The Rare Coin Score (2020)

The Rare Coin Score Richard Stark The Rare Coin Score When it comes to heists Parker believes in some cardinal rules On this job he breaks two of them never bring a dame along especially not one you like and never ever work with amateurs Nevertheless
  • Title: The Rare Coin Score
  • Author: Richard Stark
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
The Rare Coin Score Richard Stark When it comes to heists, Parker believes in some cardinal rules On this job, he breaks two of them never bring a dame along especially not one you like and never, ever, work with amateurs Nevertheless, with the help of a creep named Billy, and the lure of a classy widow, he agrees to set up a heist of a coin convention But Billy s a rookie with no idea how to pull offWhen it comes to heists, Parker believes in some cardinal rules On this job, he breaks two of them never bring a dame along especially not one you like and never, ever, work with amateurs Nevertheless, with the help of a creep named Billy, and the lure of a classy widow, he agrees to set up a heist of a coin convention But Billy s a rookie with no idea how to pull off a score, and the lady soon becomes a major distraction The Rare Coin Score marks the first appearance of Claire, who will steal Parker s heister s heart while together they steal two million dollars worth of coins.
The Rare Coin Score Richard Stark

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One thought on “The Rare Coin Score

  1. Dan Schwent

    Parker gets involved in a caper to rob a coin convention Complicating matters are an attractive young woman and Billy Lebatard, the man who came up with the operation that happens to have a crush on her Can Parker pull of the heist without the situation unravelling The Rare Coin Score was one of the best Parker stories I ve read yet Throwing Claire into the mix gave it a little something extra that set it apart from some of the other stories Parker with a woman in tow It sets up plenty of future [...]

  2. Kemper

    This is the book where Richard Stark a k a Donald Westlake quit opening every Parker book with the word When so I can quit trying to be clever and starting all my reviews the same way And none of you even noticed I work and slave over a hot laptop all day and this is the thanks I get Parker doesn t need money for a change, but he s getting bored and restless as he aimlessly travels the country bedding down every woman he can get his hands on so he s glad to get a call about a planned score Howev [...]

  3. Ed

    This top notch Parker caper comes from the mighty pen of Richard Stark a.k.a Donald Westlake What a shame there will be no other titles This time Parker, the most hardboiled of American thieves, decides to throw in with a motley crew heisting a rare coins convention Of course, things never go as planned no matter how carefully he sets up the job This is the job where Parker meets his loyal and smart lady friend Claire who has a key role It s a thrill to see how Parker thinks on the fly and manag [...]

  4. Jim

    The foreword by Luc Sante is excellent in most ways He describes Parker s character very well gives a very good overview of the series Unfortunately, it contains a lot of series spoilers Since I was driving it wasn t a single track, I couldn t really skip it This is the publisher s fault Luke mentions that it s been 23 years since the previous book, so that has to be the break between Butcher s Moon 16 1974 17 Comeback 1997 This book is 9 I guess Audio Go just decided it would go as well here as [...]

  5. Mark

    Parker gets involved into a score that involves rare coins, the crew involved does not gets his hopes up and he has to figure out himself how to really do the job The pay off could be great if it all works out.Parker meets Claire for the first time and she kind of breaks his usual cycle of doing things which kind of surprises Parker For the first time since his wife herself killed and almost got him killed Parker meets somebody that has an effect on how he acts and reacts.The story is not a love [...]

  6. James Thane

    First published in 1967, this is another book in Richard Stark s Donald Westlake s Parker series that has long been out of print and unavailable Happily, it has now been resurected and republished by the University of Chicato Press.In this book, Stark s amoral protagonist plots the theft of a couple of million dollars that s 1967 dollars worth of rare coins from a coin collector s convention in Indianapolis He devises a fairly ingenious plan, the execution of which sadly depends on some unusuall [...]

  7. Greg

    In Parker s ninth outing he knocks over a coin convention He also acts a little less like a sociopath robot and a little like a sociopath human Parker still likes to sit in dark rooms though when no one is around and he still knows that others might find this to be a little weird so he denies himself this one pleasure in life by leaving a light on when he knows someone is going to drop by This novel is better than the last couple of Parker adventures.

  8. Lynn

    Parker s bored with the easy life between jobs and breaks several of his self interest rules when he involves himself with amateurs I guess if he didn t break a few rules he might get stale as a character, but no sign of that happening Excellent Parker story.

  9. F.R.

    Stark when writing about Parker is one of those authors like Wodehouse or Chandler who really inspires me There is a brutal simplicity to the prose that beautifully captures the character and keeps the plot going at a cracking pace, even when the characters are just sat around and planning I pretty much end every Stark novel wanting to go away and write beautifully taut prose about a strong amoral character I haven t done it yet, but one day The plots again like Wodehouse are fairly interchangea [...]

  10. Andre

    Parker stumbles upon a group of fellow thieves that are planning to rob a group of coin collectors and sellers of their rare an valuable possesions With Parker onboard, the plan starts to take form and seems possible, but once all the wheels are in motion, the heist goes south Parker is left scrambling for the door with the dame Claire in his wake.I really don t need to elaborate further on Parker or even this specific novel in the series, others have already done a much better job of this.It is [...]

  11. Erik

    Parker spent two weeks on the white sand beach at Biloxi, and on a white sandy bitch named Belle, but he was restless, and one day without thinking about it he checked out and sent a forwarding address to Handy McKay and moved on to New Orleans.

  12. Charles Dee Mitchell

    Early on this reads like the novel where Richard Stark decided to provide details on Parker s sex life that would merit the forty years worth of steamy pocketbook covers the books bore before University of Chicago Press took the series on It is also the novel where he takes up with Claire, a love interest who will be around for a while Being Parker s girlfriend will be a balancing act Late in the story Parker gives Claire two options She knows she s taken the right one when he doesn t kill her.T [...]

