Forsaken (2020)

Forsaken B.B. Hamel Willow Winters Forsaken They tempted me with her And I couldn t resist I m not a good man I m a hired killer and damn good at what I do Raised to be ruthless and forced into this life I never had a choice Until she was thr
  • Title: Forsaken
  • Author: B.B. Hamel Willow Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Forsaken B.B. Hamel Willow Winters They tempted me with her And I couldn t resist I m not a good man I m a hired killer, and damn good at what I do Raised to be ruthless and forced into this life, I never had a choice Until she was thrown into my lap I didn t want to take the hit It s too dangerous, and I can t afford these kinds of risks I turned my employers down, but they sweetened the deal Gif They tempted me with her And I couldn t resist.I m not a good man I m a hired killer, and damn good at what I do Raised to be ruthless and forced into this life, I never had a choice Until she was thrown into my lap I didn t want to take the hit It s too dangerous, and I can t afford these kinds of risks I turned my employers down, but they sweetened the deal Gifting her to me She s scared, beautiful, and all mine She gazes at me with her gorgeous baby blues, and I can hardly resist taking her She makes me want to break my rules all because of the desire hidden in those stolen glances I m addicted to her seductive curves and the soft moans that spill from her lips She s tempting in ways she doesn t even realize I m practically obsessed They re going to want her back, but I ll kill them all to keep her Forsaken is a full length standalone DARK romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger Includes expanded content and a deleted scene
Forsaken B.B. Hamel Willow Winters

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    B.B. Hamel Willow Winters

One thought on “Forsaken

  1. ❤️ Paulette

    Forsaken A Dark Romanceby B.B Hamel Willow WintersThis book is listed under A Dark Romance but it s also Mafia book with a lot of character development, build up, tension and crazy plot twists So sit back enjoy the ride Gio Grace they are both damaged disturbed Gio train to be Hitman before he even hit puberty Grace has been abused from young ageHave you ever felt betrayed Question here is which one of these two broken souls where betrayed by the end of this bookGrace has lived her life in a ce [...]

  2. ❤️ Paulette

    Title Forsaken Author B B Hamel, Willow Winters I am a fan of both B.B Hamel Willow Winters, but I just love when these two amazing authors collaboration.This book is listed under A Dark Romance but it s also Mafia book with a lot of character development, build up, tension and crazy plot twists So sit back enjoy the ride I loved the story line characters, I really enjoyed the twisted Just not sure For a A Dark Romance had enough steam in it for me Highly recommended THIS BOOK Authors Hope you e [...]

  3. Candy

    Grace is a mafia princess who has not lived a life any would envy She has been raise by mean abusive Mafia Don Gio was raised to be an assassin for the mafia lives with a darkness inside of himself that only killing can keep in check When the mafia family Gio works for hires him to kill the rival mafia s Don they also want him to take his daughter break her He is tasked with turning into a sex slave for one of family members pleasure But once Gio has Grace under his watchful eye, he has other pl [...]

  4. Kathleen R.

    Title ForsakenAuthor B.B Hamel Willow Winters 5 smashing stars Holy mother of pearls I couldn t get enough of this book and this duo was than i could have hoped for Although not my first novel by Willow Winters, it is my first by B.B Hamel and wow I don t think i could have ever imagined the type of novel this duo could have written together, and i m than glad that i took the time to read Forsaken Unlike any other Mafia genre novel, this one tells the story of a father son duo who are hell ben [...]

  5. Theresa

    No romantic relationship development beyond the Hero breaking the heroine when he held her prisoner Expected to see the MCs grow together after the non con Sex was mediocre Revenge story was awesome.

  6. Willow Winters

    Forsaken is LIVE 1click here amzn 2v33c2QiBooks apple 2wplmvtKobo bit 2hrLYsONook bit 2unDVyBGoogle Play bit 2v0RUhy TBR bit 2vFoCVS

  7. Christine

    Arc review For honest review Grace was given to gio to make her a sex slave to break but she was already broken so now what s he to do Great story to read.

  8. diana marcela Ballestas

    The story begins when the Romanos family wants to assassinate the second in command of the Rossi family, unleashing a war between the 2 mafias The curious thing about this story is that the hired assassin is not very interested in completing the mission, for which they give him an incentive they give him the privilege of kidnapping Don Rossi s daughter and training her to become a sexual slave Gio is not convinced yet but his father accepts the job.The kidnapping occurs almost immediately, and m [...]

