Cold Beer and Crocodiles: A Bicycle Journey into Australia (2020)

Cold Beer and Crocodiles: A Bicycle Journey into Australia Roff Smith Cold Beer and Crocodiles A Bicycle Journey into Australia A New England born author and journalist describes his nine month ten thousand mile journey through Australia by bicycle detailing the cattle stations mining towns Aboriginal communities rain for
  • Title: Cold Beer and Crocodiles: A Bicycle Journey into Australia
  • Author: Roff Smith
  • ISBN: 9780792263654
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
Cold Beer and Crocodiles: A Bicycle Journey into Australia Roff Smith A New England born author and journalist describes his nine month, ten thousand mile journey through Australia by bicycle, detailing the cattle stations, mining towns, Aboriginal communities, rain forests, deserts, and other sights of the Australian Outback.
Cold Beer and Crocodiles: A Bicycle Journey into Australia Roff Smith

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One thought on “Cold Beer and Crocodiles: A Bicycle Journey into Australia

  1. Mark

    Roff first covered his trip around Australia in a three part series in National Geographic a few years ago It was a find to discover he had written an entire book on his journey since cycling around a country roughly the size of the United States should produce material than just three magazine articles It s not quite the same prose either, so if you did read these articles, you re not reading a reprint Cold Beer and Crocodiles is a poor title, especially when Smith s account proves there is so [...]

  2. Chrisl

    Among the top ten travel books I ve read having hitch hiked in back and forth across Australia in the 1960s, including some of the roads Roff rode, I m grateful for his clearly portrayed images of Aus, particularly the southwest coast, the forested area around Albany A quote Aborigines long ago adopted, in everyday life, Albert Einstein s simplest yet most profound theorem All time is now The unassailable philosophical common sense of this can be infuriating to those who live by the clock and, o [...]

  3. Doug

    This was one of the great book discoveries of a lifetime I had stumbled upon the series of National Geographic magazines years ago in which Mr Smith s articles first appeared and loved them I thought that the idea of riding a bicycle around Australia, or anywhere for that matter, sounded great I had no idea that he had turned the articles into a book until finding it by chance while looking for other books on Australia What a treat The author captures the vastness of Australia s outback in a way [...]

  4. Michael

    Author describes nine months spent riding counter clockwise around Australia on a bike An American ex pat resident in Australia, he probably says less than most such travelers about the country because he had lived there so long The bike aspect mostly means that he travels slowly and has experiences which he then describes It isn t much about the bike although there is certainly an endurance aspect to his travels through some pretty extreme conditions.The title is silly crocodiles are mentioned [...]

  5. Stephen Case

    I first met Roff Smith in Northwestern Australia, as he was in the middle of his bike trip around the continent Not in person, of course I read one of his National Geographic articles among some back issues shelved at my folks house But I recently finished Bryson s In a Sunburned Country, and Bryson was right this was an incredible place that I needed to learn about I recalled Smith s articles and wondered if they were collected into a book A bit of searching, an interlibrary loan, and I was of [...]

  6. Jen

    At the age of 38, Roff Smith gets a wild hare to bicycle around the perimeter of Australia He s an American who s been living in Australia for a decade, but he s still not really sure how he feels about the country So he quits his job, gears up, and takes off, somewhat well prepared as far as gear and provisions go but with no real idea what he s getting himself into The resulting book is a really interesting peek into the day to day of life in many different parts of Australia, combined with so [...]

  7. Jeannie

    Probably the best travelogue about Australia which I have ever read Perhaps it helps that I have been to so many of the places, but I found it a very affectionate and balanced account of Australia.

  8. Carolyn

    I originally read this book shortly after it was published in 2000 reading it again now, I find it holds up well Smith gives a nice balance of great experiences and difficult ones, so I think we get a sense of his trip as he experienced it, and not as an overly euphoric memory or as a portrait of grim suffering of which he must have had plenty Two things bothered me that I do not remember bothering me the first time 1 Time He often gives us time markers such as after two days riding or 12 hours [...]

  9. Ryan

    I bought Cold Beer and Crocodiles a few years ago and it sat on my shelf collecting dust, ever since This book was fun Journalist quits his job, buys a bike, rides around the coast of Australia, end of book In between, he meets a lot of people, gets injured and sunburned, and sees a lot of the country It s not, contrary to the subtitle, a journey INTO Australia he stays on the outside But most of the people live on the outside, so it works I thought he managed to make it less of a diary and of [...]

  10. Scott Bischke

    Roff Smith was a US ex pat writer living in Sydney through the 1990s He quits it all don t we all do that OK, or want to do that at some point and pedals off to circumvent Australia Smith starts with a small amount of bike touring knowledge, but a large desire to learn about Australia beyond the big cities Fine writing, enjoyable stories about life on the road with a bike, stories of people and kindness and discovery, stories that anyone who s ever been on a bike tour will recognize and relish K [...]

  11. Michael

    Despite its idiotic title, Cold Beer and Crocodiles is worth it It definitely has the same pitfalls as other travel narratives too wordy, pointless stories, angsty introspection, etc But Roff Smith does better than most for these pitfalls And the other, obvious reason you should read this book is that he circumnavigated Australia on a bicycle Pretty badass.One of my favorite passages from the book The highway west of Camooweal, however, took the concepts of empty, lonely, and bleak to a higher [...]

  12. Stephen Gallup

    As someone who s done a wee bit of traveling in Oz, and as a veteran of a long bicycle odyssey in bygone times nowhere near as ambitious as the author s , I found this account very enjoyable I learned something about parts of Australia I haven t seen, appreciated the parade of colorful characters encountered along the way, and was reminded of the toil involved in daily cross country riding The latter aspect can become repetitive tiring not only for the rider but also to some extent for those rea [...]

