The Black Painting (2020)

The Black Painting Neil Olson The Black Painting An old money East Coast family faces the suspicious death of its patriarch and the unsolved theft of a Goya painting rud to be cursedThere were four cousins in the Morse family perfect Kenny the prep
  • Title: The Black Painting
  • Author: Neil Olson
  • ISBN: 9781335953810
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
The Black Painting Neil Olson An old money East Coast family faces the suspicious death of its patriarch and the unsolved theft of a Goya painting rud to be cursedThere were four cousins in the Morse family perfect Kenny, the preppy West Coast lawyer James, the shy but brilliant medical student his seductive, hard drinking sister Audrey and Teresa, youngest and most fragile, haunted by the fearAn old money East Coast family faces the suspicious death of its patriarch and the unsolved theft of a Goya painting rud to be cursedThere were four cousins in the Morse family perfect Kenny, the preppy West Coast lawyer James, the shy but brilliant medical student his seductive, hard drinking sister Audrey and Teresa, youngest and most fragile, haunted by the fear that she has inherited the madness that possessed her father.Their grandfather summons them to his mansion at Owl s Point None of them has visited the family estate since they were children, when a prized painting disappeared a self portrait by Goya, rud to cause madness or death upon viewing Afterward, the family split apart amid the accusations and suspicions that followed its theft.Any hope that their grandfather planned to make amends evaporates when Teresa arrives to find the old man dead, his horrified gaze pinned upon the spot where the painting once hung As the family gathers and suspicions mount, Teresa hopes to find the reasons behind her grandfather s death and the painting s loss But to do so she must uncover ugly family secrets and confront those who would keep them hidden.
The Black Painting Neil Olson

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    403 Neil Olson
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One thought on “The Black Painting

  1. James

    Why This BookI stumbled on this via NetGalley several months ago The cover was creepy and it revolved around a family mystery involving a missing painting and the death of a grandfather I had to add it to my TBR, then they awarded it to me I am trying to clear off all NetGalley books by 12 31 so I can start the new year with a clean slate, so this was last week s choice.Plot, Characters SettingThe Morse family head passes away, leaving behind a few children and four grandchildren, all after his [...]

  2. Marialyce

    1.5 for the Goya partsThis was a book that might encourage one to go into a reading slump There was a lot going for it, a creepy house, a rich family with lots of secrets, and the piece de resistancea painting that supposedly had a demon living inside it The demon supposedly gave fortune and perhaps a bit of fame to the person who owned the painting In exchange for this largess, the demon must be set free eventually by destroying the painting But really, who is going to destroy a painting worth [...]

  3. Patricia Romero

    There is no doubt that Goya s paintings are disturbing And this mysterious and suspenseful was just as disturbing.15 years after the theft of the supposedly cursed painting, the four cousins are summoned back to the house of their grandfather When Teresa and Audrey arrive they find the man dead His face a frozen mask of horror and fear.Questions fly as they find out the boys had all ready met with the grandfather and now not only is the man dead, but his housekeeper is missing.When the entire fa [...]

  4. Janet

    Four cousins summoned back by their grandfatherThe death of a family patriarchAn old, mysterious houseA painting by Goya that has a demon lurking inside itAnd a family with dark secretsThis is what you can expect when you read The Black Painting by Neil Olson, scheduled to be released in January of 2018 The mystery surrounding who took the painting from the parsimonious, rapacious grandfather after he has quite possibly obtained it from the black market remains mysterious throughout the novel Th [...]

  5. Robin

    Can t quite put my finger on why this didn t resonate with me but it didn t It may have been because I couldn t warm up to any of the characters and the whole story seemed rather flat Or, maybe it was just my mood Sometimes that happens.Thanks to the publisher for the advance reading copy.

  6. Tom Mathews

    I ve often enjoyed novels about art and art history So much can be hidden in works of art that they are the perfect topic to base a mystery on I remember reading a few years ago, that art curators had discovered in a portrait a miniature self portrait of the artist rendered as the reflection in the pupil of eye the subject painted century s before I digress, but this is an example of the fascinating things that make the art world the perfect setting for a novel.Neil Olson apparently agrees as bo [...]

