Lifeboat (2020)

Lifeboat Felix R. Savage BillPatterson Lifeboat Stranded on Europa a broken crew of astronauts must defeat an alien menace to get home After two years aboard the Spirit of Destiny tensions among the elite international crew are at breaking point
  • Title: Lifeboat
  • Author: Felix R. Savage BillPatterson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Lifeboat Felix R. Savage BillPatterson Stranded on Europa, a broken crew of astronauts must defeat an alien menace to get home After two years aboard the Spirit of Destiny, tensions among the elite international crew are at breaking point Despite the obvious need to stay professional and united, as they approach the mysterious alien spaceship orbiting Europa, pilot Jack Kildare is acutely aware that not allStranded on Europa, a broken crew of astronauts must defeat an alien menace to get home.After two years aboard the Spirit of Destiny, tensions among the elite international crew are at breaking point Despite the obvious need to stay professional and united, as they approach the mysterious alien spaceship orbiting Europa, pilot Jack Kildare is acutely aware that not all the members of the crew may wish the best for the mission There may be a saboteur on board, and he knows of at least one spy the astrophysicist Skyler Taft.An attack from long range alien weaponry cripples the Spirit of Destiny, forcing Jack to disobey orders to save the ship Now he has to face the fact that the broken crew is the least of his worries With the risky maneuver that saved the ship putting him dead center of the commander s crosshairs, and the crew attempting to hold together the tattered remnants of their unity to investigate the alien spaceship, Jack finds himself selected for the most dangerous mission of all descending to Europa s surface to find out what lurks under the ice.As the voyage of discovery unravels into a desperate battle for survival, Jack races the clock to decode the secrets behind the alien intrusion Will he find the truth in time to save the crew Or will the thin threads of companionship snap under the strain of Skyler Taft gunning for his knowledge or his blood ABOUT LIFEBOAT Lifeboat is the second book of a fast paced trilogy of technothrillers It contains hard science fiction elements in the tradition of The Martian and other science based thrillers You won t need a calculator to follow the story, but if you d like to build a spaceship to the Spirit of Destiny s specifications, it really will take you to Jupiter 300 billion budget not included Shiplord, the third book in the Earth s Last Gambit Trilogy, will be published soon.
Lifeboat Felix R. Savage BillPatterson

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    191 Felix R. Savage BillPatterson
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One thought on “Lifeboat

  1. Bill

    ExemplaryGreat themes together with marvellous characters Surprises and twists in every chapter This is another hard to put Dow book I am looking forward to reading Shiplord

  2. Norma

    No good little soldier boys Travel with Jack Killer Kildare, Skyler, Alexei and the other crew members of The Spirit of Destiny as they travel through space to investigate what appears to be a derelict alien craft circling one of the moon s of Saturn The journey is a long one and, even if their craft had been built with the cooperation of the world s nations, below the surface personal allegiances further disturb the uneasy trust that living together so closely in a small enclosed environment b [...]

  3. Sheila Beitler

    LIFEBOAT seamlessly picks up where FREEFALL left off Jack and a crew aboard the Spirit Of Destiny make their way back to Europa After being on the ship for a long time, Jack discovers not everyone on board, or their respective countries, want the same thing making first contact has a whole new meaning But then the ship is attacked from the alien aircraft, and the Spirit Of Destiny crashes to Europa s icy surface Jack s hopes of meeting a new species with a welcome from Earth doesn t happen The c [...]

  4. Ernie

    So the first book was great a good hard scifi novel This one gets a little wonky.I love aliens as much as the next guy but it just seems to have really come out of no where not that it is anything like this but its almost like they met Casper the Friendly Ghost but in this one its Keelraiser The aliens and MOAD are still driving the story and its good enough for me to keep going and immediately start reading the next I just hope that it stays at a 3 star level

  5. Joseph Campbell

    Fast paced and impossible to putThis book was fast pace and impossible to put down The science behind the science fiction is so clearly described, but you get the feeling that it s possible Very enjoyable book, with twists and turns that you will not see coming.

