Only With A Highlander (2020)

Only With A Highlander Janet Chapman Only With A Highlander She must choose between her destinyd her desire As soon as Pine Creek s new mystery man steps into her art gallery Winter MacKeage is intrigued This sexy stranger Matt Gregor wants her to do some d
  • Title: Only With A Highlander
  • Author: Janet Chapman
  • ISBN: 9780739459430
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
Only With A Highlander Janet Chapman She must choose between her destinyd her desire As soon as Pine Creek s new mystery man steps into her art gallery, Winter MacKeage is intrigued This sexy stranger, Matt Gregor, wants her to do some drawings of his dream house And with his tiger gold eyes and masculine charm, he s impossible to resist But so is Winter s Scottish heritage As the seventh MacKeageShe must choose between her destinyd her desire.As soon as Pine Creek s new mystery man steps into her art gallery, Winter MacKeage is intrigued This sexy stranger, Matt Gregor, wants her to do some drawings of his dream house And with his tiger gold eyes and masculine charm, he s impossible to resist But so is Winter s Scottish heritage As the seventh MacKeage daughter, she must embrace her true magical callingd deny her mortal desires Soon Winter is heating up in Matt s strong arms and her fiery heart is torn Can she give up the destiny she was born to fulfill for the only man she s ever truly loved
Only With A Highlander Janet Chapman

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    Janet Chapman

One thought on “Only With A Highlander

  1. Michelle the Romance Witch

    OMG what a fantastic story.i couldn t stop squealing for the last 30 pages Totally out of left field with that twist at the end Of course full of heat, passion, love and humor as any Chapman books is, but Matt and Winter s long awaited love story was a giant leap above what even i expected With tons of little plot twists that really i wish i could see i saw comin but totally didn t and glimpses into previous characters that leave you tearing up and thinking AWWWWWWWW , this book really deserves [...]

  2. Ailin Skye

    Vengo destilando ganas de hablaros de un libro y de una serie que me ha vuelto loca desde que empec con ella, varios a os atr s, y que cada vez se me hace mas duro no seguir mis instintos y terminarla ya, porque necesito saber que sucede con m s personajes Sin embargo, la voz de la paciencia me dice que espere, y os traiga poco a poco estas obras.El d a de hoy os voy a confesar porque me encanta esta serie Todo es porque me gusta pensar que las leyes de la f sica, se pueden romper para poder log [...]

  3. Quinn

    3.5 starsThis series is still going strong for me 5 books in, despite the fact that the focus is no longer on the original Scottish warriors, but rather their adult children Although this book takes place exclusively in the modern day, there is still a strong paranormal focus, mostly centred around magic and time travel.Winter MacKeage, 7th daughter of Laird Greylan MacKeage, is the reason why most of the events of the previous four books occurred It was her birth that was foretold in the prophe [...]

  4. Jules

    I was into this book right away as the story gets rolling immediately From the moment she sets eyes on Matt Gregor, Winter is hooked Line and sinker This story is full of interesting, richly written characters I enjoyed the verbal banter as well as the building of the tension between the two main characters and with the family members There is humor in abundance as well as a finely crafted storyline Several different mysteries pop up through the book and will all come together in the end to fina [...]

  5. ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡

    Well Great book, but I am really getting annoyed with the out of the blue Oh I am in love with him and would die for him from who knows where No building, just there However, it was a great read Love this series I also love the fact when I read one of these it says present time, and the next present time book is 50 years later Gotta love it Sooo Winter, the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter of the seventh son, meets a hottie highlander who happens to walk into her gallery She is going to [...]

  6. BJ Rose

    This was almost a 4 , and I may upgrade my 3.5 after I think about it a while I was disappointed about a couple of things that weren t in this story, such as Mary the snowy owl, who was referred to but played no role here and I could see a couple of spots where her interaction would have been great now I m telling the author what to write But I guess my biggest disappointment was with Winter s character there s been so much buildup in previous books about her destiny as the 7th daughter, that i [...]

  7. Lin #Historical lover...❤️

    I need to make time to review this book and series properly I adored both This is my favorite from the series after reading these books I added fantasy to my list of favorite genres.I must at least say this book aced the features I most look for in a novel Originality non predictabilityCredibility in characters I should feel them Their emotions and reactions as well as the plot must fit the person I should forget its fiction.Pace Don t put me to sleep waiting for something to happen.Anticipation [...]

