Like Other Girls (2020)

Like Other Girls Claire Hennessy Like Other Girls Here s what Lauren knows she s not like other girls She also knows it s problematic to say that what s wrong with girls She s even fancied some in the past But if you were stuck in St Agnes s her pos
  • Title: Like Other Girls
  • Author: Claire Hennessy
  • ISBN: 9781471406348
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
Like Other Girls Claire Hennessy Here s what Lauren knows she s not like other girls She also knows it s problematic to say that what s wrong with girls She s even fancied some in the past But if you were stuck in St Agnes s, her posh all girls school, you d feel like that too Here everyone s expected to be Perfect Young Ladies, it s even a song in the painfully awful musical they re putting on thiHere s what Lauren knows she s not like other girls She also knows it s problematic to say that what s wrong with girls She s even fancied some in the past But if you were stuck in St Agnes s, her posh all girls school, you d feel like that too Here everyone s expected to be Perfect Young Ladies, it s even a song in the painfully awful musical they re putting on this year And obviously said musical is directed by Lauren s arch nemesis.Under it all though, Lauren s heart is bruised Her boyfriend thinks she s crazy and her best friend s going through something Lauren can t understand so when Lauren realises she s facing every teenage girl s worst nightmare, she has nowhere to turn Maybe she should just give in to everything Be like other girls That s all so much easier right
Like Other Girls Claire Hennessy

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    Claire Hennessy

One thought on “Like Other Girls

  1. Dash fan

    2 Not for MeI m afraid this book just wasn t for me So unfortunately I didn t make it to the end Which is why my review is short So I can only write in regards to what I did read.I feel this book was meant to shock the reader but there was transphobic remarks and sexist comments I found a little hard to read I imagine these were to allow the reader to immerse into the hate that people can face There was lots of raw subjects being raised within the book, transgender, abortion in Ireland,depressio [...]

  2. Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)

    Read 16%There were so many problematic mindsets just in the first two pages alone, that I don t know how I made it 40 pages in I guess that s the problem with the not like other girls concept just having a character be aware that it s problematic doesn t make it any less problematic Shaming girls for liking make up and having boyfriends is NOT okay Being judgmental about the name a trans male picks for himself on the basis that it s not masculine enough is NOT okay I just knew I wouldn t get on [...]

  3. Ellen Brickley

    Loved this book Lauren is 16, Irish, bisexual and sort of not quite in love with her transgender best friend She s also about to smack head first into the realities of being female bodied in Ireland This novel doesn t flinch from tough issues Lauren has friends of a variety of identities, and wrestles with how to deal with her privilege as a cisgender woman while living in a country that denies human rights to women She does not always handle this well but if characters handled everything well, [...]

  4. Karina

    What a book I grinned, I groaned, I was tearful on public transport Lauren is bolshy and confused and angry and upset and hurting, and I loved her Another book I want to push into absolutely everyone s hands if you want to have any clue about life in modern Ireland, especially for young people, you need to read this book.

  5. Laura King

    Like Other Girls made me angry I am 25 and this is the first fictional account I have read of an Irish woman travelling for an abortion Lauren s story was so painful to read, because I wanted to help her and couldn t, and because this story is far common than we would like to believe Her experience of a counselling service that lied to her about her options, and preyed on misinformed women, many of whom who did not speak fluent English and were even vulnerable than Lauren, was also striking an [...]

  6. Aoife

    I read this in one day If it wasn t for the inconvenience of a work day, I d probably have finished it in one sitting Lauren is not a perfect person and, like a typical teenager, her emotions sometimes react before her brain does But I was rooting for her all the way through Like Other Girls manages to tackle topical issues like abortion and transphobia without being an issue novel A thought provoking and compelling read with strong relatable characters.

  7. Miriam Joy

    The title of this book got my back up, but I think it s supposed to, and to be honest, that didn t end up being related to what I didn t like about it On the one hand this book dealt with some tricky issues, it had some engaging friendships, and it managed to get in some queer jokes that were terrible in the best way because if your fictional queers don t make puns are they even really LGBTQ There were some feelings It was reasonably well written.On the other hand Lauren spends about 70% of the [...]

