The Mormon Murders (2020)

The Mormon Murders Steven Naifeh Gregory White Smith The Mormon Murders On October two pipe bombs shook the calm of Salt Lake City Utah killing two people The only link both victims belonged to the Mormon Church The next day a third bomb was detonated in the
  • Title: The Mormon Murders
  • Author: Steven Naifeh Gregory White Smith
  • ISBN: 9780312934101
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
The Mormon Murders Steven Naifeh Gregory White Smith On October 15, 1985, two pipe bombs shook the calm of Salt Lake City, Utah, killing two people The only link both victims belonged to the Mormon Church The next day, a third bomb was detonated in the parked car of church going family man, Mark Hoffman Incredibly, he survived It wasn t until authorities questioned the strangely evasive Hoffman that another, shockinOn October 15, 1985, two pipe bombs shook the calm of Salt Lake City, Utah, killing two people The only link both victims belonged to the Mormon Church The next day, a third bomb was detonated in the parked car of church going family man, Mark Hoffman Incredibly, he survived It wasn t until authorities questioned the strangely evasive Hoffman that another, shocking link between the victims emergedIt was the appearance of an alleged historic document that challenged the very bedrock of Mormon teaching, questioned the legitimacy of its founder, and threatened to disillusion millions of its faithful unless the Mormon hierarchy buried the evidence.Drawing on exclusive interviews, The Mormon Murders reconstructs a secret conspiracy of God, greed, and murder that would expose one of the most ingenious con men in the annals of crime and shake the very foundation of a multibillion dollar empire to its core.
The Mormon Murders Steven Naifeh Gregory White Smith

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    494 Steven Naifeh Gregory White Smith
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One thought on “The Mormon Murders

  1. Jill Hutchinson

    Let me start this review with a disclaimer I am not a Mormon LDS nor do I know much about that religion As I read this book, I was rather disturbed and checked to see if the authors had been sued by the LDS but they had not therefore, I have to think that their conclusions of the church s involvement in this story are close enough to the truth to avoid litigation.In 1985 two pipe bombs exploded in peaceful Salt Lake City killing two individuals and then a third detonated two days later, severely [...]

  2. Jackie

    I was so interested in reading this, as I only remember bits and pieces of these murders, but the first line turned me off completely It began with mormon type bashing written as though they authors were in completes with the Sheets and their dead wife mother They told how Kathy Sheets felt, what she thought and what she believed She is dead they never even met herI do not feel they have the right to do this to her or anyone else who is deceased and they have never met I did read about 70 pages, [...]

  3. Matt

    To Fred Harmon devout Mormon, chief ATF investigator , the real villain was President Gordon B Hinckley He saw no chagrin on Hinckley s broad, implacable face No repentance No apologies No admission of wrongdoing Just arrogance plain unbridled arrogance As far as he was concerned, Hinckley had fallen for Mark Hofmann s blackmail, bought up damaging documents and hidden them away in his private vault, and in so doing, indirectly contributed to the deaths of two innocent people And then lied about [...]

  4. Eric_W

    Religion, belief systems, cults, and the soul are always interesting material to read about What attracts people to a particular belief system which other equally intelligent and educated individuals may revile or despise even though the core of that belief may stem from similar foundations Most religions, fortunately for their followers, were created before print journalism became commonplace Newspapers and the printed word preserve the less agreeable aspects belief in magic and the occult com [...]

  5. JC

    This book is a bit disturbing and a little slanted I would say There are some things that probably shouldn t have been published here view spoiler say for example some of the exact wording from the pre 1990 temple ceremony hide spoiler That being said, it s pretty crazy the extent to which Mark Hoffman went in order to make a few bucks and how blinding stupid people gave him money and took his word for things I must say that it s great that Hoffman was willing to explain some of how things happe [...]

  6. Ryan Crompton

    This book is a good but somewhat flawed account of the Hoffman killings that rocked Salt Lake in the mid 80 s.Much like Jon Krakauer 20 years after Mormon Murders was written, Naifeh is a great author when he confines himself to facts in evidence but loses credibility when he speculates or otherwise exposes his coastal provincialism There were two items in particular that bothered me the hearsay idea that Jerald Tanner s phone was bugged in the 70 s the basis for this claim is Jerald s claim tha [...]