  8. Michele

    This book isn t up to par with the other books in this series.The main character, Winter, is supposedly 25 years old, the youngest of 7 girls and has lived away at college Her parents are very strong characters who have exposed their daughters to a wide variety things in life Her emotional maturity was in line with a 16 18 year old The story would have been better with Winter being less naive and insecure.

  9. Mareli

    I totally fell in love with Matt and his real identity was a surprise for me And Winter is very lucky to have him I would liked to have them both kill the druid but heck we cannot have everything LOLthe 4 stars are because of Tom I didn t like it the ending so much.Onto the next one

  10. Ukgardenfiend

    good fun always like a book with a hunky Scots in it add a druidh and all is set for a time travel romance.

  11. Lori McD

    3.5 starsWe skip ahead from Book 4 Robbie s story to Winter s story We know from Book 1 that Daar Pendaar needed to bring Greyland MacKeage forward in time from the 13th century so that he could find his true mate in Grace Sutter Daar knows that their 7th daughter all daughters born around the winter solstice is to be his druid replacement that he is to teach her how to use her magic to keep their clans alive and healthy But Daar has always maintained that Winter won t come into her powers until [...]

  12. Sandra Walker

    So funny and exciting to read, I really enjoyed this one Didn t much like the ending, should have been to it, I think.

  13. Stephanie

    This book fulfilled my need for cheesy, unappetizing, embarrassing romance novels for the time being I understand that this type of romance novel is firmly entrenched in our world it s the daytime soaps of books but is it too much to ask for decent plots characters romance to be integrated in them aside from in some chick lit and regular fiction Sometimes I just want to read about the road two people take to falling in love without the pretext of other interests in their lives taking up lots of [...]

  14. Beth F.

    The first half of this book was fantastic I had a hard time keeping my 1 hour lunch break only an hour and only took breaks in the evening to make dinner, have a short chat with my husband about seasonal allergies and the problems in the stock market and then make sure he was content playing his Madden football game on PS3 so my novel and I could hole away on our own somewhere.The heroine is Winter MacKeage, the seventh daughter of Grey and Grace MacKeage whose story was told in the first novel [...]

  15. Felicity

    I admit it I m embarrassed to confess to reading these But they re not that bad OK yes they are bad But they re bad in such a sweet way, I can t help myself This one in particular is really sweet and loony They re all loony oh hell yeah vaguely medieval Scottish warriors who are kinda like Picts kinda like Braveheart but with magic would totally become rich, perfect husbands and run a ski resort and a camp for disabled children, who could ever tbink otherwise but this one in,particular goes off [...]

  16. Daphne

    First book of the Highlander series for me, though from the Midnight Bay series there are snippets of Matt and Winter in it which gave me a certain heads up on what was in stores for me Though the build up of love at first sight was a little off but I felt that as the interaction between Matt and Winter grows, the relationship was somehow logical but yet still left me with some doubts Matt, the male lead of the story, it is captivating how confident he holds himself and yet on the other hand he [...]

  17. Lyndsay

    Continuing with the second generation of Highlanders Winter, the seventh daughter and with a magical destiny finds her match Matt is a ancient wizard trying to right a wrong he made hundreds of years ago The last three chapters are just weird A little convaluted and TOOOO easy of an ending The conflict that started up several books before ends in a nice package of ho hummness Not that I was wanting major conflict in a romance novel The conclusion just came so fast it felt rushed and put it in a [...]

  18. TINNGG

    It s not bad actually At least, until near the end when you discover the young h s old friend is her grandson who travelled back to assist in getting his grandparents togetheror was it to meet them And then you realize the author managed to hoist herself from her own petard with the timeline.n This is some 37 years after the original 10 TT ed, as was noted in the book In the first book, supposedly the H h met in 2003 or so And yet there s no sign that technology has advanced in nearly 40 years F [...]

  19. Gina

    Only With a Highlander by Janet ChapmanLight and frothy for me it was just okay 24 year old Winter McKeage meets Matt Gregor and is struck speechless at his gorgeousness After two weeks, she knows that she loves him with every fiber of her being While wizards, druids and magic are mentioned throughout the book, none of that is really displayed as a part of the story Update, Oct 11, 2014 Now having read another of Janet Chapman s books, one in the Spellbound Falls series, and thoroughly enjoyed i [...]

