Elizabeth's London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London (2020)

Elizabeth's London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London Liza Picard Elizabeth s London Everyday Life in Elizabethan London This picture of the London of Queen Elizabeth is the result of Liza Picard s curiosity about the practical details of daily life that almost every history book ignores As seen in her two pre
  • Title: Elizabeth's London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London
  • Author: Liza Picard
  • ISBN: 9780312325664
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
Elizabeth's London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London Liza Picard This picture of the London of Queen Elizabeth 1558 1603 is the result of Liza Picard s curiosity about the practical details of daily life that almost every history book ignores As seen in her two previous, highly acclaimed books Restoration London and Dr Johnson s London she has immersed herself in contemporary sources of every kind She begins with the River Thames,This picture of the London of Queen Elizabeth 1558 1603 is the result of Liza Picard s curiosity about the practical details of daily life that almost every history book ignores As seen in her two previous, highly acclaimed books Restoration London and Dr Johnson s London she has immersed herself in contemporary sources of every kind She begins with the River Thames, the lifeblood of Elizabethan London The city, on the north bank of the river, was still largely confined within old Roman walls Upriver at Westminster were the royal palaces, and between them and the crowded city the mansions of the great and the good commanded the river frontage She shows us the interior d cor of the rich and the not so rich, and what they were likely to be growing in their gardens Then the Londoners of the time take the stage, in all their amazing finery Plague, small pox, and other diseases afflicted them But food and drink, sex and marriage and family life provided comfort, a good education was always useful, and cares could be forgotten in a playhouse or the bear baiting rings, or watching a good cockfight Liza Picard s wonderfully skillful and vivid evocation of the London of four hundred years ago enables us to share the delights, as well as the horrors, of the everyday lives of sixteenth century Britain.
Elizabeth's London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London Liza Picard

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One thought on “Elizabeth's London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London

  1. Lize

    Not very scholarly , sniffed a high and mighty reviewer I disagree I found it to be everything promised, a joy to read, and I learned a lot It s exactly what the title says an overview of everyday life in Elizabethan London Just enough of a huge variety of topics to give the reader an idea of what life might have been like And if, like me, the reader wants to delve into specific and much drier topics, we re free to do so What did I delve into Pietro Aretino s sixteen pornographic sonnets, illus [...]

  2. Diana

    Re read 2016 I love Liza Picard s history books they re ones that I read again and again I enjoy reading about the everyday life of an era How they worked, ate, lived and what they wore, used etc The book is older and getting to the end of its usefulness as accepted research material, but I still think it s great, and will likely re read it many times.

  3. Amy

    I did not finish this one I guess I m interested in the people living in Elizabethan times rather than how people lived during that time Too much early detail about the layout of the land and water and I just couldn t get into it.

  4. Stephanie

    When I dream at night I hope to dream of two things 1 cherry pies, snicker bars chocolate chip cookies or 2 Elizabeth s London.This is not a dry text book no offense to text book junkies Liza Picard brings Elizabethan London to life with details small and large As some of you have heard, her description of an Elizabethan traffic jam has pretty much changed the way I look at rush hour And who knows why they started wearing the famous ruff well, liza does and now I do too Liza also interjects with [...]

  5. Bettie☯

    workaday mp3 view spoiler blurbification Liza Picard s Elizabeth s London completes a trilogy of books on London throughout history, starting with Restoration London and followed by Dr Johnson s London From the outset, Picard admits that Elizabethan London proved an even greater challenge to reconstruct, as few buildings survive , and artefacts and clothes from the time are rare Nevertheless, through painstaking detail, Picard wonderfully recreates the crowded chaotic sights and smells of everyd [...]

  6. Jill Hutchinson

    This book puts the reader smack dab in the middle of Elizabeth s London of the late 14th century and it is not particularly a pretty picture London was emerging as the center of the western world and this position was solidified by the reign on Elizabeth I Change was slow to come and the Queen became a force in shaping the environment of a growing city, faced with many problems.The author separates the book into chapters dealing with such issues as marriage, buildings, health, sanitation, clothe [...]

  7. Margaret

    I found this a lively though not very scholarly guide to London in the time of Elizabeth I Picard adopts a chatty tone which is very readable and often funny, and she includes lots of quotes from primary sources However, I often wanted her to try to go deeper into her subject For instance, after spending an entire chapter on the poor of London and concluding that there was a splendid, comprehensive, welfare system in place, she quotes a primary source which wonders why the streets yet swarm with [...]

  8. Emily Williams

    I actually began reading this when I was on my first trip to England in 2011 Perfect accompaniment, of course.Liza Picard has an ingenious knack for the kind of detail heavy writing that doesn t feel weighed down or stuffy she has also written guides to Victorian and Restoration London This is both accessible for someone who may not have a thorough knowledge of 16th century England and the reader who can tell you exactly what street you would find a particular vendor in London during a particula [...]

  9. Andrew Cox

    A brilliant account that beautifully re imagines what everyday life in Elizabethan London would have been like I think people who dismiss Liza Picard s book for lack of scholarly analysis are wide of the mark The book shows exceptional scholastic ability and its theme concerns everyday life it is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of the power struggles of that period, and it is no less a book for that as not all history has to focus on political intrigues An outstanding piece of social [...]

  10. Carolina

    One of the best book I ve read about the Tudor period, this ranks just right about Jasper Ridley s Tudor Age, and for everyone interested in the society in the Elizabethan times this is the book for you The title says Elizabeth s London but in truth it s a general study of Elizabethan period Everything from fashion, mortality rates, women upper class and lower class women their religion, how that affected their lives and the lives of their families, houses, illness, food, the book is very thorou [...]

