Sequential Drawings (2020)

Sequential Drawings Richard McGuire Sequential Drawings Richard McGuire has been an illustrator at the world renowned New Yorker magazine for over a decade In this time he has used his one panel spots as a unique canvas upon which to practice the art of th
  • Title: Sequential Drawings
  • Author: Richard McGuire
  • ISBN: 9780241287521
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
Sequential Drawings Richard McGuire Richard McGuire has been an illustrator at the world renowned New Yorker magazine for over a decade In this time he has used his one panel spots as a unique canvas upon which to practice the art of the graphic miniseries Here these series are collected for the first time, as a charming, joyful and witty short story collection.
Sequential Drawings Richard McGuire

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    120 Richard McGuire
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One thought on “Sequential Drawings

  1. Preethi

    After reading this book, you ll start looking at everything with a new eye, asking yourself questions like is this a part of a painting, what happens after this stage, how would it look if I saw it from another direction, are these three inanimate things friends, etc The mastery, I guess, lies in the fact that with a few simple lines, McGuire makes you tell yourself a story as you flip the pages.

  2. Haaike

    Wat een heerlijk boekje Heel anders dan Here, maar daarom niet minder straf hoe McGuire in hele simpele maar waarschijnlijk net daarom heel moeilijk te tekenen illustraties zoveel kan vertellen Inspirerend

  3. Buchdoktor

    Richard McGuires postkartengro es Buch mit seinen Vignetten aus dem New Yorker zieren auf dem Cover zwei B roklammern und ein Objekt aus Draht, das auch eine B roklammer sein k nnte Hinter diesen Gegenst nden hatte ich eine Geschichte vermutet, drei ungleiche Freunde, ein Projekt oder ein Beziehungsdrama Doch es sind wohl nur Objekte zum Thema Draht , gemeinsam mit einer altmodischen Haarklammer, einer Drahtfeder, einem Kleiderb gel und einer Klammer aus einem B rohefter auf Vorsatzblatt und Tit [...]

  4. Allie

    Hooray I read a 640 page book I really loved Richard McGuire s Here, so I was thrilled that he has a new book This is definitely whimsical than that, but packs less of the punch too A lot of the series I liked best were the ones that, like Here, took place in one spot I especially liked Framed, Bird Cages, Touring, Insect Fashion, and Burden But they were all pretty great Probably a longer review to come, but I make no promises There s only one image on every odd page, so it s not any kind of a [...]

  5. David Schaafsma

    Richard McGuire wrote Here, a sort of ponderous and epic visual exploration of time and space, moments captured in the same space over centuries Clever and thoughtful, it is also a reflection on and series of experiments into comics and illustration, two of McGuire s related and chosen fields Chris Ware called it a monumental achievement in the history of comics, and I agree.Sequential Drawings may not be a monumental achievement, but it is pretty great stuff, nevertheless 585 pages of images, i [...]

  6. Corrina

    Who would think such sparse drawings could leave you hovering over the page, thinking about them McGuire looks at small, every day objects in such intimate ways, it will make you view the world around you differently What is the every life of your living room lamp Are your coasters jealous of each other because one gets used than the other

  7. Tom

    A master performance of story telling reduced to its most minimal forms While originally presented sequentially in the New Yorker, panels appeared pages from each other so that they had to make sense on their own or at least had to be attractive these are spot illustrations as well as tell a bigger story, once read together.

  8. Amy

    I did not care for this book The reality is that I am probably just not clever enough I think it is saying something about me when the only sequence I really got and found funny was called Insect Fashion but there you go, that s just my high brow sense of humor.

  9. Pearse Anderson

    A cute little read about all the forgotten doodles in The New Yorker that Richard McGuire created I especially liked Three Friends, Windows, Touched, and The Hallway Quick read, no words, amazing.

  10. Michael

    via NYPL Over two dozen sequences of spot illustrations created for The New Yorker McGuire crafts beautiful minimalist statements that unfold silently and cryptically Masterfully done.

  11. Dawn Rutherford

    I really enjoyed this, but I don t know how I would categorize it An art book for sure But a graphic novel Nah.

  12. Jez Burrows

    They re such vastly different books that this is sort of moot, but I loved this little collection of simple line drawings so much than McGuire s all singing, all dancing Here.

  13. Malia

    This was utterly delightful I love really distilled visual storytelling I love charming anthropomorphization I love unexpected little twists and turns This had all of that It makes me wish I were someone who diligently reads the New Yorker every week and pores over all the little interstitial art that makes it such a special publication.

  14. L.P. Coladangelo

    5 5Clever and charming, this collection of flash fiction in black and white illustrations has a simplicity of form that fully and cleanly expresses the wide range of its content funny, incisive, heartwarming, eccentric, poignant, interrogative, delightful Beautifully designed and well formulated, the sections Framed, Scenes from a Table, Bird Cages, Gossiping Objects, and MountainCloudTreeFlagManSun are particularly masterful Readers of graphic novels and comics, pen and ink artists, and even fl [...]

  15. Ian Hrabe

    Sequential Drawings is an amusing little book that illustrates McGuire s fascination with time and space There s not a ton of depth, but there are some great little gags and this would serve fine as a little coffee table book.

  16. Janice Kirkcaldy

    This little book of drawings is hard to review It is fun to look through and I liked it but my graphic designer nephew absolutely loves it so I have given it to him It is clever and something that can be picked at random time and time again Interesting and different

  17. Evan Macrone (Will Work For Books)

    I can t give it a rating, not just yet.Because I don t really know how to rate this Should I rate each story individually, or should I judge it by the collection as a whole I ll just let it sit for a while I guess.

  18. Caroline

    This perfect book of drawings was the antidote to all this week s news Gossiping Objects was my favorite of all these sometime funny, sometimes moving, quiet series of drawings.

  19. Tricia

    So fun I liked the ones that told stories or at least had some time progression the best, but all really interesting to read.

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