Her Dakota Men (2020)

Her Dakota Men Leah Brooke Her Dakota Men Stacy Daniels left the ranch she loved so much years ago Not being able to cope with her abusive father she d stayed away as much as possible Infrequent visits to the ranch to visit those she loved c
  • Title: Her Dakota Men
  • Author: Leah Brooke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: ebook
Her Dakota Men Leah Brooke Stacy Daniels left the ranch she loved so much years ago Not being able to cope with her abusive father, she d stayed away as much as possible Infrequent visits to the ranch to visit those she loved caused her heartache, but she couldn t stay away.Wolfe, Travis and Cash Dakota, the foreman s three sons, lived and worked on the ranch and she d loved them forever RealizinStacy Daniels left the ranch she loved so much years ago Not being able to cope with her abusive father, she d stayed away as much as possible Infrequent visits to the ranch to visit those she loved caused her heartache, but she couldn t stay away.Wolfe, Travis and Cash Dakota, the foreman s three sons, lived and worked on the ranch and she d loved them forever Realizing the futility of loving all three, she carefully kept her love for them hidden as guilt consumed her.She wanted than anything to stay on the ranch she loves so much with the only real family she s ever known But if she gives in, loving all three of them the way she does, she ll ruin everything.Not wanting to cause anyone pain, she has no choice but to flee.Wolfe, Travis and Cash Dakota have other plans for her and won t let her go They ve waited for years to be Her Dakota Men.
Her Dakota Men Leah Brooke

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One thought on “Her Dakota Men

  1. Carol [Goodreads Addict]

    Her Dakota Men is book one in the Dakota Heat series by Leah Brooke This is my first time reading Ms Brooke Stacy Daniels left her home, the ranch where she lived with her abusive father, five years ago Her visits have been infrequent and uncomfortable The ranch was the only home she had ever known and everyone she loved was there Most of all, Wolfe, Travis and Cash Dakota, the three brothers she has loved since she was sixteen years old The problem was, she loved all three of them so much She w [...]

  2. Sophia Triad

    Cowboy smut Times 3 Fast paced Hot No deep thinking Uncomplicated story Doormat girl Brawny men.

  3. Delta

    3 short, sweet, hot stars The second time reading this is really bugs me that the heroine is so passive and woe is me I get the appeal of a damsel in distress, but Stacy should have enough of a spine to be worth rescuing, instead of waiting for the men around her to decide her future But to be fair, plot and character development is not what this story is about Read this when in the mood for a short, hot read that gets right to the hot.

  4. Kimberlee

    3.75 Sexy Stars of Hot CowboysThis was a short fast read with a sexy punch Stacy who s father who brutally bullied his only child is dead Ding dong the douche is dead The only problem for Stacy now is she can t stay on the ranch because she has always been in love with the three sons of her fathers foreman Oh what s a girl to do Well what ever you do Stacy don t run because all three are definitely coming for you This is on the Kindle Unlimited Read list

  5. Nuki

    Not bad for a menage To have three hot cowboys, brothers in fact lusting lovin one girl is always a Hell Yes to me A Short quick smutty read with a quick HEA The kind that makes you wish you were her.

  6. Bunnycore

    Her Dakota Men Now I read the second one first which really doesn t matter, this is a stand alone series It s about Stacy, her father dies and he is a mean man Stacy ran as soon as she could She came back home when he passed on to find that the men she loved where still there Cash, Wolfe, and Rex Can I just say yummy Where the hell are we hiding these men Is there a part of the country I am not knowing about that we put all these guys in and lock them away Do I have to play the lotto Willy Winks [...]

  7. Beate

    M F M, add to that the brother thing, and it gets less sexy.What I like the least about Ms Brooke s books, is how she takes away any and all female power All the women in these books are weak, easily dominated, and have absolutely no say in their own lives.And the way these brothers had their way with the heroine, was borderline rape This book didn t even have a decent plot just the girl trying to run away various times, and being hauled back by the brothers again and again Yeah Not sexy.

  8. Kate

    I started off with Leah Brooke s Desire series and did nt buy these at first because the reviews weren t as good I m glad I ve bought them now though as I enjoyed the series The main problem with them is that they are far too short so, as previously stated, the characters don t get much time to develop On the plus side though, you do get to see how Leah Brooke is developing as an author if you read these Not as good as the Desire series but then that s to be expected but still worth a look in my [...]

  9. Oleta Blaylock

    This story was a little short and so it seemed rushed I like the concept and it would have been a great story with just a few hundred words Even as short as it is it s still HOT, HOT, HOT I mean three hot Cowboys all focusing all their attention on one woman LHM I just want to find a glass of ice water and a fan.

  10. Christine~justlovemybooks.com blog~

    This was really 2 1 2 stars for me The story was ok but I felt something missing For a quick read it was worth the.99cents I paid.

