Madeline's Ghost (2020)

Madeline's Ghost Robert Girardi Madeline s Ghost Brooklyn needs a saint Ned Conti needs a stipend So the struggling young historian agrees to trace the mysterious past of a Brooklyn nun for evidence of miracles Trapped in a neighborhood of cheap ren
  • Title: Madeline's Ghost
  • Author: Robert Girardi
  • ISBN: 9780788709326
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Audio Cassette
Madeline's Ghost Robert Girardi Brooklyn needs a saint Ned Conti needs a stipend So the struggling young historian agrees to trace the mysterious past of a Brooklyn nun for evidence of miracles Trapped in a neighborhood of cheap rents and failed promise, in a rent controlled apartment suddenly, inexplicably seized by a beautiful and angry ghost, Ned s only refuge is the F train to Manhattan s East VilBrooklyn needs a saint Ned Conti needs a stipend So the struggling young historian agrees to trace the mysterious past of a Brooklyn nun for evidence of miracles Trapped in a neighborhood of cheap rents and failed promise, in a rent controlled apartment suddenly, inexplicably seized by a beautiful and angry ghost, Ned s only refuge is the F train to Manhattan s East Village bars, where he and his friends drown their sorrows in drink.But Ned is about to heed another call, the siren song of New Orleans, where the history of countless lost souls seems to rise from the steaming streets and where, ten years before, he ended a brief, passionate affair with a woman whose memory has haunted him ever since Here, in a city of spirits, Ned will embrace a dead saint and a living sinner a beautiful ghost offers him her desire And his destiny.Set amid the sleepless energy and seething passion of New York and New Orleans, Madeleine s Ghost is a spellbinding novel of lost love, history, and desire a work of startling originality that is at once exquisitely written and compulsively readable.
Madeline's Ghost Robert Girardi

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    Robert Girardi

One thought on “Madeline's Ghost

  1. Bandit

    Strangely beautiful A NYC story that turns into a New Orleans story that comes back to NYC, travels back in time and returns to the present, which seems to still be some sort of a past Or a slacker story that turns to love story to quest story to redemption story to love story again A story of a man named Ned Conti who starts off with next to nothing and ends up with his heart s desires, there are enough grand themes and second chances to warrant a saga I don t know if I m doing this book justic [...]

  2. Shay Caroline

    I very rarely read novels written by men any, but for some reason I picked this one off my shelf after a fifteen year snooze there and I am so glad that I did It is simply one of the best novels I ve ever read.It didn t strike me that way in the beginning, though it was good enough We meet Ned Conti, a rather directionless, down at the heels graduate student who gets a job finding documentation to support the canonization of a nun who died nearly a century ago The past seems to have it in for Mr [...]

  3. Nicky

    There needs to be another option on Gave Up This is supposed to be a story about a ghost and a saint in Brooklyn I actually rather liked the first person present manner of writing, and the descriptions of place and detail in general are excellent But I lost the ghost and certainly didn t expect to get in back during Part Two, set as it is some ten years before and in New Orleans Trying to be too clever I think and not what it was advertised as Too many books to try to waste precious time perseve [...]

  4. Jon Spoelstra

    Girardi is a remarkable writer Ned Conti is a New Orleans graduate history student who has stalled on his disseration He s living in Brooklyn in a seedy apartment that he shares with a ghost Conti starts work for a local priest who wants a 19th century nun from his church to be canonized The story flip flops back and forth and even though you enjoy every page you begin to wonder how it s all going to fit together Don t worry, it does I enjoyed this so much, I m going to read it again in about a [...]

  5. The White

    I did not find this book to be engaging at all I thought the characters were weak and moronic The story tried jumping back and forth through times and locations, but failed to flow nicely There was not enough Madeleine s Ghost to be called Madeleine s Ghost In my opinion, it should have been called, Ned the dumb and his stupid decisions The only redeeming quality of this book were the locations All in all, I did not like this book.