  8. Aoife

    Some aspects of the story didn t sit well with me small example, why did Lauren s mam, who is also the principal of her school, discuss home situations with Lauren on school time Lauren herself was a complex young lady Obviously, for a large portion of the book you do support her, but there were some of her actions that I couldn t stand behind.Overall, this is a great and harrowing telling of the reality of seeking a termination for countless Irish women on a daily basis We need this book.

  9. MaryBrigid Turner

    Although I finished this in one day, I decided to take a few days to see if I could write a review without spoilers I don t think I can so all I m going to say is that I really enjoyed reading this and although Lauren is a problematic character, she is also very thought provoking and her story arc is written incredibly well and felt very realistic There is anger in this story, and pain and heartache, but also love, friendship and forgiveness I can t wait to give this book to people.

  10. Amanda - Go Book Yourself

    Review also posted on my book blog gobookyourselffo 2017 0I m so glad someone finally wrote this book I m also glad that someone was Claire Hennessy as I ve really enjoyed the way she s tackled teen issues in her past books I had to smile at some of the reviews of this book People seem to be surprised that a teenager in a book isn t perfect Lauren doesn t always say the right thing or act the right way but then what teen does I do believe she learns from her actions and everything she experience [...]

  11. Paula Dennan

    How to review a book where you absolutely love certain elements, but others left you frustrated Feel all the feels.Sit with those feelings.Accept that it s OK to hold conflicting thoughts about something Re read the book, have pretty much the same response All the feels the realities of dealing with a crisis pregnancy in Ireland and the need to travel in the UK in order to have an abortion are really well handled Lauren feeling that she isn t queer enough because she s bisexual but dating a boy, [...]

  12. Cathy Geagan

    I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book, and gobbled it up in a day but thanks to the unexpected appearance of the wondrous orb of the sun in Irish skies I haven t been inside with my laptop to tell you about it The rain is back, so now you get to hear about a book I have wanted to read since I heard the author say what it would be about at DeptCon2 last October I knew this would be a YA book that would bring home the reality of the Eight Amendment I didn t expect it to do the sa [...]

  13. I read novels

    Lauren is writing a diary from week zero, day four Lauren does have a boyfriend, but she may have a crush on girls She s in an all girls school at St Agnes s and she is having sex My favourite lines in this book is when Lauren tells a girl I m going to see my boyfriend As soon as she had said that Lauren felt like an idiot The girl had given Lauren a weird look and said Okay Uh have a good time Lauren felt a bit defensive so she added, Just incase you thought I was checking you out So you know G [...]

  14. Rosie

    I am so grateful for this book and grateful that it opened my eyes to something I d never had to consider before.

  15. rosamund

    Saying you weren t able to put a book down is a clich , but in this case it was true I began this at 3pm and finished it at 10pm the same day, stopping only for snacks It s a gripping, complex story about a bisexual girl who discovers she needs an abortion a vital medical procedure not currently legal in Ireland When the book opens, the situation is straightforward enough Lauren is struggling to fit into her strict Catholic school, a situation compounded by her mother being the principal Lauren [...]

  16. Marium­­

    I enjoyed this book alot however certain aspects were a bit annoying for awhile I didn t know where exactly this book was going but things all added up well in the end so I forgave the book but still I felt some things about the ending were a bit rushed.This book did shine an interesting light on the abortion crisis in ireland and I found that interesting but I can t help but question which parts were exaggerated and which parts were not I feel I left this book slightly confused on the situatio [...]

  17. Janay Brazier

    This feels like than a 3 but not quite a 4 for me maybe a 3.5 if I was giving a half star rating but this wasn t what I was expecting I thought it would be all about the play but it s about so much I loved the concept and the way it was written It annoyed me at first that there weren t chapter numbers but I lived with it I just really liked it It was a quick read too.

  18. Natasha Ellis

    This book deals with many things that were not even thought about when I was in my teens So I am probably of the wrong generation this book is aimed at But I am a Mother of teenagers and found this an interesting read and don t understand the one star reviews on I have given it 3 stars which would probably be higher if I was a young adult.