  20. Lynne Tull

    The story has now moved into the mystical realm Ms Chapman has been ingenious in guiding us from the modern world into a new mystical world entered by traveling through time It is full of magic and magical characters My only criticisme heroine was not given a stronger personality I was not impressed with her portrayal of being a spoiled and pampered youngest sister of seven sisters Her performance was exceptionable The next story seems predictable, but could take a new turn So far, the next sto [...]

  21. Michelle

    I don t know why i like Janet Chapman s Highlander series but i do.I must say that a tall,handsome,muscle bound Scot might have somthing to do with it.I really liked Winter the heroine and her hero Matt.While their chemistry was a little off there is no denying it s there and pretty potient.One love scene in particular in the bathroom on the sink and then the shower had me curling MY toes I also love how the author intertwines family into the couples romance and eventually pulls the hero into th [...]

  22. Chris

    I loved this book I found it to be a perfect example of Janet Chapman s writing style It is a story about highland warriors with a paranormal twist I really enjoyed the continuing saga of the McKeage and McBain clans and their love of family I enjoyed discovering and following the relationship that develops between Winter McKeage and newcomer to the mountain, Matt Gregor It is a heart warming story of love and hope that doesn t disapoint I found this book to be an easy and quick read It left me [...]

  23. Serena Miles

    Pues este libro a mi no me ha gustado He tardado un mes en leerlo, y porque me quiero acabar la saga que si no lo hubiera dejado a mediasAl principio me engancho rapidamente, pero luego me resulto una pesadez el personaje de Matt no me termina de llamarY tanto lio con el pu etero pino, y tanta magia y no se enteran de nada Y tanto sufrimiento para un final mas empalagoso que cien tarros de miel que no, creo que es el unico libro de toda la saga que no me ha gustadomi nota un 2, y porque salen Gr [...]

  24. Ronda

    Another great book in the series This one really has you guessing about what is going on I have read this series from book one and there have been hints all along about winter and that she is supposed to be a powerful something It was so neat when she met Matt and fell for him I knew something was going on with him but had no idea who he really was The Tom thing I had not idea that he was something else until way into the book It is a great book that you can really get into I love the characters [...]

  25. Shermel

    The story blurb don t set will with me If my desire to just read this book don t set in I wouldn t have Winter is a strong female character but I wish she was stronger in sense and independence She seemed like a 2 year old playing a adult role most of the time But I still like her personality Matt was just ok I like the mystery of his character but toward the end he felt flat to me Janet Chapman is a great writer but I just couldn t sit and read any.

  26. Ria F

    Really enjoyed this book I already knew how Matt and Winter would end up, and how their magic would end up, but the story was a good escape for me right now I really, really, really liked the identity of Talking Tom revealed at the end of the book, and it was good to see Greylan and Grace still in love after 33 years and 7 daughters,What did moderately annoy the obsessive part of my brain is after describing the Gregor plaid the plaid on the cover looks nothing like it

  27. Shawn

    This book was a great read The humor was placed at good spots and the romance between Winter and Matt was believable The best thing about this story was that towards the middle of the book you begin to think the ending is going to be bad a negative result What ends up happening is a surprise and one that makes the READER question their level of hope for this world we are living in now I found myself reevaluating my abilities to hope and love and trust What a good book

  28. Linda

    The fifth book in Chapman s Pine Creek Highlander Series centers around Winter MacKeage and the powerful druidh, Curam de Gairn Years ago Pendaar Father Daar , sent Greylen MacKeage into the future to find Greylen s mate Pendaar wanted to ensure the eventual birth of his heir, Winter MacKeage Grace and Greylen s seventh daughter This book is filled with interesting characters as secrets are uncovered, and Winter takes control of her destiny.

  29. Karen

    3.5 stars I am a big fan of the Highlander in this series This is daughter Winter s book I did enjoy the story, but I found it was a little lacking compared to earlier books in the series Maybe I didn t quite feel the connection between Matt and Winter But since it has some paranormal elements to it, I was able to suspend my beliefs in some of the final events that took place I am also looking forward to the next book, with Winter s sister Megan.

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