True Honor (2020)

True Honor Dee Henderson True Honor CIA officer Darcy St James is after a man who knew September would happen a man who chose to profit from the knowledge Navy SEAL Sam Cougar Houston is busy The intelligence Darcy is generating has
  • Title: True Honor
  • Author: Dee Henderson
  • ISBN: 9781414310640
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
True Honor Dee Henderson CIA officer Darcy St James is after a man who knew September 11 would happen a man who chose to profit from the knowledge Navy SEAL Sam Cougar Houston is busy The intelligence Darcy is generating has his team deploying around the world Under the pressure of war, their romance flourishes But it may be a short relationship for the terrorists have chosen their next taCIA officer Darcy St James is after a man who knew September 11 would happen a man who chose to profit from the knowledge Navy SEAL Sam Cougar Houston is busy The intelligence Darcy is generating has his team deploying around the world Under the pressure of war, their romance flourishes But it may be a short relationship for the terrorists have chosen their next targets, and Darcy s name is high on the list Uncommon Heroes Welcome to a world where friendships go deep, loyalties stand strong, and uncommon heroes perform the toughest jobs in the world Dee Henderson s military romance series provides a detailed passage into the world of the military and homeland heroes, and those they love.
True Honor Dee Henderson

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One thought on “True Honor

  1. Sarah

    This is my favorite book of the Uncommon Heroes series I was very intrigued by Darcy and her work as a spy I love how good she is with disguises The story grabs your attention from the beginning holds it throughout A very good, fast paced book with intrigue romance.

  2. Regina

    Have you ever read a book that you liked, but you don t know why you liked it I m not sure that this book deserves 3 stars, but I m giving it 3 because I thought it was better than 2 stars Ok, this is supposedly a Christian romance novel I don t normally read romance novels, Christian or otherwise, but someone gave me the book so I thought I d give it a try Yes, romance is part of the story, but this book actually has a plot and it is not full of sex which is usually what a romance novel is all [...]

  3. Sarita

    I flew through this story It started out with a bang when Darcy was attacked and the story was intriguing till the end.I loved the Interaction between Darcy and Sam Cougar and loved the fact that Joe and Tom from the previous 2 books also made frequent appearances.The search for the terrorists were interesting and the events that happened believable I loved that Darcy was in the CIA, which made for some fun parts, especially the scene in the mall The CIA scenes made me think of Alias.The plot wa [...]

  4. Rebekah Tooley

    Thus was such an eye opener I haven t read many books on 9 11 so this was a first timer for me I liked how characters from the other books in this series were involved.

  5. Sarah

    The end of this book has a really funny scene that made me laugh I was looking for it because I ve already read Full Disclosure and it didn t disappoint This had all the stuff I like lots of action, suspense, spy stuff, a sweet romance The 9 11 chapter was hard to read and I don t remember it because I was so little It was an interesting idea if something that could have happened during that time I like getting the little cameos of Bear and Wolf and their lives Joe and Kelly have a little girl, [...]

  6. Emma

    True HonorI love Dee Henderson s writing.I used to have the entire O Malley collection, including Danger in the Shadows I read this story in a hard time of life and recently started thinking about it again so of course I had to find it, buy it, read it Very uplifting and reassuring Just like meeting with an old friend, you pick up where you left off never a day gone by A hard topic addressed, and handled well with the anger, the dedication, the struggle and the faith.

  7. Barbara

    Dee Henderson is a great author, and this is a nice Christian mystery romance novel Darcy and Sam are great characters, and compliment each other very well There were a few portions that were a little too military and detailed for me, but overall it is a nice read Her O Malley series, in my opinion, is better than this series, but it is still worth reading.

  8. Sarah C

    I didn t enjoy this book in the slightest the story was bumpy and honestly rather dull, it was incredibly cliche, there was false foreshadowing that led nowhere, and the characters fell flat I usually like Henderson s work, but not this time, and I was surprised because I loved True Courage now entitled Kidnapped in the same series.

  9. Kathryn

    A chance meeting starts the journey in the spook or CIA spy, Darcy St James and a SEAL Sam Cougar I love the irony that the spook doesn t know how to swim and when the attempt to take her out by one of her old contacts Sergey puts her in a pool after being stabbed, Sam is there to help her out I love the easy friendship that evolves even though both of these individuals is focused on keeping their country safe from terrorism Terrorism is what brings them together in their purpose Darcy is wantin [...]

  10. Rose on aish

    The story begins with Darcy St James as a retired agent from the CIA, but when Gabriel, her fellow agent, calls her back to service, she cannot refuse Agreeing to meet former Russian spy Sergey, Darcy starts her duty But when the meeting turns unexpectedly, Sam Houston,a Navy SEAL she just met, comes to her aid Two days later, planes crash into the twin towers and suddenly some CIA colleagues are added to the Trade Center disaster, Darcy decides to help anyway she can Her intelligence efforts le [...]

  11. Susan Baganz

    True Honor is book number three Darcy St James retired from the CIA after being awarded the Intelligence Star for Valor She s a spy Or at least she was But with a contract out on her head she s retreated to the seclusion of North Dakota and a much relaxed life until circumstances pull her back into action just before the 9 11 attacks.Chief Petty Officer Sam Cougar Houston meets Darcy quite by accident after his friend Wolf s wedding from book two He is one of Joe Bear Baker s bear cubs and Wolf [...]