  13. Alecia

    I miraculously found this one book in the Parker series that I had not read It was a pleasure mixed with sadness that there will be no to read this, as Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake was a master at terse, concise writing in the noir genre This is a vintage piece I believe written in the 60 s , so some of the allusions to women need to be taken in their context of the period That being said, this is the novel when Parker meets Claire, who turns up again in many subsequent books It is the usu [...]

  14. Mukesh Rao

    This was my first book by Richard Stark and certainly not going to be the last No wonder people call him the master of good old fashioned crime noirs This one is about Parker getting involved in a rare coin heist and is a great read Claire makes her first appearance in this book.The book is just 13 odd pages long and I managed to read this one in two days flat.

  15. Jane Stewart

    3 stars Engaging Some slightly different characters this time.Needy childlike Billy loves Claire the widow who sees Billy with contempt This book was slightly above average but still worth reading because the series is great I don t want to stop reading them.The Forward by Luc Sante was insightful A few of his comments follow, edited for brevity When I read my first Parker novel, I was stunned I imagined that I had stumbled upon a particularly brilliant specimen of a thriving genre But I was wro [...]

  16. Tim Niland

    Parker, the cold and calculating master thief has a few rules when planning a heist and rule number one is never work with amateurs Called to Indianapolis by a fellow crook named Lempke, and allured by a femme fatale named Claire, Parker puts his better judgment aside Nervous coin dealer Billy Lebetard, anxious to win Claire for himself, has cooked up a scheme to rip off a coin convention and to fence the ill gotten booty The setup looks bad Lempke is just out of jail, weak and scared The two ot [...]

  17. Sparrow

    You don t learn much about rare coins, I m warning you Except that one teenager in Indianapolis is interested in half pennies from the 1820s Or was that the 1830s You learn a lot about crime Or anyway crime in 1967 In Indianapolis As committed by a brilliant, heroic, somehow Irish seeming guy named Parker He is supposedly extremely cold blooded, but that s just his demeanor He s secretly almost wishfully compassionate But he never ACTS on his compassion Except, occasionally, when he takes a midd [...]

  18. John Cain

    For those who like hard boiled crime novels this is most likely already on your books I have read list If it is not then it soon should be.It is a somewhat typical Parker caper but as with all Richard Stark books better than most crime novels.If you are looking for deep psychological thrillers this not what you want If you are looking for deft prose and smooth delivery of a plot pick up the book Of the crooks who survive some reappear in Butchers Moon, the most complex of the Parker books.

  19. V.

    As fun to read as ever, but another very short book The caper is as inventive and as doomed as you d expect, but still lots of cleverness and tension Parker s banter with the new girl is nicely handled, although I can t say I m going to miss her when she turns up dead at some point it s bound to happen isn t it I like the fact that he seems to be changing as a character, not quite the automaton of the earlier books, but I hope he doesn t get too soft.

  20. Kenneth

    Stark hits a high point with this Parker novel about a heist of a coin convention It s the first appearance of Claire, the most significant woman in Parker s life after his first wife, a woman for whom he s willing to break a number of his rules when it comes to mixing sex and work though it should be noted his feelings for Claire do not prevent him from fucking other women I rank this among the very best of the series.

  21. Tosh

    Parker gets a girlfriend novel Enjoyable as wicked fun, but not his best Maybe because it feels like a formula or another clog in a series but still, its a form of literature that will please one, if stranded in the desert or in a boring hotel Therefore it is sort of a masterpiece.

  22. Ed [Redacted]

    Another solid if unspectacular Parker novel Notable in that this is the introduction to Claire It s a bit of a reach for Parker, violating a couple of the rules he lives by but hey, love and all that stuff.

  23. Dave

    The Rare Coin Score is the ninth Parker novel by Richard Stark aka Westlake I am probably going to sound like a broken record in saying that, like all the books in the Parker series, it is a terrific, fast moving crime thriller Here, the caper is the robbery of a coin dealers convention from a hotel ballroom There could be as much as 2 million worth of rare coins there, although it is not like cold hard cash or is it and it has to go through a fence who knows how to handle such material or perha [...]

  24. Luke Sims-Jenkins

    Enter Claire, the woman who will be Parkers flame from here on in Richard Stark s the Rare Coin Score is another wickedly amazing heist novel from the Grand Master There are over 20 Stark novels and never does the formula get old, cliched or boring He tweaks it every time just enough for a book to be the same yet different.This time he and some other criminals plan to rob a rare coin convention, but there is an amateur in the mix and a woman Parker breaks a couple of his rules and goes through w [...]

  25. Sam Johnson

    Another well oiled machine of a crime novel Many fine Stark moments, such as this We wait until eight o clock and then you go rent a delivery van Why me Parker looked at him Because that s your job, he said.Of course Parker is looking at him he s speaking to him But that extra sentence is a good way to convey Parker s annoyance and slight surprise at being questioned There s one of these on every other page I love these books.

  26. Caleb

    By far one of the shortest Parker books in the series so far, but no less great A thrilling, non stop heart pounding adventure into the clinically wrought world of American literature s greatest criminal.

  27. Alex Gherzo

    Having decided to read horror books exclusively throughout October, as I did last year, when I finished my last book I had a few days before I could officially start the haunted celebrations I needed a quick read, so I grabbed the latest in my go to quickie series Richard Stark s Parker The Parker novels are quick, fun reads, the perfect way to fill up time between scheduled reading which isn t to lessen their worth by any means being short and sweet is part of their charm But, here I am on the [...]

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