Jude's Law (2020)

Jude's Law Lori Foster Jude s Law When it comes to love he plays to win There s only so much frustration a guy can handle before he gets a little nutty For Jude Jamison his frustration has a name May Price She s everything the forme
  • Title: Jude's Law
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • ISBN: 9780821778029
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Jude's Law Lori Foster When it comes to love, he plays to win.There s only so much frustration a guy can handle before he gets a little nutty For Jude Jamison, his frustration has a name May Price She s everything the former Hollywood bad boy actor came to Stillbrook, Ohio, hoping to find open, honest, lovable, and full of those luscious curves you don t find on stick figure starlets curves MWhen it comes to love, he plays to win.There s only so much frustration a guy can handle before he gets a little nutty For Jude Jamison, his frustration has a name May Price She s everything the former Hollywood bad boy actor came to Stillbrook, Ohio, hoping to find open, honest, lovable, and full of those luscious curves you don t find on stick figure starlets curves May doesn t seem to appreciate in herself Every time Jude tries to get close to the skittish business woman, to take her in his arms, she thinks he s joking Joking Joking does not involve lots of cold shower therapy.Time for new tactics If May can t respond to his sly compliments and sexy innuendos, he ll just have to spell it out for her Jude Jamison is going to lay down the law for May Price And after that, she ll have no delusions about just how much he wants her.
Jude's Law Lori Foster

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One thought on “Jude's Law

  1. SheReadsALot

    Oh, how I loathed this book Why I ve been asking myself this each time I turned my Kindle on to try and sludge through finishing this pathetic tale.If you like stories with heroines that are TSTL Too Stupid To Live then you will find a winner in this story May, the heroine is definitely this year s valedictorian of the Bella Swan TSTL Heroine Academy.This is the third of recent BBW books I ve read where the BBW heroine is written so poorly Her character is just crap.Here are my issues with story [...]

  2. Lisa (Harmonybites)

    Right from the beginning Jude, the male lead, was sexually aggressive in a way that might have been fine if May, the heroine, had pushed back, or flirted in turn, or maybe even if they had been in an equal position They weren t a point is made that Jude s patronage of May s gallery is all that s keeping her afloat and he knows it Given that May s nervous, Oh, you re just joking clueless on purpose response to his overtures struck me as a God, get away from me and Jude s persistence as sexual har [...]

  3. safüş

    2.5 stars I don t even know what for this book was a major suck fest, Jude was a complete asshole to May, who was sort of spineless nothing really happened with Elton except everyone running in circles around each other the whole thing dragged and dragged so that the author could write a second book about them, I assume which turned out better than this one, but not by far turns out reading the second book first by accident was a good thing, since everything that matters happens in that one anyw [...]

  4. Kelly

    After reading too many morose books in a row, I was ready for something fluffy And sexy While this book had the appearance of meeting that criteria, the characters were too annoying and the storyline was too blah to really do anything for me I d hope that contemporary romances would be less about mind games and the characters going for what they want But it was all mind games and manipulation.

  5. Sofia Grey

    I first read this a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it I like Lori Foster s easy writing style and the way she draws her characters Since there is a sequel available Murphy s Law I wanted to re read this again to get back into the characters It was as good as I remembered May is a plump and beautiful woman lacking in confidence, especially when SBC champion turned Hollywood heartthrob Jude keeps trying to date her Surely he s just messing around Sure he keeps buying the artwork she se [...]

  6. Michelle

    Eh Didn t even finish it Too goofy and contrived I usually like Lori Foster but this one was over the top The hero was a little too perfect and the heroine a tad too ditzy.

  7. Trang Nguyen

    This is the first book of the Law series Jude is a ex SBC fighter turned successful actor He has moved to Stillbrook, Ohio to run away from his current problems and falls head over heals for May, a art gallery owner Jude is attracted to May and cannot get her out of his head even though she doesn t fit the typical stereotype of who he would normally date However, May is not making it easy on him to try on his advances Eventually the two will hook up and boy when they hook up its HOT There is a l [...]

  8. Cheri

    I liked this book It mentions some of the fighters from her other books The H h are a lil quirky Her best friend is hilarious It has a small mystery to it I didn t realize there was a part 2 Good thing cuz I was pissed at the end,lol I will be reading Murphy s Law next as the saga continues.

  9. LaFleurBleue

    I so hated this book that than 3 years after reading I still remember many reasons why I found it so absolutely awful and unforgivable.Let s start with the heroine she s ugly, fat and insecure The author did such a convincing job about that that I kept wondering why she had chosen her as an heroine At no moment in this time did I feel anything like empathy or positive about her.Then there s the hero He s a professional boxer, he has big muscles and another big organ Besides that there was just [...]

  10. Robin Taylor

    There s something about Lori Foster and her writing style It s captivating Whether you read a series straight through or out of order The protagonists in this story May Price and Jude Jamison have a powerful visceral reaction to each other May s art studio showings keep the pair in frequent contact, as Jude has built a huge mansion and is filling it with the artwork from May s studio Jude makes no secret that he wants May sooner better than later She s a full figured voluptuous woman that Jude i [...]

  11. Melissa Fletcher

    Mary Price and Jude Jamison is a perfect match, there love between eachother was amazing, the story is filled with action, with Jude s past brought up and the people in it, the story takes place in his house a majority of the time and how they connect is wonderful, i loved Jude s personality very aggresive and protective, and Mary was just a ball of fun, i loved the typical ordinary woman, i loved that Jude saw past what Mary thought was her imperfections, with her always comparing herself to sk [...]