  7. Jim Whitefield

    If this book had been fiction, I would have rated it one of the best crime thrillers I have ever read The fact that it is a true story about real people, including murder and mayhem, forgery, bribery, surreptitious bank loans arranged by Mormon hierarchy, cover ups, and legal deals , along with Mormon Church leaders lying completely about even knowing Hoffman, it takes my rating to beyond belief This is not a boring work about a legal process it is a fast paced, gritty, edge of seat thriller all [...]

  8. Nancee

    I would probably give this book a 2 1 2, but I didn t round up I knew nothing about this story when I started I really enjoyed the first part of the book that introduced all the characters and set the stage It was pretty informative and interesting I also enjoyed the last few chapters from the preliminary hearing forward that brought everything together I would have given the book 3 1 2 starts for these sections Theses sections were of a factual summary with little personal interpretation The b [...]

  9. Judy

    I actually have the hard back what s left of it It took me nearly 2 months to finish it during a hectic period, it was carried in my purse to Egypt and back that by the time I was done, the book was as decrepit as if someone had bombed this book that expells the secrets of the bombings and murders by Mormons in the 80 s The story is told point blank like an FBI agent giving a brief 2 lawyers wrote it Yet, to it s credit, because it s to the point with so many parties and so much BS involved it w [...]

  10. Brett Bydairk

    A true crime book that also reveals the true nature of The Church Of Christ Of Latter Day Saints the Mormons founded by a con man, who possibly was killed by his brother Joseph Smith, another con artist, this is a fascinating account oflies, murder, and Temple politics.

  11. Kennedy

    Hugely damning of the Mormon Church in general and Gordon Hinckley in specific The crimes of Mark Hofmann, forgery fraud and murder, play an interesting companion to the cover up by the church and it s influence over the legal proceedings.

  12. Suri Thomas

    Extremely detailed and well researched As a relative of 30 victims from theMountain Meadows massacre, the violence inherent in this book was not a great surprise.I was amazed at the gullibility of investors who bankrolled Hoffman in such an enterprise.Greed tends to collect strange bedfellows.

  13. Ciara

    this book is awesome it s the cheesiest of the cheesy true crime, recounting the mark hofmann case hofmann was a disgruntled mormon who got into forging incendiary documents linking joseph smith to magic money digging he would then sell his documents directly to the church of latter say saints, where they would be shut up in the infamous vault, away from anyone who might use them to try to discredit the church but his ambitions outpaced his relationship with reality, as he continued to bring in [...]

  14. Carla JFCL

    This is a really interesting book about crimes that somehow I had never heard of though, in my defense, the major ones happened 25 years ago and who knows what I was paying attention to in the world then I did have some trouble following events in the book, because there are dozens of main players, numerous documents and several different locations to keep straight I didn t think these were handled very well, as the writing lacked some continuity and good transitions At times it seemed like some [...]

  15. Katie

    This is a true crime story about a series of bombings that Salt Lake City experienced in 1985, when I was two years old This story, written by two Harvard graduates, delves into the life and lies of one man who single handedly sought out to change the history of the Mormon church Mark Hoffman, a devout mormon on the outside but a true closet atheist, learned early in life that that human perception dictates what is true and what is false, not what actually is so This story digs deep into the rec [...]

  16. Rachel

    This was an intriguing read, although a difficult one to stick with at times The authors grabbed my attention right off with the timeline and description of all three bombings However, they spent the next 50% of the book detailing the financial affairs of a single character, without giving much detail of how the information related to the overall story There were hundreds of names and scores of documents listed with varying dollar amounts flowing into and out of the plot, but only my perseveranc [...]

  17. Connie (Ava Catherine)

    Two pipe bombs killed two people in Salt Lake City, Utah, on October 15, 1985 The only link seemed to be that they were both members of the Mormon Church However, the next day another bomb was detonated in a parked car of a Mormon churchman, Mark Hofmann As incredible as it seems, Hofmann survived, and it wasn t until police investigators questioned the evasive Hoffmann that another, shocking link among the victims surfaced This link was a historical document which had allegedly surfaced that c [...]

  18. Stephanie

    True crime and inside sleaze about the LDS church how could it not be fascinating I ll never forget the flight cross county in the early 90s where I had loaned a co worker Secret Ceremonies and she was about 3 rows behind me, and every once in a while I and pretty much the entire coach section would hear OH MY GOD or some similar comment from her That book was quite an eye opener, and I have been interested in the inner workings of the church since.Mark Hoffman was a forger and a liar and an all [...]

