Shooting Chant (2020)

Shooting Chant Aimée Thurlo David Thurlo Shooting Chant Navajo Police Special Investigator Ella Clah is newly pregnant and tensions between the traditionalists and modernist Navajo have resulted in vandalisms thefts and murder A break in at the clinic r
  • Title: Shooting Chant
  • Author: Aimée Thurlo David Thurlo
  • ISBN: 9780812568684
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
Shooting Chant Aimée Thurlo David Thurlo Navajo Police Special Investigator Ella Clah is newly pregnant, and tensions between the traditionalists and modernist Navajo have resulted in vandalisms, thefts, and murder A break in at the clinic reveals records of pregnant Navajo women have been stolen Ella s intuition insists these events are linked, and she begins to fear for the life of her unborn child.
Shooting Chant Aimée Thurlo David Thurlo

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    451 Aimée Thurlo David Thurlo
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One thought on “Shooting Chant

  1. Evie

    The Ella Clah novels are interesting detective novels which give an insight into Navajo culture Ella Clah and her perspectives deepen with each novel.She becomes a developed character, as does her mother Rose A really enjoyable read I m making my way through the lot

  2. Mary

    This is the fifth book in this long running series featuring Ella Clah and it gets better with every book The recurring cast of characters give the stories depth and the New Mexico setting adds realism to the Navajo story lines I would recommend this book and the series and will continue to read about Ella et al.

  3. Nancy Wilson

    The series has gotten easier to read and for the most part I enjoy the books but Ella is becoming slightly unbelievable super cop and in this book she is even pregnant I have had six children and trust me when I say that few women in their first trimester would be able to keep their lunch down with all this activity let alone, swimming, running and very little rest And the mystery of the legacy of the family is a bit much to process But it is fiction so this time a PG Ella stopped a terrorist at [...]

  4. Karen

    I picked this up at a library sale, I have read some of this author before but had forgotten the series I will see which other books in this series I haven t read yet and read them I love books about Native American mysteries Tony Hillerman was my favorite, and I enjoyed the book his daughter wrote recently.

  5. Catherine Woodman

    I love Ella Clah, altho it wouldn t be bad for her to get a love interest that lasted at some point she is a great Native American and the mysteries are very good

  6. Jeff Dickison

    Another good entry in the Ella Clah series In this one she has family problems while dealing with kidnappers, murderers and terrorists Well done with interesting plot twists Recommended.

  7. Jewett

    The old ways meet modern terrorism in an interesting way Well worth reading as Ella continues to battle on in her own way.

  8. Betty

    Another Ella Clah mystery Again 3 crimes going on at the same time that she is trying to solve One is a break in at a medical clinic where only pregnancy tests were stolen from client folders why Another crime is two kidnappings of important Navajo leaders why The third is the murder made to look like suicide of a software technologist at a Angelo Lab that produces sterilized equipment and employs both Navajo and Anglo workers Also several different murder attempts on Ella s life occur why Is it [...]

  9. Anne

    This mystery set in the Navajo reservation near Shiprock, NM was interesting, but not compelling for me Some of the dialog seemed contrived, especially early in the book I almost gave up the read early on because I couldn t get comfortable with the characters, especially Ella, but I continued and the mystery drew me in as I progressed I haven t read any of the earlier books in the series and there were enough references to past events to recommend reading from the beginning, but the story stood [...]

  10. Helena

    The Ella Clah series, by David and the late Aimee Thurlo, is another fast paced, entertaining and informative read The primary character, Ella Clah, is a contemporary Navajo woman working in the law enforcement field Where she lives depends on which book in the series you re reading, it could be on the Rez, east, or west coast This series is a fast read, absorbing and well researched with good character development Often there are unexpected twists and turns More recent books will sometimes refe [...]

  11. Stefanie

    Another good Ella Clah mystery Not as good as the last one It does have some annoyances least they were annoying to me The first being that the authors seem to have a pattern where a ton of important events happen between the publishing date of the previous book and the next one In the previous book they brought up a possible love interest for Ella and by the start of this book we learn that she did date him but that they broke it off after a pretty long time being in a relationship The second t [...]

  12. Diane

    A software designer quality manager is found dead in his employer s parking lot of suicide or is it Something is not quite right and stirs Ella Clah s instincts Then two Tribal Leaders are kidnapped in separate incidents When Ella remembers seeing photographs of them in the company offices while investigating the suicide and notes the proprietary attitude of the company s security officer, the savvy mystery readers easily jump down the solution path The clues in this story are almost too obvious [...]

  13. Mom

    Any of David and Aimie Thurlos s books on the Ella Clah series are fun adventure, based on the Navajo Nation around Shiprock, New Mexico This is crime fiction featuring Native American heroes The Thurlos put a lot of Indian lore into their books and focus on characters who struggle to live in two cultures but are never fully embraced by either Ella Clah is a thoroughly modern career woman, but her loyalty to her heritage runs strong and deep, making for a richly explicated interior life that is [...]

  14. Patti

    I really like the main character, Ella Clah, and her family in this series I also like the occasional mystical aspect of the books It s just a bit too much in that every time Ella goes to investigate a scene, it ends up that someone gets hurt somehow, or there s a shootout it definitely calls for suspension of belief I will keep reading them, but read lots of different things in between.

  15. Terre Poppe

    I am reading the whole Ella Clah series of mysteries I like that they are set in Colorado and Wyoming, in Arapahoo Nation land and show a partnership between an Irish priest in an Indian mission and an Arapahoo attorney who wants to help her people Start with the earliest copyrighted book in the series and read forward as they build on each other.

  16. Roberta

    Easy , gripping ,fast, paced book I really enjoyed this book and would like others that like a good murder mystery as much as I do to read and learn about some of the culture I give it a five star rating

  17. Bj Hoover

    The fifth book in this Ella Clah series is just as gripping as all the others, and in this one we meet her daughter Dawn and will enjoy her journey along with her mother s, grandmother s, uncle s and all their relatives and acquaintances What a delightful adventure.

  18. Fredrick Danysh

    Pregnant Navajo police woman investigates mysterious deaths of pregnant animals and humans while trying to keep peace between traditionalists and modern Navajo At the same time she must contend with a legend concerning her family This story remined me of Tony Hillerman and his Indian police.

  19. Gail

    This one was better than the previous one It got quite exciting in the end I just wish they had a better editor for this series I keep finding typos.

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