Dead Man on Campus (2020)

Dead Man on Campus E.M. Kaplan Dead Man on Campus A stalker A liar A dead man But which is which A mysterious letter writer causes havoc on the idyllic Bader University campus After a professor receives numerous poison pen letters and threatening in
  • Title: Dead Man on Campus
  • Author: E.M. Kaplan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Dead Man on Campus E.M. Kaplan A stalker A liar A dead man But which is which A mysterious letter writer causes havoc on the idyllic Bader University campus After a professor receives numerous poison pen letters, and threatening in nature, Josie Tucker is on the caseudgingly All the grumpy food blogger wants is to be left in peace with her dog, her man, and her laptop She certainlyA stalker A liar A dead man But which is which A mysterious letter writer causes havoc on the idyllic Bader University campus After a professor receives numerous poison pen letters, and threatening in nature, Josie Tucker is on the caseudgingly All the grumpy food blogger wants is to be left in peace with her dog, her man, and her laptop She certainly doesn t need her own gang of meddling kids Now, she s the leader of their pack.
Dead Man on Campus E.M. Kaplan

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    246 E.M. Kaplan
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One thought on “Dead Man on Campus

  1. Erin

    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of the continuing story of Josie Tucker I throughly enjoyed this one I had missed Josie s snarky humor and having to go back to school and endure cafeteria food Even though I just finished this one I can t wait to read the next and see where Josie ends up next

  2. Frederick Crook

    It s another Josie Tucker mystery adventure and this time, she s gone back to college and living in the dorm with millennials She s there to investigate the strange stalking incident of a professor, who s been receiving bizarre letters, but it gets much stickier than anticipated when a death occurs.As with the other Josie Tucker books, she continues to be snarky, no nonsense, and full of life loving, down to earth straightforwardness I love the way the character has remained true The rest of the [...]

  3. Michael Prelee

    I really enjoy these Josie Tucker mysteries and Dead Man on Campus was another homerun from EM Kaplan Josie s mentor Greta once again has need of her snooping talents and the diminuitive detective finds herself on campus investigating a stalker with the help of some students The author has a gift for characterization and dialogue that is getting sharper with each installment The blog entries that preface each section are perfectly balanced with the story I look forward to the next book.

  4. Nicole Hamilton

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review This book failed on so many levels I really hate to be mean in my review, but it was so bad I almost could not finish it I soldiered on because I was given a free copy of the audiobook, and I wanted to be fair and leave an honest review about the complete book The writing was not good For example, than one use of another thing coming phrase is actually another think coming The dialogue was stilted an [...]

  5. Donna

    Ok, I ll be up front here and say I ve given this 4 as I ve spent quite a bit of the book shouting at Josie because she was too thick to put together the clues and work out who was behind the killings However, the twists that come out at the end will surprise you, as all is not quite as simple as it appears So, still a good read for mystery lovers, just expect to be a little frustrated at times with how thick Josie is this time out I think it s because she s too busy obsessing with the awful foo [...]

  6. Jan

    What fun Twentynine year old Josie getting planted as an undergrad doesn t sound too bad, but she has to live in a freshman dorm The timing of this assignment is very unfortunate, but she does feel obligated to help find the professor s stalker A couple of conventional students become her Scooby Gang and madness ensues The plot is well crafted and the characters certainly are, and the laughs are as entertaining as the suspense Great light reading Kate Warner is absolutely perfect for this She s [...]

  7. Elissa

    If you like funny with your mysteries, this is a book for you The horrors of dorm living at least mine wasn t co ed were brought back to ghoulish life and campus food I lost 30 lbs my freshman year regrettably all long since reacquired but let s not go there This tale is the third in the series although only the first I ve read, and there are lots of references to the prior capers but the story stands alone quite nicely Rounding out the goodness, I enjoyed the clear narration and vocalizations o [...]

  8. April

    Dead Man on Campus EM KaplanAfter finishing this novel, I discovered it is the third in the Josie series I have not read the first two Thus said, I didn t have any reference point to understand Josie A maybe P.I goes undercover on a college campus to find out who is stalking a professor There are plenty of twists and turns and suspense, toss in romance and young adult drama, mix well.ta daa fun listen.The narration was well done The characters were well portrayed Kate Warner was enjoyable to lis [...]

