Wyrms (2020)

Wyrms Orson Scott Card Wyrms The sphere is alien in origin but has been controlled by man for millennia A legend as old as the stars rules this constructed world When the seventh seventh seventh human Heptarch is crowned he wil
  • Title: Wyrms
  • Author: Orson Scott Card
  • ISBN: 9780765305602
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
Wyrms Orson Scott Card The sphere is alien in origin, but has been controlled by man for millennia A legend as old as the stars rules this constructed world When the seventh seventh seventh human Heptarch is crowned, he will be the Kristos and will bring eternal salvation or the destruction of the cosmos.Patience is the only daughter of the rightful Heptarch, but she, like her father befThe sphere is alien in origin, but has been controlled by man for millennia A legend as old as the stars rules this constructed world When the seventh seventh seventh human Heptarch is crowned, he will be the Kristos and will bring eternal salvation or the destruction of the cosmos.Patience is the only daughter of the rightful Heptarch, but she, like her father before her, serves the usurper who has destroyed her family For she has learned the true ruler s honor.Duty to one s race is important than duty to one s self But the time for prudence has passed, and that which has slept for ages has awakened And Patience must journey to the heartsoul of this planet to confront her destiny and her world s.
Wyrms Orson Scott Card

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One thought on “Wyrms

  1. Libbie Hawker (L.M. Ironside)

    I just finished my third or fourth re read of this book, and it occurred to me that I still haven t reviewed it What a crime Because this is one of the finest novels in the sci fi genre, and one of the best books I ve read of any genre.Orson Scott Card s writings from early in his career say, everything from Ender s Shadow and earlier are really amazing works Whatever you may feel about him as a person, given his in my opinion odious political views, it s hard to deny that early on, he was a sup [...]

  2. Abby

    Almost grand in its awfulness, Card reaches new depths of misery in what must be his worst book ever With the exception of Lovelock, I have never felt as agonizingly awkward while reading a book The OSC intelligence and glimpses of insight are not nearly enough to redeem the misery of this plot My primary emotion is relief that it s finally over.

  3. Kriss

    Generally, I liked this book Specifically, I loved the idea of the headjars and headwormsry interesting sci fi concept there Card always has a nice and simple way of writing that just flows, that feels like someone is talking to you So Wyrms was a breeze to get through This book seems to have that fairytale element to it what with characters that have names like Patience and Wreck and Ruin, the Wyrms and their enemy UnWyrm which isn t a bad thing in my eyes, though I can see how it would turn pe [...]

  4. Rebecca

    I really found this book quite compelling It addressed a lot of interesting philosophical questions as well as religious ideas the nature of the self, the nature of the will It was also a very interesting study in human behavior from a diplomatic or political point of view The on going analysis of who is lying and who is telling the truth and why, as well as how people choose to display loyalty of betrayal, was fascinating to me Card also creates a plausible other world theory of how an alien pl [...]

  5. Jona Cannon

    Patience is the rightful Heptarch ruler of Imakulata She is the seventh of the seventh of the seventh of rulers, and has been prophesied that she will either destroy or save all of mankind Now at 15 years old she feels the cranning call The irresistable urge to go to skyfoot, and meet her destiny Even she doesn t know if she will be the messiah, or the anti Christ of their world Card is a fantastic story teller, and this book is no exception from his ability to do just that I was unimpressed wit [...]

  6. Despina

    This book is the reason I no longer read Orson Scott Card The premise is a young girl with extraordinary talent power insert Card child protege stereotype here is called by something she just can t resist Turns out, she must have sex with a big wyrm This book is a painful duplicate of almost everything I ve read by Card Except for the sex with the wyrm, of course.Yeah, sorry if I ve spoiled it for you, but trust me, I think I ve saved you the trouble.

  7. Spider the Doof Warrior

    I haven t read this in a while but, he can t write a normal heterosexual sex scene not saying that only heterosexual sex is normal here but he can write a scene with an amorphous blob and an underaged girl What the hell is up with that

  8. Claudiu

    I and Orson Scott Card have a strange relationship, mainly on my side of the barricade seeing as he probably can t give a toss about a random literature nut on some forum or another Mainly, I hate Orson Scott Card Not because his work is bad and boy, can it ever be BAD , or because of his dubious agendas or even because he s gotten a name for himself by basically regurgitating the same thing over and over nooo, dear reader, I hate Orson Scott Card for all the chances he s wasting in his work I h [...]

  9. Chris Hawks

    saltmanz blog 2006 08 Yesterday 8 15 06 I finished reading Wyrms by Orson Scott Card, for the second time.It has the distinction of being the first Card book I d read outside the Ender series It was a bit of a departure from those books even the heavier of the Ender books like Xenocide and I decided that it was pretty good, but it really didn t do anything for me.Fast forward a few years, and now I own almost all of Card s books, and have read most of those, and my impression is still that Wyrms [...]

  10. Ileana

    am ascultat multe la clubul de lectura nemira despre aceasta carte despre obsesia lui card pentru copiii superdotati, despre cum totul se afla la indemana eroinei principale am citit o din scoarta n scoarta si parerea mea este ca dincolo de SF ul din ea se afla lectii de viata S o luam cu inceputul capitanul navei a coborat pe Imakulata cu oamenii sai, a gasit wyrmi fiinte considerate inferioare , dar care, simtindu si sfarsitul aproape au reactionat pentru conservarea speciei Aceasta conservare [...]

