All Kids Go To Heaven (2020)

All Kids Go To Heaven Giana Angelillo All Kids Go To Heaven Poems for childhood Available here
  • Title: All Kids Go To Heaven
  • Author: Giana Angelillo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 349
  • Format: ebook
All Kids Go To Heaven Giana Angelillo Poems for childhood.Available here
All Kids Go To Heaven Giana Angelillo

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    349 Giana Angelillo
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    Posted by:Giana Angelillo
    Published :2020-05-14T14:57:17+00:00

One thought on “All Kids Go To Heaven

  1. Celeste Flahaven

    this is a holy collection angelillo is brutally honest, brutally real, but in the best way the writing hurts deep, makes you think, makes you remember love

  2. Eve

    want this badness all out, u know puke it thought maybe his cock was like a hard hot backhand I wanted to get hit by a man Hurt fucking was the first thing that killed this girlhood Fucking was the first Suicide Crazy Girl Lov Song this collection is brutal and messy and filled with bloody murder it s wonderful and relatable and i m glad to have read it.

  3. Cassidy Ann

    Angelillo s work has resonated with me from the moment I discovered it All Kids Go To Heaven was my first real delve into her writing Each poem of hers has a very raw, almost uncomfortable feeling The kind of discomfort, I think, necessary for growth In a strange way, I find that her writing has both a deep level of softness, all while still remaining clear cut and concise.As a poet myself, I found that through reading her work, I was able to accept a vulgar side of my writing The sheer open at [...]

  4. Melissa Jennings

    Full review at melissaljenningsTo begin with, Angelillo s collection is incredibly haunting and at times, it was rather distressing to read Nonetheless, it was an experience I have never read poetry or anything like this in my life Angelillo s writing partially reminds me of some writing from Shakespeare s works, then at other times, Angelillo s form reminded me of E.E Cummings All Kids Go To Heaven is an intense reflection on family, puberty, sex, God, and everything in between.

  5. M

    Giana Angelillo s is the most profound and authentic that I have read in years maybe my whole life Seeing her work from her ebooks and her blog has changed my views on so many subjects, my mind is indebted to her love and resilience shown in All Kids Go To Heaven Her work is challenging, as mentioned, but that s what makes it so great I hadn t thought deeply into some of the subjects that she covered and thanks to her eloquence and genius my ability to empathize has greatly increased I cannot re [...]

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