  12. Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)

    May Price is a plus sized art dealer Jude Jamison is an MMA fighter financial wizard Hollywood actor acquitted public figure who is damned near perfect And he does love him some full figured woman Wow are you sexy No I m chubby No You are perfect and I ll change you to prove it Don t like this conversation Don t read the book You ll have to suffer through it about 50 times I think I might have to go back and re read Murphy s law as Ashley is still the best character in the book.

  13. Ann

    This was such a great book I like the little chase she gave him he was use to getting what he wants right away but not with her.

  14. Danielle

    4.5 stars I really enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between Jude and May through the course of the book I loved how after over a year that Jude was still trying to woo her after all that time He was genuinely interested in a small town girl like May but didn t believe that the Former SBC fighter Hollywood movie star would really want some like her with all curves Or she believed that he only wanted her because he was bored and using her for his amusement It was very clear that she was alr [...]

  15. Vanesa Alvarez

    May es una mujer fuerte y decidida que tiene que lidiar con su desagradable familia, especialmente con su hermano, quienes le echan la culpa de todo lo que pasa y no la valoran en lo absoluto.Jude es un hombre que lucha por lo que quiere y que ha tenido que sufrir mucho debido a la acusaci n de asesinato que hay contra l no es spoiler pero a pesar de todo no deja que todo esto lo hunda Al principio no me gusta como Jude es con May, me parece que la ve solo como un objeto y que est obsesionado co [...]

  16. Rupmala

    Going to have to go with disappointed.Bad RomanceterallyI expected from this book Although the description is not what i would normally go for, the romantic streak in me decided i wanted to give it a shot, and let me tell you, first 1 The trouble this book gave me to purchase it was something else It kept giving me an error at the checkout multiple times, this should have been my first clue I persisted and finally it was completed.2 Excited to start, I mean this smoking dude and sweetheart hero [...]

  17. Linda Sims

    While I liked this story, I didn t love it I did like Jude Jamison the hero his character was very well written he s not only tall dark and handsome, but he s smart and sexy as well He s an ex fighter and currently a Hollywood film star As for May Price the heroine, I didn t take to her quite as much she s too much of a martyr IMO, the way she tolerated her awful family was annoying She s none too bright either who opens and runs an art gallery out in the middle of nowhere, when none of the loca [...]

  18. Dawn

    I really enjoyed this book It was a quick read because it was so easy to get involved in The hero, Jude, is a retired UFC type fighter turned action movie actor He has moved to a small town in Ohio to escape the publicity from a murder trial in which he was found innocent But doubts linger in the public s minds So the story revolves around solving the mystery of who really did it Jude is an avid art collector and is the biggest client of a local gallery owned by May He is attracted to her but sh [...]

  19. Anita

    Fun book, quick read Jude s Law has a fun mix of romance, humor a little and suspense a little It was a fun escape read and well written.May is an art gallery owner in a small Ohio town She is a curvy gal with a really messed up family The resident millionare, movie star Jude Jameison, has had his eye on her for over a year He has bought a lot of art to try to get closer to May She has a secret crush on him dating back to his days as an SBC fighter, but cannot believe he could possibably want he [...]

  20. Pamela(AllHoney)

    The first book in Lori Foster s Law series Jude Jamison has left Hollywood for a small town in Ohio There he finds May Price, the owner of the local art gallery Trouble finds him again when May s brother is set up to kill him.A fun entertaining read For those who like the lighter fare of romantic comedy.

  21. Holly

    Another great bit of fun from Lori Foster.If you like Lori Foster s books, you will like this one.Witty dialog, great characters, fun, light plotI read Lori Fosters books when I want a good story with lots of heart warming stuff, no darkness or angstjust laughter And romance, of course.She is a very dependable read.I will always grab her books in a heartbeat.

  22. Erin

    The book was good, but I really didn t like the main character She was annoying in so many ways Of course she was a nice enough person, but I kept wondering, Why is this man with her The story was good, though, and it led into Murphy s Law, which was VERY good

  23. Susan

    Good book Jude is a former MMA fighter turned actor who has moved to the small town to get away from a Hollywood scandal He is attracted to May, who is everything that his usual dates are not He has done everything he can to show her he s interested, but she doesn t take his advances seriously, and it s driving him nuts.May is the owner of an art gallery and Jude is her best customer She does her best to ignore his sexy comments She thinks there s no way he really interested in her plain and plu [...]

  24. Linda

    I enjoyed Lori Foster s book, Jude s Law He decided the local yahoos in Stillbrook, Ohio, were either blind, overly preoccupied, or just plain stupid when it came to women He is Jude Jamison who can t quit thinking about May Price, who is available, but rejecting his advances Their lives take a big turn when May needs Jude s help to save her brother from some very bad men I really liked Foster s main characters as well as their interesting family and friends This book was part romance and part m [...]

  25. Terri

    Jude s Law is the first in the Law series by Lori Foster While it is a good book and I liked it, Jude s Law is not a keeper that I will reread over and over again I liked the hero, Jude, much than I liked the heroine, May She was a little annoying to me Overall, it is a light, fun read with a little bit of danger added in While it is a stand alone book and it mostly wraps up, there is a portion of the story that continues in Murphy s Law which is even a better book While Jude s Law isn t Lori F [...]

  26. Kati

    Finally picked up this older story while waiting to get my hands on LF s newest books The back and forth between Jude and May was almost painful at times Made me want to shake them both Jude than May, to be honest and tell em to knock off the deliberate misunderstanding of each other Denny was an interesting character, and I m rather hoping to see a good HEA for him Also interested to see where the Ashley May tie goes in the next story Will be picking up _Murphy s Law_ at the local library tomo [...]

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