  19. Ross

    Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a finished copy in exchange for an honest review Damn Can t believe I finished this It s a book I have hotly been anticipated and my god, it did not disappoint I adored it I ll start off with saying how ridiculous it is that this book has been getting so much hate and being called transphobic, even the author being called transphobic and problematic Her portrayal of Lauren being unsettled by the fact that she s suddenly discovered her friend is no [...]

  20. Bex

    I am a groupless, friendless creature in a sea of chat So our lead character describes herself in the opening paragraphs She is initially unliveable and the first chapters are written with essentially her stream of consciousness, sounding just as confused as my brain probably did at that age It starts before then on week 1 Lauren sums up female life perfectly how do I even know what I m really angry about when everything hurts Is it always going to be like this never being quite sure whether it [...]

  21. Hollybooks

    Definitely not for me.The story line was totally not clear, and when trying to be funny, the book came of as rather offensive, and I believe the author could have pursued the message she was trying to give off in a gentler nicer way.

  22. Ciarán Howley

    I accidentally gave this two stars let me be clear and say that was 90000% accidental and that Like Other Girls is worthy of five stars and beyond I feel like because this book came from a place of all consuming anger it naturally stokes the fire inside and makes you see the terrible reproductive rights violation in this country You d think Hennessy would have to maybe exaggerate or take some liberties but no, not even The content of this book seemed completely believably mostly because it s stu [...]

  23. Claire Kane

    hide my body in the most shapeless clothes I can find so that if creepy men look at me or grab me at least it won t be my fault This is just one sentence in which the author sums up what it s like to be a girl I ve seen so many reviews of this book that absolutely miss the whole point, calling it problematic In fact, I believe the entire point of this story, aside from the belittling, vesselisation and objectification of women, is that we need to step back from own stuff to realise everyone is d [...]

  24. Shannon

    Review on my blog HERE Huge thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for a full and honest review Claire Hennessy is quickly becoming one of my auto buy, all time favourite authors and I was so extremely excited to read this novel as soon as I got my hands on it I decided to not read too much of the blurb and avoided all early reviews of the novel so I could go into it completely fresh and just let the novel surprise me It was a brilliant idea.This novel is utte [...]

  25. Jenny

    Like Other Girls tackles a number of very sensitive topics without falling into that dangerous trap of becoming an issue novel, without moralising or preaching, and without demonising its protagonist or giving her an unrealistic happily ever after type ending It is also a funny book, filled with pop culture and musical references, and with a strong, snarky voice at its centre It also has a fantastic cover it s a label for a book about labels designed by Leo Nickolls.Full review here thebooksthea [...]

  26. Carmen Haselup

    Oh this book I really don t think that blurb does it any justice There s so much going on here and so much to love It reads like a teenaged girl s political commentary on life and it is FIERCE.Lauren is deliciously snarky, stroppy and opinionated She is also fragile, emotional and confused She is a young woman dealing with all that that entails, navigating her way through school and her changing relationship with her mum and all the social expectations thrown at her every day Add to that a compl [...]

  27. Louise

    This book was all about voice No there was to it than that, but I must start with the character s voice Lauren is hilarious, and vulnerable and opinionated She s perceptive about the wider world, and issues of gender division, yet totally blinkered when it comes to other people s feelings If other people don t react the way she wants them to, she can t cope She makes me laugh and cry at the same time When I read her narration, she s ALIVE in my head, and she is a real teenager.Claire Hennessy r [...]

  28. Megan

    I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewLike Other Girls was a difficult book for me to make myself read Lauren was one of the most infuriating protagonists I ve read in a long time and her insistence that she was not like other girls made me want to hit her round the head with her own book Her constant sexist and transphobic remarks were disgusting, and don t even get me started on her boyfriend who I can t even remember the name of Justin, Joel, James [...]

  29. Lena

    Boring feminism overdone Really couldn t connect with the characters Interesting concept but did not carry out well for me.Thanks for opportunity to read.

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