The Best Part of Love (2020)

The Best Part of Love Amy D'Orazio The Best Part of Love Elizabeth Bennet may capture Mr Darcy s heart but what is the truth of her past When Fitzwilliam Darcy meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet a simple country girl from a humble estate he has no idea that she
  • Title: The Best Part of Love
  • Author: Amy D'Orazio
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Best Part of Love Amy D'Orazio Elizabeth Bennet may capture Mr Darcy s heart, but what is the truth of her past When Fitzwilliam Darcy meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet, a simple country girl from a humble estate, he has no idea that she and indeed, the entire town of Meryton harbors a secret Before she meets Darcy, Elizabeth has spent two years hiding from the men who killed her beloved first husband FeelElizabeth Bennet may capture Mr Darcy s heart, but what is the truth of her past When Fitzwilliam Darcy meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet, a simple country girl from a humble estate, he has no idea that she and indeed, the entire town of Meryton harbors a secret Before she meets Darcy, Elizabeth has spent two years hiding from the men who killed her beloved first husband Feeling herself destroyed by love, Elizabeth has no intention of loving again, and certainly not the haughty man who can do nothing but offend her in Hertfordshire.In time, Elizabeth surprises herself by finding in Darcy a friend even greater is her surprise to find herself gradually coming to love him and even accepting an offer of marriage from him As the newlyweds are just beginning to settle into their happily ever after, a condemned man on his way to the gallows divulges a shattering truth, a secret that contradicts everything Elizabeth thought she knew about the tragic circumstances of her first marriage Against the advice of everyone who loves her including Darcy Elizabeth begins to ask questions But the truth could destroy them both.
The Best Part of Love Amy D'Orazio

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    243 Amy D'Orazio
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  1. Sheila Majczan

    A reading of the published book after having read the unpublished story twice.For those readers who like than a straight forward romance, this is so very deliciously enthralling It incorporates not only romance and mystery, twists and misunderstandings but also treason, betrayals, double and false identities, murder, salacious scandal and the rescuing of a certain lady in the night We meet many of our familiar friends but also a young boy named Henry, his dog, Annie, and a titled family with tw [...]

  2. Sophia

    He is still proud, she is still prejudiced, but that is not even the deepest conflict of this story It was the stuff of the classic gothic romantic suspense style storytelling This was a Pride Prejudice variation that Catherine Moreland of Northanger Abbey might have appreciated I know I enjoyed it every emotional, passionate moment of suspense and exquisite pain of heartbreak for this pair A plot to bring down the British Empire is foiled, but the traitors aren t all in custody so a grieving yo [...]

  3. Nicole

    Status Read from January 10 to 11, 2017Rating 4.5 Stars Review I was a little worried to start The Best Part of Love I really wanted to love it, as the author is a highly rated, beloved online fan fiction writer in the JAFF community I tend to be a critical reviewer and I genuinely did not want this to be all hype As I am not keen on reading online, The Best Part of Love, as the author s first published work, is my introduction to Amy D Orazio.And I was not disappointed I thoroughly enjoyed thi [...]

  4. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)

    What If Elizabeth Bennet Had A First Love Rating 5 out of 5 starsTYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL Pride and Prejudice VariationTIME FRAME Just before Bingley and Darcy come to MerytonMAIN CHARACTERS Our usual Pride and Prejudice cast plus Henry and Francis Warren, Elizabeth s deceased husband and his brotherSYNOPSIS Taking a sizable step away from the Pride and Prejudice canon, Ms D Orazio tells a story of Elizabeth Bennet experiencing a whirlwind romance and marrying Henry Warren, the Earl of Courtena [...]

  5. Debbie Brown

    4.5 rounded up to 5 starsOn my first reading of this remarkable story in 2015, it was a very long unpublished gem It s still a long book, but I m pleased to note that it was pared down quite a bit before its release to the general public Ms D Orazio s writing style is just exquisite, and her plot wields a whopping punch of angst that resolves with a neck snapping twist At the opening of this tale, Elizabeth is already a widow at the tender age of 20 Her husband, Lord Courtenay, a.k.a Henry Warre [...]

  6. Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813

    My review and now giveaways too are up at Just Jane 1813 Thank you to all of my GR friends who visited today to check out my review also has the book available for purchase as an ebook and as a KindleUnlimited read.justjane1813 2017 01 07 th

  7. Anna

    Review originally posted on Diary of an EccentricThe Best Part of Love by A D Orazio is a variation of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice that is so very delightfully different from the original novel but maintains the traits of the characters we know and love In this variation, Elizabeth Bennet is Lady Courtenay, widow of Henry Warren, Earl of Courtenay The conspiracy surrounding her husband s death force her to be separated from her young son, and after two years of hiding and mourning, Lord an [...]

  8. Leslie

    What I truly adore about the author is her imagination is just so creative This is a PP what if mystery, thriller, spy, love story In her 18th year Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn traveled to Bath with her Aunt Gardiner There she met a man and fell in love Incidentally this man was an Earl They were quickly wed then off to continent so he could show her the pleasures of Italy When Lizzy fell with child they returned to England While off to visit his estate the Earl is killed Lizzy is left a p [...]

  9. J. W. Garrett

    I loved the artwork on the cover it was amazing and I loved this story In the beginning, our story was very similar to canon in that Bingley let Netherfield Park Darcy accompanied him, went to the local assembly, Caroline looked around in disdain, and Darcy insulted any and all denizens of the village, including one lovely lady he deemed tolerable and decidedly beneath him Yeah, that s our Darcy Only, things were not what they seemed Our story dealt with a conspiracy, far reaching political and [...]

