Overqualified (2020)

Overqualified Joey Comeau Overqualified Overqualified s cover letters are like a slap in the face but the slap is hilarious and you can t stop laughing and as soon as it s over you want to tell all your friends about the slap You know th
  • Title: Overqualified
  • Author: Joey Comeau
  • ISBN: 9781550228588
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
Overqualified Joey Comeau Overqualified s cover letters are like a slap in the face, but the slap is hilarious, and you can t stop laughing, and as soon as it s over you want to tell all your friends about the slap You know the kind Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics Joey Comeau s Overqualified is Judy Blume s Are You There God It s Me, Margaret as chewed up and spit out by J G Ballard A book wOverqualified s cover letters are like a slap in the face, but the slap is hilarious, and you can t stop laughing, and as soon as it s over you want to tell all your friends about the slap You know the kind Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics Joey Comeau s Overqualified is Judy Blume s Are You There God It s Me, Margaret as chewed up and spit out by J G Ballard A book whose melancholy is leavened by a surprising hilarity Paul Di Filippo, author of The Steampunk Trilogy and CosmocopiaCover letters are all the same They re useless You write the same lies over and over again, listing the store bought parts of yourself that you respect the least God knows how they tell anyone apart, but this is how it s done And then one day a car comes out of nowhere, and suddenly everything changes and you don t know if he ll ever wake up You get out of bed in the morning, and when you sit down to write another paint by numbers cover letter, something entirely different comes out You start threatening instead of begging You tell impolite jokes You talk about your childhood and your sexual fantasies You sign your real name and you put yourself honestly into letter after letter and there is no way you are ever going to get this job Not with a letter like this And you send it anyway.
Overqualified Joey Comeau

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One thought on “Overqualified

  1. Manny

    Dear ,I am applying for the position of Advertising Sales Director and I enclose a copy of my resume I have no previous experience in advertising or sales, but I hope you will view my qualifications from a broader perspective I understand Internet addiction I know what it s like to get up at three in the morning because you can t sleep and your life is falling apart and how you log on to a useless shitty social networking site because you re too stressed out and brain dead to be able to think of [...]

  2. notgettingenough

    When I was little I used to lie wide awake in the dark at night in bed wondering How do I know I m me How do I know I m not somebody else Or if somebody else is me And if somebody else is me, who is it Was that me who pinched my brother s comic book this afternoon I d do tests to try to work it out I d feel my leg to see if it felt like it was mine Sometimes it did But sometimes it didn t Once, after we watched ET, I even thought it felt like the leg of a weird space monster with tentacles comin [...]

  3. Colleen Venable

    A book hasn t hit me this hard in the gut in a while I expected funny I expected to love it, but I really didn t expect to wind up crying by the first 15 pages Little tiny things would get me Single sentences had the power to change the tone of an entire page Sentences that seems to slip through the subconscious, sneak into a cover letter, and turn it into a diary The voyeur in me loved it The obsessive nostalgia and regret mixed with hints into the present where nothing is going quite right It [...]

  4. Jasmine

    so this is my second review of the day and based on sleepiness likely my second best review of the day, but perhaps to the point let s start simply, this book was a very good idea, this book was also a very good follow up to the last book I read This book is basically saying the world has fallen to pieces, these pieces have fallen through the cracks and cannot be fixed, we accept and we live on perhaps we are shells, we are not functional, we sit watching the weights press us down until we can [...]

  5. John

    I guess I don t get it This book is a loose collection of cover letters that have some narrative elements tying them together Joey s brother, his girlfriend wife, his Acadian heritage, etc I guess it is supposed to follow a timeline from earlier to later but I m not sure It s occasionally funny but mostly just sad I don t know what I thought this book would be a collection of funny cover letters A direct narrative but I guess it wasn t what I expected I didn t find it particularly enjoyable but [...]

  6. Lori

    During spring break, I was bored and of course looking for a job I also wanted to experiment with type So, I wrote a cover letter in the form of a booklet with a non traditional typographic layout It wasn t a traditional cover letter, either I wanted to play up my ability to write in English and three languages, which, for an artist, is something unusual Although there are artists that are also good writers, most visual people aren t very verbal I wanted to tell prospective employers that I may [...]

