Fluke (2020)

Fluke James Herbert Fluke He was a stringy mongrel wandering the streets of the city driven by a ravenous hunger and hunting a quarry he could not define But he was something Somewhere in the depths of his consciousness was
  • Title: Fluke
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780330376174
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
Fluke James Herbert He was a stringy mongrel, wandering the streets of the city, driven by a ravenous hunger and hunting a quarry he could not define But he was something Somewhere in the depths of his consciousness was a memory clawing its way to the surface, tormenting him The memory of what he had once been a man.
Fluke James Herbert

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One thought on “Fluke

  1. Pramod Nair

    It seemed then as if I were seeing sky for the first time, and in a way I was, through different eyes I gazed rapturously at the blue ceiling for several moments, until the rays of the sun made my eyes mist over, causing me to blink rapidly It was then I realized what I was I wasn t shocked, for my new brain was still functioning mainly as it should, and memories were still lying dormant within I accepted what I was only later did I question my new beginning But at that time, I thought it was pe [...]

  2. Paul O'Neill

    A great wee tale about a dog, Fluke, who used to be a human and his journey to understanding why he is now a dog I loved how this book was narrated I loved the fact that Fluke s characteristics change from dog to human and back again frequently That, plus it made me feel for Fluke very much This feels like the opposite of the only other Herbert book I ve read, The Rats I hated The Rats, I loved Fluke.

  3. Slytheringirl

    This strangely enough was recommended to my by the Hypnobobs podcast back in March as a starting point for reading the late Mr Herbert s works.One of the best animal stories I ve read, and I ve read plenty No wonder he got the OBE Mr Herbert masterfully described the struggle between Fluke s instincts and his lingering humanity as well as an animal s view of the world and the strange two legged creatures that inhabit it I would put this book right up there with Watership Down, The Plague Dogs, a [...]

  4. Talia Cohen

    This book was a real departure from other James Herbert books which are known for as being horrors, written in a gruesome style The whole story is an adventure written from the perspective of a dog Herbert captures the world at ground level, as seen through a dog s eyes and nose in such a compelling fashion that I actually found myself believing that it was a first account, accurate portrayal of canine thoughts and feelings when finishing this book, I genuinely looked at my dog in a different wa [...]

  5. Leo .

    This book is very good I often have conversations with Archimedes my cat, well I think I do What a wonderful world we would live in if we all knew that we are connected Imagine if everything was aware of everything that existed Like an internet of things but, not virtual REAL Imagine a peaceful existence where nothing is hidden No barriers or boundaries No bigotry or judgement Only love and transparency Imagine knowing what the trees were thinking The flora and fauna Did our ancient ancestors ha [...]

  6. Timothy Mayer

    James Herbert, who passed this year, was better known in the UK than the US He started out as a horror novelist with The Rats in 1974 This was followed by another book which proved to be popular, The Fog Herbert continued to produce novels on many different topics and genres until his recent death Stephen King thought highly of him and there is a good podcast which covers his work, which you can listen to here.Fluke was his third novel and was first published in 1977 Herbet was trying to get awa [...]

  7. (shan) Littlebookcove

    Fluke I honestly wasn t sure if I wanted to read this mostly because I wasn t sure what to expect I ve read The fog and The rats and was expecting something horrific Animal abuse is something I can t read about at all as I own a dog, and he s my little man and my best friend But I bit the bullet and I m so glad I did.This book is nothing like James Herbets normal style This book is absolutely wonderful In this tale we meet fluke Fluke is a tiny puppy fresh into the world, but he s not like an or [...]

  8. Siobhan

    What happens when Siobhan finds a James Herbert book going cheap She buys it, of course.Well, technically, she has a little squeal in the store She gets a little bit too excited She searches for some books so that she can get the offer She holds the book close to her chest Then, she buys it with a wide smile on her face.In case you cannot tell, I rather enjoy a good James Herbert read.My initial foray into Herbert s world was accidental I needed a new read and I found Ash sitting in a bookstore [...]

  9. Clare

    This is the story of a dog named Fluke who, since being a very young pup, believes he was once a man We follow his story which is told in the first person or rather dog from being in a litter of pups, through his boisterous time of adolescence whilst living on the streets, to becoming an adult and his quest to find out the truth about his past To say I was hooked by the reading the first page is an understatement I read the first page twice to appreciate the utterly captivating writing style I b [...]

  10. Nik Morton

    This fourth novel was a brave departure for James Herbert at the time, as he was making a name as a horror writer But this is a fantasy in which he seamlessly steps into the paws of Fluke, the puppy that grows into a dog and wonders about the flashes of memory where he was sure he was actually a man I called out to the men, but the sound wa just a dog s howl I tried to think of my previous life, but when I concentrated, the mental pictures slid away How had I become a dog It s a superb piece of [...]

  11. Nourhan

    One of the most amazing, inspiring breathtaking books It made me cry sometimes It had risen my sympathy toward that poor dog.It talks about a dog who thinks that he was a man or a human being someday.Until one day he met a pretty young girl whom he recognized as his own daughter.He kept on barking at her trying to tell her that he s his father but she couldnt understand.She showed her sympathy and felt an attraction toward that poor dog.Then he met her mom which he recognized as his wife.He foll [...]

  12. Jason

    One of James Herberts better stories, in this book he isn t just trying to gross you out or scare the pants of you, the plot is a bit serious Fluke is a dog, he realises from a young age that he isn t normal, he then goes on an adventure to discover the truth about himself Things do feel a bit disneyish at times, not too much in this to shock you.In my opinion Dog You ll Never Look At Your Dog the Same Way Again is a interesting point of view by a dog.

