The Hound of the Baskervilles (2020)

The Hound of the Baskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle The Hound of the Baskervilles The barren scene the sense of loneliness and the mystery and urgency of my task all struck a chill into my heart Could the sudden death of Sir Charles Baskerville have been caused by the gigantic gh
  • Title: The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: 9780140437867
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
The Hound of the Baskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle The barren scene, the sense of loneliness, and the mystery and urgency of my task all struck a chill into my heart Could the sudden death of Sir Charles Baskerville have been caused by the gigantic ghostly hound that is said to have haunted his family for generations Arch rationalist Sherlock Holmes characteristically dismisses the theory as nonsense And immersed in a The barren scene, the sense of loneliness, and the mystery and urgency of my task all struck a chill into my heart Could the sudden death of Sir Charles Baskerville have been caused by the gigantic ghostly hound that is said to have haunted his family for generations Arch rationalist Sherlock Holmes characteristically dismisses the theory as nonsense And immersed in another case, he sends Watson to Devon to protect the Baskerville heir and observe the suspects close at hand With its atmospheric setting on the ancient, wild moorland and its savage apparition, The Hound of the Baskervilles is one of the greatest crime novels ever written Rationalism is pitted against the supernatural, good against evil, as Sherlock Holmes seeks to defeat a foe almost his equal.This edition contains a full chronology of Arthur Conan Doyle s life and works, an introduction discussing the background to the novel and the legends and events that inspired the story, with further reading and explanatory notes.
The Hound of the Baskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle

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    Arthur Conan Doyle

One thought on “The Hound of the Baskervilles

  1. Doug Cannon

    My Grandpa Cannon loved this story, and he often told of a time when he went to see a picture show about the Hound of the Baskervilles It scared the willies out of me, he said, and then he and his friend had to part ways as my grandpa rode his bicycle home in the dark.He was thinking about this devil hound, and then he heard something panting behind him He pedaled faster and faster, but the panting only got faster and faster too Then, it was harder and harder to pedal, and his bike was going slo [...]

  2. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    4.5 stars Sherlock Holmes is at his inscrutable and logical best, Dr Watson is his devoted self and manages to actually be helpful, and the mystery is a solid one, with a gothic feel to it And the Baskerville Hound is truly creepy.Holmes and Watson are visited one morning by a Dr Mortimer, who explains the legend of the supernatural hound who haunts the Baskerville family Many years ago, Hugo Baskerville kidnapped a local maiden, who escaped from his manor and ran off into the moors When Hugo tr [...]

  3. Henry Avila

    In the sometimes cold, wet, windy region of southern England called Devonshire, where the land gradually disappears and the stormy sea can be seen, there was a legend of a demonic hound that haunted the Baskerville family through the centuries, beginning in 1647 Hugo Baskerville, a tough individual who got what he wanted until if you are a believer in the supernatural, this vengeful animal mentioned before, came straight from hell, hunted down the vile man and shredding his throat, for a misdeed [...]

  4. Duane

    I think this is my favorite Arthur Conan Doyle story What a combination you have a mystery, a horror story with a demon like wolfhound, set on a dark English moor I ve never seen an English moor, but I ve experienced them through the great books I ve read I ve imagined Catherine stalking the moor in Wuthering Heights searching for her beloved Heathcliff I ve been with Jane Eyre on Marsh Glen when she heard the cry of Jane Jane Jane from her forlorn Mr Rochester, and I ve felt the terror of being [...]

  5. Emily May

    It s hard to believe that I ve never read Doyle s most famous Sherlock Holmes tale until now I don t even know why I ve been putting this off, the short stories that I ve read about the well known detective and his sidekick Dr Watson were pretty good but this little novel has remained on my to read list for years And I found The Hound of the Baskervilles a really enjoyable little story, at times very creepy and at others balanced out with humour The mystery kept me guessing until the end, even w [...]