  6. Jen

    I m not sure how I felt about this one I m giving it a 2, but I think parts of it were a 3 or 3.5, so maybe it s of a 2.5 2.75.Overall, I think Robert is a very good writer and paints a vivid picture of his characters and their lives I just don t know how I felt towards the main character though sometimes I kind of got him, but other times he turned me off I didn t really understand where he was coming from and why he seemed so content to let his life pass him by Not that I cared he did, I just [...]

  7. Sue

    A love story, ghost story, and mystery all rolled into one and set in the two cities with which I am most familiar outside of my own hometown New York and New Orleans It was this fact of the story s dual locations that caused me to pick the book up in the first place I love to read about places that I have actually visited I also love ghost stories, so this was sort of a slam dunk for me.The author does a good job of painting the urban and bayou backdrops for the story without having location ov [...]

  8. Simon

    One of my favourite books I m not usually into ghost stories but the interplay between the two strands one in the past and the other in the present coalesce nicely at the end as all is made clear about their link to each other and the role that a lost soul from the past has to play in the rehabilitation of two lost souls in the present.The writing is concise but with a gentle irony that, when combined with the first person singular voice, makes the book human and resonant than conventional narr [...]

  9. Daniel

    If you are interested in books about Louisiana and New York, this book might be worth the read Unfortunately the setting is pretty much the highlight of this story The main character is a rather uninteresting professional student who doesn t really do much himself, so much as respond to what happens about him, sarcastically responding and giving a long winded historical viewpoint of things that rambles on and on Much of this could have been edited down without the story suffering at all.

  10. Candy

    Wow This author is so knowledgeable, particularly about NYC and New Orleans, as well as Catholicism and the Creole and Cajun cultures His descriptions of the two cities are extensive, so much so that I got a little bogged down because I m so unfamiliar with them but also my interest is piqued particularly for New Orleans and its rich cultural heritage I picked the book rather randomly because it s a ghost story, but the story was really about the protagonist, his loves and his lives in NYC and [...]

  11. Diana Petty-stone

    A beautifully written story of lost love, an agonized ghost, a frustrated golfer priest, and a lot of secrets all played out in New York and in New Orleans It s one of those books that you start late at night and realize you have to stay up and keep reading.

  12. Kim Russell

    I had great hopes for this book but couldn t get on with it One of those rare books I put down before finishing.

  13. Linda

    Interesting in parts, but not good enough to want to read again I thought it was a ghost story It was barely that A lot of sex, drugs, alcohol and swearing Also a bit of spirtuality.

  14. Cathie

    This was a somewhat interesting read but it wasn t until I finished it that I actually appreciated it.

  15. Elise

    Madeleine s Ghost was everything I love historical fiction, ghost story, love story, mystery and magic realism and Girardi manages to pull all of this off in one arresting novel in a seamless and beautifully written way I couldn t put it down The story shuttles back and forth between the urban decay of the bombed out bohemian neighborhood of Molasses Hill in Brooklyn, New York in Ned Conti s haunted apartment and the seedy swamps and plantations of Louisiana, as well as the enchanting city of Ne [...]

  16. Iris

    this is a great book what a story line good imagination for this ghost story.Ned is a poor historian that lives in a bad neighborhood and drinks a lot he is hired to go through and trace the history of a nun for evidence of miracles story 1 Ned is also being haunted by a woman ghost in his apartment story 2 not only is he haunted by the ghost Ned is also haunted by a woman he is in love obsessed with a troubled woman from new orleans with a very colorful past and a family with a very haunting ri [...]

  17. Jo Klemm

    I m just a few pages away from finishing this It is a good plot, pulling three stories together at the end At first, the author was a little too worried about convincing the readers he knew New Orleans intimately He included every hard to pronounce street in the city in the characters itenerary His descriptions were a little wordy for me, too For example from page 57 Today, as the sun sets over Broklyn, I am thinking of New Orleans I am thinking of the iron filigree A and P and cupid s bow woven [...]