  9. Diana Perry

    This review is from Forsaken Kindle Edition The combined efforts if B.B Willow is nothing short of stupendous in this book Characters easily jump off the pages drag you into their world I couldn t put it down Cover to cover was a definite treat experiencing the HOT, Dark, Steamy Naughtiness that ensues within these pages I strongly recommend it I voluntarily read this ARC this is my honest review

  10. Judy Robichaud

    A POWERFULLY WRITTEN DEEPLY EMOTIONAL READ WHERE INNOCENCE MEETS DARKNESS LIGHT FINDS A WAY TO SHINE THROUGH WOW Forsaken leads you into darkness and into the underbelly of evil of the worst kind, family betrayal It s not a pretty story with a big bow on top Instead, you will be taken on a journey filled with despair, agony, fear, joy, intense love and hope Hope for a life of freedom, hope for a future and hope for righting the wrongs done by those closest to you.Scum of the earth Martino Rossi [...]

  11. Carla

    Book Given by the authors for an honest reviewesecretworldofbooklovers.bloI m really familiar with BB s books so I was expecting the super sexy and hardcore sex scenes which I loved But this was my first book from Willow and I can say I m now a fan I loved the darkness in the main characters relationship, that its not everyone s cup of tea, but it just worked perfectly for this two.The story is not the regular love conquers all and happily ever after kind It s rough, there s a lot of pain and de [...]

  12. Crystal

    Wow This book was just so intriguing Gio is a hired hit man He was trained by his father at a young age Gio enjoys his job and loves his sotitute and his freedom of course He was hires to do a big job that could give his father status which he craves for Grace is the mob princess She hates her life and most of her family She just obeys the rules and keeps her head down but deep down she craves her freedom Gio is given a gift which is the mob princess and he is given direct orders on what to do B [...]

  13. CaroB

    I have to say that I love me some dark erotica, but I just could not get into this one I ve decided to leave it here for this year and see if i can revisit it in future.

  14. Armenia

    Amazing storydark, intense and captivatingForsaken is an intensely dark romance, it s suspenseful and intriguing.Gio Luca works as hitman along with his father who has raised him from an early age in the criminal life of violence Though not part of the family working on the fringes, they both work for the Romano Crime Family Gio is one serious and professional hitman, but nothing like his cruel father They are given a job to kidnap the daughter of their rival enemy, and she s to be made as gift [...]

  15. April Symes

    I love the writing duo of B.B Hamel Willow Winters Their latest offering Forsaken is one lustfully hot , darkly intense and suspenseful read Gio is a hired hit man he definitely loves his job It gives him the quiet and solitude that he enjoys He was hired to do a big job that could give his father status which he craves Grace is the mob princess She hates her title, her life and most of her, her family She tries to keep out of everyone s way and do things that would not get her noticed and keep [...]

  16. Courtney

    B.B Hamel Willow Winters re released Forsaken and I loved it just as much now as when I frist read it When Gio s father comes to him with the latest job for the Romano family to say he wasn t looking forward to it is an understatement They want the brother of the Don of the Rossi family taken out and they are kidnapping his niece as well, oh and Gio gets to train her Grace has lived her life in a cell and at the mercy of her father for as long as she can remember When tasked by her father to get [...]

  17. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~

    Gio Luca is a hitman very good at his job However Gio s father is obsessed with becoming about of The Family Gio thinks nothing good can come from being apart of The Family He d much rather be on the outside than inside Grace Rossi appears to have it all yet nothing could be further from the truth Grace is her father s pawn against everyone friend and foe alike Grace has suffered pain and worse at her father s hands Grace is sent to be a spy even though she s expected to get information that doe [...]

  18. Lieve

    Willow Winters captivated me already before with her dark romance Broken But this collaboration with another of my favorite authors , BB Hamel this is just.WOW I don t want to spoil anything in this story by giving too much away , therefore you just have to read and experience this amazing book the way I did The characters of Grace and Gio are so compelling , so raw and so broken and the chemistry build between them is fraught with tension but also with something sweet and innocent , something I [...]

  19. Julianne Macneil

    I reviewed this book as part of an arc program and I loved it This was a dark romance between Gio, a hitman for the Romano family who is gifted Grace to break and make her a sex slave for the Romano family Gio is so damaged and was trained to be a hitman by his father from the age of ten Gio wants to train Grace his way and locks her in a cage to gain her trust Grace is a princess in the Rossi family and is told to let herself be kidnapped in order to spy on the rival family to gain information [...]

