Depth Takes a Holiday (2020)

Depth Takes a Holiday Sandra Tsing Loh Depth Takes a Holiday An original and hilarious bestselling set of essays on the ups and downs of today s thirtysomethings
  • Title: Depth Takes a Holiday
  • Author: Sandra Tsing Loh
  • ISBN: 9781573226110
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
Depth Takes a Holiday Sandra Tsing Loh An original and hilarious bestselling set of essays on the ups and downs of today s thirtysomethings
Depth Takes a Holiday Sandra Tsing Loh

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    Sandra Tsing Loh

One thought on “Depth Takes a Holiday

  1. Stephanie

    More like 3.5 stars Damn you, ratings Anyway, I think I might have read this before a long time ago Still, Loh is such a good writer Her work definitely appeals to Angelenos like me However, I hold back on the screaming praise because a these essays are from the 90s and occasionally it s hard to relate here in 2017, but mostly b she slips a little too often into Industry Town talk which can bore me to no end I live in Los Angeles, not Hollywood Still this is a witty, thoughtful, and intelligent [...]

  2. Dolores

    I love the writing of Sandra Tsing Loh because she is incredibly witty and acerbic, and doesn t take herself or anything too seriously And, she can write about the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles in language that makes it sound downright pleasant.Loh is the Queen of the San Fernando Valley, once a farming community over the hill from Los Angeles, but now a burgeoning suburb Los Angelenos consider the Valley a foreign country, and, truth be told, getting from Los Angeles to the Valley is, [...]

  3. Melissa

    After hearing Loh reader her short story Bad Sex with Bud Kemp on NPR s This American Life, I ordered this book, eager to hear of Loh s dry and witty observations on society and popular culture Although the content and style of this book is consistent with what I heard on NPR, this book failed to meet my expectations.Focusing on her experiences as an overeducated, underpaid, writer artist living in Los Angeles, Loh does an excellent job of capturing a specific time and place perhaps too good of [...]

  4. Catherine

    Sandra Tsing Loh is hilarious, brilliant, and refreshingly honest One of the most interesting things about this book although it s about Los Angeles and is called depth takes a holiday, she makes a point in the prologue to say that she isn t actually making fun of LA, but saying that sometimes it s necessary to just take it easy and read a light magazine or something thus taking a holiday from everything depth oriented That said, she does skewer many things about her home turf, LA, because it s [...]

  5. D.M. Dutcher

    The first story in the book is a hymn to Ikea This is a collection of short vignettes about whatever a particularly neurotic upper middle class woman living in LA thinks about Most don t really go anywhere, and all of them are particularly dated She plays Nintendo She is amazed at multimedia CD Roms She comments on open mic poetry readings Lesbianism Etc.None of them are really long enough to give any depth on whatever she carries, and she s not a good enough writer to make us care about her sub [...]

  6. Sue Bridehead (A Pseudonym)

    I m never sure what to think about journalistic collections like this They always vary in tone depending on the outlet for whom the piece was originally written You end up feeling like you re reading somebody s personal portfolio, their writing resume in action, instead of a cohesive book with a theme and an evolution.Overall, Loh s work is very readable, and the essays are God bless em short 2 pages each on average A few are much funnier than others White Trash and one about talking dirty stand [...]

  7. Ian

    For my money, the best of the humorous NPR essay set She brandishes a razor sharp wit but never takes herself too seriously, doesn t get all artsy like David Sedaris with the weird animal stories he s been crapping out for This American Life lately She s got the self absorbed, West Coast, low rent Tom Wolfe style down pat and she s smart enough to ride that sucker all the way to Judgment Day Not to mention, she s probably the funniest writer I ve ever read Her book reviews in The Atlantic consis [...]

  8. Punk

    Non fiction essays Loh s a writer, a performance artist, a one woman show, and a former temp in the great city of Los Angeles Originally published back in the 90s Buzz magazine, LA Weekly, NPR , these essays are energetic, sarcastic odes to LA They re a little outdated and probably suffer from being taken out of context, but Loh s biting voice is front and center.Two stars the quality of the writing varies, probably because the intended audience differed for each piece, but in book form it can b [...]

  9. Lennie

    A collection of essays, written by a fellow Angeleno, regarding the L.A scene Some topics include Hollywood, cultural art, pick up lines, and poetry readings She even pokes fun at some neighborhoods within L.A like the Valley, West Covina, and Torrance where I m from but it s all in good humor, so no offense is taken I found myself nodding in agreement, a few times, as she describes the 405 freeway and Parking Lot C at LAX but most of the time, her essays made me smile or chuckle A nice, easy re [...]