  11. August

    When I first wrote fantasy novels, I thought I had all the steps figured out create an epic cast of characters, give them meaningful names and crucial roles, put them into a mysterious world with a few rules similar to ours but lots different, and send them on an epic quest Then the entire story would be dedicated to building up those characters and the worldd except for hammering home a driving plot point, I would completely forget about plot.I think that s what Card did here.Don t get me wrong [...]

  12. Althea Ann

    So far, this gets my best book of the year award I was thinking that I would have to say I liked it even better than Ender s Game, but I didn t think the ending was handled with quite as much power and finesse And like most of Card s books, although I LOVE the writing, I disagree with his conclusions.Young Patience has grown up on the planet of Imakulata as a slave in the Heptarch s household, the daughter of the ruler s prime assassin, and trained herself in the deadly arts However, with the he [...]

  13. Sara Gabai

    strange very good first half then there is a lot of philosophical dialogue, too much the end is all right.

  14. Profundus Librum

    Orson Scott Card Az egyik legjobb A kegyelem ra m g enn l is jobban tetszett, de att l m g max csillag.

  15. Lacy Phillips

    Intense and unrelenting sexual desire for someone you find completely repulsive as a means of physical and mental torture Imagine having the hots for Dick Cheney and you ll have an instant sympathy for the main character of this sci fi classic I have the first edition with the original dust jacket art featuring a well endowed alien being looming over a damsel in distress It s second only to Hot Sleep which later became the Worthing Chronicles as the most hilarious cover art in the Card bibliogra [...]

  16. Christopher Litsinger

    My thoughts on this book are deeply conflicted Card s work was important to me in my youth, and my daughter is currently reading and enjoying quite a bit of his stuff, but I can t separate my thoughts on a book like this from everything I ve learned about Card s life and political views In this book especially, given the strange telepathic pushing of desire onto the main character, I can t help but wonder how much of this book came from Card s own tortured past.I can t untangle that enough to ev [...]

  17. Alina

    A very interesting book, hard to put aside, which besides the good complex storyline, has applications in real life through elements of psychology about diplomacy, about will and how to overcome your fears and vane desires, etc Loved it

  18. Mae

    I Know everyone loves Ender s Game and I love it to, but this was the first OSC book that I ever read and I still love it.

  19. Paul,

    Interesting book It s not OSC s best writing, but it may be the book in which his own thinking is the clearest From his tone, she knew not to ask directly what the question or the answer might have been Instead, she asked her own questions, What did you learn, as a slave That no man can ever be a slave to another man That is a lie Then I learned a lie But you believe it Will nodded There are people who do things for fear of the lash There are people who do things for fear they will lose their fa [...]

  20. Blake

    Blake KellyThe book Wyrms by Orson Scott Card is a very strange and confusing book It follows the adventure of Patience on the planet Imakulata Patience is a diplomatic assassin who is a prophecy to the people of Immakulata on her way to Cranning Not only is this book really erotic but it gives off a very pulp fiction like story For instance Patience is being called to Cranning to bare the child of Unwyrm The book goes from a dark and brutal start to a overly sexual middle then to and even erot [...]

  21. Letya

    Kicsit f ltem Ender ut n belekezdeni, de nem csal dtam Annak ellen re, hogy volt egy kis sszecseng s a Holtak sz sz l j val.Egy igazi kaland fantasy, mely tudom nyosan meg van magyar zva Lehet, hogy ha fantasy c mk vel lett volna ell tva a k tet, akkor nem veszem k zbe, de gy ut lag Kit rdekel a besorol s M r az els p r oldalon beszippantott a t rt net Card mes l k j cs csra van j ratva Minden egyes fejezet el r bb viszi a t rt netet s az esem nyeket Nincsenek unalmas le r sok, csak p rg s M g a [...]

  22. Viodondu

    Personajul principal se nume te Patience i este mo tenitoarea de drept al unui tron pierdut de str mo ii ei n acela i timp este i cea urm rit de o creatur misterioas , Wirm, care o a teapt de 7000 mii de ani pentru a se mperechia cu ea Ac iune interesant , personaje originale i multe idei despre posibile specii inteligente O lectur u oar i pl cut.

  23. Hannah Heaton

    Great pulpy scifi, I loved the conceptual world Card creates in this book I couldn t put it down until the climax when you find out why Patience is being called cringe worthy After this point though I started to lose interest and maybe wish the book would have had a different ending The romantic in me loved Will but another cynical part didn t love the happy ending.

  24. Kayd Meldrum

    I m torn between 4 and 5 stars but settled with 5 because it was easy to read and stay engaged with the story I also really enjoyed the ideas Card explores in this book The main issue I had with it was the large amount of sexual content Other than that, the story is great.

  25. Peter Marendeak

    Card baromira rt a mesemond shoz B r a karakterek ink bb csak sz cs vek, olyannyira j a vil gteremt se, hogy ez igaz b l nem zavart A strukt ra is lehetne komplexebb, de igazb l ez egy mese Legyen m g ppoly v res s kegyetlen is.

  26. Florin Constantinescu

    Vintage OS Card Beautiful intricate world, original and interesting concepts, fabulous characters.

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