Recipe for Romance (2020)

Recipe for Romance Jerry Cole Recipe for Romance Martin Kowalski is having an early mid life crisis His ten year marriage ended on an amicable note when his wife decided she needed stability in her life But how can you be stable when you re a short
  • Title: Recipe for Romance
  • Author: Jerry Cole
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Recipe for Romance Jerry Cole Martin Kowalski is having an early mid life crisis His ten year marriage ended on an amicable note when his wife decided she needed stability in her life But how can you be stable when you re a short, scrappy guy from Chicago s South Side, who enlisted in the Army and fought in a war, only to join the FBI as soon as he came home At heart, Martin still thinks of himMartin Kowalski is having an early mid life crisis His ten year marriage ended on an amicable note when his wife decided she needed stability in her life But how can you be stable when you re a short, scrappy guy from Chicago s South Side, who enlisted in the Army and fought in a war, only to join the FBI as soon as he came home At heart, Martin still thinks of himself as the son of blue collar workers, and while he had tried to be what she needed him to be, it wasn t enough Now, living on his own for the first time since before he went into the service, Martin is starting to think his life is too bland, and he has no idea how to spice it up That is, not until he meets temperamental, British born celebrity chef Timothy Covington The assignment sounded easy enough Babysit the key witness to a crime syndicate related murder until he can give his testimony in court But how do you contain a larger than life, world renowned personality in a safe house, hiding him away from an adoring public and a string of successful restaurants and television shows And how do you do it without wanting to wring his obnoxious neck Things start to heat up, and not just in the kitchen, as Martin and Timothy accept their fate Their love of challenges soon has them getting to know each other better, and Martin starts to learn a few things about himself in addition to the delicious dishes Timothy cooks for him to pass the time But when the assignment ends, will Martin be able to get up from the table and walk away, or is the attraction he s feeling toward the handsome culinary genius going to leave him hungry for Please Note This book contains Adult Language Steamy Adult Activities, it is intended for 18 Adults Only Novella, approx 65,000 words in length HEA happy ever after ending Does not end with a cliffhanger GFY Gay for you theme.
Recipe for Romance Jerry Cole

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One thought on “Recipe for Romance

  1. Denise H.

    Out of the gate, these two men do not like each other, but there s to it The book moves smoothly, it s sleek, fun, interesting and intriguing The characters are mysterious and unique, and we want to know what makes them tick Martin is ex military, an FBI agent, and in his care is Timothy, a celebrity chef who has witnessed a murder The bad guys do not want the man to testify While in the safe house, the guys get to know each other.As they bond with food, they also tell their life stories Martin [...]

  2. Manfred

    This worked pretty well for me, I immediately liked the blurb and I definitely enjoyed this story about an FBI agent and a celebrity chef Don t get me wrong, there would be a lot to complain about, from the pretty predictable plot, to a conclusion that really completely ignores reality, also the falling in love part is not really convincing especially from the side of the supposedly heterosexual FBI agent So, yes, I did have several doubts about how this story evolved But the important thing for [...]

  3. Adrienne -kocham czytańá-

    Screw this plagiarism alert curds and wheyface.tumblr post 145366697506 jerry cole plagiarism masterpost

  4. Darlene

    Jerry brings us another great story About a federal agent s mission to guard a world known Chef, a Chef with a cranky personality, or at least that s what he gives off to the world.Agent Martin Kowalski had been first enlisted in the army and fought in a war and came back to join the FBI His ten year marriage ended with both of them still being best friends There s to it than that when you read the book Now Martin is living on his own which he hasn t done since before he joined the army Living [...]

  5. Ottilee

    Friends first Not bad but not memorable either Good sex scenes Bit surprised as Cole s books are mostly sex but Lotta emotions here.

  6. Unsolicited Reviews

    I saw this in the top in Gay Romance and since I have KU I gave it a go Chef book FBI sounds good, right Unfortunately, it fell short for me In the beginning it was a little slow but quickly picked up the pace I started to enjoy it Then both MC s are introduced and while I liked them both, I didn t feel very invested in their characters Sure we got to see cooking, as expected But the whole relationship aspect wasn t very prevalent in my mind They felt like friends with a flirty nature here and [...]

  7. Ann

    Martin is a divorced FBI agent who is assigned to protect Timothy Covington, a celebrity chef with a fierce temper Timothy witnesses a gangland killing in the alley outside the back door of his new Chicago restaurant on opening night They spend some time together and Martin begins to break down Timothy s walls to discover the man behind them When Martin goes back to Timothy s apartment to retrieve his chef s knives, he finds some photographs and realises that Timothy is married but no signs of a [...]

  8. Megan

    Absolute favorite from this author Usually I like his stuff, sometimes I really like it, never have I loved it This book, however, changes things for me From start to finish I was engaged, feeling, and interested.I liked the prissy yet vulnerable Timothy I loved the no nonsense yet tender Martin Together they balanced one another and ignited passion as well They were hot together and could also find the humor in so many things The plot moved well, no surprises that seem out of place solely to in [...]

