Lethal Legacy (2020)

Lethal Legacy Linda Fairstein Lethal Legacy In Linda Fairstein s outstanding new novel the New York Public Library houses dazzling treasures and deadly secrets When Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper is summoned to Tina Barr s apartment o
  • Title: Lethal Legacy
  • Author: Linda Fairstein
  • ISBN: 9780385523998
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
Lethal Legacy Linda Fairstein In Linda Fairstein s outstanding new novel, the New York Public Library houses dazzling treasures and deadly secrets.When Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper is summoned to Tina Barr s apartment on Manhattan s Upper East Side, she finds a neighbor convinced that the young woman was assaulted But the terrified victim, a conservator of rare books and maps, refuses to coIn Linda Fairstein s outstanding new novel, the New York Public Library houses dazzling treasures and deadly secrets.When Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper is summoned to Tina Barr s apartment on Manhattan s Upper East Side, she finds a neighbor convinced that the young woman was assaulted But the terrified victim, a conservator of rare books and maps, refuses to cooperate with investigators Then another woman is found murdered in that same apartment with an extremely valuable book, believed to have been stolen As Alex pursues the murderer, she is drawn into the strange and privileged world of the Hunt family, major benefactors of the New York Public Library and passionate rare book collectors.Eventually Alex connects their internal family rivalries to a priceless edition of Alice in Wonderland, which also contains the world s oldest map Would one of the well bred Hunts be willing to kill for the treasures The search for the answer takes Alex and her team on a breathtaking chase from Manhattan s grandest apartments to the secret tunnels and chambers of the New York Public Library, and finally to a nineteenth century underground vault There, in the pitch black darkness, Alex comes face to face with the killer who values money than life.Featuring a cast of elite, erudite, and downright eccentric characters, and a complex trail of clues that will have you guessing until the final pages, Lethal Legacy is Linda Fairstein s most beguiling thriller yet.
Lethal Legacy Linda Fairstein

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    141 Linda Fairstein
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One thought on “Lethal Legacy

  1. Maddy

    PROTAGONIST Alexandra Alex Cooper, Assistant District AttorneySETTING Manhattan, New YorkRATING 2.0There are many authors whose books are not only associated with a specific protagonist but also a particular setting George Pelecanos writes of the Washington, DC, area Michael Connelly of Los Angeles Linda Fairstein focuses on New York City and includes many little known facts in her books featuring Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Alex Cooper.The latest case that Alex is looking at [...]

  2. Alex is The Romance Fox

    I love books and I love New York So what could be exciting than reading Linda Fairstein s 11th book in her Alexander Cooper Series.Combining NYC S landmarks and history, as we have come to expect from this author s novels, we are pulled right into this fast paced, suspenseful and well researched mystery set in the world of rare booksand mapsInitially investigating what seems like a sex crime, Alexandra Cooper and her two detective colleagues, Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace soon discover that i [...]

  3. Any Length

    This book could have benefited from some serious editing Cut out 200 pages and you get a decent fast moving who done it which you can t put down The way it is I was sooooo bored toward the end I didn t really care who killed who and what for I just wanted the book to end.The reader I had the audio version of the book did not do the book justice either I do not want to be age ist here, but the voice of the reader ought be in sync with the character theyportray In this case, the character is about [...]

  4. Victoria

    I m normally a Fairstein fan, but this book disappointed me The subjects rare books and the New York Public Library interested me, but I just didn t find the mystery here compelling The book is very long, 450 pages, and the payoff only comes in the last 80 pages The camaraderie between Alex Cooper and her police buddies Mike and Mercer falls a bit flat here I ve enjoyed the authenticity of Fairstein s writing, since she actually worked as a NYC district attorney, but I wonder if the subject she [...]

  5. Judy

    If I have to rate the plot of this book, I give it two stars However, if I am rating my interest in the setting and the information that I gained about the world of research libraries, rare maps, and the race to obtain historical artifacts, I would raise the rating to three stars Unfortunately, the story and the characters intervened This is the 11th offering in the Alexandra Cooper series She is an assistant district attorney in New York City, which is, apparently, a much exciting job than we [...]

  6. Susannah Carleton

    A very good book, but I didn t like some of the secondary characters, many of whom were greedy and villainous, which made parts of the book less enjoyable Ms Fairstein has penned another intriguing story that keeps Alex, Mike, and Mercer on their toes, trying to unravel a series of murders and thefts.

  7. Gail

    I was intrigued by the information this book gave about the New York Public Library Linda Fairstein wove not only a most intriguing web of mystery But also left this reader with some knowledge which most novels don t do This was my first book by this author I hope her other book not only entertain but also educate me as this book has.