  6. Ahmad Sharabiani

    781 The Hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes, 5 , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1997 1375 126 9643052281 1379 71 9643509060 1382 220 978963631895 1393 1391 201 9789643807641 1391 242 9786006572895 1902 .

  7. Luffy

    I d been toying with the idea of reading books in French I can understand the language but as for speaking it, well here s another ball game I read part of this edition in my class when I was 13 years old I read when the hound was racing towards its would be victim.Would be victimdue to Sherlock Holmes intervention Holmes is a very fantastic, very popular character Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, though he claimed to loathe the character, had a hidden fondness for Holmes The author was furious with the [...]

  8. LolaReviewer

    Sadly I don t remember much about this one, except for the fact that the setting is very important and that it is an intense mystery I read it for school three years ago Crazy I don t even remember fragments of the story because I recall we did a long and mentally painful paper on it Murder wife not really a dog Baah, what am I even saying It s a blank.

  9. Nandakishore Varma

    This story is an institution from my childhood I first heard it as a child my mother told it to me as a bedtime story yes, my mom is like that I was creeped out totally and continued to be so while I read the story in umpteen plagiarised translations where the hound was changed to all kinds of animal including a monkey and finally in the original I even saw two movie adaptations, one in Malayalam Agnimrigam bad and one in Hindi Bees Saal Baad good.If you are a mystery buff and don t know the sto [...]

  10. Apatt

    Really, Watson, you excel yourself, said Holmes, pushing back his chair and lighting a cigarette I am bound to say that in all the accounts which you have been so good as to give of my own small achievements you have habitually underrated your own abilities It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but you are a conductor of light Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it I confess, my dear fellow, that I am very much in your debt Holmes, you are a conde [...]

  11. Alison

    I love Sherlock Holmes I love his name, I love his clothesI just love his style Reading The Hound of the BaskervillesI felt like I was reading the first detective novel ever written Doyle defined the genre he was the first and the best.My nine year old daughter loves Sherlock Holmes She has a little Sherlock Holmes hat that we bought for dress as your favorite literary character day, and she loves nothing than to put on her little brown trench coat from Target, suck on her plastic pipe, and wal [...]

  12. Jason Koivu

    Highly enjoyable The Hound of the Baskervilles leans towards horror than the usual Sherlock crime solving mystery, but Arthur Conan Doyle worked his hero into this genre with the easy of slipping on a finger print hiding glove Since private investigator Sherlock Holmes office is in town, taking us readers out of London and into the country can be tricky if it s not to seem forced To avoid that, Conan Doyle has Holmes send his friend and volunteer assistant Watson out to check on this silly nons [...]

  13. Brad

    The ultimate tale of the ultimate Victorian hero, The Hound of the Baskervilles is a true masterpiece of the mystery genre, and quite possibly remains the finest mystery novel ever produced even if its first appearance was serialized in Strand Magazine Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s unforgettable hero Sherlock Holmes matches his wits against what appears to be a centuries old curse and the ghostly hound that exacts vengeance on the Baskerville ancestors for Sir Hugo Baskerville s sadistic misdeeds in [...]

  14. James

    It is difficult to think of many literary characters who have had anything like the huge impact that Sherlock Holmes has had not just in literary terms, but culturally as well The legend that is Sherlock Holmes goes way beyond the world of the written word and for good reason too as a character, Holmes is a wonderfully original, eccentric, sociopathic, misanthropic, fascinating, astonishingly brilliant and almost unparalleled creation The wonderful character that is Sherlock Holmes both hero and [...]

  15. Terry

    _The Hound of the Baskervilles_ is probably one of the famous cases of Sherlock Holmes and is also one of only four novel length treatments of the cases of the great detective It s a solid story and is perhaps primarily of interest in the apparently supernatural element which lies at the heart of the case Indeed this element of the tale, along with its ultimate resolution, is very interesting when viewed in the light of Doyle s subsequent conversion to spiritualism and when looked at from this [...]

