Exits, Desires, and Slow Fires (2020)

Exits, Desires, and Slow Fires J.R. Rogue Exits Desires and Slow Fires It s going to hit you below the belt You re going to reach for the closest stand in lover you can find you re going to make a home in their body you re going to pretend your childhood memories are hun
  • Title: Exits, Desires, and Slow Fires
  • Author: J.R. Rogue
  • ISBN: 9781547104352
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
Exits, Desires, and Slow Fires J.R. Rogue It s going to hit you below the belt You re going to reach for the closest stand in lover you can find you re going to make a home in their body you re going to pretend your childhood memories are hung in his chest you skinned your knee tripping over the curve of his arm you have always been here.It s going to hit you below the belt You re going to reach for the closest stand in lover you can find you re going to make a home in their body you re going to pretend your childhood memories are hung in his chest you skinned your knee tripping over the curve of his arm you have always been here.
Exits, Desires, and Slow Fires J.R. Rogue

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    J.R. Rogue

One thought on “Exits, Desires, and Slow Fires

  1. Ashley (5171MilesBooks)

    Reviewed on 5171 Miles Book Blog.When the woman who made me love poetry releases a new collection, you better believe I m all but foaming at the mouth to get a taste Her words are among my favorites ever written Just look at this cover, guys We re not supposed to get our hopes up based on an image, but after gazing at this cover how can we not Luckily, the content inside was exactly up to par and paired perfectly with the stunning cover photo J.R Rogue s composition of words is pure art In such [...]

  2. Alicia Cook

    I was provided an advanced copy of Exits, Desires, Slow Fires by J.R.Rogue in exchange for an honest review And hon est ly 5 stars.Rogue is focused, deliberate, and seasoned in her latest release that is a mix of poetry and prose, with most pieces taking up most of the page, leaving very little room for negative space thank you for killing trees the humane way Each piece is strong, there is no filler in this book Rogue is a wordsmith Her command of the poetic language is unparalleled and sets he [...]

  3. Talon

    She is my most favorite Her work makes me drool and get weepy and really re evaluate who I am And I need that Every day.

  4. Inked Avenue

    Tell me you re sorry so we can both try on the lie Unforgiving pain, wanting, longing, fierce betrayal, and sweet the lies we tell each other were all themes represented in Exits, Desires, Slow Fires This collection of poetry will cut you down to the bones as the intense, dark, and heartbreaking words slash across the canvas that Rogue paints for her readers If you break my heart I still smile, was it ever love at all Each and every poem s voice is strong with an unyielding filter that makes you [...]

  5. Vanessa (nessreads)

    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 5 Beautifully breathtaking Stars JR Rogue has been one of my favorite writers for a long time I was lucky enough to stumble upon her page on Instagram, and since then I have been forever grateful Everything JR writes is beyond amazing She makes you feel everything she writes She has the ability to open your heart and feed you every single emotion she pours into her poems And that visceral feeling that tugs at your soul and the uncontrollable u [...]

  6. Rachel Nicole Wagner

    Great colectionThere is a ton of feeling and a ton of heartache in this longing collection of poetry I enjoyed every page and would definitely recommend it Xo, Rach

  7. Dyllan Erikson

    I don t know what happens to my brain when I read Rogue s words but I feel absolutely transported I feel every sense becoming accute, and calm all in the same breath With expert craftsmanship she creates beautiful prose, weaving words into a masterpiece I think most of this book was read in a trance, one where I couldn t ignore anything she wrote, where I had to take in every single letter into my soul and feel it living there I swear I m not exaggerating I adore her writing, I adore her style [...]

  8. K.Y. Robinson

    I have so many favorites in this short collection and I didn t want it to end I read some poems and wanted to slide down the wall and cry it out Others were drenched in desire and left me wanting I couldn t get enough of this collection J.R Rouge never disappoints.

  9. Tiffany

    Lots of desires So much nostalgic longing I can t help but think of my own past loves while reading this The cover is beautiful, but the content inside is even better.

  10. Krystle Able

    Jen Rogue I hate you You make me think about and feel things that I don t want to think about or feel When I read your poems people come to mind that break my heart all over again You make me face my past and it s uncomfortable and makes my eyes leak You make me analyze things I would rather be closed off to all with just a few stanzas of poetry And, just so you know, when I say I hate Jen Rogue, what I m actually trying to tell you is that I really, really love everyngle.word that she writes I [...]

  11. Denise Marie

    I don t typically seek out to read poetry But Jens words touch my soul Her emotion radiates off the pages Each poem draws you in and leaves you wanting I find myself buying everything I can get my hands on written by her.

  12. Sabrina Rourke

    Entrancing and personalThe consistent use of the second person in addressing the subject of the poems gives this collection a deeply personal voice It feels as though you re reading someone s private letters It was absolutely captivating.