  18. Peejay Who Once Was Minsma

    Well drawn characters, good writing, a tortured romance, the paranormal, a historical mystery solved by contemporary characters, and New Orleans what s not to like Mr Girardi has a gift with character and evocation of place He brings New Orleans of both the 19th and 20th century to life.But first, the story starts in Brooklyn Ned Conti, an impoverished young historian living in a haunted house, is hired by a local priest to prove the sainthood of a 19th century nun buried in the churchyard Traci [...]

  19. Richda Mcnutt

    Mixed feelings about this one it s so many things rolled into one a love obsession story sort of a ghost story sort of a mystery a saint sinner story It s also a story with very few likable characters and I m so, so tired of people who are alcohol dependent drug dependent dysfunctional sex dependent So why did I give it three stars Well, the author was able to make the ghostly part almost believable I do not normally read ghost stories , and the sections about the sainthood documentation were in [...]

  20. Kerry

    I loved this book and always recommend Robert Girardi to friends I wish he would write books Get crackin , Bob, I ve read all your old stuff Give us something new This book was especially interesting to me since it takes place largely in places I ve lived or visited extensively Girardi changes the names and layout of the cities and towns just enough to create an entirely new fictional geography based on reality, but a tiny bit askew It works wonderfully, I ve never seen another author do it to [...]

  21. Taryn

    A strange tale about a guy whose NYC apartment is haunted He s also pining for a girl he loved in New Orleans ten years before and is conducting research on a possible saint from Brooklyn For a while it seems there are too many plotlines, but of course everything comes together in the end Anyway I read this on a long plane ride and it did the trick that is, wasn t too hard to follow and kept me interested.

  22. Scoozer

    I had to force myself to finish this book It really dragged for me The story was fragmented and slowly developed The main characters were unsympathetic So why did I give it 3 stars The descriptions of New Orleans and Brooklyn were spot on and beautifully done I also liked the idea behind the story It was intriguing The book could have used a good editor though It was just okay If you love New Orleans or New York, you might want to give this book a try.

  23. Helen Noonan

    I wish you could give half stars because I really wanted to give this a 2.5 There wasn t enough insight into the main character But the locations were well characterised I especially loved the descriptions of New York But what was with all the green skies Both NY and Louisiana were described as having green skies quite often I have only seen the sky green once in my life and that was in outback Australia before a once in ten year storm.

  24. Allison

    It took me some time to get into this book another one about ghosts after just reading The Witching Hour mostly because I was taking a short vacation to New Orleans which is unusual for me I don t put books down once I have started reading them, but I was encouraged by three enthusiastic readers of this book that it really was very, very good I continued reading and can say that, although slow to start, it is an excellent book Thoroughly enjoyed it

  25. Shellie

    This is one of those books I re read about once a year I love the plot, I love the voice this is possibly my favorite male protagonist ever It s kind of a mystery, and also a love story, and it weaves past, present, and distant past together in an interesting way I like stories that come together, and this is definitely one of those.

  26. Kathryn Knight

    I just reread Madeleine s Ghost and was reminded why it s one of my all time favorites It has everything romance, mystery, intrigue, secrets, history, and a haunting The author writes beautifully and his descriptions of New York and New Orleans pull the reader right into the story The characters are real and believable, and the story is original and satisfying.

  27. Melissa

    Ghosts, New Orleans and Saints.Excellent read It made me want to know about New Orleans and the history of the city as well as the ghostly spirit that haunted Ned Truly a beautiful history of two different women who were so different.I would recommend this to anyone who loved history, spirits and Louisiana.

  28. Lisa Greer

    I am enjoying this one so far I think it s funny that so many reviewers are all upset over the Wastoid narrator I hate to say it, but I have known many grad students just like him The book and its narrator feel very real to me as a result.It lost me near the end just went on too long I think But if it had been 75 pages less, I think I would have loved it.

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