  9. Ken Robson

    My first venture in to the Josie Tucker series.Quirky, funny and sassy would describe Josie.She is roped into investigating some threatening letters sent to a professor at the local college She goes undercover as a student, even though she is much older than the rest of the students.She forms a group of students to help her, her Scooby gang, even though none of them know who Scooby Doo is An interesting and funny read.

  10. Bonnie Keck

    Kindle Unlimited, Characters basically believable, overall, situations slightly less, okay idea but too much working up to actual crime, too much detail otherwise, and even when over isn t really over, just drags on Not a cozy and not really a mystery much, would have been better to have just worked character around some other kind of story.A Josie Tucker Omnibus Three Snarky, Un Cozy, Un Culinary Humorous Mysteries The Bride Wore Dead An Un Cozy Un Culinary Josie Tucker Mystery Josie Tucker Mys [...]

  11. Christy King

    Always love Josie Tucker Already have the next one lined up on my Kindle EM Kaplan is a staple of my reading diet Marvelous banter and fun situations I relate to the characters and adore them.Starting a new Josie book is the highlight of my week

  12. Janet Schuhknecht

    Good ReadReally good story A bit of a different plot from other murder mysteries that I ve read which made it appealing and loved the ending.

  13. Dawn M

    In the third edition of the Josie Tucker series we are facing a college dorm, lying professors, devious students and a priest An that s only the start Excellent addition to the series

  14. Karisa

    I love Josie She s a fun character And this third book didn t seem to have the handful plot holes unresolved questions that the first two did, so that s a bonus

  15. Bob Steele

    Very enjoyable readI was sad when Dead Man on Campus was over I was spending an enjoyable afternoon reading when I came to the end I wanted by EM Kaplan It was nice reading a captivating book without any overt sex or violence The relationships between Josie, Drew, and Benjy added to the book s enjoyment I am looking forward to her next book.

  16. Liz

    Dead Man on Campus is the third and without a doubt, my favorite installment in the snarky Josie Tucker mystery series by EM Kaplan, one of my new favorite authors.There were so many things I enjoyed about this book It s well written and cleverly paced while I read the book quickly, it also felt substantial This is a book that book clubs won t have a problem discussing over brunch, but will also be a dear companion on a road trip with family, when you want to dive into a world far away from your [...]

  17. John Presler

    When Professor Sanborn starts gets threatening notes, it is up to Josie to go back to college in an attempt to identify the potential stalker.Arriving in the freshman dorm, Josie meets up with several students who she refers to as her Scooby Gang As Josie begins her stay at Baylor University, the first thing she notices is the atrocious dining conditions As a food blogger, this makes it difficult for Josie to stay focused on the job at hand Shortly after Josie s arrival at the University, Dean H [...]

  18. Barbara Flowers

    The third book in the Josie Tucker series finds accidental detective and food blogger whose GI issues continue to be a sometimes problem undercover at Bader University Posing as a student, Josie s on the trail of a stalker The case becomes difficult when, as often happens when Josie is involved, a murder occurs during a VIP luncheon With help from her Scooby gang her dorm mates , BFF Benjy and love of her life Dr Drew, Josie triumphs again As in her previous books, Emily Kaplan moves the story [...]

  19. Virginia Gray

    Best Josie Tucker Yet Josie posing as a student in a highly liberal college makes for great laughs in this engaging story of death, deceit, betrayal, and love Campus life is everything it promises socially inept professors, horrible food, and cramped living conditions The new and hilarious characters make this story pop from the pages Ms Kaplan does such a fantastic job of scattering clues in all directions that it is far from readily apparent who the villain s are She also dangles a romantic ho [...]

  20. Jenndian

    E.M Kaplan has written another funny, quirky, and irresistible mystery This book had me either on the edge of my seat in suspense or laughing Kaplan creates great, believable characters The situations Josie gets put in The ending was the best I received an ARC of the book from the author in exchange for a fair review I love this series

  21. Lee Wardlow

    Different and often dry humor I love the main characters quirkiness Well worth the read A new author for me I recommend to anyone who likes a mystery that isn t traditional staunchy mystery.

  22. Vincent Wood

    Another Josie Tucker book to enjoy This series gets better with each book The humor is dry and snarky and it is fun attempting to figure out who culprit is I recommend this series.

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