  19. Adam Cornelius

    This was a true crime page turner Mark Hoffman is a bizarre and complex character Part genius counterfeiter master manipulator of people, including the leaders of the LDS church He knew the sore spots and kept poking and prodding to get exactly what he wanted He was also largely delusional and a wannabe secret agent The reason I deducted two stars has to do with the authors liberal attempt to show the thought processes of the characters I would ve preferred actual details of the murders and inf [...]

  20. Jill Jaracz

    This is a mind boggling account of the 1980 s case in Salt Lake City in which Mark Hoffman forged a whole bunch of documents, claiming they were historical Mormon documents, the content of which could rock the church s very core and cause mass exodus from the faith In the process of covering his tracks and making shady deals so that he could pay everyone he owed, Hoffman planted some pipe bombs, killing two people and injuring himself in the process The case is incredibly complex, but the author [...]

  21. Michelle

    Although I love reading about murder, religion and crimes of all sorts, I really haven t read a lot of true crime books This is a great book, kept me interested and indulged me in my hobby of organized religion bashing haha Just kidding But a look into the corruptness of organizations that so many millions of people put their faith, family s wellbeing and lifetimes into serving is quite eye opening and very interesting Totally worth reading I especially liked when the LDS church officials tried [...]

  22. Tbone

    I really enjoyed this book I thought it was well written and researched and had some really interesting things about the LDS church my church I am mormon that I didn t know However, I did have to laugh a little at how they talked about leadership positions in the church and how people just want to be a Bishop or Stake President or General Authority so badly I dont think they realize these are not paid positions and I for one never want to be any of those things despite having been Elders quorum [...]

  23. Natalie

    Is it really too much to ask a true crime book to include a bibliography and leave out outlandish claims I stopped 30 pages in after glaring lies and over exaggerations Seriously, I thought TRUE crime was supposed to be true There is enough intrigue and scandal in the mormon church and in this whole forgery debacle without the need for the authors to sensationalize stuff Blech Ok an update If you are interested in reading about the Hofman murders, read Salamander The Story of the Mormon Forgery [...]

  24. Becky

    The story told in this book is pretty interesting, and particularly if you try to imagine how this all actually happened back in the 80s I m glad I read it but found it could have used editing This presents the full story oftentimes in excruciating detail, but for someone looking for a good read on an interesting account in history, it could should have been about 1 2 the length it is I think.

  25. Ruth

    I got totally wrapped up in this one Although I d vaguely known about the forgeries in the 80s, I hadn t known how much fallout had surrounded their discovery and I hadn t known about the murders The writing solid, and although the book s a hefty size, the writers keep the story zipping along Thanks to mom for finding a book that bridges two of my reading obsessions Mormon culture and true crime.

  26. Jesse Markus

    I read this book in jail in 2003 It was how I first learned about the bizarre story of how Mormonism came to be By now, we ve all seen the South Park episode But then this book goes into a story about corruption and scandal and cover up and betrayal and violence and twists and turns and yadda yadda yadda I don t remember much of it, nor do I know how true it is, but I know it was pretty fun to read.

  27. Lacey

    I would not recommend this book to a non Mormon or to a Mormon with a weak testimony Mark Hoffman came up with some pretty convincing lies, and even though you know they are lies, it would be easy to start to believe his non sense But with that said, I absolutely loved the book It was very interesting It made me mad that someone would take advantage of the Church like that, and that is probably why I couldn t put the book down.

  28. Brian Durfee

    7 THE MORMON MURDERS A True Story Of Greed, Forgery, Deciet, And Death by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith Durfee s top 50 non fiction books countdown Second book about Mark Hoffman s forgeries, murders, and bombings in SLC that made my list Was obsessed with this subject whilst in college Gordon B Hinckley and Dallin H Oaks true colors shine through here Oh, and Mark Hoffman, a bit of a con man too

  29. Paul

    If you re into true crime stories, I think you ll enjoy this book I read this book 20 years ago when I was in college I started it over the winter break and brought it with me back to school Around midnight one night, a friend of mine asked me for something to read to help him go to sleep, so I tossed him this book He chewed me out the next day he couldn t put the book down and was awake until after 5AM.

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