Just Desserts (2020)

Just Desserts Mary Daheim Just Desserts When the garishly grotesque clan of wealthy carpet sweeper magnate Otto Broadie sweeps down upon Judith McMonigle s Hillside Manor Inn it looks like there ll be a wild night of drinking dining and
  • Title: Just Desserts
  • Author: Mary Daheim
  • ISBN: 9780380762958
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
Just Desserts Mary Daheim When the garishly grotesque clan of wealthy carpet sweeper magnate Otto Broadie sweeps down upon Judith McMonigle s Hillside Manor Inn, it looks like there ll be a wild night of drinking, dining, and fortune telling in the offing But when their soothsayer for hire Madame Gushenka drops dead after someone douses her tea leaves with bug killer, harried hostess Judith and heWhen the garishly grotesque clan of wealthy carpet sweeper magnate Otto Broadie sweeps down upon Judith McMonigle s Hillside Manor Inn, it looks like there ll be a wild night of drinking, dining, and fortune telling in the offing But when their soothsayer for hire Madame Gushenka drops dead after someone douses her tea leaves with bug killer, harried hostess Judith and her irrepressible cousin Renie are left to clean up the mess One of the Brodie bunch would dearly love to sweep the Madame s murder under the rug, however, and that might mean eliminating the nosy Ms McMonigle as well But with the help of her one time beau, policeman Joe Flynn, Judith is determined to rattle the dust off some closeted family skeletons, in order to coax a killer out of hiding before coffee is served.
Just Desserts Mary Daheim

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    372 Mary Daheim
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One thought on “Just Desserts

  1. Kasia

    First in the famous Mary Daheim Bed Breakfast Inn series, this is a must read for cozy mystery lovers because it s a truly delightful experience There s the perfect atmosphere and ambiance, Inn full of crazy family members with hidden agendas, secrets, affairs you name it, and all that topped with healthy servings of delicious food, mouth wateringly described through out the book, it was enough to keep me glued to the book but the mystery itself was so entertaining and had so many clues that it [...]

  2. Gizzard

    This book took at least a month to read and I found myself very bored at times Since it was on my tablet kindle app, I felt the need to finish it Although the heroine is written to appear a normal woman, she baffled me and in the end, I did not like her too much.Calling another human stupid, to their face or even under your breath, her past with her husband, her relationship with her mother and how she talks and thinks of her, and then there is the foreshadowing at the end And the book dragged o [...]

  3. Julie

    Just Desserts by Mary Daheim is a 1991 publication.This is the first book is the long running Bed Breakfast cozy mystery series by Mary Daheim With the thirtieth installment set to release soon, I thought it would be fun to go back to the very beginning to see how far the series has progressed I will confess that I have been much diligent in following Mary s Emma Lord Alpine series, than this one, and I have not read every book in the series, but have skipped around here and there with it Howev [...]

  4. FicusFan

    First book in a series Set in the pacific northwest in a bed and breakfast Extremely lame.The ambulance attendants determine a person has been poisoned rather than had a heart attack, though there are no symptoms, or anything lying around to deduce that from.The police sequester everyone in the BB, because of the poisoning, but never check the food, or the liquor, or prevent the remaining guests and staff from eating and drinking In fact the police join them in eating and drinking.The main chara [...]

  5. Kimberly

    I couldn t get into the groove of reading this There were too many characters to keep up with Maybe I just didn t care enough about them to want to keep up.And what was up with Judith solving the case and Joe being okay with it

  6. MaryAnn (EmilyD1037)

    This is my first read by this author.It is also the first book in her bed andbreakfast mystery series I give it a 3.5.I liked it enough to continue the series.

  7. Barbara ★

    I had major issues with this book Starting with the main character what a bitch She berates and disparages her mother granted she s a cranky old lady, but she s her mother she abuses her cat whom she appears to hate she is rude to her guests.The police work was beyond lame The ambulance drivers diagnose poison with zero evidence and then the cops proceed to lock the guest in the BB and proceed to eat and drink the food The cop keeps all the guest sequestered together before he questions them Yup [...]

  8. Audrey

    This started off with a style similar to a culinary mystery series, such as those by Isis Crawford or Joanna Fluke At first I thought it was better written than those, but it went downhill quickly The characters are flat and too unremarkable to easily remember who is who among the secondaries, the plot quickly spiraled into the bizarre, the little love story somehow managed to be both overly sappy and underdeveloped at the same time, and it utterly failed to be gripping This is probably the firs [...]

  9. Abigail

    What an interesting start to a series I have been looking for a new mystery series for a while, and this is the most appealing by far The dialogue was witty and enjoyable, although at times it sounded as if Judith and the detective were from another era It was not a perfect plot, but it had curious twists and turns that were fun to follow, and the cast was certainly a crew of characters and caricatures Ms Daheim takes the time at the end of the book to tie up the loose ends and fill in any blank [...]

  10. Audrey

    A great example of how some really solid series have a less than stellar debut There was some seriously wtf y policework going down along with Herculean leaps of logic and cat abuse, but I did like that Joe Flynn appears to be the only cop in recent crime fiction memory who doesn t get obsessed with a case but is all OH HEY FIVE O CLOCK DONE NOW Then lets Judith solve everything for him Speaking of which, I was not at all happy to see Judith letting everyone browbeat her into a tiny pulp Several [...]