  11. Deidre

    Oh No I just wrote a long review and clicked wrong button so it got eaten by cyberspaceReview coming later Well what to say.Hmmmm.Dissapointing at Best I recently read my first Leah Brooke s book from the Desire series and was so impressed that I ordered some of her other books This is the most recent of those purchases and the worst It almost seems as if this was written by someone else I disliked the characters or felt nothing for them which imho is worse The sex was dull there was absolutely [...]

  12. BBMoreB ~

    Stacy Daniels left home shorting after graduation returning only to settle her father s estate The Dakota brothers Wolfe, Cash and Travis have been in love with Stacy for years she feels guilty because she is in love with all three men and it is emotionally agonizing This author has written many short stories that I have enjoyed this story is a little light on character depth and romance but, overall a hot read The cowboys are fun, sexy and dominant The sex was pretty vanilla considering a 3 to [...]

  13. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    I do like the menage created by Ms Brooke Her men are hot Her sex is hot Her females, kind of like birdbrains though Stacey is presented as some kind of self sacrificing woman who never had the love of a father These kind of lead female characters never really do it for me I think it s because it is the antithesis of me that it is hard for me to connect The story was like a much ado about nothing I have to admit, I really just wanted to skip from one sex scene to the next Sorry, Ms Brooke

  14. Kelly

    This book lacked depth in the characters and that really affected the reading experience With no POV from the men, it was hard to develop interesting and distinct personalities Wolfe was the most developed, but Cash may as well have not been included All in all, I m glad this was only a dollar.Ms Brooke is a good writer and I have a feeling this was one of her early books Her current books have dynamic characters and well developed plots.

  15. Rinny Rainwind

    This is book 1 of Dakota Heat Series This is the story of Stacie and the 3 brothers on a ranch in the Dakotas Her father was abusive and she left after high school Her father dies and she comes home to find some things have changed Some things on the other hand never will The love of three men , is she strong enough to accept that She learns a lot about herself and live in this first story.

  16. Danielle

    Very short but unlike the usual short stories, it wasn t very well developed Understandably, it is difficult and I think she was trying to fit her usual internal issues, which takes up around 200 pages in her Desire series, into a quarter of the pages It doesn t work.It was still enjoyable despite not really being able to connect with the characters The sex was decent but disappointed that there was only really one menage scene.

  17. Anna

    While this had a certain appeal from a sexy point of view, I found the writing to be quite clipped and abrupt Normally with m nages the men are all about protecting their woman In this case because the men don t talk to Stacy and leave her in the dark about their intentions, they cause huge problems, make her feel tremendous guilt for the way she feels about them and then blame the resulting fallout of their own actions on her Irritating and not a fun read because of it.

  18. Brutally Honest

    Yeah this would have been so much enjoyable if the heroes weren t as irritatingly misogynistic Neither were the sex scenes hot enough for me to ignore the unfairness of them blaming her for literally everything, and not letting her live her life or make her own decisions, or you know, let her act as an independent person instead of a string puppet But it was short, I guess.

  19. Donna

    This had the potential for a good story but not in this short format Without sufficient time for character development, the three men came across as bullies rather than concerned lovers, the sex was brutal rather than erotic, and Stacy had little personality In fact, the only character I warmed to was Rosa Unless you feel the need to read every book in a series, I d skip this one.

  20. Texas Reader Stacy

    Don t know whether this book was intended to be a short story But it is Very little character or plot development Not to say I didn t enjoy the story, if you go into it thinking short story plot, it s a great little distraction But it can hardly be labeled menage when there is only one menage scene This could have been so much

  21. Sarah

    Loved this first book in Dakota men series It s a fast pace book and you jump straight into story With three very sexy men trying to get Stacy to stay with inventive sexual ways who could say no Only thing reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the book length, would have liked it a bit longer but still a great book.

  22. Thea™

    Short nice read Wel allemaal net een beetje t te alpha, te naief, te voorspelbaar Tja, 3,5 afgerond naar 4.15 09 2017 tijdens een grote opruimronde alle boeken van deze schrijfster verwijderd Ga ze toch nooit meer lezen

  23. Sherry Vitaniemi

    Hard lifeJust because her father was bad to her She never realized she would have love.let alone three times over Very lucky and very happy I just takes her running twice to see it.

  24. KindleKay

    This book was incredibly short with no character development at all The smut wasn t even good She tried but this seems to be an author who read the Desire, OK, series and tried to mimic it Didn t work.

  25. Vicci

    I have to say o love this series of books by this author Even though they are on ths short side for my taste You still fall in love with the people in the story I have reread this book many times and still love it.

  26. Shannon

    I wanted to kick this girls arse She need a hard spanking than what she got But in the same thought, I think the men holding back the news of the rAnch and their feelings would have been better

  27. April

    Yummy, Hot and Heavy, Steamy read Such a sexy book I love a hunky cowboy The story could have been better but overall an enjoyable read Oh, and I love a delicious western menage The the merrier

  28. Lori Whitwam

    A shorter format than I usually prefer The heroine s relationships have to develop instantaneously, and when you know things have to be resolved quickly, it s not hard to figure out how things will go Still hot, fun, and interesting I like this author s Desire, Oklahoma books better.

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