  12. Heidi Kelsch

    I have enjoyed reading Dee Henderson s books, but for some reason I found this book a little harder to get into It was the same attention grabbing story line of suspense, murder, mystery, romance, and the like, but I found the story a little unrealistic and not as well written as the other books by Henderson I felt like there were too many very close calls but nothing bad really happened and quite often in the heat of things the chapter ended and the story shifted scenes Some parts I felt like [...]

  13. Jeni Enjaian

    I enjoyed this one much better than the second in the series for one reason, the plot seemed to go somewhere See my review of True Valor for further explanation Of course, certain aspects of the plot require the reader to realize that it is Christian romantic suspense, namely the instant connection between Darcy and Sam and the lack of trouble she has getting Sam in as an active participant in CIA affairs.The climax did feel a little disjointed and unclear to me but that s most likely due to the [...]

  14. Notbagels

    Ugh Just ugh There s no way she s a CIA agent She has TERRIBLE observation skills and doesn t lie very well So what She can wear a really good disguise Eh And I usually love the MAN PROTECTOR trope, but this doesn t come off as caring and loving and protective, it comes off a little I think you re weak and can t do your job and might get yourself killed so I must save you from yourself Which, okay she DOES kind of suck at her job, but the author doesn t think she does, so why would the dude I d [...]

  15. Laura

    Darcy St James who had retired from the CIA and soon after 911 happened She is hunting down the man who she knew this tragedy would happen He not only knew but profited from knowing the event was going to happen Into this came Chief Petty Officer Sam Houston His expertise of being one of the snipers working as a Seal brought him into this crisis His job is to avoid additional killing and destruction and Darcy s knowledge of contacts had them on a hunt for this man or men before some other situat [...]

  16. Paula

    I think I liked this book better than the first 2 It was an emotional read at times, but completely captivating Cougar Sam Houston meets a very intriguing young woman the night of his best friends wedding Darcy is waiting to meet someone when she initiates conversation with Sam When the person shows, she excuses herself Sam is left wandering until he hears a splash in the pool and realizes something is wrong When he fishes Darcy out, he notices blood As he helps keep her safe and escorts her bac [...]

  17. Angie Taylor

    This was the 3rd in a series of 4 books that deal with the authors view of different American heros The first book deals with Navy SEALS and the craziness their lives take to maintain balance with missions and family life at home The sencond book deatl with and Airforce fighter and a Parachute Jumper rescuer Really interesing to read fictional events that could be real The last book dealt with the intertwining missions of a CIA officer and info passed to a Navy SEALS group Each book had some fun [...]

  18. Sara

    The 3rd book in the Uncommon Heros series and it didn t disappoint I really enjoyed the plot of this one, as it revolved around terriorists, CIA missions and the events of 9 11 Plus, it was great to have Cougar as the lead character, with mentions of Bear, Kelly, Wolf and Jill from the prior books I was a bit disappointed though that nothing was mentioned about Striker and Gracie from book 2 That s very unlike Dee Henderson Plus, what about the double wedding for them with Wolf and Jill I didn t [...]

  19. Ellen

    This author Dee Henderson was great at building suspense, causing me to be a page turner of this book to see what would happen next The next steps were not always what might be expected It was a tale of intrigue and mystery, where I wanted to read to know what happened next I appreciated the moments of humour, and steps away from the suspense to catch my breath.I realize that I read Book 3 of a series, so I stepped into the middle of the character developments However, I rated it lower because t [...]

  20. Pamela Hubbard

    Darcy St James is a retired CIA agentuntil one of her former contacts requests to meet with her After a failed assassination, Darcy is back at work trying to figure out the truth and catch terrorists In the midst of all this, she crosses paths with Sam Houston of Seal Team 9 from previous Uncommon Heroes books As Darcy and Sam work separately with the same agenda they fall in love, but their lives are far from out of danger.This book had plenty of intrigue, suspense and fun to read situations It [...]

  21. Star

    The book was somewhat of a cathartic read for me Henderson draws you in with her characters who are contemporary Christians They live in today s world and apply and follow God s word as best they can The Scripture portions carefully match the plot and the struggles of the characters.This was very inspirational and spoke to me at a time when I am feeling pretty bogged down She also captures some of the realities for military families and those serving the country in other less specific and harder [...]

  22. Ellen

    Of all the Uncommon Heroes series, this one probably feels the most dated, being so tied to the events of the 9 11 terrorist attacks Rereading it again so many years later, I was moved I could feel the author pouring her own grief and hope into the story I thought it was particularly poignant that she chose to tell the tale through the eyes of a CIA operative getting caught off guard in the days leading up to the devastating attack As a result, I felt the romance took a bit of a back seat, but t [...]

  23. Pamela

    I am giving this book 5 stars only because I could not give it This is a wonderful romantic suspense that kept me engrossed and when it was over I just went wow for about 30 minutes Told the whole story to my husband and was still thinking about the story 3 days later Even writing this review makes me want to go back and read it again I can tell that this will be one of my favorite books ever.I cannot recommend this book strongly enough, if you don t read it you will be missing a life changing [...]

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