  13. Michael Donlan

    This was the first travel book that I have read I usually have a hard time finishing a book However, I knew that this was a good one because I couldn t put it down It wasn t just a book to read before going to bed I actually carried it with me in case I got a spare moment to read Not only did the author entertain me with his description of many popular off the beaten path locations in Australia, but his mode of travel was out of the ordinary This journalist rode his bike around Australia for 9 m [...]

  14. Mike

    I only know about Australia from what I ve see on TV or the occasional bookis book by Roff Smith definitely arouses my curiosity as the land down under might be a place to visit one day.This title is about the author s quest to ride by bicycle around Australia and hit all the major areashe talks of his day to day adventures whether its on the road or perhaps at a stop along the way, thanks to some good Samaratin who offers a place to sleep You read of the many seasons of the continent.g in the S [...]

  15. Michelle

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially once he gets past Cairns and all the places I m already familiar with While I knew that Australia is fairly unpopulated outside the east coast stretch between Sydney Cairns, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, this book really brought to light how many truly barren places there are in that country I was also amazed at the extremes of the weather landscape 100 temperatures, huge storms, etc Not sure I have it in my to bike around the country, but I would def [...]

  16. Derek Tepe

    Is it a friendly Universe Roff Smith ponders this question near the end of his almost 10,000 miles bicycle journey around Australia, following a miserable week of fevers and roadhouse hostility that was ultimately saved by a kind and generous family who took him in at his absolute worst Like other well known journeys of this type, the scenery takes a backseat to the people encountered along the way The Australian outback presented Smith with a cast of memorable characters throughout his journey, [...]

  17. Jeanne

    I enjoyed this book I consider myself a bicycle enthusiast, but the author s 10,000 mile bike trip around Australia seems than daunting He averaged 100 miles each day If I ever rode 100 miles in one day, the last thought I d have the next day, is let s do that again, every day, for the next six months Many of the miles were hot, dusty and lonely He met some of the most welcoming and generous people along the way He fought wind, heat, dust and drenching storms And he enjoyed the trip There was a [...]

  18. Cygny

    OK, it started out rather ok, but not far into the book, I just thought it was an endless list of things he didn t like and it felt as if he was constantly whining There may have been some good parts, but for me, there were so many other parts that it just outweighed the good bits I skipped through the book in the hopes of it getting better, but it didn t seem to So I ended up just putting it down and am not going to spend time at it There should be a not finished status next to the read one Ma [...]

  19. Irene

    I loved this book I need to fess up that I am biased I am an Aussie and Roff writes about places and lifestyles dear to my heart He writes in a very amusing, honest descriptive but not overly so manner about his 10000 mile pushbike get used to the Aussie slang ride around Oz I love the way he includes Aussie literature nostalgic for me and probably new and interesting for a lot of other people.I was rooting for him all the way Good on ya Mate

  20. Sara

    I really enjoyed this Reading made me want to try a long haul bike trip for myself we ll see if that ever actually happens I was a little disoriented by the quick chapters at first, but it makes perfect sense, as most of the stops on Smith s trek are relatively short ones and he covers distance at a good clip.

  21. Artūrs Andžs

    S ku las t padsmito reizi desmit gadu laik ir mana viena no liel s iedvesmas gr mat m Iesaku ar jums Par amerik u ali urn listu, kur vienatn ar divriteni apbrauca apk rt Austr lijai p c tam, kad tur duci gadu jau bija nostr d jis ietekm ga ASV urn la rzemju redakcij un vien dien saprata, ka garo gadu laik o zemi paties b nemaz nepaz st.

  22. Velimir Randic

    A slow start to a mammoth undertaking of circumnavigating Australia by bike After all s said and done, with one major mishap along the way, 10,000 miles and 10 months have gone by An intersting way to really see a country and sometimes an ordeal completed for the sake of doing it than doing it for the pure enjoyment An interesting travelogue nonetheless

  23. Watashi

    I read this several years ago, a page turner, but the story is still stuck in my mind An expariate moves to australia, has a really nice job He quits his job quite suddenly after telling his friends that he is going to bike around the entire country of australia and they laugh about it and don t believe him He does and this is his story.

  24. Mr. Wakiki

    Very good travel book about people and travel not as much a travelogue though.I think Australia to be an interesting country that I am not so interested in going to Though the author speaks highly of the Australians, he interactions with them show many to be either racist or just not very friendly.

  25. Strapper

    Finished this one in three days Amazing account of a bicyclist touring the perimeters of the harsh conditions Down Under I remembered reading a 3 part cyclist tour of Australia in National Geographic a few years ago Brought back memories of that adventure Highly recommend this book

  26. Andrea Mules

    Not done with it yet, but this book is so good Funny and interesting it really gives a feel for the adventure that Roff is taking A great book for cycling people, travel readers, and those interested in a good story.

  27. Paul

    A fantastic look at an Australia that few tourists, much less citizens get to see and experience The author cicumnavigates Austalia on a bike, and sees all that makes Australia unique He also meets some wonderful people along the way return This is a fantastic read.

  28. Diane Nagatomo

    This is the second time I ve read this book the first time was before living in Australia for a year This time it was fun to read the book because I had a much better mental image of Australia I give it 4 stars because it brings back some good memories of my year there

  29. Janet

    Wonderful read Gave me a great sense of the vastness and personalities of Australia I appreciated the author s descriptive abilities that he used to describe the landscape than his inner workings Too many memoir and travel writers are self centered to a fault He was not.

  30. Sandra Heinzman

    My second favorite bicycling adventure book I learned so much about Australia reading it My favorite is Miles from Nowhere by Barbara Savage.

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