Briar Rose: The Sleeping Beauty (2020)

Briar Rose: The Sleeping Beauty Jacob Grimm A. Rogers Briar Rose The Sleeping Beauty Er k tro viena i gra iausi Broli Grim pasak Nuostabi istorija ir i rai kingos iliustracijos nuves j s ma yl stebukling pasak karalyst
  • Title: Briar Rose: The Sleeping Beauty
  • Author: Jacob Grimm A. Rogers
  • ISBN: 9780720708035
  • Page: 456
  • Format: None
Briar Rose: The Sleeping Beauty Jacob Grimm A. Rogers Er k tro viena i gra iausi Broli Grim pasak Nuostabi istorija ir i rai kingos iliustracijos nuves j s ma yl stebukling pasak karalyst
Briar Rose: The Sleeping Beauty Jacob Grimm A. Rogers

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    456 Jacob Grimm A. Rogers
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One thought on “Briar Rose: The Sleeping Beauty

  1. Laura V.

    Yo no s mucho de princesas, pero si te despiertas con alguien encima tuyo, bes ndote, y no lo hab as visto nunca en tu cochina vida, no lo miras con una mirada llena de amor , sino que lo golpeas, gritas y corres

  2. Lör K.

    Rating 4 5Briar Rose is a classic faerie tale for children from the Brothers Grimm This is the original story of Sleeping Beauty and the tale that inspired the numerous remakes and rewrites and movies.I really enjoyed this I had never read the original Briar Rose story before reading this so coming across it on the app made my heart fill with joy and I settled down immediately to read it It was the traditional tale I had always remembered, and yet, something new at the same time I found no qualm [...]

  3. Miriam

    Your basic Brothers Grimm version of Sleeping Beauty, with very nice illustrations from Le Cain, unobtrusively influenced by early Renaissance painting.

  4. Linda

    An interesting story An evil curse makes a princess fall asleep for a hundred years.A surprise was that the hundred years had passed, and it was not the prince who woke her up She would have woken up, anyway.

  5. MrsJana13

    Kurzweilig und gut vorgetragen Mir hat es gefallen Ob es jetzt wirklich kindgerecht ist, kommt wohl auch darauf an wie weit das Kind ist.

  6. Kirsten Whisler

    This was a story that I wouldn t have children read by themselves Possibly read aloud to them to get the story across but honestly I think the tales that are modernized are appropriate for children It wasn t really like the other grimm stories it was a happy ending, but I don t think it would captivate their attention.

  7. Rebekah Shuffle

    This is one of my favourite fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers this book has influenced so many adaptations like Disney s Sleeping Beauty and recent Maleficent.This book is about a King and a Queen longing for a child and because of the Queens kindness to a fish in need he granted there wish and had a beautiful baby girl The King and Queen wanted to invite all the fairies but only had a certain amount of places so they decided to invite all but one and did not tell her That fairy made a surprisi [...]

  8. Yonaily

    Sigo imaginando al pr ncipe a punto de besar a la bella durmiente y despu s cayendo desmayado al percibir el olor de su boca No hay nada rom ntico en poner tus labios en los de una chica que ha estado inconsciente por 100 a os Es asqueroso, ugh No me parece correcto que la princesa haya pensado que era dulce despertarse con un desconocido encima de ella Por ltimo, pienso que fue un exageraci n que la princesa estuviera dormida por 100 a os Es que el hada no le puso quitar un cero a 100

  9. AhmedEjaz

    Well, it was just Okay not like I was hearing for so long.There wasn t any twists and turns It was just a plane read Author didn t let us to guess things But still a good read I enjoyed it P.S.By reading this, I came to know some facts about story which I didn t know before __

  10. Judy

    I would have liked this book when I was a child When I was about 11 years old, I was an avid reader of fairy tales, comparing the various versions The name, Thorn Rose, wasn t mentioned until midway thru the story.

  11. Adam

    The book Sleeping Beauty is what the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty is based on The Brothers Grimm version tells the story of a queen who could not get pregnant and a talking frog, and too few plates The Grimm story is fairly similar to that of the Disney motion picture.

  12. R.M. Donaldson

    IF you love the Disney tail or any version you must read the original because it will surprise you, and bring great fun and surprise Shrek may have had issue with this tail.

  13. Karim Elmenshawy

    Then the marriage of the king s son and Briar rose was celebrated with splendor And they lived contented to the end of their days.

  14. Ziwei Cheng

    A beautiful little princess love Luo was black witch s curse, she will die in her 16 years old The king and queen are very sad, do not want their children to happen, they pray all day, hoping to move the gods do not take their baby, and finally they moved three good hearted fairy This is a 3 becomes magical fairy Farrer, emerald and blue sky They came up with a good idea is to put himself into a farmer, and then adopt the little princess, so you can not find love Los black witch princess Time pa [...]

  15. Gladys

    Judging from the cover, I thought it out to be a fairy tale and based my conclusions from other obvious reasons like the author being the Brothers Grimm As I was reading it, couldn t help but fall in love with the pictures Everything was beautiful, to the amount of detail each picture had Even the borders around the text pages, the paintings, they all seem to fit fairy tale perfectly It all came together and added the romance to the setting and plot This book is probably one that I would recomme [...]

  16. Cierra Fisher

    Sleeping Beauty is a fantasy genre written by the Grimms Brothers and illustrated by Maja Dusikovia This story was written for children four to seven years of age tThe Sleeping Beauty is about a queen and a king who always wanted a child One day it was revealed that they would have a princess When that dream came true, the king and queen threw a grand party to celebrate her arrival Everyone one was there All the fairies were invited excluding one When that one fairy found out she wasn t invited, [...]

  17. Drew Graham

    A princess is cursed by an offended evil fairy to fall into a deathlike sleep for 100 years, and when the curse is fulfilled, it takes the kiss of a curious prince to break the spell.My Disney source material read through has led me to Sleeping Beauty, and after reading a book based on Perrault s pre Grimm telling, I picked up this edition, reportedly the Grimm version It was the basic story you expect from Sleeping Beauty, which very few variations It was direct and simple in the storytelling, [...]

  18. Pam ☼Because Someone Must Be a Thorn☼ Tee

    This a sweet, gentle retelling of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty There is nothing scary in this book no scary witch or fairy, nor any great and terrible battle at the end Instead the prince just enters the castle because essentially the clock has run out and the thorns have transitioned to fragrant flowers Adults might find this out of step with the Disney version that we are all familiar with, but very young children are going to appreciate this gentler version as they are really all about [...]

  19. Fables&Wren

    WrensReads Review I have the complete set of the Grimm Fairy Tales, and there are so many that I haven t read They are very short, as one would know, so I have decided to read each one and give them a review Some are very vulgar, some are very cute and some don t even make sense Some of them are well known fairy tales and some have never been told Some are fairy tales we know but are not the same because they have been downplayed for the children Okay, so if you have seen Disney s Sleeping Beaut [...]

  20. Artemis

    Nada mas rom ntico que besar a una completa desconocida para despertarla de un sue o que dur 100 a os, a lo dram tico, de seguro el aliento le ol a a rosas salvajes 100 a os no pudieron quitarle un 0 Eso me parece una exageraci n No estoy segura de si esta es la versi n correcta del libro porqu he le do que a Briar Rose la viola un rey de otra dimensi n cuando ella estaba dormida y despierta dando a luz a 2 ni os lol, como que si el que un completo extra o bes ndote no fuese suficiente La Bella [...]

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