  7. Jonathan

    I loved this Every single page is layered with humour and pain and pathos, a thick vein of darkness lies just under the surface, with good jokes glinting in the black like scattered glass.It s short but maybe there s something to brevity, it hits you quicker and harder, never lets you put your guard up It s lively and fun and largely quite sad There is an unerring idea at the core of this novel about the uncensored self and the character s sometimes manic personality reveals itself through tange [...]

  8. Graham

    This book took me less than three hours to read I came for the gimmick of the style of the book delivered in cover letters , and stayed for the humor and sentiment The main arc of the story is about loss and not knowing how to deal with it, with how that loss changes you for better or worse The ending, where he is trying to resolve another different type of loss, seems to be how the protagonist is dealing with his grief I wonder how much of this story is autobiographical Yes, I am being vague be [...]

  9. Graham

    Selected bits that sum up the book better than I ever could I feel weird writing this, I guess, but what if we die and nobody remembers those parts of us What if all that s left is the censored version We ll wake up every day and we ll tell ourselves, Live for today, you retarded little shit The end is near People die, but that isn t any different from the edge of a table The table is still there It just doesn t stretch that far I have a form of ESP that allows me to consistently pick losing lot [...]

  10. Sean

    Joey s golden boy little brother has been hit by a drunk driver Joey s relationship with his girlfriend, Susan, is faltering His brother will die, and his relationship will end And Joey will begin sending out job applications, one after another, each with a cover letter full of violence and anguish and sweet, childlike humor.Joey Comeau is one of my favorite authors, especially when it comes to biting, perverted, meandering prose I loved this book I recommend both it, and him, very highly.

  11. Lara

    I nothing ed this book I only started reading it because my husband had borrowed it from someone and it was lying around the house and looked vaguely interesting I think the idea was good, but it could have been executed much better the funny parts weren t all that funny and the sad parts weren t all that sad I felt like there was just never enough depth to it for me to actually care everything seemed just a little too vague So meh.But yeah, at least it was short

  12. Katy Mulvaney

    This is a really quick read, and I love stories where you glean the details obliquely A few of the letters go into detail than even their much abused premise could believably maintain, but then again, it started with the premise that a grieving brother used Personal Statement letters to companies as a kind of open diary.The idea of shouting into the dark soul of corporations, hoping to find an answer or anything other than howling indifference is heartrending but bizarrely and intriguingly hope [...]

  13. Hollowspine

    I ve written a couple thousand cover letters in my ever, it seems, continuing attempts to become a real full time librarian, and each one really was just a form letter after a while, Dear Committee, I saw the posting for whatever on this board or that list, I think I would be A GREAT FIT for your position I really enjoyed reading the cover letters, laughing, even as I realized these were cover letters of someone who was past hope.From the moment I got the book I liked it, the quality of the thic [...]

  14. Anndra Dunn

    I first read this book in May 2014, on a lazy afternoon at a friend s house it was their book and I just borrowed it to read It took me about an hour and I loved it last night I read it for the second time in bed and again it took me about an hour and again I loved it.Overqualified is a book in which Joey Comeau writes cover letters for job applications to various companies The entire book is nothing but cover letters, but they tell a story fictionalised, as far as I know Comeau s brother s deat [...]

  15. Mina Villalobos

    The internet is a very strange place You don t really know a lot of people but it feels like you do, because even though they have no idea who you are you still follow their lives or the bits they are willing to share and in some strange way you feel like you know them Like they are there for you, just outside your grasp, but there nonetheless I have that feeling about Joey Comeau Like maybe he s not my friend, because I have been following him around for a very short time, but he s the friend o [...]

  16. Hannah Wales

    I read this book in less than an hour, but dang I have never read anything quite like this before In summary, it is a series of cover letters that the author writes to different companies, seeking a job However, the author predominantly talks about his own life as opposed to pleading for a job and elevating his character By the seventh letter a mere 19 pages in I was in tears There is nothing censored in this book the author exposes his feelings in the rawest way which, in turn hits every one of [...]