  16. K.D. Absolutely

    Short yet full packed with action I am halfway with my quest to read the whole Sherlock Holmes canon and I ve read two of his earlier novels and around 30 of his short stories but I think this novel is just the best so far.What make this different and better are the following 1 the gothic ingredient The fearsome hound with burning read eyes that later said to be because of phosphorus I fear crazy dogs or dogs running amok because I was bitten by one when I was a small boy 2 Watson, who usually w [...]

  17. Rebecca McNutt

    This always shocks people, but I live under a rock and have never really had much to do with Sherlock Holmes I ve never watched it on television, never really read Doyle s works on the character or anything else along those lines Finally I got around to reading The Hound of the Baskervilles actually the 5th in a series from what I ve been told , and I m really glad I did This classic is like the epiphany of London fog , capturing the scenery of the British city perfectly and giving readers an un [...]

  18. Li"l Owl

    The Curse of the Baskervilles portrays the terrifying legend that a great black hound, a devil beast, that haunts the lonely moors around Baskerville s ancestral home It is rud that many of the family have met sudden, bloody, and mysterious deaths out on the moors at night and warning was written in an old manuscript.Yet may we shelter ourselves in the infinite goodness of Providence, which would not forever punish the innocent beyond that third or fourth generation which is threatened in Holy W [...]

  19. Mayke

    Review to come and other reviews on my blog bio This was my first Sherlock Holmes I ve read I highly enjoyed it These detective stories give me a real Autumn feeling and gets me all cozy The story was great I ve read that some people already knew who the killer was, but I didn t I was still surprised at the end when the case was solves and reviewed It was a lot of fun to read in the kind of language style of that time, and to still feel like it fits in the modern world The only problem I had was [...]

  20. Jonathan Terrington

    I am a big fan of any writer who is capable of creating powerful and memorable characters in literature And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is no exception His work on other books may also be quality but it is Sherlock Holmes who will always be remembered And for good reason The man is brilliant, eccentric and also flawed in slight ways morally and ethically He s intriguing, he s slightly dangerous, he s obsessive Is there no adjective you cannot throw at the blended mix that is Holmes If I were to put p [...]

  21. Yani

    Hasta ahora he limitado mis investigaciones a este mundo dijo He combatido el mal dentro de mis modestas posibilidades, pero enfrentarse con el mism simo Padre del Mal quiz sea una tarea demasiado ambiciosa.Aviso la rese a se puede leer tranquilamente porque no hay spoilers de los libros anteriores y no son necesarios para leer la novela Se siente bien volver al ruedo Me refiero a haber retomado los casos de Sherlock Holmes, esta vez para completarlos y saldar la deuda que me qued desde mi adole [...]

  22. Geoff

    Now is the dramatic moment of fate, Watson, when you hear a step upon the stairs which is walking into your life, and you know not whether for good or ill What makes The Hound of Baskervilles not only the best Holmes novel I ve read so far, but also the definitive gothic murder mystery, and, some argue, the greatest crime novel ever written Following is a list of key suspects Manor house murthers mysterious missives motivations as murderously murky as the mires moors masked in mist MOOD MOOD MOO [...]

  23. Veronique

    Presume nothing This is one of Conan Doyle s best story, mixing mystery with eeriness This is achieved from both setting, the moor, and writing style, Victorian, both very much in the Gothic The Hound of the Baskerville also presents a better structure than the previous two novels, which were juxtaposed with related but ultimately distracting narrations, showing that the author honed in his writing skill.Arrogant Sherlock Holmes is once orchestrating everything, keeping everyone, including the [...]

  24. Adrian

    Oh I do so love Sherlock I have read this book a few times over the years god, I sound ancient ha ha , but I never tire of it I have also seen and own any number of movie TV versions of this story and they all bring something to the story in their different ways.It is a wonderful story featuring a fictional character that surely half the world knows As G K Chesterton put it, most other detective stories are judged on the intricacies of the story line and the characters are secondary, Conan Doyle [...]

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