  8. Jen

    Tina Barr, a conservator of rare books and maps, is discovered bound and drugged in her apartment with the suspect fleeing the scene in a fireman s gas mask Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper is called to the scene to discover if Tina was sexually assaulted in the attack And when Tina refuses to cooperate and disappears, Alex is directed by District Attorney Paul Battaglia to find her Alex does find Tina She finds her dead in Bryant Park The search for Tina s murderer and the man who assaul [...]

  9. jo

    i d start listing all the ways in which this book is objectionable if it hadn t kept me out of my book funk for a good three four days for this, it gets stars and a hug but here are the good parts lots about old books, old maps, the new york public library, and the way in which beautiful ancient documents are preserved and come to be part of our cultural patrimony wish fairstein had managed to keep the cute helpless female trope to a minimum, but if i started complaining about that i d complain [...]

  10. Cheryl Cufari

    Centering around the New York Public Library one not only gets a good mystery but learns much about the library s history Greed for rare books and maps are at the root of murders taking place to people connected with the library.

  11. CatherineMustread

    Loved my free copy which I ll now donate to the library Great story, especially with the rare books and even fascinating rare maps theme Wishing I d read others in series Alex andra Cooper Crime Series first so I d be familiar with the characters, that ll come next.

  12. Maureen

    This woman railroaded The Central Park Five and she is just able to walk away and have a successful career as an author I use that term loosely She also will delete anything you post on her FB page asking about her part in this outrageous miscarriage of justice Reader beware.

  13. Nora

    Interesting background information about NYPL I always enjoy the characters who surround Alex in her work.

  14. Jana Bouc

    I thought it would be interesting, being a murder mystery combined with the history of the new york public library and its contents But I couldn t get past the boring and awkward writin.

  15. Berkshire12gmail.com

    A quick and entertaining read, with some intrigue Certainly interesting and better developed than other genre writing I ve seen.

  16. Miriam

    What a wild romp through the NYPL map collections, the research libraries, and bibliomania As a librarian who teaches about rare books and worked at NYPL a long time ago , I couldn t put this book done I had to stay up late to find out what wonderful twists and turns Fairstein put into this thriller I wasn t disappointed Fairstein mentions all the important collectors and thieves including E Smiley Forbes, aka Eddy, and the Waldseemuller map, all 12 parts of it, the rarest map in the world loc r [...]

  17. Jennifer Irons

    I love Linda Fairstein and her Alexandra Cooper novels but Lethal Legacy was definitely NOT one of her better books I won t give any spoilers here but it was very boring for the most part The premise of the book seemed interesting at first, but Ms Fairstein goes into too many details regarding the NY Public Library and its books and maps which are the focal point of the storyline I really struggled to finish the book and the only reason I kept on reading was that I was curious to find out who co [...]

  18. Kate

    Alexandra Cooper is called to help an assault victim who refuses to cooperate Cooper starts on an investigation, looking into her former job at the New York Public Library, where her client seems mired in a theft and smuggling theme.The story is, of course, steeped in New York City lore, much of which melds into the plot, and sometimes clogs the narration, but also helps the story stand out apart from other books with similar parts The highlight of the book was a character recounting her childho [...]

  19. Susan Gottfried

    I read this out of order so I could pass it along to my mom and as always, Linda Fairstein doesn t disappoint Technical, convoluted but brilliantly plotted, and with so much detail, it borders on the most fascinating info dump in history that s actually a compliment I simply adore this series and am glad my mom jump started me into picking them up again Now to fill in the crack I need Killer Heat, I believe and then go forward.

  20. Nancy S. Schmitt

    NYC Public Library StoryThis is a great story about the history of the Library I was only in this library once during the years I lived in NYC It is a beautiful building, outside as well as inside It is also a terrific murder mystery connected to the library I certainly learned much about the library while enjoying the story.

  21. Rae Marland

    I m a fan Her books are intriguing and this one, like several of her other ones, take us into the dark underbelly of New York, into plots just as dark and murky I like the characterization a trio of sleuths Cooper, Chapman and Mercer, what a crew.

  22. SP

    I would give this book a 3.75 rating It was an enjoyable read but got a little too in the weeds with information about old valuable books and maps for me This was also the first book I ve read in the series and I did feel like I was missing out by not having read the earlier books.

  23. Jane J. Janas, Ph.D.

    I didn t enjoy the plot as much as I enjoyed reading about the NY Public Library midtown Fairstein did a great job giving the history and describing the architure.

  24. Tedsandi2000 Kinghorn

    I did not like it at all I saw an interview with her and thought I would try a new author Just my persoan opinion she is very popular.

  25. Pat

    Quite good.Historical maps at the NYPL.Rich families who have donated book collections to NYPL.Interesting.

  26. Renee

    Entertaining and fast paced Loved learning about the history of the New York Public Library and the rare books and maps collections.

  27. Sandy

    Always like the NY history learned from Linda s books plus a good mystery Wouldn t be an Alex Cooper without Final Jeopardy

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