The Last Magic (2020)

The Last Magic N. Richard Nash The Last Magic None
  • Title: The Last Magic
  • Author: N. Richard Nash
  • ISBN: 9780553127010
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
The Last Magic N. Richard Nash None
The Last Magic N. Richard Nash

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    N. Richard Nash

One thought on “The Last Magic

  1. Lucy Takeda

    I evidently read this in college I ran across it on the shelf of my husband s parents house, and couldn t remember it So, I reread it Uck I did finish it, but it was a challenge.A priest in Rome acts as a negotiator for the Catholic Church He has risen high because the Pope is fond of him The Pope is dying Michael makes a rather desperate attempt to create an alliance within the Church,Meantime, a group of terrorists are threatening and viciously attacking church personnel Plus, there s a brothe [...]

  2. Evelyn

    This was a cross between a much earlier, less gripping Da Vinci Code, and the earthly temptations of The Thornbirds I did feel for the characters, but was not very interested in the story.

  3. Paul Dinger

    This was a good romance very much in the fashion of The Thorn Birds Even a good catholic can read this and not be offended.

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