  17. Erin

    This was a very fun, very different read It was also super short 100 pages which made it nice to read quickly The book is made up of cover letters from the author Joey Comeau applying to every job under the sun But the cover letters are a twist on traditional cover letters, in that he uses them to illustrate a part of his life and sort of tie it to the company For example, in applying to General Electric, he describes a memory of him and his brother running up a stairwell at their apartment comp [...]

  18. Billy

    I hinted at this for a Christmas gift after spotting it on Tice s list skimming the back cover blurb, I thought it was going to be a Financial Crisis Era riff on The Lazlo Letters, which my mom had a copy of growing up and which, like her, is silly and light in its sense of humor I got about a third of the way through this on Christmas Day before realizing, through the blur of holiday cheer, that it was sad than funny, that the cover letter conceit was ancillary although the impersonal entities [...]

  19. Matthew

    Overqualified geniusly employs one of the most original concepts for a story the author s collection of actual cover letters sent with r sum s to major companies chronicle his complicated struggle with failed romance, cultural identity and the death of his younger brother Hilariously uncomfortable and totally flawed, Comeau s job seeking persona is not only funny but painfully charming as he inappropriately indulges in cathartic prose in cover letters Overqualified has genuine charm and is brill [...]

  20. Matthew

    Hands down one of my favourite books It s made me laugh and cry, often at the same time.At the centre of a series of disconnected cover letters which contain mostly lies is a tragic story Each, when taken individually has a dark humour that is witty and clever, but reading them in order builds up a certain sadness that creeps up on you as the true motivation behind the author of the letters becomes ever clear It s a book with a lot of thought and messages, not all of which are on the surface an [...]

  21. Kendra

    Overqualified is a delightfully humorous and surprisingly heartbreaking collection of cover letters addressed to different organizations Wait Did you say cover letters Yes, that s correct From corporations to cable channels, non profits to universities, Comeau s letters to potential employers delight us with irreverence and then stab us unexpectedly with some brief, poignant phrase These letters are so much than a jab at a silly professional custom, together they weave a delicate and haunting s [...]

  22. Ian Mathers

    My housemate left her copy of this on the coffee table and I read it while waiting for my Chinese food to show up one night, which tells you how quick a read it is but I was riveted enough that if they delivery had been five minutes earlier I might not have answered the door Like a lot of people I know Comeau s work from A Softer World, and I d always meant to get around to reading Overqualified after seeing some bits of it on the site years ago The whole thing funny, pointed, sad, moving did no [...]

  23. Hakim

    Overqualified is a surprisingly funny, witty and touching collection of job application cover letters written by Joey Comeau himself to various corporations and companies The letters take unexpected turns when the author starts sharing life experiences and all sorts of childhood and teenage memories The sheer originality of this book is a pure delight Don t let the format put you off, for Joey Comeau makes the reading of cover letters a pure blast

  24. Melina Martin

    I bought this book because for once, I had a little money, and because, for years, I ve loved asofterworld I wanted to support Joey Comeau and the internet.I m glad I bought Overqualified It clicked with me in all sorts of ways, even at the beginning, when I thought I might hate it But I loved it.

  25. Colin

    I love this sort of thing writing in a normal way that seamlessly segues into an intensely ridiculous or personal story, fictional or not, designed to make the reader go what It s really the only way I can personally write.That being said, I wasn t a big fan of Comeau s usage of the word retarded in a couple of the passages, but that aside I found this very enjoyable.

  26. Everthere

    Overqualified is a short novel of cover letters It features both funny and poignant moments with clever observations about human relations Overall it is perhaps a bit too much of a gimmick to stick A tasty snack rather than a hearty meal but those can be delicious and a real pick me up too and this is what this charming little book is.

  27. Barb

    This was one of the best books I have ever read Joey Comeau represents a new style of writing that draws readers in and holds their interest His writing is certainly unusual All I can say is that I don t think there is anyone out there who wouldn t be affected in some way by his work.

  28. Kevin Fanning

    Right up my alley of course, since job hunting and cover letters are near and dear I might have tinkered with the sequencing a bit in places, but either way very enjoyable Also I like that it s called Overqualified and not Underqualified Amen to that Life, you know

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