  7. Angel Hench

    This book reminds me of the gothic mysteries I read as a young teenager a crazy family, money to inherit, secrets everywhere, a mysterious painting A quick, entertaining read A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

  8. Nancy

    Not sure why I read this book since I didn t much like any of the characters and I m not a fan of Goya s art.

  9. Stacey Camp

    Thank you to the author, Neil Olson, Netgalley, and the publisher for providing me an advanced reader copy of this book.I rated this book 2.5 stars I was so disappointed with this book because it had so much promise The setting and atmosphere lured me in an old, mysterious house, a painting by Goya that supposedly has a demon lurking inside it, and a family with dark secrets All this sounds great, right This book is a case study in what happens when characters aren t fully developed, and when th [...]

  10. Penny (Literary Hoarders)

    Sadly, this is another disappointing book club book But perhaps worse than the other duds we ve been choosing lately It was filled with annoying, yet flat and one dimensional characters and a story that spun around really telling nothing certainly not as much about the painting or the curse as might have been hoped We re desperate for a book club book that is going to knock our socks off Unfortunately this wasn t the one to do that for us.n.

  11. Ludwig Riviera

    Fifteen years ago, the Morse cousins left the family estate right after the theft of a painting that is known for its ancient evil history, with the power of killing the beholder after viewing it And now the cousins are summoned back to their old home The story starts with Teresa, discovering her grandfather s dead body in his study And now, after the entire family gathers inside the house, she sets on finding clues about the painting s thief and her grandfather s mysterious death, with the help [...]

  12. Jen

    I rounded up to 4 stars because of Olson s use of the Goya paintings Goya s Black Paintings are mysterious enough in appearance and in creation, but Neil Olson s novel gives an even sinister legacy to the black painting owned by the patriarch of the Morse family Fifteen years earlier, Alfred Arthur Morse s black painting was stolen, causing accusations, suspicion, and the estrangement of family members Now, the four cousins have been summoned to their grandfather s estate Teresa and Audrey arri [...]

  13. Amirah Jiwa

    So glad I read this absorbing, terrifying book during the day, otherwise I m sure it would have resulted in some serious insomnia or nightmares It s wonderful though a well written and compelling mystery that is easy to follow despite the myriad of characters and key events involved About halfway through, I started to prepare myself for imminent disappointment because the narrative had just set expectations so high and the ending couldn t possibly deliver, but it did Think Donna Tartt s The Secr [...]

  14. Tara Lewis

    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy A mystery surrounding a lost painting by Goya A disfunctional family An old house full of secrets Yes, please This book really engrossed me I enjoyed all of the characters and it was so atmospheric The characters were plausible, perhaps with the exception of Audrey who at times felt a bit over the top but hey, she was an over the top kind of girl My only gripe was that I figured out the mystery fairly early on, however that didn t ta [...]

  15. Heather Boundy

    I read this in page proof, with the blurb describing it as a psychological thriller This description is a bit extreme for me as I don t think it really worked on that level It was readable, but certainly not gripping, in the way that a truly good Crome novel should be Some of the relationships between family members I found unconvincing, as was the fear of the Goya painting in question.Not one I would recommend.

  16. Dj Found

    Teresa s Grandfather owned a black painting by Goya Supposedly it put a curse on the family causing all sorts of problems they are certainly dramatically dysfunctional It was stolen 15 years ago causing a rift through the family that never healed However, Teresa has now been summonded back to the house at Owl s Point by her Grandfather.I knew nothing about Goya s black paintings before I stated this book so that was an interesting addition to the storyline Personally I felt the author over drama [...]

  17. Demi

    I listened to the audiobook of this, which was a great way to supplement the commutes in which I ran out of podcast to listen to I liked the eerie atmosphere the slight psychological twist from the main characters informed the entirety of the mystery The pace was good, and the eventual reveal was neat and satisfying.

  18. Katherine

    This book was an enjoyable surprise I was caught up in the mystery and magic surrounding this Goya painting and in finding out about the complex members of the Morse Family The writing kept me intrigued and the author did a fantastic job of giving me just enough information to keep me guessing without frustration.