  11. Sallee

    A fascinating look into the day to day life of London in the Elizabethan times The author covers every aspect of this If y0u want to know how people lived through his day at that time, this is the book for you I loved all the details Life was not simple but very complicated with all the laws and rules.

  12. Abigail

    Examples used were too repetitive, as though the author assumed one would read only one chapter rather than all the way through the book Various modern references broke one out of the narrative and several side comments I found offensive.

  13. Brian Willis

    This book is a popular history of London during the mid 15th century, well researched but written in a conversational tone at times It fulfills an important purpose rather than cover the courtly and political world of London, or the theatrical world of Shakespeare at the time, it focuses on the civic, social, and domestic realities of Londoners lives Unfolding into detail over topics such as clothing, social customs and practices, food and dining, drink, commerce, the look and smell of streets, [...]

  14. John Newton

    A fascinating introduction to life in London in the 16th century a travel book, though the travel is back in time The various aspects of daily life that Picard covers is dazzling, from the geography of the Thames before the Victorian embankments to the religious practices of the Church of England during the period Much of it was familiar to me in its broad terms people didn t bathe often, bear baiting was entertainment, a boggling variety of forms of torture were used against criminals but quoti [...]

  15. Chris

    Insightful in depth look at Elizabethan London, with a nice sense of flavour Some areas I had studied myself previously and were not surprising, others, such as the cooking, were new to me and I found fascinating.

  16. Patrone

    I hesitate to give Ms Picard s work only 3 stars because it s exhaustively researched and fastidiously detailed My issue is there s not enough why what was the function of these ridiculous breastplates What was the motivation behind X Was the habit to do Y based on religion or vanity

  17. Nicholas Whyte

    nwhytevejournal 1194188ml return return Picard has written several other books about London in different eras, but none the less makes her material here sound entirely fresh There is a mass of detail on most aspects of London life, and I understand much better the role of institutions like the foreigners churches and the city companies plus I have on my reading list for the moment when I crank my own research up a gear Unfortunately she doesn t say much on the two subjects I most wanted to read [...]

  18. Ruth

    c2003 For a reference work, this was really readable As the strapline describes it Everyday life in Elizabethan London all facets of life are described aided by humourous bon mots eg in a description of an illustration dealing with medicine The dog under the table is inexplicable The third assistant has a wooden leg, and a crutch I have no explanation for the man in bondage gear Not exactly overloaded with illustrations but the ones that have been included are the ones that are less well known A [...]

  19. Sarah -

    I really liked the text and the wealth of information Picard provided as someone who is fascinated by this time period and has spent many hours reading about the royalty, it was great to have the gaps filled in for how the common people made their livings and really just survived On the other hand, I m not a huge fan of the author s actual writing style Yes, this was a quick and easy read, but it is a personal pet peeve of mine when the author uses I in a non fiction text I don t personally car [...]

  20. Sophie Avett

    This was a fabulous little book Honestly, I don t think I ve come across an author quite like Ms Picard The information is presented in an engaging way and there is a wealth of it offered That being said, the book is not organized for quick, easy reference like an encyclopedia might be There is a table of contents, but I did spend quite a bit of time hunting for the bits of information I needed All that being said, I do think it s an excellent resource for any author trying to write the time per [...]

  21. Jessica

    As I said in my partway review, I listened to the audiobook version I don t love sitting down to read encyclopedic style books, but listening to it was great She was thorough in her research, but did not overload the reader with quotations I have studied the Tudor period in all three of my history degrees, but I still learned a few new things I would not recommend it to a Tudor scholar, but historians of other periods like me who are still interested, and non historians would find this informati [...]

  22. Alisa

    Honesty time again I didn t read the entire thing ended up hopping from section to section to read bits that interested me While the content was interesting and informative, I didn t really care for Picard s writing style The multitude of quotes and excerpts were fine but her own prose felt a little too.al for me.

  23. loeilecoute

    Incredibly well researched book describing the day to day goings on in Elizabeth s London It might not be for everyone the level of detail is the kind that I look for and plan to use in future writing I marvel at how persistent one must be to accomplish such a tome, and I drool over the original documents that were examined in order to complete this excellent non fiction book.

  24. Julia Simpson-Urrutia

    While this is a reference book, it is FUNNY Not that Ms Picard meant it to be, but she has an unerring eye for what is most amusing and or unusual in the way of London life under Queen Elizabeth I dip into this book regularly and am delighted I bought it.

  25. Chandra

    Elizabeth s London was amazing Any question about Elizabethan London that one can imagine is answered in this text Picard covers everything from underpants to plague and fastidiously so Best of all, she really makes use of contemporary sources.

  26. Jerene

    While I found this book interesting, there were some references that I m sure I would understand better if I were a Londoner Since I m American, there were many things I had to stop and look up I wish there was a better flow to this book.

  27. erock

    Well, whatever LIZA Look, lady, I get it, you re smart You know lotsa stuff and this book is teeming with information about the time period It is a treasure trove of trivia and facts, but your writing style made me want to gouge my eyes out in order to STOP THE QUIRKY BANTER.

  28. Kayla Tornello

    I really enjoyed the journey through Elizabethan London I thought that the author organized things quite well for being such a broad topic The information feels very thorough without getting dry and boring Quite a good book

  29. Trish Blue

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, because it is entertaining, well written and well researched, without ever falling into the dry and oftetimes rather tedious tone of most scholarly essays For someone interested in the daily life in the Elizabethan era, it is simply perfect.

  30. Nelina Kapetsoni

    Fun and informative, I ve enjoyed it a lot It contained information that I d love to have known before embarking on my diploma in English local history

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