  11. Melissa

    This is my first book my Mary Daheim and I had a really hard time getting into it Too many secondary characters are introduced quickly with little to separate them, so throughout the book I was struggling to keep people straight It was so convoluted when they finally revealed the murderer I had to stop and think about who that person was in the story.The main character, Judith, was so unlikable She was nasty to her mother and her cousin who was helping her out I don t really care what happens to [...]

  12. VJ

    Again, this is a series where I read books out of order I think this author gets better with time, but this was a passable first in a series novel Each book stands alone, but the characters develop throughout the series I found this book mildly amusing without going overboard or falling into using contrived coincidences to further the plot The author so eloquently captured the arrogance of the wealthy residents in a small town setting and threw in just enough local color and plot twists to make [...]

  13. Linda Smatzny

    This is the first book in the Bed And Breakfast Mystery series The main character is Judith McMonigle who runs a Bed Breadfast out of her family home She is just starting her business so when a murder occurs she wants answers fast The police detective investigating the murder is a former boyfriend which brings up feelings she would rather forget I really enjoyed the characters and can t wait to read adventures featuring them It was a fast easy read.

  14. Elizabeth

    I found the characters kind of hard to keep straight, they were all introduced rather quickly, but the story was quirky and enjoyable to read A fortune teller, hired by the wife mother of the family ends up dead at a night being spent in a BB as the family mansion is being fumigated There are no shortages of candidates for who done it An easy read.

  15. Kim

    A fun, little mystery I enjoyed it even so because my supervisor is dating a man named Joe Flynn The primary police officer in the book is named Joe Flynn.

  16. Jennifer

    This was fast paced, but a little overwhelming for a first book in a series There were too many characters that were all sleeping with each other I had a hard time of keeping track of who went with who Add in the fact that Dash had a bunch of different names, and it was a bit much That aside, I enjoyed the story I was unsure of who the murderer was as every person in the family was horrible I am not sure how I feel about Joe I would like to know WHY he ran off and married someone else 2 weeks be [...]

  17. Beverly

    Judith McGonigle is the owner and operator of Hillside Manor, a bed and breakfast, in Seattle, Washington When there are two cancellations Judith had two choices One was to put up wallpaper that she had been promising herself she would do and the other was to take in the Brody family who were having their house fumigated She decided she needed the money the Brody s would pay than the walls needed to be papered She would soon come to regret that decision when a mysterious guest ended up dead in [...]

  18. Briana Alzola

    I feel like it s hard to rate something when it s sort of exactly what you expected but you didn t go in expecting much This is a fun story, full of quirky characters, but it s not one I will recommend to other people nor did it inspire me to read in this series.

  19. Elizabeth Oster

    Great read I love this book This is second time reading it and it was just like first time The plot has a lot of twists and turns If you love mysteries you have to give this one a try

  20. Roxie (the cat lady)

    Fun and light read Starts off fast and keeps you interested If you love cozies this one is for you Had me laughing a couple times.

  21. Janell

    Enjoyable mystery, although a little far fetched The characters have promise, though, which is a big plus

  22. The Badger

    I have an affinity for cozy mysteries They generally aren t written in pursuit of a spot on the bestseller list rather, cozies are written to give the reader a sense of comfort and calm ironically, by way of murder My mom read cozies to escape her three eccentric young daughters and grumpy husband one daughter, the artist, painted five foot tall green flowers on the side of the freshly painted rental when she was four the adventurous daughter asked which way north was, and was found by neighbors [...]

  23. Annie

    Technically, this was not the first cozy mystery book I ve read before I learned of the genre I read a later title first so I was clueless about the entire series, and then I began seeing the previous titles on sale, so I bought them, though not in order As with first books, they should be written so well that you d be hooked and anticipate the later stories Just Desserts was indeed that What I find interesting about Mary Daheim s books is that even if you did not read the first book, you d know [...]

  24. Maryann Forbes

    I was excited to read this book as I am an avid fan of Mary Daheim s Alpine series unfortunately I was disappointed Judith McGonigle is a widow, single mother and sole proprietor of Hillside Manor, her fledgling Bed and Breakfast Following a cancellation during her slow season, Judith reluctantly agrees to allow the Brodie family to book the Manor for one night as their home is being fumigated The Brodies are a well known wealthy family yet not highly respected Mrs Brodie scheduled an after dinn [...]

  25. Beth

    A cute who dun it with a non police detective who seems to bumble through the solving of the murder mystery.She is the owner of a beginning BB who is saddled with a cranky mother, a nasty cat and a lovable cousin who is very helpful but always hungry.A guest in her house is murdered, a snowstorm arrives and everyone is required to stay resident until the police catch the murderer and or the snow lifts Being the first in a series you get introduced to a variety of characters who all seem to add t [...]

  26. Emily

    This book is what it is part of an easy little formula mystery series I thought the author did a good job creating interesting characters and an intriguing mystery The only part that bothered me was the newspaper clippings a police officer brought them, of all of Wanda s effects, to Joe from Wanda s apartment While they wound up being important, the cop never would have known that It would have been likely that the cop would have brought a journal or notes on the Brodies, than some seemingly ra [...]

  27. Andrea

    First books can be rough I m not sure if this is the author s very first book or just the first in this series, but it had some issues Overall, the mystery and the characters were enjoyable but I agree with other readers who pointed out highly implausible plot points and some that are flat out impossible seriously, can anyone point me to a car stereo cassette deck with a record function However, some issues aside, I still enjoyed this journey and liked the complex backstory between the BB owner [...]

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