  20. Tara Peters

    Grace is an innocent young woman who has never truly been shown love by her family When she is gifted to Gio, she is told to listen and report back to her father with what his family has planned Goo is a hardened young man, who was trained from an early age how to kill people and get away with it.When Grace is first with Gio, he keeps her caged and she refuses to eat Over time, they start stealing glances and he realizes that she is different and maybe there is to life than killing He is suppos [...]

  21. Janice

    A Review of Forsaken by BB Hamel Willow WintersWhat a story 5 starsGrace and Gio are pawns in the war between two mafia families These two authors take you into the darkness of the worst type of abuse family We see both sides of coin with these two characters Grace the princess who was never accepted by her father and beaten repeatedly for the audacity of being born female Gio the hitman that was forced into this life by his own father All hell breaks loose when Gio turns the table on everyone H [...]

  22. Rene

    Gio was raised to become the best Hitman He was taught by his father Bruno They do hits for Bruno s half brother Since Bruno is not a full blooded Italian he was not privy to being in the family business, the Mafia.Grace is the daughter of a DON and has always been kept away from the business and the outside world She has been punished by her father for not being a son She is trying to find a way to get away from her father but it is hard when he keeps her locked in her room But she is determine [...]

  23. Jessy A

    This is the first book by this author and I really enjoyed it I will definitely be reading from this author This is the story of Gio and Grace Gio is a hitman for the mob in Chicago and Grace is the enemies daughter Gio is hired to kill Grace s father and to get to him he is gifted grace to turn into a slave They end up forming a bond and he is the first person that is ever kind to her and shows her compassion I enjoyed the writing style in this book and though I wish there was interaction bet [...]

  24. Kathy

    Oh I must be on a downward spiral in choosing books In trying to change the genre I usually read, I selected this book One word disappointed This rambling book is a mob mafia book with the handsome hit man and a woman he was gifted It s set in modern times but the word doll is used to excess The woman is such a pain in the tuckus Feeble minded weak and impossible to like Dom who s the hit man falls for her enough to quit the familia Quit, really don t think so I read the whole book My recommenda [...]

  25. Michelle

    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book I know I know it is dark but it is a great read loved the hit man he thought he was cold but his dad was not a nice man in the first place so he had not heart in is life but once he had her in a cage he found his heart and did not want to let it go it was great loved it and felt so sorry for Grace she is a broken women from her Father she saw him kill her Mother and he was beat her up and broker her down scares all over her and she neve [...]

  26. Patricia

    This is a intriguing and fascinating book to read, and I really thoroughly reading it What you will find in this book is a hitman and sniper for the Romano Family Gio , a woman given for training as a sex slave Grace , drama, intrigue, suspense, action, betrayal, murder, mafia, abduction, scars, a father s abuse, temptation, rage, plots, a father s betrayal, consequences, lust, emotional feelings, love and erotic scenes The story line and plot is well thought out and is exceptionally well writte [...]

  27. Ida Jolley

    This is a story about two mafia families And two fathers who are very abusive towards their children Gio has the job of taking possession of the female Grace,from the other crime family, to train her to be a submissive But Gio has decided he doesn t want to do that because he has feelings for her He keeps her in a cage so she doesn t get away but he also treats her with respect and takes care of her Meanwhile his father stabs him in the back and things turn ugly for both families It s a very int [...]

  28. Ree

    This turned into a sexy sweet read, despite its violent mafia dealings.Both main characters have daddy issues thrust into situations and lives that they wouldn t have necessarily chosen had it not been for their parentage Betrayal, hurt, anger and sorrow run deep for both Gio Grace When they meet, Grace s innocence flips a switch in Gio s dark world, and makes him realise that he can have love Grace realises that she can have love without her dad s brand of pain.I voluntarily read reviewed an AR [...]

  29. Nyx D.

    Gio Grace Deliciously dark and twisted Gio, a hitman, is forced to take Grace captive, because of a convoluted deal his father also a hitman made with a crime family Gio is supposed to break her in as a sex slave, but he has never done that particular distasteful job before As he cares for Grace s daily needs, he becomes smitten, and the big bad hitman falls in love does Grace As Gio Grace become entangled, soothing the dark places in each other, sparks fly and turn a bit kinky Events heat up ar [...]

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