Greetings from Somewhere Else (2020)

Greetings from Somewhere Else Monica McInerney Greetings from Somewhere Else Lainey Byrne is a master at controlled chaos juggling her hectic demanding job her chef boyfriend with his crazy hours and her roiling family with all its daily dramas But her life truly threatens
  • Title: Greetings from Somewhere Else
  • Author: Monica McInerney
  • ISBN: 9780345506382
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
Greetings from Somewhere Else Monica McInerney Lainey Byrne is a master at controlled chaos, juggling her hectic, demanding job, her chef boyfriend with his crazy hours, and her roiling family with all its daily dramas But her life truly threatens to spin out of control when her aunt May, who owns a BB in Ireland, passes away In order for the Byrnes to collect their inheritance, someone from the family must takeLainey Byrne is a master at controlled chaos, juggling her hectic, demanding job, her chef boyfriend with his crazy hours, and her roiling family with all its daily dramas But her life truly threatens to spin out of control when her aunt May, who owns a BB in Ireland, passes away In order for the Byrnes to collect their inheritance, someone from the family must take over Aunt May s business for a year And apparently that someone is Lainey.Between running a run down, virtually guest free BB without the slightest ability to cook or clean , worrying about her family from afar, adjusting to country life, and dealing with the complications of long distance love, Lainey is in way over her head But when a reunion with a gorgeous childhood friend sparks unexpected complications, Lainey realizes that fate may have another path for her a direction she never imagined.
Greetings from Somewhere Else Monica McInerney

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    Monica McInerney

One thought on “Greetings from Somewhere Else

  1. Sarah

    I have mixed feelings about Greetings from Somewhere Else A Novel by Monica McInerney.At first glance, I did not like the cover It seemed forced a heart hose and a woman wearing a skimpy sundress presumably to garden in and large wellies After reading, I found the cover even less appropriate as the woman depicted does not call to mind designer conscious, fashion savvy Elaine Lainey and what s I don t recall Lainey gardening, though perhaps I missed it in all the notations about her BB renovatio [...]

  2. Gabby

    Well, I can finally shout it I m totally in love with United Kingdom s writers British, Irish, etc , they are just amazing They re unique way of writing is marvelous, exquisite, and totally opposed from American ones well, I have my faves there too.This novel is than a romantic one is about finding yourself in that long, hard, anxious, delirious, happy, magical journey called introspection , thru meditation and thinking what you do really want to have in your life Lainey is a bright, analytical [...]

  3. Sara

    4.5 stars What a wonderful book I liked this even than its predecessor, Upside Down, Inside Out This one focuses on Lainey, a successful events planner in Australia who s suddenly called back to her home country of Ireland after her aunt dies to run the aunt s bed and breakfast First of all, the scenery sounds beautiful Reading this made me want to travel to Ireland and see all the sights for myself I felt completely immersed in the setting and fell in love with the area the way Lainey did She [...]

  4. Anita

    This is a pleasant, sweet, breeze of a book about a likeable young woman who has problems that most of us would consider a bargain She has a very successful career, a nice boyfriend, a supportive family and some good friends She has to return to Ireland to take care of an inherited BB for a year before the family can sell it Oh darn She leaves her boyfriend behind and struggles through a couple of quirks that get wrapped up in some gentle personal growth lessons by the end In fact, this story is [...]

  5. Robin

    This is a pleasant beach read, though not the type of book I normally go for My only big issue with this book is that I felt some of the dialogue was unrealistic, although I admit I don t know what a typical Australian Irishman sounds like in conversation The premise was unique and the characters were cute I never felt there was a slow point in the book, the author did a good job keeping the readers interested by moving along the plot A couple things took me by surprise towards the end, and usua [...]

  6. Mikkee

    This book was okay, but it was very formulaic It was particularly formulaic at the conclusion with a very moral of the story ending I don t mind a moral, but not when it is spelled out and not woven into the narrative of the story.

  7. Janet

    It was enjoyable, except sometimes I skipped over the introspective bits, and kind of lost impatience with Lainey s little erotic fantasies Wished there would be about the BB but I liked how it all worked out in the end.

  8. Meghan

    It took me forever to finish this book because I just couldn t get into it I found this book utterly predictable and boring, which is a shame because I have heard good things about this author.

  9. Yvonne

    I have been a fan of Monica s for a number of years but I was a little disappointed by this novel I didn t find the plot or relationships had as much depth as usual.

  10. Kari

    In Australia this novel is called Spin the Bottle This book was ok and easy to read chick lit, but the protaganist got on my nerves a bit, which is usually a sign I won t like the book.