  13. Emma Webb

    I thought this story was absolutely wonderful I only read it because my fiance recommended it to me, thinking I d enjoy it He was right From the off, Herbert had me hooked It s quite a compelling story and as it s not that long, it s really easy to read I m not usually a big fan of stream of consciousness writing, and though this is only very loosely SOC, Herbet weaves the story together so well that I didn t really notice.This is the first Herbert story I read, I m pretty sure The Rats is next [...]

  14. James Burton

    I have read this book many times and own my original copy from 1983 I have always admired this book, I love the way that you sit back and see life through the eyes of the dog, the colors, the ghosts and many other smells and intuitionThis book made me laugh and cry and still does today Its an easy read and I always find that if I have another chance, maybe a dog would not be a bad place to start This is a great read for everyone, oh and if you think its like the movie, its not, this is 100 times [...]

  15. Ashley James

    My second James Herbert Novel after The Dark, which was just ok This however was much better, very unique and well thought out The book flies by and has a decent ending Only downside is maybe the length, only about 250 pages However this could be a blessing in disguise as like I said this book really does fly by Well worth reading one of my favourite books.

  16. Bill Mclean

    While very different to what I expected after reading other novels by James Herbert, I found this to be a very unique and intriguing writing style The story is well put together, and while I thought in the first few chapters I may not find this story through the eyes of a dog too interesting, the ensuing 3 chapters hooked me in I could not put this book down until it s unexpected ending.

  17. Benjamin Stahl

    The first James Herbert book I read was The Ghosts Of Sleath At the time, I hadn t realized that it was the sequel to another book, titled Haunted But seeing as I knew the movie for that one so well, not having read the novel barely affected my understanding of David Ash And I was also blown away with that book It still sits alongside Dracula and The Exorcist as being one of the scariest things I have ever read However, every Herbert book I ve read since then has been while not exactly bad rathe [...]

  18. I'mogén

    I was mildly confused to begin with we are thrown into the story by seeing everything through a dog s eyes, and of course, he described things differently than humans would I soon got to grips with his views on the world though, so I began to quickly understand what Fluke was talking about This only got stronger, thankfully, as the story progressed.The plot itself was pretty intriguing to me I know of films and books to go down similar routes but I believe this is the first time I personally hav [...]

  19. Laura

    I hadn t considered reading Fluke before seeing the slightly soppy movie adaptation of it, when I was about 9 or 10, being as the front cover resembled those of the many other James Herbert books my parents owned all of which, I believed to be quite scary With a scary black dog, with a man shaped shadow, I was certain it was a scary book, but it turns out, that despite its supernatural themes, Fluke is actually quite different from other James Herbert novels No mention of sex, and no real horror [...]

  20. Adam Wilson

    Fluke was quite a surprise to me I would have never expected the author of The Fog and the Rats trilogy to write something like this It isn t horror at all Instead, it is a beautiful story about the adventures of a dog told in first person by that dog who was once a man Through out the novel, Fluke remembers bits and pieces of his former life as a human and this is what drives the story in a vague direction For the most part, however, this novel doesn t have a specific purpose other than to foll [...]

  21. Christine Upton

    I have loved this book since childhood and everytime I pick it up I am compelled to read it again To the point I did take to hiding it in my chest of drawers to avoid seeing it regularly James Herbert is an incredible author with a real knack for storytelling in the first person He manages to convey a depth of emotion I rarely find in a book Don t get me wrong, I connect very easily on an emotional level hence the many tears that often flow , but Fluke gets to me in a totally different way The h [...]

  22. Shirley Revill

    In my opinion this book is the best of the many books that was written by James Herbert.Very easy to read but hard to put down Highly recommended Ten stars.

  23. Michelle (Sherbet Lemon)

    This book was fabulous I was totally engaged in this doggo s adventures the entire time I was reading and the writing from a dog s perspective was perfect.

  24. Jessica

    Very interesting idea, telling about a man coming to accept that he was reincarnated into a dog s body Great job of describing a dog s point of view.

  25. Ronnie,

    I read this book Fluke in the 80s and adored it, a must for anybody who owns a Dog, this will get the imagination going.Superb reading.

  26. Elusive

    Fluke weaves a suspenseful story about a stray dog who soon realizes that it used to be a man in its previous life Nicknamed Fluke, it or he embarks on a journey to discover the truth behind what had caused his death.Herbert truly excelled at writing the story solely from the point of view of an animal Fluke s behaviour and reactions to his surroundings as well as people were completely believable, hence making it easy to envision a dog which appears just like any other on the outside yet on the [...]

  27. SheriC (PM)

    This was a weird little story covering the life of a dog, told from the dog s POV, who has vague memories of having been human once He remembers a wife and daughter and remembers being murdered The story meanders through several major events in the dog s life as he learns to fend for himself and tries to track down the remains of his old life and his murderer I was entertained enough to finish the entire book, but found the conclusion unsatisfying.Audiobook version, purchased from Audible Damian [...]

  28. Ally

    I really enjoyed the writing This book was very interesting and very different from what I usually read It was a good read even though I didn t completely agree with the beliefs in the book This book never let me get bored and I was always excited to keep reading till the very end.

  29. Don Woods

    Another great book from James Herbert So well written His descriptions of how the dog sees people, and the way he describes the communications between the animals and humans is just SO believe able Eh, how could he know Do yourself a favour, Read it

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