  10. Don Jacobson

    Revolution and ODCAs with all great yes, I am using the word novels this one unfolds slowly and gently, drawing the reader into its depths before he me is aware of it I cannot offer details for fear of spoiling the surprise Suffice to say that Ms D Orazio has grounded her work in a plausible reading of the social and political history of the early 19th Century Also the use of the Canon in a unique way makes the gentle dance between Darcy and Lizzy even telling What was wonderful was that ODC fa [...]

  11. wosedwew

    I felt it shelter to speak to you Emily DickinsonAngst Angst ANGST A widowed Elizabeth lives at Longbourne under her maiden name Darcy makes his usual first impression and as usual falls deeply in love.Elizabeth has been under protection from the Crown The Matlocks were friendly with her husband s family and have become fond of Elizabeth as well After two years of widowhood, they encourage her to marry again She must choose someone from their sphere to help her son learn his future role as a wea [...]

  12. Carole (in Canada)

    Ms D Orazio I applaud you for crafting an exquisite debut novel based on the characters of Jane Austen s Pride Prejudice You have combined a smorgasbord of elements that pull you in, hold you tight and don t let go until the very last page Not only are we confronted with political intrigue, murder, mystery and hiding in plan sight, but we find Elizabeth as a grieving widow with a son from a peer of the realm How you incorporated canon with your own original plot line was seamless The twists and [...]

  13. Camille Rios

    Oh My, this story What can I say My head is still reeling from all the emotions I felt while reading this story This story was lovely, frustrating, heart wrenching, and all together sweet Alex9903 is becoming one of my favorite writers I have read a few other stories of hers and all are written with such emotion and attention to detail that it is easy to get lost in them A few favorite things I have about this author is how consistent she is with names and history throughout all her stories I lo [...]

  14. Jennifer Pritchard

    This story was wonderful It was great writing and breathtakingly romantic swoon I really enjoyed everything about it I loved the chemistry between Darcy and Elizabeth And I loved the retelling of their story, it was sweet and it was special and it s going to stay with me for days because I love romance.

  15. Katherine

    When Darcy meets Elizabeth she is a widower but he doesn t know that st the time She is Elizabeth Bennet of Hertforshire, a daughter of a country gentleman so he denies his attraction to her Then he meets her again in London as a widow of a Duke sociably acceptable, match made by his aunt but he must convince her that he loves her as Elizabeth Bennet But Elizabeth is recovering from the tragic death of her beloved husband Does she have room in her heart for Darcy The first half of the novel is b [...]

  16. Madenna U

    Wow There is so much wrapped up in this book The mostly cannon Pride and Prejudice combined with a mystery and intrigue Elizabeth and Darcy find their love and have to work hard to stay together However, their issues are not the usual kind I won t say much else as it would give away the story, but I would recommend it to others.

  17. john tanner

    Straight into my top ten.Oh I loved this book I just couldn t put it down and didn t want it to end I will now look for other books by this author Read this and you are in for a treat.

  18. Christina

    Good grief not for angst weenies Made me read way into the night for a nights straight Fabulous story.

  19. Virginia Brand

    I didn t expect to enjoy this book as much as I did, to be brutally honest I shy away from stories where one of the MCs has been married previously, and especially when there are children involved, because I find the children s characters are often written badly and are somewhat distracting This book was not at all like that Some reviewers mentioned it was confusing, though I found it largely easy to follow I think there were several unpulled threads or plot holes left, but overall, it was tied [...]

  20. Karen

    Maybe the best PP variation to date Elizabeth is a very young widow with a child Darcy goes to the assembly Bam The road to love is bumpy but so very satisfying Read this wonderful story and you will discover one of the best variations written This Mr Darcy is delicious Elizabeth is at her best Please let me know if you don t love it.

  21. Billi Aaron

    Wonderful variation Great story line Many twists and turns I was kept in suspense the whole way through the book Thank you Ms D Orazio

  22. Allison

    This is one variation that s done amazingly well I was enthralled from start to finish couldn t put it down It s a beautiful story, gut wrenching at times, but beautiful Highly recommend it.

  23. Laura

    Wow Just wow This is definitely a book that crawls under your skin and stays with you long afterwards I wasn t right for a few hours but in a emotionally good way I ended up rereading it a few hours later I had been looking for another excellent read since reading one I thought was fantastic and this did not disappoint I was in fact rewarded highly Long story short, Elizabeth is married to a young earl who is murdered Due to the circumstances surrounding his death her son from the marriage is ra [...]

  24. Heather Sulic

    Intriguing and uniqueThis was a very fresh take that still maintained the essentials of the characters I really enjoyed it There were points where i could barely keep reading from suspense and despair but it all came out ok.

  25. Michelle

    a new take on Darcy and ElizabethAt the beginning, I wasn t sure I was going to like this book The idea of Elizabeth being a widow with a childt liking that idea so much But I absolutely LOVED Darcy in this book

  26. Janice M. Payton

    Amazing storyI have read many PP books in the last few years Very few have been the equal to this one I loved the storyline the characters This book has moved to the top of my list Well done

  27. Bettye McKee

    An exciting Elizabeth and Darcy deviationThis story partly sticks with the original The main difference is Elizabeth Bennet s circumstances and the events that occur because of them.As the story begins, Elizabeth is a widow with a son and there is great fear for their lives and safety, requiring them to be guarded at all times The story is full of emotion with love and hate, birth and death, murder and intrigue and treason There are tales of hidden treasure and political plots.If you like PP sto [...]

  28. Mira Magdo

    To be completely honest, when I started reading the book, I didn t like the idea of Elizabeth having a husband other than Mr Darcy, but as I said nothing as it seems so by the time the author unravels all the knots, you will see that everything happened for a reason, and that reason is even though Elizabeth and Darcy have a different beginning as usual, but their love and their way to each other s heart is entertaining, original and full of surprises.Besides the characters, my favourite thing in [...]

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