  19. Sharon

    An investigation into a recent death reawakens questions about a decades old theft, reveals dark family secrets, and brings to light the dark history of a family heirloom.With a lot of potential, this thriller did not quite gel for me Maybe too much darkness and distasteful characters, as well as slightly uneven pacing and a culmination that fizzled to an end.This arc was provided by HarperCollins, in exchange for an honest review.

  20. Allison Reilly

    The Black Painting was a fun, quick, and sometimes spooky read that kept me interested right up until the end I found the premise intriguing a cursed Goya self portrait, robbery, family secrets, and a suspicious death Not to mention a potentially creepy old house I found the ending satisfying and I thought that the different threads of the plot all wrapped up rather nicely That being said, I think that the characters could have been fleshed out a bit , and I think that the scary scenes with myst [...]

  21. Brenda

    I thought this book was going to be better I didn t care about the characters The mystery around the painting was interesting, but not enough to hold my attention It had potential, but I think it fell short.

  22. Sidney

    Four cousins are called to the mansion they played in as children by their ailing Grandfather, but before they get there, Gpa is found dead with a terrorized look on his face Who killed Gpa Or did he really die of a heart attack Teresa, Audrey, Kenny and James all have reasons to want him dead, including being blamed for stealing a multi million dollar piece of artwork claiming to be possessed by a demon Dysfunctional family with lots of secrets The story is decent but there s just something mis [...]

  23. Noemi Proietti

    A demoniac and mysterious painting was stolen from the Morse family house during a funeral The only witnesses were children, one of which was passed out sick and another was found catatonic, and the housekeeper who was hit on the head before the robbery Since then, members of the family have drifted apart, each blaming the other, until the patriarch summons each of the four cousin to the house But when two of them arrive at the house, they find their grandfather dead, seemingly of a heart attack [...]

  24. Ab

    Family turbulence and mysteries, mysterious deaths, urban tales, intrigue, and art history this book runs the gamut I quite enjoyed the style, the writing, and the whole feel of the book, and especially enjoyed the bit of art mystery surrounding Goya s so called Black Paintings It feels somehow Gothic, without being set in an older time, though the old house gives a sort of Gothic, mysteries abound, feel My only criticism is that I felt the characters weren t quite what they could be, and this c [...]

  25. Cori

    Somewhere between 2.5 and 3 stars on this one for me I m having a hard time deciding.First line Last night she dreamed of the house on Owl s Point.Summary Four cousins are called together by their grandfather Grandfather was the owner possibly by questionable means of a Goya Black Painting, which was believed to contain a demon Thus, the painting bestowed upon the owner great business success, followed by dramatic losses and damage The cousins show up to meet with the grandfather The two male co [...]

  26. Viva

    2 stars it was ok.At 313 pages, this was quite quick to read and get though The writing was easy to follow but I thought the author had a tendency to start his chapters in the middle of something and the reader had to continue on to figure out who the characters were and what they were doing I quite liked the characters and the easy to read text My biggest quibble was that I thought the writing meandered and was non focused I thought it took forever to get to whatever it wanted to say and story [...]

  27. Sarah

    Alfred Morse was a cruel old man who cared about his art collection than his four grandchildren He was particularly enad of a Goya portrait so horrifying it was reputed to be possessed, which he nevertheless kept in his office until the day it was stolen That theft fractured his already wounded clan They reunite after his death to squabble over the estate Fragile cousin Teresa and PI Dave Webster, who botched the initial investigation fifteen years ago and never got over it, seek to finally sol [...]

  28. Dgordon

    What drew me in was the mystery of the disappearance of a Goya painting in a old rambling mansion,with a very weird family But there s where the fascination ending The characters were not well developed and not that interesting or well developed and the plot was just too convoluted This one really missed the mark Thanks Netgalley for the ARC.

  29. Doreen

    The three children and four grandchildren of Alfred Morse, a wealthy art collector, have been called to his home on the Connecticut coast Teresa, one of the grandchildren, finds him dead in his study he has a horrified expression on his face which is turned towards the spot where a Goya self portrait once hung That painting, believed by several of the family members to be so disturbing that it caused misfortune or death, was stolen 15 years earlier Teaming up with Dave Webster, a private investi [...]

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