  11. Toni

    I loved this book I had prior read a very serious and tragic true life story and was also going through a rough patch in my own life So to escape into this light hearted novel was just what I needed I already know the authors writing style one I enjoy So I was able to be whisked away into the characters hearts, brains and lives A bit sad to finish the novel and come back into the real world again but a rather nice escape Thank you Monica.

  12. Butterfly2507

    Ein super schnell zu lesendes Buch Es ist interessant wenn man sich ein bisschen f r Irland begeistern kann Ansonsten ist die Story nichts besonders, ein bisschen Herzschmerz, ein paar Witze und schon hat man ein typisches ChickLit Buch.Trotzdem mochte ich den Humor An ein paar stellen musste ich tats chlich lachen Mir hat es gefallen

  13. Katy

    A fairly average read the title didn t really reflect in the book, there was sort of a passing mention about things that happened in the past In fact, the book was called Greetings from somewhere else which was a much fitting title Be warned you may have read this book before and Spin the bottle is just a rename It was a feel good read with some interesting history.

  14. Marian

    There are some books that are easy to figure out, particularly in anything that might be considered chick lit Greetings From Somewhere Else could have easily been one of those books Girl breaks boy s heart, leaves the country, finds new boy, and wacky hijinks ensue along the way The back of the book tells you as much Thing is The back of the book is a bit of a tease Lainey is very much a bossy, control freak When she has to leave Australia for a year in Ireland, she decides that it would be for [...]

  15. Bronwyn Rykiert

    I quite enjoyed this book though at time I was exasperated with Lanie, like when she broke up with Adam so quickly and without much thought to him.Lanie Byrne and her family of 3 brothers and her parents migrated from Ireland for a better life in Australia Life is fine and the children all have good jobs, the oldest boy Brendan is married, the rest, Lanie, Declan and Hugh are single Their father has an accident at work and breaks his back and the insurance company is slow to pay so they are stru [...]

  16. Willa

    Lainey is an event planner highly organized, energetic, ambitious, a bit bossy Her father is bedridden after an industrial accident and her mother is getting a bit fed up with the situation Her three brothers are all a bit eccentric in their own way And she and her boyfriend seem to be or less ships passing in the night he s a chef with his own restaurant, and with their schedules, it seems they hardly see each other at all.Into this chaos comes a new wrinkle an elderly aunt in Ireland has died [...]

  17. Laura

    Greetings From Somewhere else is a novel about relationships with family, friends, and significant others Lainey is the main character who has to leave her current life in Australia behind and run a Bed and Breakfast in Ireland Her aunt stipulated in a will that a member of the family run this BB before they can inherit it The family desperately needs the money because of a long term illness that Lainey s father has So, Lainey leaves behind a boyfriend, friends, family, and the life she has know [...]

  18. Jess

    I actually liked this book a lot It threw me at first that the author and the main character are Australian, not Irish American I m not sure why But it certainly gave a different vibe and a different tone to the book than would an Irish American author, I think.I expected this to be a story like this Girl is unhappy Even with her relationship Girl has the opportunity to return to Ireland Girl fixes up BB Girl reconnects with childhood friend who she falls madly in love with, while ex boyfriend i [...]

  19. Victoria

    I really, really enjoyed this book First time reading this author and will definitely be reading Found out today characters in this book are also in another book but appears to be a stand alone story We have Lainey and her family, who are from Ireland, but moved to Australia years ago They are estranged from her father s Aunt May, who owns a bed and breakfast in Ireland Aunt May dies and leaves the BB to her brother on one condition one member of the family must move to Ireland and run the BB f [...]

  20. Sally906

    GREETINGS FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE is the USA title and the title on the book I read Elsewhere in the world it is known as Spin the Bottle which I feel is a much telling title Whatever its name tags though, it is a delightful read Lainey is your ultimate kindly control freak kindly because she isn t nasty with it she genuinely doesn t even know she is organising everybody and everything to her own ideals Her mother is the same, so it is decided by her mother that Lainey is to go to Ireland for a yea [...]

  21. Carinya Kappler

    This novel centers on the day to day trials and triumphs of an Irish immigrant family now residing permanently in Melbourne The father of the family, Gerald Byrne, has suffered a workplace accident and is being subjected to the delaying tactics of his insurer which has caused depression and hardship in his life His wife and grown up children are sympathic and loving but everyone is tiring of the ongoing battle for money, good health and dealing with a chronically depressed invalid.When Gerald s [...]

  22. Melissa

    I won this book from a First Reads giveaway and wasn t sure what to expect, but I ended up really enjoying it I appreciated that it was a light story, but not one of those chick lit books that is dumbed down I felt Lainey was a very realistic portrayal of a career minded woman in her early thirties, as well as the Byrne family s dynamic They are a loving family, but not without their own issues which I found very relatable.My favorite part of the book though was learning about the Irish culture [...]

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