  10. Nick Duretta

    I ve had this book on my shelf for ages a gift years ago from a friend , and was tired of looking at it sitting there, so I decided to finally read the damn thing Loh is a gifted and witty writer, but this collection of columns from various L.A publications is now very, very dated, concerning itself with topics such as Baywatch and Ikea Her depiction of L.A as a vast cultural wasteland is certainly nothing new I don t know what she s doing these days, but I hope she s moved on to better things.

  11. Cindywho

    I was looking for some levity between A Gift upon the Shore and The Scar I can t say I didn t think that L.A would be a horrendous place to live The only writer who has endeared it to me is Francesca Lia Block Sandra is resigned to it in a snerky, semi hysterical way It s mostly funny, but also uncomfortable to watch Most of the essays are probably magazine pieces and I may have heard some on the Loh Life It s funnier to hear her read them in the KCRW archives January 03, 2004

  12. Ruthiella

    Melissa gave me this book in 2000 Thanks Melissa and sorry it took me 12 years to read it Depth Takes a Holiday is a selection of essays which explore the trends and foibles of the mid ninety s Los Angeles demographic While the quality of the essays is uneven, on the whole, the collection was a funny, insightful and self depractory observation Tsing Loh s life as an artist and an Angeleno.

  13. Wendy Yu

    It s jarring to read somebody from an older generation making WHAT YOU THOUGHT WERE HIP REFERENCES FROM YOUR GENERATION e.g Ikea, Trader Joe s In fact, I somehow thought her whole style of funny pop culture referencing memoir writing was younger than this tattered used book from a closing down used bookstore I m not even young any, but I feel an enormous amount of youthful folly shame for thinking we invented everything For shame, me Book dish Trader Joe s two buck chuck.

  14. Mia

    Really funny, especially for those who live in love Los Angeles Very dated at times think CD ROMs and IBM computers but still rings true to the experiences of lost, broke, entitled but also redeemingly self aware aspiring artists in their 20s At times reads like a funnier Sex and the City or an edgier Bridget Jones s Diary Devoured this in one day and plan to read Aliens in America next.

  15. Barbara

    Liked it pretty well She is very funny and snarky She s got some LOL bits I love the Ikea one and some of her others I love the one where she says she should ve lived in NY when she was younger I feel that way too I think I would ve liked her if I had read her before Cynthia Heimel, but as that didn t happen, it s okay It s cool that the futon set have a voice and she s trying to do what CH did for NY

  16. Brimley

    I read this book a few years ago after I had spent time in LA I was shocked because I LIKED LA, and as a Seattle native I thought I should feel differently This book made be laugh because I found myself thinking the similar thoughts after meeting people at parties and wondering what planet they were from She has such a shrewd eye for telling funny details I can t go to Trader Joe s without thinking of her.The title alone is priceless.

  17. Anittah

    This book made me laff but definitely had dated references e.g people using wooden bowls they d purchased from Trader Joe s to serve salad in an attempt to seem ethnic that made me appreciate the importance of not clinging to cultural shortcuts if trying to craft something with a longer literary shelf life.

  18. Bri

    Great bathroom reading I ve had this book for at least six years, and it s still funny every time I open it Highly recommended is her essay on Ikea and downwardly mobile professionals dumpies So very So Cal, and so wonderful.

  19. Mike

    A bit dated now, perhaps, but for those of us who spent the mid to late 90s mired in Los Angeles, a very appreciable and hilarious read.

  20. Jenny

    Sometimes funny, but fairly dated and many of the essays are so short they seem insignificant, like she put in all the detail to set the scene and then left the meaningful part out.

  21. Deborah

    A little outdated, but she s quite the raconteur nonetheless I m looking forward to reading her recent work.

  22. Alice Handley

    Maybe you have to be a certain age coughgenerationx and from a certain place coughsoutherncalifornia , but I find this hilarious.

  23. Cara Stevens

    If you ve ever lived in LA, you ll get a great laugh out of this book Her observations are spot on and funny

  24. Margery Walshaw

    Light, funny, a great summer read especially for anyone who, like me, grew up in Los Angeles You ll enjoy the references to pop culture, popular restaurants and Sandra Tsing Loh s observant humor.

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