  13. Madalyn Beck

    LET ME JUST SAY THIS NOW because I have to say something Because I want you to wonder something I want you to wonder if you d be better off with me than her, even if it s just a fleeting thought, a blink of an eye.Jen has always, in my opinion, had a titillating way of wording things She still does She came out of the gate running, and her words connect with you in a way that causes you to pause, consider, and open yourself up.Yes, I have been here Or, yes, I understand this feeling.There were s [...]

  14. Melissa

    I received a copy of this book from the giveaways I ve never heard of the author before and did not know what to expect From the very first page I was hooked The words came to life and pulled me in As the book ended I craved for I am a new fan and I cannot wait to read her other books.

  15. Rachel Schneider

    My ladyAhhh so many caught my attention I feel like I m being torn into two directions Makes me feel all kinds of twisted things Rogues words always brand me in a way I never knew I esp love them when they are written for me Such talent Rogue has Twisting words together is such a new fashion.

  16. •Cici• Theory of A Dreamer Book Blog♥

    I volunteered to review a Copy of this book from The Author Thank you so very much Ms.Rogue I am extremely honored and grateful 4.5 Stars Being a huge admirer of Ms.Rogue s work I couldn t wait to dive into this new collection I fell, I fell, and then I fell some for every piece in this book I couldn t stop the tears from falling after reading every raw, honest, and beautiful word A couple of times I had read the poems twice because I wanted to feel those words over and over again.I have too ma [...]

  17. Sara Lucinda

    I will be the first to admit that I don t usually read very much poetry I don t claim to be well versed in it at all and most of what I have read has been for school.That being said, I love the poetry of J.R Rouge I literally stumbled across her when she was doing a little author takeover in Tarryn Fisher s reading group I instantly loved her poetry, they way that she noticed other people I love her beautiful words, and she is my living proof that not all great poetry is by bald old men There ha [...]

  18. TJ

    HeartacheBetrayalAnd the all elusive love r That is the feel of the book to me The words strung together so eloquently that they give you a glimpse into the life of the author I m not going to pretend that I know everything there is to know about poetry and composition or that I even understand everything there is to understand about them I always base the poetry on the feel of it And gosh did this collection of poems make me feel.I ve been following the author on Instagram for a while now and h [...]

  19. Briana

    This should come as no surprise if you have followed Reader with a Plan for awhile, but I absolutley love love love JR Rogue She takes pieces of her heart and sould and shares it with the world in bold and beautiful collections I think that one of my favorite things about JR is that she is bold and she is willing to fight Even when she has her moments of doubt she comes back fighting and stronger I do not pretend to know the cost this may have on her but I do admire that she continues on always [...]

  20. Reading Momma

    I have been a bit of a poetry kick here lately and am absolutely LOVING it I think this is the second or third book I have read by this poet and it is my all time favorite Exits, Desires, and Slow Fires sets that slow fire of desire within you as you read The words within this book are so much than words In just a few lines the author conveys an entire story full of emotion and meaning that will tear you open The poetry found throughout this book is so open and real You really cannot ask for an [...]

  21. Anjeli

    I m not the greatest when it comes to poetry reading I tend to skim and skip until I reach the end But with this book, I enjoyed savoring every word and every stanza I let myself feel I allowed the words to drown me with the emotions I do my best to suppress.I admit some of the pieces cut me deep It was astonishing how words can mirror what someone is truly feeling.I am going to be always grateful for J.R Rogue for awakening the poetry in me.

  22. Shelby (Book Lovers Have More Fun)

    I was SO VERY EXCITED to read another book by the woman who made me fall in love with poetry Exits, Desires, Slow Fires cover was STUNNING and the words inside matched it The writing was simply CAPTIVATING My favorite poem was It s Going to Hit You Violently It was so HEARTBREAKING I was drawn to it I ll NEVER tire of this woman s writing, and I hope she NEVER stops writing.

  23. Frostie Whinery

    Honest and Raw You couldn t handle the way I hated myself The way I shied away from cameras never pulled down the visor in your old mustang because I d be punched in the face with my own reflection My favorite things about Rogue s poetry are the honesty and rawness buried inside She dips your heart into an inkwell and pens the emotions we can t put into words My favorite collection thus far.

  24. C. J. Robinson

    Deep and Messy, like getting thrown into an emotional mud pitThis collection carries the sad expectation of personal failure throughout, ending with a tearful I told you so While I feel it lacks the gut punch that I was hoping for, that moment of miring sorrow which would suck me in, I would still recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt regret after a breakup.

  25. Aude Odeh

    Good Golly Ms Molly is this collection fantastic Heartache and love and everything in between The art of seduction for love and lust and getting lost in the difference J R Rogue can do no wrong with another solid collection of poetry You won t be disappointed by a single page.

  26. Naroba

    A poem about poetryThis bookIt gives me all sorts of feelingsGooey onesAnd ones not soEither way I adore it.

  27. •°• gabs •°•

    okay so I might have had way too high hopes for this one it didn t hit the right notes for me.

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