Series It took me a minute or two to remember where I left off but once I did I was good to go Up next is River of Need.

  23. Noor

    i really liked the story and david poor thing with all that bad stuff happening to him but i am happy he finds his true love he of all people need it over all great read kept me interested

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