  9. Barbara

    Jerry s new book starts off with a bang with a witnessed murder by Timothy, a lauded chef whose opening night at his new restaurant yasmin Now under protection by the FBI Martin, a short but dynamic man enters the picture Timothy is a man who has a temper, not afraid to have tantrums in front of people and afraid for his new restaurant and staff as he is taken and hidden away in a safe house Martin is a man who has learned long ago to observe people and how to stay calm and be calming in the pre [...]

  10. Julie

    This is a wonderful story following two diverse characters of Timothy a top chef and Martin a FBI agent Being assigned to watch and protect Timothy, Martin get than he bargained for.It is well written, with humour, love and the characters have a warmth to them that made me smile along with them Jerry Cole has written a steamy story with beautiful aromas from the cooking A non stop pace from beginning to end, I didn t want to put the book down.The two characters are so endearing and the setting [...]

  11. Linda

    An absolutely smashing story An absolutely smashing story, as the Brits would say Jerry Cole has written another first rate love story It is filled with drama, intrigue, brilliant dialog and two engaging characters.It seems opposites do attract Martin and Timothy couldn t have been further apart in personality or life style And yet, once they began to really communicate, they found common ground than either of them expected Just like a complicated recipe, it s not the individual ingredient that [...]

  12. John-TorleifHarris

    This was another excellent offering from Jerry Cole Both Timothy and Martin felt like real characters with realistic responses to the choices that they are presented with Being only 5 3 myself, I loved how Martin was portrayed he didn t have a Napoleon complex, nor was he overly submissive, but he was confident in himself and his abilities It was great to see how that confidence played off against Timothy s over the top angry chef facade to show the true nature of each man.This book had exciteme [...]

  13. Alison Devonish

    the way to a man s heart,Martain enjoys his job at the FBI, but he feels something is lacking his life has no spice to it Work home and sleep that s all Martin seems to be doing, but his latest assignment changes everything For his latest assignment, all Martain needs to do is keep Timothy alive to testify in court, but this chef just keeps getting on Martain nerves.Timothy knows that he is giving Martain a hard time but he just wants things to go back the way they were before that night But he [...]

  14. Coral Mitchell

    MM Such a great read Timothy s life as a celebrity chef is turned upside down after he witnesses a murder and is placed in protective custody Martin s job is to protect Timothy and Timothy is surprised Martin has never heard of him before The time they spend getting to know one another is priceless and the extreme circumstances places together two men who would have otherwise never met Martin is good at reading body language and people, and does not let Timothy get away with his on camera person [...]

  15. JLOluvsbooks&dogs

    Very engagingI very much enjoyed the book It had a good plot as to why they were thrown together Even though it place place over a short period, when you are with someone for so many hours in a day in the same environment you really are forced to get to know one another I really felt like I got to know both men and truly liked both, especially Martin His deal with it head on , no b.s personality was refreshing The chemistry and sexual tension was very well written Good read

  16. Lara

    Funny and sweetI love it when an author can make me laugh or cry This was funny, with great dialog, with just enough tension to keep it interesting but not suspenseful An entertaining love story with real, imperfect characters I recommend this book to any lover of a story with MM romance, interesting story lines, and good sex Add in some gangsters, murder and deadly danger and you ve got a very fun read.

  17. Diane

    I received a beta copy from the author and am voluntarily writing this review An FBI agent and celebrity chef is cooking than great food Guarding a potential witness isn t a particularly stimulating jobunless you re attracted to them And then things really heat upd not just in the kitchen.Tensions rise as they spend time together and discover they re compatible than they thought The question isn they make it until the trial Great fun

  18. Kasey

    Note to self Dual POV third person Both men have been married Martin to a woman and Timothy to a man Timothy s husband died Some parts were quite boring to get through Martin is shot Martin does not seem to have a problem with his newly discovered sexuality and easily accepts how hes feeling about Timothy Book ends with of a HFN Martin decides to retire from the FBI saying he wants to spend his life with timothy

  19. Ted

    I really loved this book I will probably read it again It has a great plot that included some characters with enough depth that I liked them and could identify with them It had interesting twists around cooking, misunderstandings, murders, testing one another, and falling in love.I read a complimentary Advance Reader Copy of this book and am voluntarily sharing my honest and unbiased opinion about it.

  20. Sarah

    Another winnerAnother stunning cleverly written book, loved how the romance between the two main characters who at first didn t even like each other, good bouts of humour and lots of steamy sessions Couldn t put the book down highly recommend you read this book you won t be disappointed.Onto my next Jerry cole book.

  21. Kirbie

    Oh man this was good I mean it was hard to put downWow is all I can say I mean this book had me on the edge of my seat I felt bad for Timothy and how he had to go in to hiding because he saw a murder go down and I love how Martin came to be is own person and how he would do anything to keep Timothy alive and how they fell in love with each other it was very sweet

  22. Jennifer

    Loved it The last time I read A book by this autho r I was disappointed to the point that i quit following him on and , but this book was suggested after I read something else and I thought why not I m so glad I took a chance This was a surprisingly great book I really enjoyed it.

  23. Paisleyrowan

    This story had all the right elements The right characters, the chemistry, the storyline, the flow all just came together perfectly And I love how the idea of something other than either gay or bi was introduced finally.I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

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