  6. Scott

    This middle instalment of the series is just as good as the first, and gives me high hopes for the finale I won t write any spoilers, but suffices to say this has hard science, action, and than a touch of comedy that had me smiling the whole way through.

  7. David

    While the writing continues to be good, I was disappointed by some elements of the story avoiding any spoilers.

  8. Nancy Phy

    Going to start book 3 right now.Book 1 was so good I couldn t wait to get started reading this one The non stop action and unforgettable characters will keep you reading just one character until you have finished the book I had that problem and still do because I want to know what will happen next.I would recommend these books to anyone who likes action packed space syfi.

  9. Terry

    You watch too much television The aliens are so human but then they nothing remotely like us Terrific, funny dialogue Lots of technology explained and fantasized, space battles, DIY guides for space trip road repairs, and just good old fashioned boy meets alien meets girl Fusion and fission Winner of the Best Space Crew ever How this gang of misfits work, fight and spy on each other while on the two year road to First Contact was good but once they meet the new neighbors, and discover the ten ye [...]

  10. Staszek

    SorryFirst part was OK, nice to read but this one Well do you really think aliens thinks exactly the same way US people do Huh there are even differences between Europe and US than between aliens and humans in this book

  11. Juls Vee

    This series really picks up here in the second installment I really enjoyed the space crew s journey to Europa, the interpersonal relationships and long awaited encounter with the aliens.The author does a great job here with giving the unexpected Highly recommend.

  12. Jason

    Freefall was a brilliant first book, with a mysterious object having arrived in object around Europa, and the desperate race to get there with a multicultural ship to work out what it is and what its intention is At the end of the first book, the Spirit of Destiny or the SoD as it is better known mission had launched to explore the Mother of all Discoveries or MOAD The 2nd book picks up nearly 2yrs after the first, the crew of the SoD having been cruising towards MOAD They are entering their fin [...]

  13. Melanie

    I received an ARC of this book from the author This is my voluntary and independent review Lifeboat is the second installment of Felix R Savage s series, Earth s Last Gambit Billed as a techno thriller, this book totally lives up to its billing Reading it left me breathless Every chapter brings a new twist, a new dilemma, a new challenge to the crew of Spirit of Discovery as they attempt to carry out their first contact mission to the alien craft orbiting Europa Two years into the mission, and n [...]

  14. David Sams

    Great ReadThis is a fun series and very current connected to what has been happening in exploration of Jupiter and its moons in 2016 I think this series is a good exercise in one possible way a first contact could go Very enjoyable read.

  15. Shelly Singhal

    So good I tore through this book and it was everything I expected What if we encountered aliens who lied and who weren t that far ahead of us What a terrific plot and story I can t wait to read the 3rd book

  16. KHB

    I really enjoyed this book It s the second in the Earth s Last Gambit series and is described as a First Contact Technothriller The first book in this trilogy is FreeFall and the third book will be called Shiplord, and when it s released, I ll definitely be purchasing it.If I have my druthers, my preferred genre is science fiction, present day, hard science, first contact, so this series is exactly what I prefer You can read this book as a standalone, but it s better to initially read FreeFall t [...]

  17. Darlene

    This book is awesome I m going to find it a little difficult to write a review without any spoilers So, ill just say that this book was amazingly good Fantastic in fact Heroes abound in many different ways Emotions run high and a lot of stuff happens that is shocking Forgiveness rules the day while the crew works together to save themselves and Earth This is a must read.

  18. Michaela Twigg

    Great readAs with the firstly book, this is very well written with an eye for both cast and story The Aliens have been well thought out, as have the problems both races face in the vast areas of space Cannot wait to read book three when it comes out Well done Felix on a cracking good read, and thank you for the hours of enjoyment.

  19. scott stahl

    Warming up someA definite improvement to the storyline from the 1st book in the series Although if you failed to read book 1 you d be clueless on the back story.

  20. Linda Mook

    First contact Following along a great adventure First contact and twist and turns make this a great read Pulling for your favorite charater

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